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Olay Regenerist Class Action Lawsuit Filed

By Mike Holter


Olay RegeneristA California woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Procter & Gamble Co., claiming it falsely advertises the anti-aging benefits of its Olay Regenerist skin-care line.

Lorette Perez-Pirio alleges in the Olay Regenerist class action lawsuit that magazine and online ads and product labels for the line’s Anti-Aging Eye Roller and Regenerating Eye Cream “misrepresent the effects and purported benefits of the products.”

P&G claims in advertisements that the products reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, promising “younger-looking skin without the drastic measures,” according to the class action lawsuit.

Despite these claims, P&G is aware that its products “do not possess the requisite competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate their bold claims,” the class action lawsuit states.

Perez-Pirio says she wrote to P&G last year seeking a refund, but her request was refused. Now she’s hoping to represent a class of all U.S consumers who were duped into buying the Olay Regenerist anti-aging products in May 2008, and is asking for injunctive relief and restitution for the proposed class.



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Updated May 30th, 2012


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