Nutella settlementA class action lawsuit settlement has been reached with the maker of Nutella over allegations it falsely advertised that the hazelnut spread is healthy for children. As a result, anyone who purchased Nutella in the last few years may be eligible to receive up to $20 from the class action settlement.

The Nutella settlement will resolve two class action lawsuits, entitled In Re: Ferrero Litigation and In Re: Nutella Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, alleging Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. improperly suggested that Nutella hazelnut spread is healthier than it actually is through its marketing and advertising. According to the class action lawsuits, Nutella actually contains “significant amounts of saturated fat and processed sugar.”

Ferrero denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement to avoid ongoing litigation.

Class Members of the Nutella class action settlement include two groups of consumers: those who purchased Nutella in California from August 1, 2009 through January 23, 2012 (the California Settlement), and those who purchased Nutella in any other state between January 1, 2008 through February 3, 2012 (the Nationwide Settlement).

Both groups of Class Members can file a claim to receive up to $4 per jar of Nutella they purchased during the relevant time period. Class Members who purchased multiple jars of Nutella can submit a claim for up to five jars for a maximum award of $20 per household. You do not need to submit proof of purchase in order to receive settlement benefits.

Ferrero has also agreed under the Nutella settlement to modify labeling of Nutella and certain marketing statements, create new TV ads, and to modify the Nutella website.

To receive your cash refund from the Nutella class action settlement, you must fill out a claim form online at, or download a claim form and mail it to the Settlement Administrator postmarked (or received online) no later than the deadline of July 5, 2012.

Claim forms and more information on your rights in the Nutella Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at

detailed description of how to file a valid claim and ensure you receive your settlement benefits can be found in our Open Lawsuit Settlements section.

UPDATE: Viewers of are reporting they have received checks in the mail from the Nutella class action settlement. Congratulations to everyone who got paid!

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  • Anonymous April 9, 2012


  • Anonymous April 10, 2012

    I would have never known about this settlement if it were not for my subscription to People magazine. Thanks for letting People publish this. I appreciate the honestly which I would have never known.

  • Anonymous April 14, 2012

    Please mail me a dispute thanks

  • Anonymous April 17, 2012

    I usually don’t call people out for being stupid as hell, but Wendy, they are not going to send you anything because you left a comment. Read the freaking article and it tells you what to do to file a dispute.

  • jennell June 2, 2014

    Has anyone received a check yet?

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA September 19, 2014


    • Robin H December 1, 2014

      I received my check today Dec. 1, 2014 for $5.82.

  • Top Class Actions December 3, 2014

    UPDATE: Viewers of are reporting they have received checks in the mail from the Nutella class action settlement. Congratulations to everyone who got paid!

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 6, 2014


  • Carla December 8, 2014

    I have not received my check. I live in MD. Jennell, what state do you live in and was it a regular check or a postcard?

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