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FEMA Trailer Manufacturers Reach Class Action Settlement

By Mike Holter


class action settlementA class action lawsuit settlement has been reached with nearly two dozen companies that manufactured FEMA trailers for Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims. The companies agreed to pay $14.8 million to resolve claims that the temporary government-issued trailers exposed occupants to hazardous fumes from formaldehyde.

An attorney for the Plaintiffs said the proposed settlement agreement could benefit tens of thousands of Gulf Coast residents who lived in FEMA trailers after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Residents of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas who lived in FEMA trailers after the 2005 hurricanes are eligible to participate in the proposed class action lawsuit settlement. If final approval is granted, a court-appointed Special Master will determine how much to award each Plaintiff who qualifies.

The FEMA trailer class action lawsuit was filed after the government announced in February 2008 that tests on hundreds of FEMA trailers in Louisiana and Mississippi uncovered formaldehyde levels that were, on average, nearly five times what people are exposed to in most modern homes. The chemical is classified as a carcinogen and can cause breathing problems. If approved, the class action lawsuit settlement will be the largest mass settlement over FEMA trailer formaldehyde claims so far.

Last year, several companies that manufactured mobile homes for FEMA after Katrina agreed to pay $2.6 million to resolve thousands of related claims.

Under the proposed FEMA trailer formaldehyde class action settlement, 21 trailer makers or their insurers will pay to resolve the claims without admitting wrongdoing. The companies involved in the proposed class action settlement include Thor Industries, Inc.; Recreation by Design LLC; Play-Mor Trailers, Inc.; Cruiser RV LLC; and Skyline Corp.


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Updated April 23rd, 2012


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  • Anonymous April 28, 2012

    will everyone be included in the class action suit? i had 2 fema trailers..they were horrible.
    my puppy had to have breathing treatments
    my husband has cancer now?

  • Anonymous April 28, 2012

    i had 2 trailers
    one flooded because it was installed wrong
    will everyone be included in the class action suit?
    dog had to have breathing treaments
    husband has cancer

  • Anonymous April 30, 2012

    Sure people, sue the good Samaritans who provided you a house, a legitimately good deed. They try to provide you with housing, yet you decide to sue them. I agree that the trailers are hazardous, but sueing FEMA is the wrong course. Sue the trailer makers (if it is FEMA nvmd…).

    What is this country going to?

  • Anonymous May 1, 2012

    How can I find out who the attorneys are handling the FEMA Trailer Lawsuit?

  • Anonymous May 1, 2012

    @ Mr. Commentator. I would like to know if your attitude would be changed if you had resided in one of those trailers & developed illnesses & health related conditions, due too this housing. Also, when the conditions were realized, residents were not informed immediately, employees were & told not to go in inside. As they say, whats good for the goose isn’t good for the gander!

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    I lived on the Gulf Coast after Katrina and I lived in one of the trailers, but I no longer live in Mississippi so, my question is, how will i get informtion. Will there be a website that I can get the information I need

  • Anonymous September 20, 2012

    hi ive had a fema trailer for about five years 9 yr old daughter gets headaches and 5 years old gets headaches.ive just been diagnosed with lung tumors.and 134 yeaold breaks out in a hive looking rash.i believe our trailer is killing us i need to talk to whoever the attornerys are who took this case so maybe they can take mine too.thank youngest son has been refered this coming monday to see a cancer specialist too

  • Anonymous October 3, 2012

    I lived in trailor for two years and I suffersd with head ace and a up set stomach. I also had bad boan aces, My eyes would burn every time I got inside it if I did not have the air on. I the winter time could not use the heater because of the smell. So i would freeze during th winter. I put in a complaint 3 time to the people about this and they came to check an they did nothing. So I feel I should not have to stay in a place like that. Let me know if this a reason to be involved in this law suit?

  • Anonymous October 13, 2012

    to the question the guy ask why are we suing the government. we are not doing that although we should. the people that made the trailers are being sued and the government should of checked the trailers out before they allowed us to move in them. i am happy u didnt have to stay in one buddy but when u loose everything and something is offered you take it knowing that it has been checked out and is safe to stay in. i lost my wife to one of those trailers but it dosent seem to bother you and your kind. i hope and pray for you that you never end up in the situation i was in. Karma will get you some Day and when it does swallow deep where you cant talk

  • Anonymous October 13, 2012

    will we ever be paid

  • Tanya January 29, 2013

    I might try and call my attorney and see what they have to say. Every time I call I get the machine

  • emily coble November 4, 2013

    we want to know if a check in her name has been issued?

  • altin j henderson November 18, 2013

    i would like to now if i have a check or i need to sign up.

  • alton j henderson November 18, 2013

    do i have a check

  • melissa January 29, 2014

    i lived in one of those trailers just a year or so ago. and the man before me died of lung cancer and then i got lung cancer! u tell me . He bought this trails in paris tx just a few years ago if it had formaldehyde in the walls why did this man have the right to sell the trailer to ppl?My friend paid 3500 for it ?

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