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Sirius XM Everything-Lifetime Subscription Class Action Lawsuit

By Matt O’Donnell


Sirius XMSirius XM subscribers have filed a class action lawsuit against the satellite radio company claiming it failed to provide services under its “XM Everything-Lifetime NavTraffic” and/or “Lifetime XM Radio Service” subscription plans.

The Sirius XM class action lawsuit is spearheaded by a California couple who say they paid for a one-year subscription to XM Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio’s NavTraffic service. A year later, Sirius agreed to provide both of these services under “XM Everything-Lifetime,” so the couple paid for a lifetime subscription to the Everything plan that would be renewed every year until they chose to cancel it.

According to the Sirius XM class action lawsuit, however, sometime in January 2011, the couple lost service to the XM Radio service, although NavTraffic continued to be received. When the couple contacted Sirius they were told the company was experiencing a “computer glitch” and were provided instructions on how to re-authorize their radio in order to resume the service. Although the couple made several attempts to reconnect their XM Satellite Radio service by following the instructions Sirius gave them, they were unable to successfully restore it.

The couple claim in the class action lawsuit they were then referred to a “special department” that had been established to handle “problem cases” relating to a new billing software system XM Radio had installed. A representative from that department told the couple that Sirius’ new software system could not accommodate the lifetime subscription for which they had paid concurrently with the NavTraffic Subscription and that the only way to fix the subscription was to temporarily place XM Radio service on a three-year status. The representative promised the couple that their lifetime subscription would be reinstated once the computer problem was resolved. However, the couple was later informed that their Customer Agreement had been changed and that Sirius was cancelling their lifetime service and making the three-year plan permanent.

The couple is alleging this constitutes breach of contract to the Customer Agreement and that Sirius has failed and refused, and continues to fail and refuse, to provide the agreed upon services.

The Sirius XM Radio and NavTraffic class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all current and former residents of California and who paid for XM Everything-Lifetime NavTraffic and/or Lifetime XM Radio Service subscriptions and whose rights have not been honored by Sirius, including:

(1) Any and all such persons who purchased a lifetime subscription in conjunction with NavTraffic or XM Radio and to whom Sirius refused and/or failed to provide either or both such services and/or did so only on condition additional and/or further fees be paid for either or both NavTraffic and/or radio services;

(2) Any and all such persons who were informed that a lifetime subscription could not be and/or would not be honored in any fashion and who paid additional fees to receive continuing radio services and/or who surrendered any right to continue receiving said services; and/or,
(3) Any and all such persons who were informed that a lifetime subscription could not be and/or would not be honored in any fashion and who surrendered any right to NavTraffic services and/or who paid additional sums to continue receiving such services.
The case is Kerry Frank, et al. v. Sirius XM Radio, Inc., Case No. 12-cv-00415, California Central District Court.


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Updated April 19th, 2012


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  • Anonymous April 23, 2012

    Purchased Lifetime in 2010. I was informed by Sirus that it would be transferred to a new vehicle. Over 400.00 for two years and just purchased 2012 and now they tell me NO refund and cannot be transferred after 2007. One year ago they claimed NAV and Traffic would not work because of software changes and I would have to purchase it separately but I refused. Major rip off!!!

    • Frank merkel May 24, 2014

      Now they are not honoring the portable subscription. Had lifetime since 2006 radio stopped working today and stated on display needed to reactivate radio. I have full bars on my receiver and the time is correct, after two hours on phone Sirius stated my radio was bad. No my radio is still fine, they are blocking the signal to my specific serial number so I will replace my radio and lose one of my transfers. No one at Sirius can tell me why I have full bars and cant get a signal. Either the radio gets reception or it doesn’t, how am I getting a message that says call 1888-sirius-sucks, I doesn’t make sense.

  • Anonymous April 30, 2012

    Purchased Lifetime early 2008. Just bought a 2012 vehicle and they would not transfer. They have a wimpy November 2011 “UPDATE” to the customer agreement that says NOW you can’t transfer. How can they not honor what was purchased in 2008? I want in on this class action suit — however I live in Texas. Any advice on how to get added on to this and make it a national class action suit?

  • Anonymous June 27, 2012

    Similar experience, I signed up for a lifetime Sirius membership back in 2007 under the assurance that it would be transferred to up to 3 new receivers without charge and am now being told that I can’t transfer without a $75 fee.

  • Anonymous June 28, 2012

    I purchased lifetime memberships for three vehicles. I just traded the oldest one, and they will not transfer my lifetime membership to my new GMC Terrain. There was no mention of paying $75.00 fee either, just that they would not do it. I would like to get in on this Class Action Law Suit if possible.

  • Anonymous July 28, 2012

    I purchased a lifetime membership and was told it was transferable to another vehicle along with a fee of 75 dollars. I just purchased a new chevy and I spent an hour on the phone and the customer rep said no they would not do it. Nothing he could do at all. This was after an hour on the phone. They will not transfer a service they sold and I paid for but they sure know how to transfer phone calls to avoid helping the customer.

  • Anonymous August 3, 2012

    Bought the LIfetime… I had REP tell me THREE times it was transferrable… For a fee… But it was transferrable…. Now when bought a new car Sirus told me it had the wrong software and then when I surprised them with my wife’s car that has the same software they changed their story and said if was NOT transferrable… I have been ripped off…

  • Anonymous August 3, 2012

    Bought the LIfetime… I had REP tell me THREE times it was transferrable… For a fee… But it was transferrable…. Now when bought a new car Sirus told me it had the wrong software and then when I surprised them with my wife’s car that has the same software they changed their story and said if was NOT transferrable… I have been ripped off…

  • Anonymous August 16, 2012

    Similar experiences from what’s already noted. Purchased a lifetime subscription for my vehicle in 2010 and was assured by the representative that it would transfer, up to 3 times, to my new vehicle. There was no mention of a transfer fee or anything. Today, I called to have my subscription transferred to my new vehicle and was told the transfer is only applicable from portable to portable equipment and not OEM (Original Equipment Manafacturere) equipment. Again, having asked this specific scenario of transferring from current vehicle to new and being told yes, I feel Sirius/XM is, in my personal opinion only, a very deceptive and dishonest company with HORRRIBLE customer service. Think it’s somewhat ironic that Mel Karmazin, CEO of SiriusXM, sends out an “Important Message from the CEO” which states “but nothing is more important to me than our subscribers.” Will Mel, i’m calling BS on that statement. Especially with the experiences being more than numerous regarding this very issue.

  • Anonymous August 17, 2012

    I purchased a $430 lifetime subscription which had the $75 one time transfer option. Now I am told that Sirius XM will not honor that subscription nor the transfer and that I should now pay $699 for a new Sirius XM subscription. I was told that service purchased before 2007 were transferable, but not after.
    Someone please tell me how to be added to this lawsuit or how we can hold Sirius XM accountable for false representation!

  • Anonymous August 22, 2012

    I purchased a life time contract for my 2007 Merc. s550 in 2009 I purchased a second car 2010 Merc. GLK350 and purchased a second life time contract.In january 2012 I retired and before I sold my work car (2010 Merc GLK350) I called Sirius to find out what I needed to do to transfer my Life time contract to another radio. They told me tif I bought a radio from them for another car and had it installed ,they would then transfer the life time account from my life time account in the 2010 Glk350 to the radio I purchased from them. I bought the radio,had it installed and called them to activate the radio and was then told that I couldn’t have the life time account any more because the contract had been changed for the 2009 purchase and could not be transferred. After many hours (12+) on the phone with many rep’s in their cue I ended up with the radio and a promise of one year free servicein the car radio I purchased from them ,but no more life time membership which I purchased for the 2010 GLK,as they had changed the contract,stating I could not transfer the radio from the car I had it originally installed in . I have never received a written contract from Sirius for either lifetime contract I have purchased.

    So Now I have one Life time contract in my S550 and a one year gift with the $75.00 transfer fee forgiven (so the last person in the cue told me from the Phiippines said) WHAT A DEAL!!!

  • Anonymous October 29, 2012

    I purchased the lifetime also. I’d like to become part of the case.

  • Melinda Taggart February 22, 2013

    Please add me too – same thing just happened to me – wont bore you with the details – same as everyone else.

  • Robert Y. Ho March 12, 2013

    I was told the account can be transferred to a new car in December 2012, but now after the trial on my new vehicle is over, Sirius XM would not honor what I paid for the lifetime subscription back in 2009.

  • Brad Jensen March 23, 2013

    Similar experience!!! I was told it could be transferred 3 times to new vehicles with no charge, as long as the vehicle stayed in my name. Now they refuse to transfer to the new vehicle. This lifetime subsciption was purchased in August 2010.

  • Briet B. Steele March 29, 2013

    I had the experience

  • Briet B. Steele March 29, 2013

    XM DID NOT HONOR THE LIVE TIME contract with me either

  • Aliengoo April 1, 2013

    Problem,has the customer read the Lifetime service terms & conditions,likely not.The FTC should review their business practices because their T&C gives carte blanche to SiriusXm to renege on ANY aspect of their service if they want.Isn’t there a reasonable exepectation by the consumer to not lose critical aspects of a product they paid for.Otherwise isn’t SiriusXm in breach of: Unfair Business Practices, Negligent Misrepresentation laws?

  • Debbie May 9, 2013

    Purchased 2 Lifetime packages early 2010. Just got charged $348.40 on my credit card with no clue what that could be for. I called and they told me that I had only bought one lifetime package and the other one was for 3 years so the charge was for renewal. I was charged nearly $1000.00 for the 2 packages and I thought that was extremely expensive then. They tell me that they can give me a deal and charge me half price for one year and will not honor the Lifetime package as they no longer offer those packages. I would also like to get in on the national class action suit. How is this done?

  • Gina July 17, 2013

    I bought my lifetime subscription in 2010 when I had an after market radio. I paid almost $600 and was told I could transfer up to 4 more radios after the initial one. In 2011 I transferred the subscription to the factory installed radio in my new car. I was informed at the time that there was a $50 fee for transferring. I explained I was never told that and I wasn’t about to pay that on top of the almost $600 I had already paid. They waived the fee at that time. I purchased a new vehicle April 2013 that came with an XM 3 mo trial. I called in May to do the transfer and was told I needed to wait until the trial period was over. I called 7/16/13, two days after it expired to do the transfer and was told that my lifetime subscription was no longer valid because I transferred the subscription from my initial after market radio to my factory installed radio. I spoke with 2 listener care representatives and a representative from their cancellation department and no one could make this right. I am in Kentucky and I have every intention of using legal means to make XM honor their subscribers. If anyone is interested in jointly filing a suit (class action or not) subsequent to the one filed in California, which I believe is only for CA residents, please post comments on this page and I will update everyone as the process continues.

  • James William Jones September 2, 2013

    Signed up in 2010 for Lifetime membership. Told by the rep I could transfer up to three times to a new car or portable device. They granted me a “one-time courtesy” transfer in 2012 to a new car. I called to see if I could transfer again. Nope. I asked if I could just use the lifetime membership on my portable radio without the car. Nope. They said CarMax had canceled my membership upon receipt of the car and that I can not reinstate it. What a rip off. So convoluted and misleading. I can’t wait to see what their payout is over this.

  • james conroy October 12, 2013

    bought life time and they lied

  • RICHARD BOVE November 27, 2013

    I bought a lifetime subscription in 2009 they were supposed to transfer my car 3 times well when time came in 2011 they charged 75.00 now i have a 2013 and they will not transfer they are chargeing me for a new plan. When I called they it took 62 minutes on the phone and they were exterely rude telling me it was too bad.What a rip off.

  • Rob February 9, 2014

    I would like to be added to lawsuit also. I also have the 1.5 hour conversation recorded with 3 Different reps, each who tried to transfer my portable subscription to a vehicle, but without telling me that by doing so the lifetime subscription dies with the hardware in the vehicle. Also I would lose my lifetime internet. When sold my subscription in 2008, and then an additional in 2009, I was told I could transfer it any number of times for the $15 fee, Now when I go to do that, I am told I cant, but then I can, for $75. Then for $50. Then No $75. Basically they are trying to kill all of their lifetime subscriptions. This is wrong, and very unethical.

  • Jeffrey Hamel February 18, 2014

    Hi, I live in Massachusetts. I had the same thing happen to me with 2 lifetime subscriptions. I was told they couldn’t transfer. Can I join this lawsuit? Please help with any info if possible.

  • mike west March 2, 2014

    Having same issue with transferring lifetime subscription purchased back in 2009..! I’ve also tried to get a vehicle tuner which they wont sell me and said they don’t offer anymore. Please include me in this matter I am also in Texas.

  • Jarrett Fisher April 17, 2014

    I purchased my lifetime subscription back in 2004 so I am still able to transfer my subscription as many times as I like; however they now tell me I have to pay a $75.00 fee to transfer my subscription. I have transferred my subscription 3 times previously with no fee whats so ever and I am pretty sure there was no mention of this fee when I signed up.

  • ken campbell July 28, 2014

    purchased lifetime in 2oo7 with new dodge
    cant get sirus to change my account info and transfer to new radio even though car was sold..
    and current owners can-access my info had to cancel discover care because of it for it..

    ho how it get in on it
    i want my lifetime transferred at no fee to my new radio

  • Vladimir Langer August 1, 2014

    Same situation. Bought a new car in 2010 and paid some $450 for lifetime membership. Was told It was transferable for $75 fee, up to three times. No paperwork, no contract, no signature, all verbal. I just bought a new car and requested to transfer the lifetime contract. Sale person told me that it is not possible because some “small print” in the contract I have never seen or signed? Asked for supervisor and she kept reading the “contract”. This is unbelievable. I would like to know more about this class action suit. I live ion California. Help, please

  • Alan Brewer August 14, 2014

    I bought my Lifetime membership back in 2003 when they were hurting financially. This was before they limited their transfers to 3 and before their were Sirius radios in cars. They have been changing the rules to weed out us lifetime members. What do they think “Lifetime” means? Now they tell me I cant transfer my membership to my new car. The call ended with one of their managers hanging up on me.

    • Vladimir Langer September 6, 2014

      Alan, I don’t know if this is the end or if we have a chance to get our Life time service reinstated. I have searched and found nothing. I wrote to the President of Sirius, but have not even receive an answer. If you find anything, let me know, please.


  • Corn September 9, 2014

    I just called today to transfer to another car…was told could not do it as got my lifetime in 2009, can only be to a portable device etc with a 75 fee. I called back in feb 2012 to help my sister to transfer her lifetime to her new car and they did it back then only 75 fee (she got her lifetime in 2009!). I would like to be added…please send me the info

  • The Pilotman December 21, 2014

    Bought lifetime sub in 2007. I presume Sirius pushed it hard because they had financial problems. Now when I wanted to transfer the sub to a car, they told me if I did it would be the last time I could transfer the sub. I told them when I bought this originally these were not the terms, they told me they didn’t care and terminated the call. Unbelieveable. Just another bunch of Wall Street turds.

  • Kris Bishop December 30, 2014

    I bought a lifetime subscription back in 09 on our 04 Tahoe, with the agreement that I could transfer the services as needed and at no cost. I transferred it one time to our 10 Ford Flex (not without a huge run around), and subscribed to their travel link service as well. All was great, traded our 10 Flex for an 11 Flex, wanted to transfer all services to the current car and sxm would not do it and subsequently canceled all my services including my lifetime subscription. After going round and round with multiple reps and a rude manager they told me nothing could be done because my account had been canceled WITHOUT my permission. Trying to be agreeable but highly pissed, I asked if they could simply comp me a year of services at no cost, or bill me the transfer fee, NOPE. Couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Done with SXM.

  • Gary D January 4, 2015

    Sirius Everything-Lifetime Subscription, they are trying to kill all of their lifetime subscriptions. This is wrong, and very unethical. Is there any other satellite radio companies? does Pandora have satellite radio? I will join this lawsuit? Please help with any info if possible. Sirius and XM should not have been able to merge causing a Monopoly where you cannot get fair Competition on pricing. Before the Merger there was pricing Competition on satellite radio’s..

  • Gregory Russ January 24, 2015

    I retired effective 12/31/14. At least ten years prior I purchased Imy “Lifetime XM “subscription. To my chagrin I just learned I only get one channel. I would like to discover how to join this lawsuit. Something must be done to ensure consumers are not subjected to unethical business practices as is the case here. If someone can advise where we can get an update regarding this suit it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Jim Schlagel February 3, 2015

    I was an early adopter and bought lifetime subscription including premium programming in 2006. I just made a transfer to my new vehicle and they charged me $75.00 transfer fee and also said \you have no transfers left as this is the second transfer\. I have asked for them to provide documents that establish their contractual right to charge a transfer fee and so far a bunch of B.S. Also they never said the lifetime subscription had limitations. I had no idea there was a class action already started. I’m likely joining.

  • Bob P March 18, 2015

    Same issues with the Lifetime subcription as written before. Include me in the class action if it happens.

  • Peter butt March 28, 2015

    I am dealing with the same situation. Bought a lifetime membership in december 2007 with Sirius. Recently my potable truck radio broke so I called and got it transfered for free to my gmc sirrea. I was told they would transfer no charge and it would be lifetime although I would lose stern but get NHL and some other different channels. Also in 2013 they just cut my free Internet radio. Several days after I check my cc and was charged a 40 dollar by sirius cancel fee and my xm sirius account says renewAL date 2018. I called sirius and they refunded the 40 dollars plus tax said they forgot to refund me. Then called xm and I asked why does my subscription have a renewal date. He told me I am mis understanding the term life time And that sirius must have forgot to charge me after 40 months were up from 2007. Now waiting for a higher up controller to call me back.Would like in on class action suit, how to sign up?

  • frank tingley April 7, 2015

    same as everyone above. i paid over 500.00 in 2010 for a lifetime membership, and i tried to add another vehicle tonight, as my subscription hadnt been active in a couple of years, and they would not do it, giving me trouble and static at every turn. i DEFINITELY want in to the class action suit. thanks

  • Mike Griswold April 9, 2015

    please add me yo the class action suit too. What a cluster f

  • helene April 17, 2015

    What was settlement for ..Dont remember?

  • Joseph Tewksbury May 19, 2015

    HI, im a 100% disabled veteran living in South Carolina that purchased a lifetime subscription in 2008. A couple of weeks ago i called to verify i could transfer from my aftermarket alpine car radio to a 2014 dodge dart gt thats subscription was ending. I even talked to a manager. They never said anything about oem radio or aftermarket radios. The manager just said portable and car radios. I even verified that portables were house radios. So then today since the 1 year trial from when I bought the dart is ending on May 25th 2015. I called and now im given new information and told basically its my fault for not reading some user agreement thats been changed without my consent and no matter what the ahent and the manager said it wasn’t going to happen. I have all 3 transfers available but apparently if i transfer to an \oem\ id with an attached vin number it is stuck there forever. They called it lifetime…. they should have just labeled it… \Until we screw you over\. I have had subscriptions on and off on top of the lifetime one since around 2001 or so if im recalling correctly. The manager even tried to sell me an aftermarket radio to fix the issue…. im pissed off. What can i do to try to fix this? I got this to make it easier on me and its becoming a burden. This isnt fair for anyone. Joe

  • Amanda Nutting August 4, 2015

    I was up sold in October 2010 to the lifetime membership package which could be transferred up to 3 times with a transfer fee. That’s what I was sold and I would never pay $580 for a lifetime subscription for one vehicle. Just went to transfer to new vehicle yesterday and they said they could only honor it if it were before 2007, then they referred me to some terms and conditions that were updated 11/2012 online. Those have no legal bearing on the terms and conditions I was given in 2010. This is called bait and switch and it’s illegal. I am sorry to see so many others in the same situation but it seems like people who purchased in 2010 are most affected. There are a lot of people in this forum alone! Hope they have the recorded telephone calls from 2010 because it seems to me this is more than a few people who were mislead into a phony lifetime subscription.

  • Matthew Kellebrew August 29, 2015

    Same issue as everyone before. Bought the lifetime subscription with the understanding that I would be able to use this on up to 3 radios. I bought it back in 2007 and was able to transfer it once, but not again. Spoke with the customer service and they longer honor transfers. So tired of the run around these people give you. The reason they are suffering as a company is from their lack of customer care. Who wants to stay with a service that is continuously trying to rip you off?

  • Heather Gussman September 6, 2015

    As everyone above- shelled out money for lifetime subscription & was told transferrable, never mention of fees, nonetheless after merger with XM was told due to merger, contracts not honored. No being grandfathered in as with most mergers. Total rip-off and no one seems to care- clearly, look at these comments!

  • Lauren September 22, 2015

    Paid $600 in 2010 for lifetime subscription, rep apparently committed fraud and told me 5 transfers with no fee. I would love to join this class action law suit!!! I am trying to get the original contract and they refuse to give it to me!!!

  • Sean October 3, 2015

    Same thing happened to me. Bought the lifetime in 2006. Traded my tuck in 2012. The canceled it. Still steaming about it

  • Eric M. October 24, 2015

    have had lifetime service with dockable radio since the beginning. Have changed radios before with no issues. Paid $75 each time. Bought a new car and when that free trial ended I paid for a transfer from one of my radios to the car only to find that half of the previously received stations are no longer available. Called customer service and they never picked up. I am pissed. I was looking into Small Claims possibility and found this site. Include me in any action. Thanks.

  • Robert Wanchek December 29, 2015

    Above comments pretty much sum it up. Please add me to class action.

  • Robert Wanchek December 29, 2015

    The comments above pretty much sums it up. Please add me to class action

  • Enrique R. Figueroa January 23, 2016

    Please add me to this lawsuit……..I do not enjoy the watered down version that I get. I paid over $400.00 for lifetime subscription.

  • Enrique R. Figueroa January 23, 2016

    I paid over $400.00 for a lifetime subscription. I now have a limited number of stations.

  • Antoinette February 19, 2016

    I purchased a new ford fusion in 2009 and it came with a 3month trial. I called to cancel after the 1st month and was offered the lifetime subscription. I ended up purchasing it October 2009. My car was a total loss in October 2014 so I called Sirius who transferred my membership for a $75 fee (or so I thought). Today (02-19-16), the radio in my car went out and the screen displayed the customer care number with a message that my service was deactivated. Never had a problem before so I called Sirius to say I had a lifetime membership so send a signal get my services back. Well after nearly 2hrs, two phone calls and a chat session. I found out that my membership was deactivated in 10/2014 and since they no longer offer the lifetime membership, I ave to subscribe to a new package. After the back and forth, they supposedly escalated my issue with another department to investigate the GLITCH that caused my services to disappear. It was decided that they will GIVE me 30days free service while investigating. After the phone call, I logged into my account online and I see that the type of membership I had has been changed as well as all of my history deleted. I got a feeling that I will be forced into subscribing to one of their newer very expensive subscriptions. I got a feeling they are being very underhanded and doing this to end all lifetime memberships.

  • Gregory Lis March 16, 2016

    I have had the same situation, purchased a newer vehicle, have had a lifetime membership for 20 plus years.. was told its a 75$ fee and Im only allowed to tranfer to one more vehicle at a additional cost of 75$ cost. Then going forward my “lifetime’ membership would be cancelled.. HOW IS THIS LEGAL?!

  • Larry Scott March 19, 2016

    Just bought a new car yesterday. Tried to transfer my lifetime subscription (2009) and was refused. Mark me down as a participant in this lawsuit, Please. I live in Texas.

    • A. Highley August 3, 2016

      They are doing the same to me! I’m furious! My mother and step-father were allowed to transfer. Even the dealership said it should only be aprox. 75$. Called them today and they refused and told me to look over user agreement but they never sent me any in the mail. You pay for a lifetime service and then the treat people like this? Its awful. They shouldn’t offer anything if they don’t actually want to provide it!

      Mine was an 09 vehicle….

  • JEFF ROSSI March 22, 2016


  • Lawrence H. Shane March 27, 2016

    I too purchased a lifetime subscription only to find out lifetime meant lifetime of the radio, not what is commonly known as lifetime. Mine was purchased in 2007. When asked for a copy of the contract in effect at the time I was told it was not available. Add me to any lawsuit.

  • Nicklas Frolander April 8, 2016

    Add me to the list, i just got denied as well.

  • Curt Miner April 9, 2016

    Add me as well. They will not transfer my Lifetime Account… period. We bought the account in 2009. Absolutely furious.

  • Eric Schweiss May 23, 2016

    Same here, 2 lifetime memberships, they did transfer me once, but now say I can no longer transfer my radio unless my car was totaled. Well I sold the car because it has a bad engine and I can not afford to repair. Now I can not transfer my pre-paid lifetime account to my new car. Why? Greed is why.

  • Cheryl+John Heilig May 27, 2016

    We have 3 lifetime subscriptions in our home. Members for 11 years or more. They started charging $75 fees for service transfers several years ago which was ridiculous!! Today they tell me I cannot transfer my LIFETIME subscription to my new vehicle as I had reached the maximum amount of transfers allowed for this radio.. I purchased a subscription not a radio, was never told there was a limit on transfers. They realized they screwed up when they realized how much money they were losing, and now they are stealing our money. I want to be included in a class action lawsuit, how do you get involved? I also do not want to speak to Kamal or Ansari…I want to speak to someone in the United States.

  • Robert Wanat June 3, 2016

    I have the same story. I bought the Lifetime subscription in 2005 and now Sirius will not honor my lifetime subscription. I transferred the service in the past to a leased vehicle in 2014 and paid a $75 fee. I attempted to switch this service and pay the new transfer fee for my new lease and Sirius will not honor our contract. I no longer own this car, but the Sirius lifetime subscription is staying with this car. Count me in on the this Class Action Lawsuit.

  • CamieMC June 6, 2016

    I just posted this on another website. I had no idea how long SiriusXM has been ripping off people ///
    Lifetime membership fraud
    Contact information:
    Redlands, California
    United States


    When the lifetime membership was present years ago, I jumped on it after I bought the radio. Soon after, my radio broke down & 3 times since, each time was due to the “RECONDITIONED” unit that was installed with the radio & yes, there was a $75 charge. On this 3rd time I was told that if I do another transfer (a replacement radio that again broke down due to the faulty part they install in their radio) I’D HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION!!!

    SCAMMMMMMM. No other way to say it.

  • Darin Coffman June 28, 2016

    Same thing has happened to me. Purchased the Lifetime Plan in December 2007 and they will not transfer it to a new radio. If there ever is a class action lawsuit, I WANT IN!!!

  • Lisa Harris July 1, 2016

    Same here same bulkshit want to transfer my lie time membership to a 3 year plan because my plug in stopped working

  • Malcolm July 6, 2016

    Wow I was looking for a deal on XM for a new car and I came accross this page. I know I have many aways to access the music and news I like from my large iPhone and I am going with that now. Thanks for posting here everyone. Now I am going cancel my existing XM account. What a bunch of scum bags.

  • Robert E. Wetherald July 11, 2016

    Please add me to the list, I have the same Lifetime agreement as the others with Sirius not willing to transfer to a new vehicle..

  • Robert Gomes July 16, 2016

    Purchased XM Lifetime, with the promise of 3 free vehicle transfers (paid after that). I am trying to transfer my first time and I am getting the runaround.

  • Toni Nadler July 25, 2016

    I live in Louisiana, I purchased the Lifetime XM radio plan in 2010. They said I used up my 3 transfers, and that is not true. I am waiting for a call back.

  • Raymond Bingham August 23, 2016

    Having similar problems bought into the lifetime subscription my wife car needed a new radio a recall thing than Sirius said the lifetime subscription doesn’t apply . I still have it in my Dodge but fought tooth and nail With them over it .i want in on the class action .

  • Eric Hogan September 16, 2016

    Same thing happened to me. I purchased the lifetime subscription to Serius on my way home from the airport (coming home from deployment to Iraq). They sold me on Lifetime subscription, now they wont transfer to new car. I want in on the lawsuit.

  • Wade September 23, 2016

    Same problem here. Shame on you XM.

  • James Higginbotham September 25, 2016

    Count me in. Bought Lifetime subscription in ’06, now being told they will not transfer to new radio, that my “account is locked”

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