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Defective LG Plasma/LCD TV Class Action Lawsuit

By Mike Holter


LG ElectronicsLG Electronics has been hit with yet another class action lawsuit over its plasma and LCD TVs, this time over allegations that the televisions’ circuit boards fail prematurely.

LG has faced numerous class action lawsuits over its allegedly defective televisions over the past few years, including one filed in New Jersey District Court, and an antitrust class action settlement reached earlier this year.

According to the latest LG TV class action lawsuit, LG plasma and LCD televisions are defective because they contain circuit boards that prematurely fail during normal operation due to voltage overload, ripple current and thermal fatigue.

The LG TV defect, which was present upon delivery and manifests itself over time, ultimately results in the failure of the TVs well before the end of their expected useful life, rendering the TVs unsuitable for their intended purpose, the LG plasma and LCD TV class action lawsuit says.

The lawsuit goes on to say that LG has known about the design defect in its Plasma and LCD TVs, in part because of the numerous online complaints made by consumers. However, LG has failed to recall the defective LG TVs to fix the problem, and refuses to honor its 12-month parts-and-labor warranty on the televisions if the defect finally manifests itself after one year.

“Despite the fact that the Defect was present in the Television at the time of delivery, well within these warranty limitation periods, LG has refused to pay for labor or diagnostic expenses for consumers with Televisions manifesting the Defect more than a year after a purchase, and LG has refused to pay any part of the cost of repairing the Televisions which manifest the Defect one year after purchase,” the LG TV class action lawsuit says.

The defective LG Plasma & LCD TV class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of anyone who purchased a defective LG TV in the State of Nevada, including, but not limited to, the following models:


It is seeking damages, restitution, disgorgement and other relief for the proposed Class.

A copy of the Defective LG Plasma/LCD TV Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

The case is Kevin Drover v. LG Electronics USA, Inc., Case No. 12-cv-00510, U.S. District Court, District of Nevada.


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Updated March 28th, 2012


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  • Anonymous April 9, 2012

    I had one of those LG TV’s with the defective circuit board. How can I get in on the lawsuit?

    Dave Lambert

    • estella gunter December 22, 2013

      I have a number of those defected TV’S

    • Anthony Mulcahy November 30, 2015

      I purchased an LG 47 inch Google Smart 3-D TV in 2013. Just as the 2-year warranty expired it went blank, does not work. Ii took it to an electronics business which is LG certified to see what was wrong. He said some type of board kept overheating. They tried a new board and the same thing was happening. It would cost around $700 or more. I live in Madison,WI. Are there any Class Action Suits for this TV with Service Code Number 47G2-UG-AUSWLJR. The serial number is 210RMFPEL507. I have done my research and LG does know about this problem yet it seems that they are not doing anything to help those of us with this problem. Very disappointed in them and what I purchased! Anthony Mulcahy

      • Stephen Morse February 23, 2016

        Have you gotten any satisfaction for this problem yet? I just delivered my LG 47G2-UG.AUSWLJR to an LG Service Center in Martinsville, IN today. It has the same problem that you described.

  • Anonymous May 2, 2012

    I have already replaced the circuit board on my LG Plasma and now my LG LCD picture is going out. How can I get in on the lawsuit?

  • Anonymous May 17, 2012

    My 50 inch LG plasma tv will turn on for about a second and then turn off-no picture but does have sound. I purchased a 2 year warranty so repairs will be covered but was not happy to hear so many people have complaints. My model #50PK750.

  • Anonymous May 26, 2012

    I just bought a 60″ plasma 950 series 2 months ago and I am already having picture problems. How can I join this class action?

  • Anonymous July 25, 2012

    I’m in Ireland, but my LG is just 13 months old and the picture has gone with only sound. This is disgraceful, paying big amounts for a supposedly reliable brand/TV should last beyond a year.
    My model is 42PT. Any others receiving problems with this model?

  • Anonymous August 29, 2012

    my 42 Pc423D picture went out but still have sound but its only static looks like i have to buy another TV but it wont be an LG.

  • Anonymous September 1, 2012

    any idea if the LG tv model 32LG30 is included in this lawsuit?

  • Anonymous September 1, 2012

    I have my 42″ plasma LG for 4 years. I paid a lot of money for it. Now, it will not power on. It is dead. I was told it would be $600 to repair it. forget that. I paid for 3 years of service, so on the 4 th year it died. I do not expect to have to buy a TV every four years.

  • Anonymous September 24, 2012

    How do i join this lawsuit? my 47LC7DF stopped working 10 months after the extended warranty ran out… I contacted LG and they basically told me that the only course of action I had as an option was to join in and sue them.

  • Rick Hunt January 15, 2013

    My LG 50PA5500 PLASMA TV is only 3 months old. Kept turning off and on . the service has been great,they replaced all of the boards but the main board. had to reuse some of the old parts because the new ones sent didn’t work.its taken 15 days 3 trips from 3 different geek squad repairman, it went out again,they came out next day.(great service).Now they are replacing power sourse again, the main board, and the that point they have replaced every part from inside the TV,all under factory warranty.before this last call they have receits for over $950 now another $1100,that for a tv I paid $579 for. Just give me another TV.this just cost other people money.service peoples hands are tied this is all LG,they won’t replace the TV.

  • Phoenx February 1, 2013

    I live in SC and I’m disgusted with LG also. My 47″ TV screen went black less than two years after purchase. I’m a single mom of two boys, with no child support. So as anyone can imagine, to purchase a TV @ $1,350.00 took a very long time to save up for and once we got it set up and running…for us, it was like 5 Christmas’ in one! Too many electronic companies are getting away with building cheap products and get away with it…THIS needs to be stopped!!! A little while later, I purchased an HP laptop & the screen went black too. After hours of research and no results from the manufacturers’…WHERE’S THE JUSTICE??? We as consumers must do our part to speak up and take action to hold these companies accountable…No Better or less than thieves.
    Anybody that can advise a hard working, single mom that just wants what’s been paid for…..please advise. ACTION and loss of $$$ will be the ONLY resolve in change and accountability from these RIP-OFF companies! Pls. ANYONE…PLZ. ADVISE ASAP. TY

  • Tony February 26, 2013

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    LG Escapes Class Action Over Allegedly Defective LCD TVs

    Share us on:TwitterFacebookLinkedInBy Maria Chutchian

    Law360, New York (August 21, 2012, 8:15 PM ET) — A New Jersey federal judge on Tuesday threw out a putative class action alleging LG Electronics Inc. knowingly made and sold defective LCD and plasma televisions with substandard components that cut short the expected life of the TVs.

    U.S. District Judge Jose L. Linares held that the complaint failed to allege facts to sufficiently support any of its claims, which included breach of express and implied warranties, state consumer fraud violations, fraud and intentional misrepresentation and unjust enrichment

    • Fred July 26, 2016

      So the judge thought that these tvs crapping out in only a year or two is normal and that all the complaints online LG managed to miss reading so they were innocent? Somebody needs to sue the judge for stupidity!

  • sonilal bedasie May 10, 2013

    Hi, I bought a brand new LG 50 PA 6500 plasma tv in march of 2012 and up till the preset time, the tv is yet to be turned on. It is plugged in because a little green light is lit but the screen does not come on. Already my ” lemon” has a 1 year anniversary and to date I have seen anything on it.
    An LG rep. told me to fix it. Imagine that, I have a white elephant on my hand courtesy of LG and they want to duck their responsibility. LG, this strategy of yours sure beats mugging people on the street.

  • sonilal bedasie May 10, 2013

    LG, The money I paid for the 50 PA6500, I should have donated it to Charity instead, I might have gotten some blessings from the high heavens and would not be feeling so disappointed as I am now with your product. Very good strategy you guys at LG, just grab a handful of seconds parts that ARE defective, then stack them in a nice looking frame with glass and presto: A new TV. How about that: The ” mugging” strategy is running parallel with this other strategy. LG.. hats off to you for utilizing both these strategies.

  • BARBARA HALL June 25, 2013


  • Shaman brown July 9, 2013

    I bought my lg 42 inch from costco a little more than 2 years ago. The motherboard went out about a year ago and now it looks like the power supply is done too. What crap. Thank you costco for nothing.

  • Michelle boling August 5, 2013

    I have a 42 in lg only 3 years old it will turn off and on repeat over and over how can you join this

  • E September 11, 2013

    Lg42ls5700. Tv cuts off sound works no picture. They replaced the panel and ther components 3 times under warrant under six months old. Every time tv is fixed another new problem happens. I bought the extended warranty and will most likely sell the tv when they replace it.

  • Steve Day September 16, 2013

    I bought an LG TV Model # 42LD450-UA CU5WKHO, 11.27.2010. I am currently wating on them to come for the third time in less than 3 years to replace the Main Board. Keeps going out really wish they would just replace the TV, good think I bought the 5 year pservice plan even though it takes weeks to get it fixed. never going to buy an LG product again, knew I should have bought the Sony instead.

  • Judith October 22, 2013

    Bought a 60inch plasma tv November 2011 it currently has black screen…you can hear it but can’t watch…I will never ever buy a LG product again…..Never..LG was no help since my one year warranty ran out… done…I saved a long time to get this t v…

  • Kenny November 4, 2013

    I have a 42lh30 lcd tv. It worked for 4 yrs. Then picture started half of screen turned slighty black. Of course it happened after the warranty, which hh greg told me factury warranty runs out then extended warranty starts. Called to find out to get fixed, it wasn’t true sales guy didn’t know what he was talking about. Now I found out it has a bad panel. Payed $550 plus $150 extented warranty. Not so sure of LG TV’s, dont like throwing hard earned money away. LG cell phones not to good ether.

  • Victoria November 5, 2013

    I have an LG37LC7D, that worked for exactly 2 years to the date. By the time it konked out, my warranty also ended. The tv kept turning off. Would work for a couple of minutes, then it shut down. Bought it at Best Buy on sale for about $550. Still have down in the basement waiting for a miracle.

  • Brian Parry December 1, 2013

    I purchased an 32LN5300-UB approx 9 months ago for $350. No abnormalities until 30 Nov 13 where it now turns itself off/on intermittently.

  • valora hunter December 5, 2013

    tv stop working

  • Aaron January 6, 2014

    I wish I could join this suit. My LG55LW6500 panel stopped working right out of warranty. Not economical to fix says the repairman. The panel is bad. This TV stopped working under normal use.

    I will not buy LG again and will warn everyone I meet not to either.

  • Kathy Menard January 7, 2014

    Can I please get the judges address so I can send him my dead 50PC3D Plasma!!!
    If we piled up all are dead tvs at his front door he may reconsider the case :-(

  • cathy January 17, 2014

    I cant believe this, my lg fifty inch stopped working last night after twelve and a half months….im like two weeks over the manufacturer one yr warranty and they wont do a thing and neither will jordans furniture and pauls tv……im so so so angry

  • Richard February 10, 2014

    I bought LG 42″ in 2006, worked good till yesterday and picture just went out, sound still works. Back in 2006 TV was $1870. LG wont back up even though defective on delivery. I will reccomend to every body I know including posting on info board at company I work at (7200) people not to buy LG if not replaced. I might be without tv but 7200 people will not buy one either if I post. LG it is your move!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Gaines March 25, 2014

    Bought 2 55″ LG LCD tvs 3 yrs ago-both out(black screen with retained audio)no help from LG-/-Do not buy LG is my advice !

  • Jan Perry July 22, 2014

    We paid $3851.89 for two tvs, LG 42 PC3DV . Within weeks of the 2 year warranty expiration, they had both failed. One had no picture and the other would take 5 minutes to come on after you pressed the power button, and then it just quit. We paid big bucks for service repairs both times. I felt locked in to fixing them. I could not throw away $3900 worth of tvs that were 2 year old, just because they needed to be fixed.

    I will say this, if I ever pay that kind of money for a sewing machine or washing machine or vacuum cleaner, it better last more than 2 years and so should a tv. Especially since it has no moving parts.

    Well, the one in our main room broke again today and I do not think we will mess with fixing it unless I can get the parts off ebay and give it a shot myself. Might be a fun project if I am careful of those loaded capacitors. I am not qualified to fix it but heck, what’s new? The manufacturer does not seem to be too qualified either. If I blow it up, we were going to buy a new tv anyway but this time a Sony or Samsung.

    • Dont buy LG August 8, 2014

      We bought all new appliances and a new TV when we built a new house 7+ years ago. Bought a Kenmore 3 door Fridge (LG) had nothing but trouble with door seals 2 years in. Sears wouldn’t stand behind it. Bought a LG plasma at Sears too. After 2 years TV quit working… had to take it to a certified repair shop. Cost over $400 to replace boards, got it home and on the wall and another board went out.Got it repaired. Thought we had everything corrected and 2 years later just heard a loud pop when we turned the TV on and no picture. LG couldn’t pay me to take anything from them!

  • Gina October 29, 2014

    I purchase a Lg tv just 2 year to the date , it stop working . No help from Lg rep. Will never buy any products from Lg again. ………..

  • Carlos February 19, 2015

    My 8 months LG Cinema 55 is turning on and off itself and is not connecting to the internet via wifi, always fails. How to joint to the law suit?

  • Amy February 20, 2015

    After 2 years and 2 months our 50 inch LG TV shuts off on its own after being on for 10 seconds. How do we get involved in this law suit? Thank you.

  • Cooper Finseth May 21, 2015

    Anyone getting answers to this? I found this after paying to get my 50 inch fixed twice and looking into fixing a blank screen issue myself. TV is less than 2 years old. Would love to know more about this suit.

  • Girish June 22, 2015

    My 15 months old LG 55LA6205 UA started on and off itself. The problem is so annoying that this keeps happening and TV is siting our living room completely useless. How could I join in the lawsuit?

    • Wanda Swaine July 24, 2015

      I have the same tv and the same age and mine has been doing it for a while. If you unplug it for a bit and it usually works ok after you replug. But last night mine was doing it again and went through the same routine and it was working ok when we went to bed. This morning I cant get it to turn on at all. Ive tried just using the power button on tv, the unplugging routine and still wont come on. I bought it with my Visa which is suppose to extend the manufacturers warranty. Called LG and they gave me the number of a repair guy so will see how it goes.

      • Wanda Swaine July 27, 2015

        Just talked with the Visa and they didnt put that package on my card until after the date that I bought the TV so no help from them.

  • Kevin Williams October 18, 2015

    I have the LG5500 and since the tv cannot be updated with flash player or adobe product at all and they knew this from the moment I bought my tv for over $3500.00. They told me as long as the picture and tv worked that I couldn’t get a replacement even within the 1 yr time limit. The smart part is pointless, its only good for watching cable, everything else is a hassle. A very expensive tv without the availability of watching anything using FLASH above flash 8.

  • Mike November 1, 2015

    I have a 42PC3D had the Y-board repaired then 1 yr. later no picture again. It was our secondary TV and usually only was used on Sundays. Really? Very Frustrating.

  • Alfred December 9, 2015

    I purchased a 50 inch plasma TV 3d LG I can’t find the receipt no more but I paid about almost $700 can you help doesn’t turn on it will turn on sometimes but then it turns off again I never did anything to it so I just left it there please help

  • NeverbuyLG December 11, 2015

    LG technicians replaced the board on my defective 47LM6200 TV last week. The intermittent power cycling issues started again within less than a week. Customer service told me today that they cant/wont do anything further for me. I spoke with supervisors Adrian, MaryAnn and Teresa at their Huntsville, Alabama Exec Services call center. I would suggest BBB complaints and small claims court. They know they are wrong but are just content to wear you down by attrition and hope that you will go away. Spread the word via social media about LG. They wont be around too long given the way they treat consumers! The number to call in Alabama is 877-543-8325.

  • Kathy Anderson December 20, 2015

    Don’t waste your time and money fixing an LG TV. I have lost the last 9 months doing so. Bought an LG42LN5700 October 13 and 14 months later it quit. Good news was that I had also purchased an extended warranty from Amazon. Bad news is I have sent it in six times since March and only get a day or two until it quits again. This time the warranty company claimed that I damaged the HDMI port and they’re through with my 4 years warranty after two years. Talk about claiming the victim!

  • Giuliana A. December 25, 2015

    Its Christmas and the last thing i thought i would be dealing with would be my Lg 50PA5500 Tv Going black screen on me as i sat down to watch Goodfellas. It’s 1am and no store nor customer support, warranty nor anything i can think of can help i am sure. I have LG fridge & Stove 2yrs as well & i hope they dont give up on me like this Tv just did. Thank goodness everything else is a Samsung. No problems so far. Hope all others who have issues and post after me… spread the word about Lg and how the product & service is of no value nor satisfactory and unacceptable. Good luck everyone.

  • jamie gavin December 30, 2015

    looks like we are probably screwed by the comments Im reading. we bought a 55 smart LG in Feb. 2014 and the other day it started doing the black screen thing. I just spoke with LG customer service and ya, not much help there! $1800 down the drain I guess! :(

  • Miles Mothershead January 28, 2016

    Welp I have the same problem now as thousands and thousands of others. I want to get on this class action and want my money back. its not even tw years old and black screened. So how about it? Im sick and tired of the constant crappy products, dishonest outsourcing child slave labor multinational fascist corporations and, the usual bull associated with dealing with all these dishonest freaks. I want to get on a class action suit before I fly to china and beat someones head in

    • Jeff Penland February 10, 2016

      Yes! I agree!

  • Mary A Gau April 4, 2016

    We brought a LG 47 LA-6200-UA in April of 2014 two years later the picture went black but sound stayed on called the LG company no help there!!. Will not buy another LG Products again. We all would like compensation from that company see how they like losing money out of their pockets!

  • Utica Williams July 13, 2016

    I bought an 32 inch LG model number 32LN530B only a year after buying it began turning on and off very rapidly by it’s self. the cost to repair quoted to me by several repair shops was the same price to buy a new one. now my kids have no TV. I am not a wealthy woman and I really saved for that TV because it was suppose to be top notch. Boy did I get ripped off!!! please let me know how to get in on this lawsuit!!!

  • Jj August 5, 2016

    I bought 39 inch tv from qvc..model 39ln5300,two years to date stop showing picture only sound,,from day one it ran hot,,now lg refuse to let me speak to manager,customer serv a joke,,want it replaced,,never buy lg again..

  • Dustin Sherman September 5, 2016

    I’m pissed. This isn’t right. LG should pay for this.

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