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Wells Fargo Deceptive Mortgage Modifications Class Action Lawsuit

By Mike Holter


Wells FargoWells Fargo is facing a class action lawsuit from struggling homeowners, who say the bank lied to them about being able to receive permanent loan modifications.
The Wells Fargo class action lawsuit was filed by a Kansas City couple, who say the bank offered temporary mortgage modifications with no intention of making them permanent. The couple alleges in the class action lawsuit that Wells Fargo allowed them to make lower mortgage payments multiple times, only to later inform them that the mortgage was in default and that the bank would foreclose on their home.
Wells Fargo is already on the hook for foreclosure abuse charges. It is one of four other banks participating in the historic national mortgage settlement, which will provide nearly $25 billion in relief to struggling homeowners.
A federal judge dismissed some of the class action lawsuit’s claims last week for breach of contract and debt collection violations, but allowed their unfair competition claims to remain. The judge gave the Plaintiffs permission to amend their complaint to allege damages from the bank’s alleged breach of contract.
The Wells Fargo loan modification class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all homeowners nationwide who received a trial loan modification proposal substantially similar to the TPP (Home Affordable Modification Program Trial Period) from Wells Fargo; made the payments set forth in the proposal; and were either (a) denied a permanent loan modification; (b) offered an illusory “modification” on terms substantially similar to their unmodified loan; and/or (c) who received, entered into, and complied with a Forbearance Plan from Wells Fargo.
The case is Vicki and Richard Sutcliffe v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al., Case No. 11-cv-06595 JCS, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.

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Updated May 15th, 2012


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  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    How can I contact someone about joining the lawsuit, I’m from Illinois.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    How can I contact someone about joining the lawsuit, I’m from Illinois.

    • accurate February 4, 2014

      Contact the CFPB and file a complaint

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    How can I join this suit? I am in Ohio and have been battling them since Aug. 2008

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    How can I contact someone about this lawsuit. I also have had problems with the loan modification with them. Thanks!

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    uh…they did the same to me and made me pay back all the fees at end of the trial period…with no mention of making it permanent…refused to…this company is so full of fraud its sickening!

  • Anonymous July 14, 2012

    I was thinking about submitting for loan modification, but after reading this. I think I will participate in the discrimination lending practice of Wells Fargo since I’m being charged 6.75% interest rate while another employee has a 3.5% rate and we both work for the same company. The only contrast between us is that I’m African-American and he is Caucasian.

  • Anonymous July 14, 2012

    I’m trying to find out if i have a case against Wells Fargo. I tried to get my payments modified so I could afford the payments. I got it done Alittle over a year ago and the they raised my note up to where I could not afford it. So I tried again this time they ask for all this stuff . I faxed it to them and then they tell me that they didnt receive it with in the time frame they gave me and now I’m in forclosure. I have spoken to attorney who say that they should not have forclosed because my house is a HUD house. do I have a Case please let me know before it’s to late

  • Anonymous July 30, 2012

    I would like to speak to an Attorney to look into this. They did this to me too. Now my house is going into Foreclosure AGAIN!! Please refer me to a good Attorney!

  • Anonymous August 1, 2012

    I’m in Ohio. We too asked for a modification and faxed them tons of documentation, they said they did not get everything and then put us in foreclosure. We made large payments to get it into modification only to be told to repeat the process over and over. At one point they sent us a letter stating they received our payment of $43,000.00. They screw up constantly.

    • Mickey Parks May 25, 2015

      Anonymous May, 2015
      We are in Minnesota. We too asked for a modification and faxed them tons of documentation, they said they did not get everything and then put us in foreclosure. We made large payments to get it into modification only to be told to repeat the process over and over. At one point they sent us a letter stating they received our payment of $43,000.00. They screw up constantly.


  • Anonymous August 2, 2012

    I am in Charlotte, let me no if I have a case. I lose my home cause Wells Fargo was saying that they did not get my money and letters that I send to them. Payment keep going up and up until I could not pay it anymore.

  • Anonymous August 30, 2012

    I am in the same situation and looking for the right attorney. Does anyone have information on how to join this suit? We are in California

  • Anonymous September 12, 2012

    I am from Kansas and just got off the phone with Wells Fargo. I complied with all of the terms of the loan forebearance and now the gentlemen is informing me that i have to provide additional documentation of income and expenses and there is a possibility that I could be foreclosed. My original mortgage payment was around 1,250 and according to the forebearance agreement they dropped it to 800 for a year. Now they want somewhere around 7,000 to make my loan current.prior to receiving a permanent loan modification. I am not certain if anyone is responding to the above post, but if someone is please contact me so that I can take the appropriate measures so that I do not lose my home to this bank. From what I have read, I am beginning to distrust their intentions when originally agreeing to this process.

  • Anonymous September 15, 2012

    They have done the same thing to us. They gave us a temporary forbearance. We made the payments on time. Then they foreclosed on us we fought with them for almost two years. We also had to file for bankruptcy. They have since given us a modification, but they have added an addtional 25,000.00 to the mortgage. We know that this is not right. We would like to know who to contact about this lawsuit, because we know that we are being cheated out of our money.

    • Anonymous April 15, 2014

      Hi- I’m curious to know what happened between the time you made the last payment under the forbearance and when Wells Fargo actually foreclosed on the home Did they foreclose on the home immediately after the last payment you made on time under the forbearance or was there a period of nonpayment due the increase that occurred after the forberance ended? I’m considering filing for forbearance but want to fully understand what it could mean in the longrun. Thanks.

  • Anonymous September 18, 2012

    I would like to speak to someone about Wells Fargo modification program. They have been string me along for years now, every time I get to the end they cancel me so then I have to start all over. My loan specialist I found out has 2-names. Right now I am in court they are trying to forclose on me. Please contact me if their is steps I can take.

  • Anonymous September 20, 2012

    I have trying to get my mom a loan modification for over a year now. My dad died 3 years ago and her social security doesn’t even cover her mortgage payment. I keep getting told that the loan is going to the underwriters and then I get a letter stating the loan specialist has changed and more information is needed or the form that has been sent has expired. Lots of lip service no action! How corrupt can you get!? The repeative statement of “This is and attempt to collect a debt and any information collected will be used for this purpose “. They deglect to state that its their only purpose. Track your income!

  • Anonymous September 30, 2012

    Wells Fargo is a fraud they pull you in to make you believe they will help and after multiple times of sending in documents they claim there is nothing they can do. This is one bank that should be shut down. They are a disgrace and the Banking Dept. should get involved.

    I am in New York and want o know if anyone is having the same problems here

  • Anonymous October 4, 2012

    I have the same problem…Donald has….2 names…?…what is that….how can they do that…?…:(….I have been faxing the same things to them for 3 months…..and they seem to always be missing something….and they have closed my loan mod twice…!…its a joke…I feel they dont care…because…they already got bailed out….and..its not there house….so…they really dont care:(….so…can we really get help here…???..I would really like to know….because I just got a Trustee’s sale letter this morning @ 3am…yep…3 AM…they r snakes…..

  • Anonymous October 11, 2012

    I have been trying to get a loan modification since October of 2010. My husband and I fell behind about two months on our 1st mortgage but kept up our second mortgage. In November of 2010 we started the process of filing for Bankruptcy. We decided to do it because we didn’t want to loose our home. Our attorney was able to make it so that our late payments and fees on our mortgage and all the other debt we owed would be included together in our bankruptcy payment. I know people don’t want to file for bankruptcy but that may be the only way to save your house if this option is still open to you. At the same time we have still tried to do the modification so that when we come out of bankruptcy that our payments are lower and affordable for us. We are getting the same run around as everyone else and I am interested in this class action law suit as well. Wells Fargo should not be allowed to give it’s clients the run around and send them running in circles filling out numerous sets of paperwork spending money and time they don’t have to sped this paperwork. Then the paperwork is sent or faxed back to Wells Fargo and they are saying stuff is missing. My husband works for Fedex and checked that it was delivered and it had been but because it hadn’t been scanned into the system the lady tells me she will contact the central receiving address and ask them to put it into the system and and if they don’t she will have to send me more forms. I contacted my lawyer and am waiting to here from my lawyer. I don’t know if my bankruptcy lawyer can do anything but if not and I have any recourse through this class action I certainly want in.

    • Doug Harris August 15, 2014

      We have been trying to get a loan mod since early 2011,wells fargo asked for all the docs they wanted,and we quickly complied,and months went by with out an answer,even with my constant badgering.
      Finally,I bothered them so much,they said send all that stuff in again because now its to old,so we did it again ,and once again,they just drug their asses.its all smoke and mirrors,lies and complete
      Bullcrap,they have nooo intention of even remotely trying to help any homeowner,and with the laws that have been passed to make sure that doesnt happen,its criminal on their part.they filed for a hearing,went in front of a Palm beach judge,a judge lewis,female judge,and forclosed on us,and auctioned our house right out from under us.its no wonder people wig out and kill attorneys,judges,and bankers,all they give a crap about are themselves.nobody wants to be in this morass,and that includes me.where is all the money from these banks that have lost the lawsuits over this very thing,now im in a nasty predicament,haveoto move out of my house fast,cant find another house to rent in my area.this sucks,wells fargo sucks,and my attorney sucks.

      • sheila December 16, 2015

        Mr. Harris they did the same thing to my sister while we were on vacation they sold her house while she was still in it. she waiting on a loan modification and they sold it 3 months before they evicted her…Something needs to be done

  • Anonymous October 12, 2012

    Its nice to know that I am not alone, referring to the comments on this site. Trouble is, there seems to be no one listening. I contacted a national law firm, and they said they would see to it that I got a loan modification, if I would pay them a huge chunk of money. I don’t have ANY money, that is why I am in this predicament in the first place. It seems to me that there should be an attorney willing to file this class action lawsuit, but I guess they are satisfied to suck us dry by offering to help for a fee, In other words, selfishly taking advantage of people about to lose their homes, for a profit. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous October 15, 2012

    WOW! uation is somewhat different, they told me the loan I signed was the temporary 3 mo. loan, and when I contacted them back in 3 months, they had no record. When I gave them the date of the telephone call where I was told this, they denied the call. When I subpoenaed the phone records and it showed we talked for 2 hours on the date, they saud “oh well”. When I filed with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currentcy and presented all this information I had record of. I received a call from the Wells corporate offices and was strung along for 2 months. When the smoke cleared, after I appealed the first decision. I was told by a Treasury Department investigator in Dallas TX that they only worked on procedural issues with making loans, and if I had a dispute of fact, i would have to prove it in court. If anyone is willing to organize in their area, we should come together. No one can ignore hundreds of complaint letters from dozens of communities. My phone is not listed, but you can find me on LinkedIn. Contact me if you want to start something that will bring those lying cheating subhumans to justice. There are a lot of us, and we just need to stand shoulder to shoulder…

  • Anonymous October 16, 2012

    I would also like to know how to join this lawsuit. I also applied for a loan modification back in May 2012 at which time I submitted all the required documents. I was told it by the specialist (April))that it would be processed in 30 to 60 days . Well, I call them in September because I didn’t hear from them after leaving several messages and they told me it was cancelled and that I would have to submit all the documents again! I asked what happened and they said the documents are old? I am foreclosure now trying to get it modified thru the foreclosure court with the help from a housing counselor. Please provide info on joining the lawsuit.

  • Anonymous November 5, 2012

    I have been trying for 2 years to get a loan modification from Wells Fargo and have gotten everything from I make too much money to 90 days later that I did not make enough money.
    When I lost my job, I called and begged the bank to be proactive with me so I would not fall behind, but it fell on deaf, stupid ears. I have tried to short sale my home when I still had good credit (over 720) but they truned down the short sale. 90 days later they turned me down again for a loan modification and they suggested I should consider a short sale.
    I am still working with them to try for a modification, I have gotten help from my congressman, but even this has not resulted in any relief. I am getting ready to hire an attorney to assisit with the modification but I want to sue this bank so badly I am willing to travel to Washington DC to try and appear before the house banking committe.
    Where are all the programs our president has said exisit and where is the money?
    We sent from the Federal reserve 17.2 trillion dollars to Europe and China but not to us.
    Guess who won;t be getting my vote this year.

  • Anonymous November 8, 2012

    I found this site when checking to see if there were any suits against WF.

    I fees SO SORRY for so many of you…it is incredible that so many are still suffering. Luckily we have worked our way out of it by the grace of god, but if it were not for the luck of both my wife and I finally getting decent jobs again after being laid off we would now be living in the street.

    My wife and I earned well into 6 figures, and perfect credit. I made the bad decision to leave my job to start a new business. The business started off great and was breaking even within 6 months, and of course I had my wife’s 6 figure income to back up the business. We had invested nearly 100k into the business.
    Then came the financial crisis and my business lost nearly 50% of our revenue that month and got steadily worse.

    Then the worse case scenario happened…my wife’s company went into bankruptcy and they began laying off, and she was soon given notice. We went from 6 figure income, to ZERO in days. We spent a year trying to find work but nothing and we lived off of our savings. Finally a year later we had to make a decision to either default on Credit card payments or not make the mortgage payment any more as we were getting close to the depletion of our life long savings.

    We defaulted on credit cards, some of which we used to start the business. AM EX, DISCOVER were relentless they would not negotiate and they sued us. We had no choice to settle with them using an attorney who luckily was able to negotiate a settlement under threat of declaring bankruptcy.

    Finally we both obtained jobs but at half our income.

    We knew we could survive if we just got a loan mod, and all we needed was refi from our present interest rate to the current 3% and that would have made us solvent.

    At the same time we entered the loan mod program we had to deal with the suits with credit cards, and we told Wells Fargo that we needed to go behind a couple of payments in order to fund the settlements.

    They told us that they cant advise us either way if it was ok to do so or not, but they said that any delinquencies would be rolled into the modification program. THey alos told us we were the perfect candidates, and that it would take between 60 and 90 days.

    That is when the nightmare began. We constantly were sending paper work in…over and over and over again. They would claim they did not get it, yet we had proof they did. Then there was the times they said what was sent in was dated and they needed updates, or that in one case we simply did not check off a single box on the app, and now we had to totally redo the paperwork.

    This went on for months, each time I would ask how much longer….and the answer 60 – 90 days. Eventually we were 9 MONTHS INTO THE PROCESS, and each month we would get behind a little more, because we had a 900$ month shortage in our household income to pay our bills. I kept pleading with them, showing them that if they would ONLY refi the two mortgages at the present rate, that would REDUCE our monthly payments by over $900 and make us TOTALLY SOLVENT!!! They kept saying just a little longer.

    The other thing was we were assigned a specific person to contact for any issues during this process. BUT whenever you would call, or if they left you a message to call them, you could call back 5 times a day and leave a message, and you would not be able to reach that person for a week or more!

    Finally in the 10th month after being told our application looked good and after being told that our file had finally gone over to the department who processes it, one week later I get a letter in the mail that simply said “were sorry but your modification has been denied due to you having too much income”

    I WENT NUTS!!!! I come from a financial background, it was as clear as crystal that we had a shortfall and that it could be corrected with a simple refi at 3% interest without changing any other terms.

    I called them and for perhaps the first time in 9 months they picked up the phone on the 3rd ring. I told them about the letter and they simply verified that there was NOTHING THEY CAN DO, and “by the way, you will need to call our collections department because your second mortgage is NOW IN DEFAULT and you need to pay it OFF”

    I nearly threw up! I had been working for months with these people, they led me on for 10 months telling me we had a great file, I entered the Mod program on THEIR advice…and now they pull the rug from under my feet and DESTROY OUR CREDIT!

    I would go on with the rest of the details but through a miracle NO THANKS TO THEM we were able with help from relatives to work our way out of this through a painful process.

    But…..We have NEVER been treated so badly, and by such STUPID PEOPLE and LIARS who led us to believe that this process was legitimate.

    I honestly believe that the whole program was either fraudulent or so ill conceived that it was doomed to fail and management MUST have known how bad it was.

    My story…and I will pray for the rest of you who are still suffering.

  • Anonymous November 14, 2012

    I too want to join the lawsuit if not too late. I am from Minnesota and contacted Wells Fargo to see what they could do for me because in July of last year Minnesota government shutdown.

    Wells Fargo had me do an application for the HAMP program. Months went on and in November I was contacted to say that we were denied but that Wells Fargo was going to see what they could do. I was given a fax number and I faxed all of my paperwork back to them. Three weeks went by when I finally got a hold of my loan officer’s assistant. When I gave him the fax number that I was given he stated that it is not a reliable faxe number and I was told that they never received my paperwork.2 days later they sent my mortgage into foreclosure.

  • Anonymous November 21, 2012

    I too am a victim of this scam. I was told that I could be modified. I was also told that I only had to make minimal payments during the review process, which followed a forebarance, only to be told after the 4 months it took for the review, that I had to bring the loan current of nearly 13k within 60 days or lose my home in foreclosure.
    How does one get to join this lawsuit.

  • Anonymous November 24, 2012

    We went through the HAMP scam and are now trying to short sale. I am a social worker and fight for people’s rights every day and feel like I can’t fight this. This is because, Wells Fargo has taken my rights away.

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Have been going thru this sh*t with W/F for over three years. My job moved out of the country, and I took a new job, with a $6 a hour pay cut. Went thru their process four time, denied because of missing paperwork, did not get paperwork in fast enough, made too much money (behind by 6 months). Went to several workshops, spoke with several reps, forms foilled out, paperwork sent (my file must by now be over two feet thick). Finally a rep sent our application to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae, They approved our L/M had to make three months of payments on time (done). Was calling every two weeks, my rep never answered, ALWAYS ended up speaking with a different person. Our file was in review (why, my L/M was approved by Fannie Mae). I made note of every call, who I spoke with, time, date, what was discussed. I have the phone bills to prove the calls. Then yesterday, I get a letter from W/F stating that our L/M had been disapproved, been withdrawn at our request. I have a file of everything W/F ever sent me, every phone call for last three years, everything. Remember, Wells Fargo does not own your morgage, they are the server, they do not have the right to foreclose on you, because they do not own your mortgage. Call them, tell them you want copies of your loan documents. I found out recently Freddie Mac actually owns my loan. I am going to straight to them, and ty to work out a L/M with them. Go to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae website, and find who has your loan, go straight to them. Request a new server (do not use BofA, Citibank, they are just as bad as W/F), (PNC is a great choice). I only want two more years here, then mama retires and we sell. Anyway, fight back, don’t give up. DUMP WELLS FARGO!!!!!

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Me too, I have ALL the paper work they have asked for in 2 years ,I am still being asked for more!!!!!! Who can I call??”

  • Sametta January 2, 2013

    How can can I join the lawsuit from Ohio

  • John Valperga January 10, 2013

    I would very much like to join the class action. Wells Fargo put my wife and I through the ringer for nothing.

  • Ed January 15, 2013

    How can I join the class action law suit?

  • Damien January 15, 2013

    Enough said by everyone….ditto for me! How can I requalify for the federal programs I was approved such as the EHLP which denied me when I was under the HAMP with Wells Fargo and they caused a late payment while modification paperwork was in process. Negated any program I qualified for. Needless to say, I am unemployed and all the fine-tooth combing and major circus hoops that WFmade me jump through was all for not. Costly!!!

  • Ron January 19, 2013

    Is it too late to join the class action suit?

  • khoi February 10, 2013

    can i still join?

  • Pam February 11, 2013

    wells frago did the same to us after about 2 years of trying different programs and not able to make a mortgage payment (they would not accept a payment) we finally got a answer pay more than our origianl payment and they put all the back payments onto the loan kept the interest at aroung 7% or loose the house. I do not see where they helped us in the least. Now I owe more on my house than it’s worth.

  • Pam February 11, 2013

    We to worked with Wellsfargo for about 2 years always fearing we would lose our house. We tried different programs and they always found a way out of helping. In the meantime they refused to take any payments. After 2 years we got an answer. They took all the old payments they refused to take and put it onto our mortgage and kept the interest rate at around 7% now our payments are higher than they were when we started and we owe more than our house is worth. There must be some agency that can help but I can’t find anyone or for that matter who should you trust.

  • D&L February 15, 2013

    we want to join, too….is there still time? we are in Texas!

  • rsumner February 19, 2013

    This just happened to my wife and I. As of a week and a half ago WF sold our house at auction. Last Feb. WF re-modified our loan. They dropped the “principal” to market value. We did the trial payments for three months. they said there was a “document” they needed form our BK in 2009. We went and sought legal advice and basically in our situation this document didn’t exist! We never once stopped making our new payment for almost a year. Then we got a notice in the mail that our house had an auction date. two weeks later i had to move into a rental.

  • Bernicec March 26, 2013

    WF did the same thing. IN our case they made us fill out paperwork only to later state that our home would be on the chopping block. We were able to sell it a week before foreclosure.

  • kassi wagner March 28, 2013

    I have also been threw the ringer with wells fargo ! I took a stand contacted by email the better business burro also fha They make wf do there job in responding to your complaint and follow up so far.
    I haven’t received an answer yet on loan modification but its a step.

  • DeAnn March 29, 2013

    I don’t even know where to begin our story but we just went through a similar nightmare with WF. After making our 3 trial payments and being told our loan was closing and to begin watch for paperwork that we needed to sign and overnight back to them….. the paperwork never came and we were never contacted in anyway as to why. We callled them several times, never able to speak to our assigned contact person, only to be told our loan mod had failed. We spent money on an attorney, after WF advised us to do so. We received a notice that the foreclosure case was dropped. It has now been 6 weeks since WF verbally told us our loan mod failed. They called me at 7:30 tonight, on the last business day of the month, asking for another payment right now so they could present it again to the underwriters……huh? We spent our money on the attor9ney, so with no notice we cannot make this payment “right now” this is just plain wrong and I don’t trust them anymore. Sad, we really wanted to save our home. I had cancer and could not work for 8another months is how it all started. I just don’t get it.

  • Darlene April 19, 2013

    I tried to do a loan modification with WF after my husband passed away in 08. I qualified but WF sent the letter not to me at the address I provided but instead to my deceased in-laws home. By the time I realized my house was in foreclosure again. I begged the bank to move forward but they demanded large lump sum payments. I was advised by my then atty that the bank was foreclosing on home even when they made the lump sum payments. WF incouragaged me to file bankruptcy. I feared going homeless with my two children and refused to pay the lump sums. Then to add insult to injury Independent Review sent me a letter stating I was intitled to 125,000 due to the bank not making reasonable attempt to contact me. A couple of days ago I received a check for 800! It cost me more then that to consolidate our debt so I could keep our home. There is a lot more to the whole matter but I wish I could sue the bank. I’ve been looking for an Atty in CA.

  • John b April 19, 2013

    I received a letter from the independent mortgage review stating I was eligible to receive 15 to 125 k from the WF fiasco. Picked up the mail yesterday and there it was……my check for 500 dollars. Apparently they can’t add either. Does anybody have any suggestions how to appeal this short of hiring an attorney and shelling out more ?

  • stacie lawrence April 30, 2013

    I need to know how to get in this lawsuit i have been going thru this hell for almost 4 years spent hundreds of dollars sending them proper paper work inn time for them to keep losing it out saying i filled something out wrong so i d resend it and they d say i signed it on the wrong side of the paper! I veprobably dealt with 6 or 7 different people one person did not exist in the company but didn’t figure tht out for months of me calling asking to speak to supervisors and no one knew who this person was or even if they were male or female. Had only the final payment to make they needed to send me a paper to sign but instead my person went on vacation and admitted to me she forgot to send it causing me to miss the deadline and getting kicked out the program. Had to start all over again that happened to me multiple times. To wrap things up in the very beginning i was behind 1 month payment called to see if i could just split the extra payment over a couple months i had a loss of income and they sold me on getting 3 mos behind so i could do a guaranteed loan modification tht would only take 3 months she made it seem like it d be a piece of cake. I’ve been nothing but stressed not knowing what’s next for me and my daughter i ve given up how of keeping my house. Please if someone can help. I have documented everything and all names. Thank you

  • Peggy April 30, 2013

    Please contact me to join this lawsuit. I am so mad I don’t have the words. I also received my HUGE check for $500.00 yesterday, I wanted to throw up! Now my home is gone, my husband died and I get slapped in the face again. Please contact me regarding getting on board for this lawsuit.

  • Sandi April 30, 2013

    How can I join this lawsuit? I am in Maryland. We applied for a loan modification with WF back in September 2009 and completed all the requirements for the trial period and made all payments on time for 6 months. After the three month trial period ended, we called them on a weekly basis to find out the status as we had not yet received the perminent modification. We were told to keep makeing payments every month on time. Finally the first week of April 2010, we received a letter stating that our modification had been denied by the “investors.” We attempted to find out more but they would not provide anymore information. A week later, we received a letter stating that we would have to pay approx 8k in past due payments or they would begin the Forclosure proceedings. My ex-husband and I had separated at the time so I attempted again to apply for a modification but was again denied. They sent several letters stating they had programs that could help us keep the house but then would deny our applications.We ended up filing Chapter 7 BK and had to include the house. The house was finally sold in February 2012 for half of what we paid back in 2006.

  • JOE May 15, 2013

    I have been through 2 loan modifications and on both the last payment made they said they did not receive. Sent them a letter from the bank showing it cashed on time on both occasions they still stated they did not receive it. Yesterday as I was getting ready to go through the 3rd home mod a locksmith showed up at the house and stating the house had been sold. I received a notice to cancel our sale on April 17th. So we could work out the home modification. However, they still sold the house. Wells Fargo is the worst bank and should have never been bailed out. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit I can get on board with please let me know. I do understand the government gives the mortgage lenders (banks) $1500.00 per loan modification even if it is not completed. That is why they are doing this for the money.

  • Chad Bingham May 25, 2013

    How can I talk to an atoorney about this same thing, Wells Fargo foreclosed on me in Texas.

  • rick June 12, 2013

    Can I still join and who can I contact

  • jodilynn June 16, 2013

    my loan mod with Wells Fargo in 6/1/11 raised my pymt my $50.00 per mo this was not a loan mod can I be helped

  • JEH June 17, 2013

    I, along with the thousands of other victims, went through the exact same nightmare. After submitting requested paperwork 4 times (with receipts acknowledging receipt) I was told they never received the information. My house $250,000 house was closed on in less than 2 months (I had positive equity!). I, too, was forced into chapter 7 and have faced severe stress-related issues physically. Is there someone heading up the class action that is willing to represent???

  • Steve O June 19, 2013

    I callad WFM to inquire about lowering my interest rate through the HAMP program. They suggested I miss a payment or be late to qualify. I did. What an Idiot I was as I look back. I had to go through Hamp 3 times all because WFM inept handeling of paperwork among other things. After 18 months of dealing with them and jumping through all the hoops like a stupid dog I receive a letter telling me my house is to be sold at auction on the court house steps 2 weeks after receipt of the letter. I called and was told I was behind on my payments (DUH) I was in thier program.I threatend Bankruptcy contacted an attorney and began the process. Out of the goodness of thier heart WFM offers me a 40yr mortgage at 7.5%, and says accept this offer or we sell your house. Talk about unscrupulis business practices and just out and out blackmail. I have tried to find an attorny to accept my case but everyone just says WFM is to big and will just keep me tied up in court until I’m broke. If I can get onboard with a class action, I’m in.

  • C.J. July 10, 2013

    Open/closed Wells Fargo class action in New Jersey? Finally permanently modified. Owe more than original loan amount? Held 2010 insurance claim funds?? just received letter of $40.00 increase due.

  • Judy August 14, 2013

    I am in California and have been through the modification application process as all the others above. With the same outcome. A higher payment due to fees etc. A foreclosure notice taped to my door for non payment as WF told me to do. You must be delinquent by 2 months or more to qualify. I jumped that hoop and did what they told me to do. I need to speak to someone that can help me out of this mess.

  • Jeannette Young August 24, 2013

    My name is Jeannette Young, can someone please furnish me a number or a name, telephone number who to contact. I went through the ringer when I was trying to get a modication and they did not grant me a modifation, I kept getting new representatives, who constantly keep asking for the same information, I tried for 4 months and finally of all the nerves they informed me that I had to sign a form to release for a background check and my background with IRS. Please help send a number or agency that I need to contact. Also they have charged be 60.00 per visit to see if I still resided at the address. If I am calling you and faxing information to obtain a modification everyday what make you think I have moved. No one every rang the door bell or asked for me. They had to have seen two or more cars in the drive way.

  • Jeannette Young August 24, 2013

    My name is Jeannette Young, can someone please furnish me a number or a name, telephone number who to contact. I went through the ringer when I was trying to get a modication and they did not grant me a modifation, I kept getting new representatives, who constantly keep asking for the same information, I tried for 4 months and finally of all the nerves they informed me that I had to sign a form to release for a background check and my background with IRS. Please help send a number or agency that I need to contact. Also they have charged be 60.00 per visit to see if I still resided at the address. If I am calling you and faxing information to obtain a modification everyday what make you think I have moved. No one every rang the door bell or asked for me. They had to have seen two or more cars in the drive way.

  • Jeannette Young August 24, 2013

    My name is Jeannette Young, can someone please furnish me a number or a name, telephone number who to contact. I went through the ringer when I was trying to get a modication and they did not grant me a modifation, I kept getting new representatives, who constantly keep asking for the same information, I tried for 4 months and finally of all the nerves they informed me that I had to sign a form to release for a background check and my background with IRS. Please help send a number or agency that I need to contact. Also they have charged be 60.00 per visit to see if I still resided at the address. If I am calling you and faxing information to obtain a modification everyday what make you think I have moved. No one every rang the door bell or asked for me. They had to have seen two or more cars in the drive way.

  • Jeannette Young August 24, 2013

    My name is Jeannette Young, can someone please furnish me a number or a name, telephone number who to contact. I went through the ringer when I was trying to get a modication and they did not grant me a modifation, I kept getting new representatives, who constantly keep asking for the same information, I tried for 4 months and finally of all the nerves they informed me that I had to sign a form to release for a background check and my background with IRS. Please help send a number or agency that I need to contact. Also they have charged be 60.00 per visit to see if I still resided at the address. If I am calling you and faxing information to obtain a modification everyday what make you think I have moved. No one every rang the door bell or asked for me. They had to have seen two or more cars in the drive way.

  • Randy S October 30, 2013

    Our issue with wrongful foreclosure with WF is much the same as others. Who can we contact to join the suit?

  • Sherry Stockton November 5, 2013

    I too am a Wells Fargo victim in the same type of instance as the “Vicki and Richard Sutcliffe v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al., Case No. 11-cv-06595 JCS, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California”. I paid 11 mths of a trial period, only to be told I no longer qualified for the HAMP loan and they foreclosed on my house. Someone has to do something about this issue, as it happened to 1000s of innocent homeowners and no one is holding the banks to honor what they should have done in the first place. Why won’t anyone lead the way for this lawsuit in every state. I am in North Carolina and we have no leader to speerhead this issue.

  • Sherry Olivo-Wecht December 30, 2013

    Our story is like so many others on here – hell with Wells Fargo – so where do we sign up?

    • Beverly Williams May 27, 2014

      Would like to know if you got any info for how to sign up. My husband was disabled and “we” lost our home. Would like to sign up also.

  • Bonnie Nisenbaum January 9, 2014

    I need to be included in this class action lawsuit. What website can I go to sign up?

  • SickOfWellsFargo February 22, 2014

    Please add me to this lawsuit. I too am a victim of WF

  • Anita March 3, 2014

    We’re in the same boat! Just lost our home & trying to find a place to live thanks to WF!! If it’s not too late to get in, I want in!

  • Carolyn March 6, 2014

    We can’t believe how all of our stories are so similar! We have been battling with Wells Fargo since August of 2012. They gave us a temporary loan modification when my spouse and I was out of work. They told us that being out of work did not qualify our having a permanent loan modification. Six years later, I am still disabled and out of work. My husband was out of work for nearly a year. However, Wells Fargo stated that we have not suffered a hardship even though we have provided them with documentation to state differently. They told us that none of our household expenses mattered. All that mattered was the mortgage payment and the RE taxes. They didn’t care how we could afford to live and said so. We want very much to be a part of any effort to deter Wells Fargo from fraudulently taking people’s homes!

  • K.G. July 24, 2014

    Yup. Same situation here with Wells Fargo. They have tried to foreclose on us twice in that past 2 yrs since we started the modification process. I was under the assumption you are not suppose to be put in foreclosure unless you stop paying on your loan. We have been paying every month since the modification process started and now we are being told we have to come up with a certain amount of money by a certain date or we will face foreclosure again. There has got to be something the government can implement under this modification process to stop this. We also understand that Wells Fargo has had major problems/payouts and we think they are using this to gain some of their money back. If someone knows of a good real estate attorney in the state of Florida with some insight or direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all for the info! Of course it may not changes things but it is good to know that we are not the only ones facing this problem as I thought we were. Stay strong! & Good luck people!!

  • patriciadeluna September 8, 2014

    awaiting reply where to find out if i was put on the partial claim isting on the HUD GOVERNMENT PROGRAM.does anyone know?

  • Barb U July 13, 2015

    I was sent a packet to fill out about the class action suit Fladell vs Wells Fargo back Nov/Dec 2014. It said that the paper work had to be submitted within 60 days of the final settlement date yet their website has never said when was or might be. I mailed the paper work to them in Feb 2015, I have called them twice.They have never contacted me about the calls, I do realize there might be a lot of people involved but I haven’t seen an update on their website since Feb/March 2015. I wonder if this is still an active lawsuit or if it was dismissed in Oct 2014 and if so why did I get the packet of paper work to fill out 1-2 months later.

  • Lisa August 25, 2015

    We were also lied to by Wells Fargo! They told us to stop making payments and then get a loan modification. Each rep we spoke to told us something different. We kept in constant contact with them, only to have them bully us! I even wrote them a letter explaining I was undergoing chemo and my husband was trying to work and take care of our 3 children. They dismissed us completely. We couldn’t keep our house and had to move. How do we join this lawsuit?

  • Judith Wagar September 2, 2015

    We are now in our second foreclosure action from ASC/Wells Fargo as contractual servicer for HSBC/ FBR securitization trust. Wells Fargo claims that the payments made to them for a fraudulent loan modification extended the statue of limitations and they are now foreclosing again this has been on going for 10 years. I am mad a hell about this and want them to be stopped.

  • patty September 7, 2015

    I have been battling wells fargo for months after they destroyed our credit from 780 to low 500`s saying because I was four days late back in march it broke the original agreement on loan. I have a first mtg of principle and interest only and a HELOC equity of principle and interest only total owing 470k and house worth about 350k and they wont help. problem is I was 4 days late in March called as soon as I realized and they took pmt over phone but kept hitting credit report for next 5 months after. I emailed states attorney office,I mailed letters to research dept of Wells fargo has made me physically ill over past month. I have read about 3000 consumer and BBB reviews of them being deceitful. I can not even get an attorney to call me back that’s willing to go up against wells fargo. I have talked to at least 6 people at wells fargo they never call back. ONE person called Friday 30 days later and said sorry they wont remove false credit report info. Now we are left with house underwater do not qualify for any modifications or HAMP loans and bad credit.So of course not even quicken loans will touch our mortgage due to credit report. I cant file bankruptcy or foreclosure because we have two new cars and one is a handicapped van for my daughter( I have twins with cerebral palsy) and the states are doing nothing to wells fargo for doing this to people. we can never buy anything. I don’t understand how they get away with this. even on one of the credit report agencies websites they have complaints on wells fargo…if anyone knows of any attorneys in Connecticut please email me..

  • marcella September 25, 2015

    I had home mortgage Wellsfargo since 2001, we had storm here in Michigan Aug 11th 2014, the home was not livable leaking roofs no eletricity due to water damage. I still paid my mortgage 2/28/2015 I lost my Mother and had to pay funeral expenses and got a 1 month behind I continue to make my monthly payment they told me they donot take partial payments. I needed pay the 1 month back payment and at the time I could not, So I tried to make arrangement to bring my account they told me they donot make payment arrangements, So I tried to do a Modification they requested proof income, residents ect. They put me through all that work and still foreclosed on my home I had for 30yrs on July 31,2015 and I’m very hurt because I comply to everthing. I had worked with them for over 3 months trying to save my home and they still forclosed my home it was to late to file bankrupcy and I still communicate with them until I recieved a letter telling me my home will be auction, It seem to me they did not care about the condition of the home it was terrible. I had been working trying to repair the home. The insurance company gave us the run around until I contacted FEMA who told me to contact Insurance company through wellsfargo and tell them I had PERLIS Insurance so they put a roof on the home it still had alot of other issues due to the storm and had to stay with my Mother until I got some help to fix the home as of today it still have issues that I can’t afford to fix I told wellsfargo about all the issue and still compassion. So I’m trying to find place to live. I’m trying to rent the home my Mother.

  • kenneth hallock September 28, 2015

    i would also like to join the lawsuit i was told that i would get a loan modification from wells fargo who drug theie feet for monts then i was denied and i appealed it and was denied after anotrher 5 months and was sent into bankruptcy to save our home from forclosure from wells fargo then they werent supose to contact me during the bankruptcy and they did several times threatened me that they were sending a sheriff to put bankruptcy papers on my home i know they violated the federal bankruptcy law do i have any recourse

  • Michelle Eshaghpour October 15, 2015

    I need to be included in this suit. I was forced to claim bankruptcy to keep my home.

  • tom October 21, 2015

    i also had a modification for 6 months, they brought my payment from $640 to $590 under the mo after the 6 months and being on time with all 6 payments, they charged me $4,490 for the modification that never was. instead my payment has went up from 590 to 685. now they say i never did this. then why do i have all the paperwork and today 10/21/2015 i talked with them and they have no records of the mod, or my request to refinance my loan. currently at 6.25 on a fixed income in which wells fargo takes 3/4s of it. and again it went up next month they say $720. REALLY < i am going to sue the CEO of wells fargo and not the bank, seeing he gets our money in form of a year end bonus for ripping people off, no one is worth his bonus, 2014 WellsFargo CEO bonus $25,000,000. plus his wage, are you kidding me. gots to stop this man. i want to join this lawsuit. WE WILL WIN.

  • Juan Garzon January 23, 2016

    Nosotros tambien tratamos de hacer una modificacion por mas de tres anos y nos tubieron ilucionando con pagarles lo que nos pedian y nosotros les cumplimos con todos los pagos, documentos y requisitos y solo fueron enganos porque nos hicieron perder el tiempo ya que al final nos dijeron que no eran aceptados. Son unos falsos y abusivos pero hay un Dios que hace justicia

  • terri McClintock February 3, 2016

    Id like to join this lawsuit please

  • Robyn Lau May 10, 2016

    Is this law suit still active? I have had a modification but had fees tacked on and an interest rate that continues to climb.

  • Mona May 30, 2016

    Please how do I join , I got screwed big time and lost my home!

  • Cindy in Ohio May 30, 2016

    If anyone on here has a loan through FHA and Wells Fargo holds your mortgage, call the FHA department and report any misrepresentations from Wells Fargo to them. I am doing this myself and am waiting on a call from a HUD representative to call me back. I went into a modification with Wells Fargo made my payments on time. I should have received the loan modification papers from them in February and never did. I recently filed bankruptcy and as soon as I did in April, they sent the loan modification papers to my attorney and said he had to file a motion with the Courts in order for me to get the modification papers from them. I was pissed so I called FHA and was told they could not do this so he transferred me to a representative from Wells Fargo to find out what was going on and if I did not like what they told me to call him back. Well when she finally finished her investigation, the excuse of due to volume of paper the papers did not go out to me. I called the person back at FHA and now I am waiting on a HUD representative to call. They will not get away with this. Big corporations try to screw the little people over, tired of getting screwed over by Wells Fargo. Good luck to all on here.

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