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Hyundai Recalls 200,000 Santa Fe SUVs Ahead of Class Action Settlement

By Mike Holter


2009 Hyundai Santa FeHyundai has decided to jump ahead of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement and recall about 200,000 of its 2007-2009 Santa Fe crossovers to fix an airbag problem. The move is likely a bid by the automaker to try and avoid the terms of the unusual Hyundai Santa Fe airbag settlement, which will require the automaker to buy the vehicles back from Class Members if they cannot be fixed.

The Hyundai Santa Fe airbag settlement will resolve a 2009 class action lawsuit alleging the air bags in 2007-2009 vehicles are defective, causing sensors to turn off the passenger air bag when a person of “small stature” was seated in the front passenger seat. Two of the named Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit claimed the Santa Fe air bag defect caused their 117-pound daughter’s head to hit the windshield in a frontal crash, even though she was wearing a seat belt.

Hyundai has recalled almost 1.3 million vehicles since 2006 to fix air bag malfunctions, but this is the first time it has done so as a result of a class action lawsuit settlement. The Hyundai Santa Fe settlement will be filed in California federal court by August 17, 2012, at which time Class Members will begin receiving notices and instructions on how to cash in on the settlement benefits.

Regardless of whether the judge approves the Hyundai Santa Fe class action settlement, the models will still be recalled to fix a software flaw that causes the defect. The air bag defect could increase the chance of injury in a frontal crash, according to a report filed by Hyundai with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Updated August 1st, 2012


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  • Anonymous October 23, 2012

    How do I file a claim under the Hyundai Santa Fe Airbag Class Action Lawsuit Settlement?

  • Barbara Kilfoil March 6, 2013

    I have signed up 2 or 3 times because my car is experiencing this malfunction. I have received no verification of such sign up. What do I have to do to have this included in the lawsuit? My car is 2004, and for the last year has had the “air bag” light on and I had it checked by my mechanic and he is unable to fix it.
    Kindly advise what further action I need to take to be acknowledged in this request to be included. Thank you,

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