Honda Civic class action lawsuitA federal class action lawsuit claims that 2008-2010 Honda Accords have “a systematic design defect that enables oil to enter into the engine’s combustion chamber.” The defect causes excessive oil consumption, premature spark plug degradation and engine malfunction, the lawsuit says.The Honda Accord class action lawsuit says the systematic design defect may be the result of numerous things, including a material defect, workmanship of the vehicles’ valve guide seals or piston rings, or a flaw in Honda’s VTECT variable engine-timing system.

“Hundreds of complaints concerning this defect appear online, including at least 130 complaints on referencing the 2008 Accord alone. Numerous complaints are available on other websites too, including the complaints forum of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (‘NHTSA’),” the Accord oil defect class action lawsuit says.

The Plaintiffs allege Honda has known about the Accord oil defect for a long time, but continues to actively conceal the defect from consumers and deny there is a known problem.

As a result, the Accord oil defect forces consumers to constantly monitor oil levels in their vehicles and, worse, replace the oil at a rate “far exceeding their reasonable expectations and will eventually incur bills for repairs of components damaged by the oil’s corrosive byproducts.” Furthermore, the class action lawsuit continues, the defect causes “premature fouling” and requires the replacement of spark plugs – further costs incurred by the vehicle’s owner.

The Honda Accord class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all current and former owners and lessees of a 2008, 2009, or 2010 Honda Accord vehicle who paid for a repair related to the defect or for oil replacements beyond what a reasonable consumer would expect.

The lawsuit is seeking damages, restitution and injunctive relief for violations of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the Unfair Competition Law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and for breach of express warranty.

A copy of the Honda Accord Oil Defect Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

The case is Alex Soto, et al. v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Case No. 12-cv-1377, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.

UPDATE 1: Honda has agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement in this case. Details on how to file a claim coming soon.

UPDATE 2: This class action settlement now includes other Honda vehicles, including the Honda Accord, Odyssey and Crosstour. Details on how to file a claim to receive reimbursement for repair costs can be found here.

UPDATE 3: A federal judge granted final approval to the Honda engine misfire class action settlement at a March 21, 2014, Final Fairness Hearing.

UPDATE 4: Reimbursements from the Honda Engine Misfire Class Action Settlement were mailed July 14, 2014. A second wave of checks will go out this Fall, according to the Settlement Administrator. If you get a check, let us know!

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  • Anonymous March 24, 2012

    .. wow.. first the rear brakes lawsuit…. now the oil defect lawsuit… what happened to honda quality ???i think it’s time to sell my 2008 accord … i will never buy a honda again..

    • Annu January 8, 2016

      Hey. Have oil rest done. Have mechanic at your local shop suck out one quart threw dip stick tube. I have 3 accords. Did to all 3. They all failed. Engines rebuilt plus VTC done.

      • davidcrowe August 21, 2016

        at 1000 miles how low would your oil be for the oil consumption test checked at 1000 miles

  • Anonymous March 30, 2012

    2008 exl v 6 70,000. Had rear brakes replaced twice, burns a quart of oil in between each oil change; now my spark plugs are shot and have to be replaced.Nothing covered under my extended warranty plan . First and last honda I will ever buy.

  • Anonymous April 3, 2012

    I think it’s about time. 22,000 miles in to my purchace had low oil pressure light come on. been through 2 oil consumption test wanting to do a 3rd one. what is this 3 strikes your out i didnt spend 25,000 for a lemon. Come on Honda OWN UP to it and fix this problem.either way its going to cost you, time money,but i guess its your dime.SHAME ON YOU!

  • Anonymous April 12, 2012

    I have taken my 2008 Honda to the the dealership for every service. Now for 9 months been taking my car in complaining of a “reving” noise between 1st & 2nd gear…the shuttle driver told me I needed to learn how to check my oil… now they want to tear the engine apart. Out of warranty and still a year left to pay on th car, I am begging for them to at least loan me a car while the attempt to find out why my car is burning 3 quarts of oil in 800 miles. Hmmmm…..please tell me how I can jump on board withthis class action law suit!

    • Becca June 19, 2014

      Did this resolve or did they find the problem? My car does the exact same when oil is on the low end. Dealership states that it’s uncommon for 4cyl which is what I have :/ currently burning about 1qt per 1000 miles…

      • Anonymous June 6, 2015

        My 2008 4 cyl is doing the same thing also, revving between 1st and 2nd gear, dipstick at zero, oil lamp on briefly, when revving, they already replaced serp belts….what is the fix for this problem?????

  • Anonymous May 1, 2012

    I’m taking my 2008 Accord EX coupe in today for the 5th oil consumption test. The engine has already been reprogrammed per the most recent oil consumption service bulletin. Honda, please step up to the plate and do right by your customers!

  • Anonymous June 7, 2012

    I also have an Accord Coupe, 2008, and have had the oil light appear twice. Always adding oil. Honda dealer refuses to acknowledge problem, wanting to start the dreaded “oil consumption testing”. I really don’t want to get dragged into this test, as there is never any good outcome and they don’t acknowledge anything wrong. Please add me to this lawsuit so we can force Honda to legally fix our cars! Thank you!

    • ross ok June 21, 2015

      2010 Honda accord did have same issues with oil burning. Replaced pcv valve. Boom problem solved with 12 dollar part

  • Anonymous June 12, 2012

    ME like a fool went and got a 2008 & two 2009 Accords but the reason was i had a1990 360,000 miles on it used no oil leaked no oil run good till the day i got rid of it a 1993 same thing good car over 360,000 miles .All three new cars use oil from day 1 first oil change i ask them to check and see why they say a quart every 3,000 miles is except able and breaks at least 3 sets of the ceramic on each not only that i bragged so much on them 4 of my nieces got them think how i fill now

  • Anonymous June 25, 2012

    I also have an 08 Accord V6, after 4 mos. my Accord stalled on a freeway, so I took it in twice, the 2nd they replaced the whole cpu/control modular. Then the brake pads, now w/the oil burn excessive. I contacted Honda and advised them on their TS11-033 but they said it not relate to the excess oil burn.

    I have own 3 Honda and this one will be the last one and I will make sure any of my friends, family, relative, co-workers will should not BUY another Honda especially those vehicle has the VCM controler which caused all this mess and Honda doesn’ t take responsible for it.

  • Anonymous June 25, 2012

    Same problems with 2008 Honda accord as described above. How do we enter lawsuit?

  • Anonymous July 2, 2012

    i also have a 2008 honda accord that is burning oil every 750 miles. i am taking it to the dealership toda y. see what they say…

  • Anonymous July 2, 2012

    how can i jump on this lawsuit??

    • Shelby Dean August 18, 2015

      My Honda is taking about 3 extra quarts of oil each oil change taking to Honda dealer on August 29 to have checke d out

  • Anonymous July 16, 2012

    Have a 2008 Accord experiencing same problem. I bought brand new and car now has 56,000 miles. Just took started to notice that the car is burning oil in between oil changes (all done at Honda). Mechanic told me that a quart per 1000 miles is normal??? When did this become a standard, have had cars before and never had to fill oil in between oil changes. Just started oil consumption test, hoping I do not get the run around and want my car permanently fixed. Contemplating on trading car in and never purchase a Honda ever again!!!

  • Anonymous July 17, 2012

    Wow! My 2008 Honda Accord EXL is currently in for service on the exact issues mentioned here. I learned to drive on a Honda (Prelude) and have driven Hondas since I got my license 20 years ago. I’m changing my mind about Honda if they don’t step up and do something about this.

  • Anonymous July 17, 2012

    Just came from the dealer’s service who said I need a new engine or a new car because of engine damage resulting in driving the car without oil in it. This is the 3rd time I’ve brought it to service with this problem. Honda is responsible, without a doubt.

  • Anonymous July 30, 2012

    I purchased 2008 Honda Accord EX in Ontario Canada just a month ago at 67500KM and did a oil change. after 2500KM run the Oil down has been fully dropped and now the Honda Dealer is doing the test which I need to take it every 1000Km. I have a feeling they going to say it is in the acpet level. I think I should sell it and Say bye to Hondad forever. I can’t belive Hondad is not looking after this issue.

  • Anonymous July 31, 2012

    I bought a new 2010 honda accord exl.. Within the first 1000 miles i noticed it gives a heavy puf of smove when atarting even when its warm. Took my car in to the dealership and the told me its normal for a new car to smoke. My car is still smoking at 28000 miles.It burns 1 qrt of oil every 1000 miles. i recently took it back in to the dealership for like the 10th time and the told me the did a computer updade and it will not burn oil again BUT i should change the oit at 3500 miles. i put 2500 miles on it and when i checked it its down 2 qrt again. Talk about the best acr in the world

  • Anonymous August 1, 2012

    The oil consumption problem is not just 2008-2010 Accords, it is a small percentage of all Honda K24 engines.
    This includes the Civic SI, Acura TSX and even the Element.
    I do not understand why Honda is ruining its reputation for quality by not dealing with this documented defect in a responsible manner.
    From searching the web I found many people that had the oil consumption problem fixed by replacing the “SHORT BLOCK”.
    I am trying to find out why some dealers are getting the repair authorized and others are not.
    The TSB that Honda released stating that it is normal to use a quart of oil to 1000 miles is insulting, disappointing and completely untrue!

  • Anonymous August 4, 2012

    started to hear a grinding sound/tinny sound and the oil light came on. Came onto the internet to find out that everyone with 2008 Accords are having the same problem. Now, the other day, my husband was driving 60 mph and the car surged, lost power and stalled. After trying to restart the car, with no results, he sat and waited for a tow truck. After sitting and waiting for over 1.5 hours, he restarted the car and it is now running fine. No engine light ever came on and no other errors. Honda, what is up with your Accord? This is our second Honda and probably the Last!! I want Honda to come clean, you are losing out, not us!

  • Anonymous August 23, 2012

    2008 Accord V6 EXL, purchased extended warranty and nothing is covered under the extended warranty. 3 Rear brake pad replacement before car hit 80K and now vaves are knocking very laoud. There is a service bulletin to dealer tech, but they don’t want the owners to know about it. I will never buy another Honda. My 2003 Toyota Camry V6 with 204K on it just needed regular maintenance, oil change, tires,etc.

  • Anonymous September 2, 2012

    I also have an accord 2008 v6 sedan and I smell oil overtime I drive somewhere that’s more then 10 miles. I just got it back from Honda and they said it was just a fouled spark plug. well they fixed the car ran great all for about a week. now it lacks power and everything else, this sucks. I will not get a Honda again.

  • Anonymous September 11, 2012

    It appears I’m another victim of a defective Honda Accord EXL-V6 but mine was a 2009. I started having problems at 15,000 miles. My dashboard lite up like a Christmas tree. It turns out the #2 cylinder and ECM was malfunctioning. In addition to that, everytime I accelerated a cloud of blue smoke would come out of the exhaust pipes. The dealership recommended that I have an oil consumption test every 600 miles. I am a Account Rep who spends the majority of my time visiting customers but not in this case. I spent the majority of my time at the dealership. Finally at 28,000 miles the dealership replaced the engine. I contacted Honda Corporation because I thought it was only fair for them to pay for the extended warranty. Needless to say Honda Corporation did not feel the same way. To make a long story short my 2009 did not last. It started to misfire all over again. By the way, I should have taken out stock in spark plugs because they had to be replaced frequently. To add insult to injury, there was nothing put into car fax regarding the work completed on the 2009. Shame on Honda! For those of you that continue to tolerate the issues regarding your Honda, please don’t. Get rid of it!!! Honda knew they had issues with the car and instead of doing the right thing they gave me the run around.

    • defcon5 December 5, 2014

      Yeah, carfax does not report mechanical issues…only insurance claims and body repairs.

  • Anonymous September 11, 2012

    Honda 2008 V4. Was fine up through about 40,000 miles, before the car began to consume oil. No smoke, no leak. Just consuming oil like crazy. The first time was the oil warning light fairly early in the oil’s cycle. I first blamed the service, for underfilling the car, but this has persisted.

    I bought the car, because it was a Honda. But this car only has 55,000 and several years of payment remaining. What are the options????? Is Honda admitting there is a problem?

    • LYNETTE MILARDO April 30, 2014


  • Anonymous September 13, 2012

    Same thing. I have a 08 Accord EX with 75k miles on it and it eats two quarts of oil BETWEEN oil changes. The dealer said multiple times “nope we haven’t heard anything about an oil consumption problem” and even after I printed the lawsuit filing out and shown it to them they still will not help. Calls to Honda have been fruitless as well. I like most of you have owned multiple Honda’s but will never again.

  • Anonymous September 14, 2012

    2009 Accord 4cyl, auto. burns 4-5 quarts per oil change cycle, dealer/corporate refuses to repair after documentation, they say can need to burn more oil than that to be covered under warranty!!!

  • Anonymous September 16, 2012

    I have had my car in several times because of excessive oil consumption. Also the spark plugs have misfired a couple of different times. Every time I go in for an oil change. I have lost oil. Th is all started at around 36,000 miles. There has been several incidents that I have been stranded because the car just broke down. Because of all the problems, I do not feel like this car will make it 120,000 miles.

  • Anonymous September 21, 2012


  • Anonymous September 23, 2012

    2008 Honda Accord burning oil. After 2500 miles, the dipsticks is showing low oil, by lower dot and they always put oil more than max bcz i have been complaining over the past 2 years since i bought the car. There is nothin they want to do. They say its normal. F u honda, never buying honda eveeeer again. F u hendrick honda in charlotte , greedy bastards….

  • Anonymous September 26, 2012

    2008 Honda Accord. Burning oil at a rate of 1 quart every 800 miles. Dealer is Jerry Damson, Florence, Alabama. They act like this is normal. I have had 12 new Honda cars since 1984. But, with the rear brake fiasco and then this disaster, I am going to change my buying habits.So long Bubba Stockton, Jerry Damson Honda and American Honda.

  • Anonymous October 1, 2012

    I have the 2010 Honda accord with slightly less than a quart of oil in 4000 miles, fouling out spark plugs already at little less than 35,000 miles. Something you don’t expect from a honda.

  • Anonymous October 2, 2012

    I am having the same issues. I have to keep spare oil in my trunk just in case. I don’t see how this could be within operating norms.

  • Anonymous October 3, 2012

    I too have to keep spare oil in my trunk. I put a qt. in every other week. The dealer is giving me the same bs about the oil consumption test. They want $1,000 to start tearing my engine down just to find the problem. This is my 1st and last Honda. I was really looking forward to no car payments. Thanks Honda.

  • Anonymous October 10, 2012

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord that uses oil constantly. I too have to keep spare oil in my car at all times. I will never buy another Honda. I have contacted Honda and several Honda dealers they state this is acceptable oil consumption. I drove 2 hrs to the deal for the software update “JOKE” didn’t do a thing. I think everyone needs to know HONDA is not backing their product by fixing the very excessive oil consumption problems. Would not recommend HONDA to anyone.

  • Anonymous October 11, 2012

    I bought my 2008 Honda Accord EX-L (4cyl) and first of the bat there were two issues: my front bearing was defective and the breaks issue that eventually got resolved. Then after about 70,000 miles I noticed my Oil Light coming on and off, at first I wanted to blame the Service guys for not putting enough oil in but now I understand that the issue is with excessive oil consumption. I now have 109,000 on it and recently had to add two quarts of oil, which is unheard of in 2008 cars. Now I have the same bearing issue and and the car stutters a bit when I try to accelerate and sometimes it sounds like it may just stall after coming to a stop. I thought the issue with the oil consumption was one of kind but reading through this forum and others it seems like this is a wide spread issue in 2008 models. I’m glad someone is doing something about because this is ridiculous. I’m not sure if I want to fix it or sell it, will find out after I bring it to Honda for Service. This is my third Honda and I’m very disappointed and now not sure if I want to buy another one. Hope this gets resolved quickly before I have to put my own money into this.

  • Anonymous October 16, 2012

    I purchased my 2008 Honda Accord with 30000 miles now i have 97000miles Still under warranty.I travel alot so i need i reliable car.Car burns 5 to 6 quarts between oil changes.Took it more then 5 times to Honda of Danbury and no repairs were done they told me Honda says 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles is normal.I say SHAME ON YOU HONDA ADMIT TO YOUR FAULTS AND REPAIR OUR CARS

  • Anonymous October 17, 2012

    I’m not impressed so far… Bought my 2008 Accord EX Coupe I-4 w/ 61K at the beginning of July… I always thought Honda was the way to go for reliability… Wish I didn’t get rid of my 04 Cavalier… After 3K of miles… oil light comes on… The dealership updated my computer on the oil consumption and told me it was fixed… Another 3K just rolled around, and here comes the oil light !! Now the dealership says cause I’m out of warranty, I’ll have to pay to bring it in.. was recommended to do my own oil consumption test. WTF? Now I’m on the hook for 5 yrs of payments on this car. What now?

  • Anonymous October 22, 2012

    2008 Accord two oil consumption test no results 45000 miles it may have been normal for my civic with 160000 miles. Something needs to be done or im done Honda out name bashing forever….. back to the blue bowtie

  • Anonymous October 22, 2012

    How do I get on this lawsuit? Ive has to refil my 2008 Honda Accords Oil every thousand miles! I brought into the dealer numerous times and they’ve never once said there was a problem they keep on saying it’s my fault somehow. What a bunch of crooks!

  • Anonymous October 23, 2012

    . I have a 2008 Honda Accord that is experiencing this defect. I have gone through the dealer with several oil consumption tests but have been told I do not meet the tolerances established by Honda of 1.0 quart per 1000 miles (I am at .75 quart/1000). I have also spoke with Honda representatives through their Twitter site and I am not satisfied with their replies

  • Anonymous October 27, 2012

    Purchased a used 2008 Accord EX-L v6, with 24000 miles on it, Having the same problems as everyone has already mentioned. Car shudders between 1st and 2nd gear and now I’m having a engine issues caused by fouled spark plugs. Added a quart of oil 6 months after I purchased it. Thought that was odd since I’d driven less than 6k mi since I’ purchased it, . And the front brakes are worn after only 8k mi on them.

  • Anonymous October 31, 2012

    I’ve had this issue on my 2009 Honda Accord V6 EX-L (currently 72K miles) with multiple repairs. It’s going in for a short block and rings again in a couple days. You can find more similar complaints, including my own, described in detail here – I am furious with how Honda has been handling this and I am selling my car right after repairs are complete. What can I do to support this complaint in court?

  • Anonymous November 2, 2012

    Have had the same issue, but burning more than a quart per thousand miles. Ridiculous. Will we be informed of our participation in this lawsuit? Anyone know when the trial date has been set?

  • Anonymous November 9, 2012

    Honda service tech claims check engine code was unreadable when they took it back for service even though the service manager saw the check engine light on. Was told that Honda says 1 qt of oil every 1000 mi is considered normal even though I’ve been a repeat Honda owner since the “70’s and never experienced such usage. I doubt Honda would sell many cars if they added that to the window sales sticker of a car boasting gas milage of 32mpg. Car still has has misfire in the engine even though the service tech said they didn’t feel it when they drove it

  • Anonymous November 10, 2012

    I have the exact same problem. this will be the 3rd time taking my 2008 v6 into the shop for plugs 1,2 and 3 fouling. burns oil like crazy!

  • Anonymous November 12, 2012

    My first brand new car. 2008 accord coupe. “Consumes” probably just over 1qt per 2K miles which sadly doens’t fail Honda’s “test”. It’s very variable though depending on driving. I should be checking the dipstick each week.. Multiple times now, not even a drop on the stick. Sigh. I need to trade this car away..

  • Anonymous November 18, 2012

    The guys that change my car’s oil know me as, “The only guy with a Honda that burns oil”. My ’08 accord burns about 1 quart per 1000 miles. The problem is growing worse. The carbon build-up in my engine is significant. Before tonight, I thought my car’s issue was unique.

    I am hopeful that this class-action suit is successful. I had no hope up until now as Honda denies an issue other than a useless software update.

    PS I am on my third set of brakes

  • Anonymous November 22, 2012

    I had experienced at 43900 miles. No.3 cylinder failed and a part of center electrode and insulator nose were gone. Caked oil on all over the firing end of plug. Honda replaced No.3 plug and updated software. It is currently under oil consumption test. Past 1000 miles and oil was at full level. It is going on 2000 miles test staring 11/21/2012. I requested to perform the compression test. Resulted 165 to 170 psi within service limit of 134.8 psi.
    I wonder all the oil that was burned within No.3 cylinder can be shorten the engine life. My warranty runs out at 60,000 miles.

  • Anonymous November 22, 2012

    My 09 accord all start to show the signs:oil pressure lights up. Noise when revving up 1st and 2nd gear. Dealer asks me to bring in every 1k mile for oil consumption test.but we all know the problem is there.What should i do? Also if i had to change the whole engine(short block?) Will that be covered under the 36k mile warranty?or the longest,power train related warranty??thank you for any info

  • Anonymous November 27, 2012

    I had the oil light come on two separate times, and thought that it was odd, considering all of my other Honda cars have never had such a problem. Is it worth it to have the oil consumption test? Does the consumer have to pay for the test if the car is out of the 36,000 warranty? Is it worth it if Honda isn’t owning up to the problem?

  • Anonymous November 30, 2012

    How do you get involved in this lawsuit. I had the brake issues on my Honda Accord and now this, they are estimating $2300 in repairs. I bought the extended warranty and had 100 miles over the covered warranty amount. I am so frustrated, I bought a Honda because I thought I wouldn’t have the issues with repairs. Not going to buy another Honda after this.

  • Anonymous December 2, 2012

    2008 Accord, just bought it 1 month ago and already replaced leaking drive shaft seal under warranty and also VTC actuator which is responsible for that grinding noise which I’m sure we all have. Car still makes grinding noise even after replacement, just so tired from all these annoying problems. Honda has the worst customer service I ever dealt with. My biggest issue is flickering lights when you turn on the heat or AC. We should start class action suit for this problem including excessive oil consumption but I think electrical problem is the most important concern. One day I almost crashed because another vehicle at the all way stop thought I’m letting him through by flickering my lights. It’s a huge safety issue and I believe it should be fixed first.

    Toronto, Canada

  • Anonymous December 3, 2012

    I bought my 2008 honda accord in Sept/2008. I own 1998 honda accord and a 2001 honda crv. At about 60,000 miles I started noticing that the the oil
    was running low. I have changed the oil in this vehicle every 3000 miles. I could not believ that the oil was running low in a vehicle that was about two years old. I changed the location of where I getting my oil changed. Since then everytime I get an oil change the tec tells me I am very low on oil. The oil light starts to register at about every 2000 miles. I am very disappointed with honda I still owe about 4000 dollars on the vehicle.How do I join in the class action law suit.

  • Anonymous December 4, 2012

    2008 Accord sedan, 1 litre of oil every second take of fuel. Dealer says its within spec. I would like to join class action law suit.

  • Anonymous December 5, 2012

    2008 Honda accord exl owner. Very disappointed. Consumes at least a quart in between oil changes, if not more. Lights always popping on. Very annoying.

  • Anonymous December 7, 2012

    Job Aid dated April 20,2012 states if oil consumption is 1 qt every 1000k to 3000k and the vehicle is opporated normally they are instructed to contact Tec line for an assessment. I interpret this as Honda recognizing a problem that they will not fix in my 2010 Honda V6 Accord. Previous job aid dated October 2010, I which I saw stated 1 qt in 2000k -instruction “contact Tec line”. 1 qt in 3000k-contact tec line again indicating Honda recognizes a problem but has refused to correct in my car. Service manager at the dealer said “I need a new block”, but he needs authorization to perform work. This authorization was denied by the Regional Service Manager. This is our 4th Honda..very disappointed in the company. The other 3 Hondas never consumed excessive oil. The rate that Honda says is acceptable 1 qt in 1000k would mean I would use the entire volume of my crankcase between oil changes. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  • Laura Rogers December 29, 2012

    I also have an 08 accord and have had the same problems. So glad to see that someone hads finally stepped up to the plate and filed this class action law suit. Honda has been trying to cover this up for too long and I am tired of playing their games. This car is a piece of junk.

  • TRACY December 30, 2012

    I would also like to get in on this lawsuit. I have a 2009 Honda Accord that is also using oil at the rate of 1 qt every 1000 miles. This will be the last Honda I ever purchase. Also, had to replace the brakes in 2010. Glad to know that I am not the only one having these issues.

  • sandy December 31, 2012

    I have the same problem with the oil as everyone else am afraid to drive too far but have medical problems which requires me to travel anywhere from 2 to 4 hours from my home to hospitals and doctor appts ,I also have a young child who is with me some of the times I’m traveling which makes it scarier. I think Honda needs to step up to the plate and fix the problem.
    this is my first honda and depending on the response from honda maybe my last.

  • Ira January 3, 2013

    I recently purchased a 2008 Honda Accord and thought I saw an oil light just over 1000 miles from the last oil change..then never saw it again. So I checked to make sure the oil was okay, could not get to register anything. I took it to the dealer and they begun the oil consumption test. I then begin researching and found all of this. Honda said my car uses 1quart every 750miles, and I waiting to hear back to see how much assistance I will be given for the nearly 3,000 dollar estimate. Upon their findings and letting me know will dictate my next action. I am extremely pissed and upset with this matter

  • V-tec January 3, 2013

    I have a 2009 honda coupe 4cyl v-tec burning 1qt of oil every 1,000 let me down big time i spoke so good about them for years but it all ends now.i want to b part of that law piece of crap i loved my coupe black paint black rims and tinted windows my second love. Oil goes into the engine and at times it wont start. I have warranty but the dealer doesnt want to fix it. Am gonna sue them s.o.b’s to.

  • S. Jones January 5, 2013

    After a oil consumption test, leak down test, and computer update, my wife’s 08 Accord is still burning oil. We’ve taken it to the dealership, and also gotten a second opinion from a Honda Specialist Mechanic shop. The dealership gave us the run around telling us this was normal. The Specialist could not get authorization from the warranty folks to break down the engine. Car seems to be consuming more and more oil. I feel bad because I talked my wife into getting this car. I trusted Hondas brand. How can I join the class action suite?

  • Ron B January 5, 2013

    My wife and I just went to the local Honda dealer and had the spark plugs replaced for our 2008 Honda Accord V6 because of this issue. The Honda service rep said that we may have to get our rengine replaced if this occurs again. The car has been losing oil routinely according to techs who have changed the oil. Now we know why. In 1,500 miles of driving, the level was 1/2.

  • Rudy Malert January 5, 2013

    We too would like to join the class action suit. We live in Illinois & purchased our 2010 accord exl v-6 brand new in Dec. 2009. We also have fouled plugs #1,2 & 3. We also had the”computer software update”. Big deal, we’re still using oil. And, like everyone else, being told this is ” normal use”. This was our 1st brand new car & we were so excited & confident to put our trust in Honda. My sister has sworn by honda & has one with over 200.000 miles & it doesn’t use oil. This has made us sick to our stomachs, not to mention the aggravation, our time wasted for oil consumption (that got us no where), and all of the same broken record run around everyone else has mentioned.
    We definitely would like to be included in this, please inform us on what action is needed to participate. Thank you Alex Soto & Vince Eagen, we are very grateful.

  • Louise January 6, 2013

    I have been experiencing excessive oil consumption with my 2009 Honda Accord for the last 18 months. I have had my oil light come on and engine rattle within 4000 miles of last oil change. It now appears that I must add oil every 1000 miles so I don’t run dangerously low. I drive roughly 1500 highway miles per month. Have repetitively been told by my dealership that it is normal to have no measurable oil left if I don’t get my oil changed at least every 3000 miles, which is insulting to my intelligence. Honda’s integrity, once highly regarded, is now suspect. I am very concerned about the damage this has caused to my engine while I try to manage the problem without their help. When is Honda going to acknowledge they have a problem? This is my first Honda and most likely my last.

  • Lisa Vogel January 10, 2013

    #1,2, and 3 sparkplugs fouled at 40,000 miles and Bryan Honda of Fayetteville charged me almost $300 to change them out. I looked at invoice and they charged for 6 plugs plus oil change. I was reimbursed but only because I caught the mistake. I should have never been charged for anything but the oil change. Honda has a serious design flaw in the 2008 6 cylinder Honda Accord engine and will not own up to it. Now a fourth sparkplug has fouled and am replacing almost 3 qts oil between oil changes. I’m done with Honda. A terrible car company!

  • chad January 10, 2013

    anyone figure out how to get included on the lawsuit?

  • Shane Absher January 11, 2013

    Ihave a 2008 honda accord and thought I was buying the best car on the road….. What I have is the a 3 quart oil burner every 3000 miles that my local dealership says is normal BS. i think its time to tradefor a TOYOTA

  • Clarissa January 14, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda accord and thought I was buying a reliable car that I could depend on to not break me, like the last two that I have had….. I took my car in at 85Kish with a rattle noise when I excelled but was also due for an oil change. Mentioned the noise to the service guy and he said they would take a look. Got a call later that said the car didn’t make such noise. I drove with the Manager of the service Dpt. and low and behold it was gone. Basically was told I was crazy! Then it did it again. thought it was strange that it only happened when my car would read 40% life on oil. What I have is the a 1/2 quart oil burner every 1000 miles that my local dealership says is normal BS. If I was driving a 1969 Camaro okay I might go for that. This time I suggested that they NOT do the oil change before investigating the car for the noise. When I looked on the computer before they even called me back I found so many similar complaints with the end result being the engine needed replaced I was floored. I called the dealer and brought ALL the evidence that I found into them and they suggested I bring the car in every 1000 miles to do a oil consumption test. They admitted they knew about the noise now and had know about the oil issues. I have raised a good stink about this and I am waiting to hear from them today on what the out come of a meeting is that the GM had with one of the BIG guys that came into town this past Friday. I’m sure they will say they are not doing anything for me. This car is the worst car I have ever owned and would NEVER buy Honda again, just because of this one. And for HONDA to stand by and KNOW that they made a really BAD vehicle and not help those out that have the issues is crap. I also had the break, seat-belt and the dimming headlights every 21 seconds. THIS CAR IS CRAP. My parents also own a Honda that they are getting rid of even though they have NO problems, but they will not represent a company that has POOR ethics. So long Honda. You did have a costumer for life until know.

  • Ian Patterson January 14, 2013

    Add another to the list. I have a 2010 4 cyl, 5 speed with 60,000 miles. Bought it used with roughly 45000 miles. Noticed after my first oil change that I seemed low very quickly but thought maybe a one time mistake or something. Kept an eye on it since and i am going through roughly a quart every 1500 miles. Doing oil consumption test now. Tech at the dealer told me that 1qt per 1000 is acceptable. When I asked him that if i told him I put in 5qts between oil changes, would he tell me the same thing, he said yes, I know it seems high but its with in the range. I did get a paere that said 1qt every 1-3k miles could warranty further diagnostics and to call tech line. Whatever that means. I guess we wait and see. Would like to be on this law suit just in case.

  • Matt Palmer January 14, 2013

    I bought my 2008 V4 Honda Accord brand new. It started burning oil around 60-80,000 miles – just like everyone else here the dealer kept telling me it was “normal” until it burned 1qt/1000 miles. Finally at 120,000 miles it was burning over a quart of oil every 1000 miles and the extended warranty covered the replacement of the piston rings (plus other parts) after I agreed to 900 dollars to take the engine apart and see what was wrong. The rings were seized tight from carbon build up. So I was lucky I had an extended warranty but I am out the cost of the warranty as it would have been refunded if I hadn’t used it. Since the piston rings where replaced it hasn’t been burning any oil … yet. Honda refused to offer any explanation or accept any fault. I am going to drive it until it starts burning oil again and I won’t be buying another Honda.

  • dairyland January 17, 2013

    My 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L AWD is experiencing similar issues. Purchased at 40,000 miles certified used, and six months later, within the 12-month factory warranty period the first “misfire” incident occurred. Honda replaced a bank of spark plugs (#1-3) as a “goodwill gesture” because there was a tech service bulletin out on that. Since then I have noticed slowly decreasing gas mileage. Another “misfire” incident occurred the other day and I took it in. They want to find out the source of the problem. Surprise, it could cost me over $1000 just to get a diagnosis if the Honda Care warranty denies the claim (which they will because surely they’ll say “carbon buildup”). Can barely believe that this would happen to a vehicle produced by a company known for reliability. It’s what I was after given the high number of miles I drive and the long term I tend to keep vehicles.

  • Terry January 17, 2013

    The owners manuel recommends oil changes every 10,000 miles… can the dealers just decide to say it should be changed every 3,000 miles….Honda is so stupid….now they have to pay the law firm….this 2008 accord is my 3rd and last Honda….the brake problem was enough!

  • Shawn Halle January 17, 2013

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord V6 and have noticed the last couple of oil changes that the oil level is 1.5 to 2 quarts low. I have not had any issues arise on the vehicle as of yet, but am concerned the vehicle is buring excessive amounts of oil. What i’ve read on web sites is that the owner should check the oil every 1,000 miles and that adding 1 quart of oil in this time period is normal. I have never had a vehicle that needed a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.

  • Will L January 18, 2013

    Bought my 08 accord new. I’ve been very dissatisfied with my purchase. First the brakes, then vtc actuator rattle, then Power stearing pump wine and the oil consumption. Was told by the dealer not to follow the percent oil life meter on the dash and to check my oil level evertime I fill up on gas.

  • Chad January 25, 2013

    So no offense but I’ve noticed that this whole thing hasn’t moved forward since everyone started complaining. I have a 2009 accord that burns a quart of oil every thousand miles and it is really getting old, so does anyone have an idea how to get this thing rolling so we can get some results

  • Jess January 28, 2013

    Only 30,000 miles on my 2008 v6 and this is my 2nd time taking into the shop for plugs 1,2 and 3 fouling. Along with adding oil on a regular basis.

  • Chris January 29, 2013

    2010 V6 – Burns 1 quart every 500 miles. Started at 16,000 miles. Honda says this is normal and to just add 1 quart of oil at each fillup. Honda insists on oil consumption tests for 10,000 miles. They refilled the oil with over 30 quarts over this period. When the run the test, they overfill + 3 extra quarts to make it appear to burn less oil. Took to four different dealerships and all refuse to admit there is a problem or fix it.

  • BH January 29, 2013

    How do I join the class action lawsuit?

  • Duncan January 29, 2013

    If you go to this website and fill out the info survey, this is what the lawyers are using as formal complaints. I have been talking with one of the lawyers in this lawsuit and he said they are still gathering info. Please, please fill this out. The more the law firm has against Honda, the better.

  • J Simmons January 30, 2013

    “#64 Lisa Vogel 2013-01-09 20:07
    #1,2, and 3 sparkplugs fouled at 40,000 miles and Bryan Honda of Fayetteville charged me almost $300 to change them out. I looked at invoice and they charged for 6 plugs plus oil change. I was reimbursed but only because I caught the mistake. I should have never been charged for anything but the oil change. Honda has a serious design flaw in the 2008 6 cylinder Honda Accord engine and will not own up to it. Now a fourth sparkplug has fouled and am replacing almost 3 qts oil between oil changes. I’m done with Honda. A terrible car company!”
    I had the same thing happen to me with Bryan Honda here in Fayetteville, NC…I argued with them over the phone and told them I will be over there for my money. My boss did not think I would get my money back. I went there and told them I did not give them permission to check anything let alone change anything. I told them I want my money and I want it in my account by the next business day and it was…I’m also having a problem with oil consumption…went to Florida in July 2012 and decided to get an oil change and the mechanic said I did not have any oil in my car! My husband did not believe him…now we are going through it again but the oil light never alerts us…SOMETIMES it’s the engine light and sometimes NO LIGHT! We have 9 Hondas in our family but some of us are looking into a different purchasing a different model and make! Like you said “I was reimbursed but only because I caught the mistake”… same here except it was not a mistake but a moment of deception!

  • BH February 1, 2013

    2009 Honda Accord V6 with 36k miles burns through oil. You really can’t check the level on the dipstick enough. I keep a case of Mobil 1 in the trunk now. Basically every time you drive it you should check the oil level apparently. Yesterday the spark plugs became fouled and misfired for the first time. I barely made it home from work and feared I would break down and incur massive towing fees. Luckily I made it home and the next morning limped the poorly running machine to a nearby mechanic who replaced the fouled plugs for $300.00. The Honda Accord is running better now, but for how long until plugs are fouled again? Delivered vehicle to Honda dealer this morning and the service tech forced me to sign a form that included a $140 charge to examine the vehicle. He lied and said they rarely see this situation on an ’09 Accord. I mentioned the prevalence of the problem which is chronicled on the internet. He feigned ignorance. By the end of today I surmise I will be minus $440.00 dollars and left with a 2009 Honda Accord V6 that could leave me stranded at any time. I highly doubt the dealer will render any solution to this problem. Obviously the flaws inherent in this motor are caused by the owner/driver.

    Where can Honda Accord owners join in on the class action lawsuit? Unfortunately this information isn’t nearly as prevalent on the internet!!!

  • joseph February 2, 2013

    2009 V6 accord……how do I get involved with the lawsuit?!? EVERYONE CALL CLARK HOWARD, SPREAD THE WORD….SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

  • Igor February 3, 2013

    Call honda get paper trail of everything they have done hire a lawyer a sue the $#$t out of honda.

  • Igor February 3, 2013

    Fallow the Lawsuit on face book we need to stand up to them together sign up NOW FaceBook Name is top class actions

  • Igor February 3, 2013

    (202)232-7550 BERK Law PLLC Lawsuit filed March 22,2012

  • Kdett February 10, 2013

    I have a 2010 Accord EX manual. I purchased is used with 54,000 miles. I realized it had this problem around 62,000 miles. Was told by Honda to take it in for an oil consumption survey. Took it in every 2 weeks for about 3 months and it was using 2 quarts every 900 miles. They said I needed to have the pistons and valve seals replaced and it would cost $2300. Out of a “Goodwill” gesture, honda would pay for it if I paid a $500 “deductible”. I took the car to the dealership, it stayed there for a week. I paid my $500 and never even made it home from the dealership. Oil light came on and it started making a noise so I pulled over and had it towed back to the dealership. Supposedly the v-tec o-ring was damaged while replacing the pistons. There was oil all over the engine compartment, undercarriage, passenger side, and road. I just got it back yesterday and told everything is fine now and got a written warranty for the engine for 36,000miles from current mileage. Hopefully it’s fixed, I love the car other than spending a fortune on oil. I did notice that the car seemed to use a lot more oil when driving at highway speeds for long distances.

  • Tom Li February 11, 2013

    I am glad I found this site. I thought my 2008 accord oil burning is an isolated problem. Having read the complain in this site, I feel much better. My accord has 72000 miles and has changed 3 spark plugs (the first one at 55000 miles and the other two at 65000 miles.
    The dealer did not admit it is a defect.

  • Sofia February 12, 2013

    Our 2008 Odyssey consumes so much oil and dealer says it’s normal. Very unhappy…

  • JIMMY February 15, 2013


  • Brent February 17, 2013

    Have an 08 Honda Accord 4 cyl. Has 105k miles and just started having this oil consumption issue. Me and my wife have owned 5 different Honda’s because of their reliability, number 6 probally want happen!!

  • Art February 17, 2013

    2008 accord with 41,000 miles. Almost 3 qts low after last oil change 3,000 miles ago. Has been going on since about 33,000. Dealer also said 1 qt every 1,000 was normal. Suggested watch oil consumption and change oil every 4,000 miles. Don’t wait for car to tell you when oil needs changed like they suggest.

  • Art February 18, 2013

    Me again. Today I took the car in for checkup. They will do the consumption test, but they swear ALL 4 cylinders-Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Ford, Volvo etc use 1 qt of oil every 1,000 miles. It is normal. When I asked if they would buy a car that would use 1 qt every 1,000 the service manager said sure, I have one, no problem. Then I was told that the oil light will come on when it is about 3-3 1/2 qts low, and there shouldn’t be any damage to the engine. remember, the engine only holds about 4 1/2 qts. I’m going to make signs to put on my car window telling the world about Honda. This alert all Honda owners of the problem.

  • Never another Honda February 24, 2013

    Ran out of oil twice before it was time to do an oil change. Now I’m on the 1000 mile oil consumption test. Sit for an hour or more at the dealership, while they are smart enough to check the dipstick. I am 2 quarts down at 2000 miles and they say that is normal. Had the brakes thing too. I WILL never buy another Honda and tell people why.

  • chin chau February 27, 2013

    I am too, have this problem just like most honda accord owner with oil consumption. I drove my car in town, there is no problem, but when I drove on freeway, I lost oil about a quart every 1000 miles, I need to check my oil all the times,
    The first time, after I bought this 08 Accord, I drove to Las Vegas, NV. I did no that this car eat oil. When I came back to CA. the oil light came on and I took it to the oil change and have oil check, there was no oil in the block
    so I have put new oil 4.5 qrts., then drove for about 2000 miles, and check oil, there is only 2 qrts of oil in the engine block. Now if I drove on freeway more often, I have
    to do an oil change every 1000 miles, not 3000 miles as suggested by manufacturer. What should I do now? Can all of us whose own problem Honda sue the Honda?

  • christine February 28, 2013

    I have an 08 honda accord.. we have been tracking the oil consumption issue for about 15000miles- now I am being told that my extended warrenty was only until 100000miles. — and Honda came back with an option of fixing – if I give them another 1000.00 — they would cover the rest.. the way i see it — i already paid for the extended warrenty — once — shoudl not have to pay again.. I bought a honda for a reason .. and this was not the reason…there are 6 hondas within our ext. family– various years.. now of them have this issue.. – very unhappy..

  • Greg March 2, 2013

    just checked my oil and yep, two quarts low. #3 plug keeps fouling and Honda says it’s a “maintanence” part even though there supposed to be for 100,000 miles.
    nice car but engine has too many problems. Last Honda I will own. spent $30,000 in 08 for a loaded Accord.

  • Chris March 6, 2013

    I didn’t even get contacted about the Brake lawsuit, which sucks becuase I replaced my brakes after 28000 miles. I’ve had oil consumption test done, of course I burn just under the “1 qt every 1000 mile” ridiculous rule. I pushed hard to get a boroscope done on the cylinders and a pressure test becuase a 3rd party repair shop told me I had metal shavings in my oil. Of course those Honda tests came back “clear” according to the dealership. We have been a Honda family for 15 years, purchases several new Honda’s, and the 08 I purchased new has been a total dissapointment. I fill 2 qts every 2000 miles. Honda has lost our business.

    • ANDREA August 2, 2015

      I have a 2007 civic si and was told that i have metal shavings in my oil and that they are now in my transmission and engine and both those need to be replaced. I have religiously changed my oil every 3000 miles and have done all scheduled maintenance. I know this isnt my fault and i cant afford a new car or even to replace engine on this car. Called American Honda and opened case yet they will not do anything for me. This isnt right.

  • Kevin Kelly March 6, 2013

    I have a 2009 accord lx and I’m burning 1qt every 1k miles. The dealer said i need to either trade it in or buy a whole new engine. They claim this “common” – i took it to a third party shop and they said the only thing to fix the problem would be to get a engine in there, but to monitor the oil. The guy said that almost 1 out of every 3 accords that he see has this problem. It’s unreal to think that this issue can go unpunished – I didn’t buy a honda to turn around 3 and a half years late and have to get a whole new engine in it

  • Jeffrey March 8, 2013

    Bought Accord new in ’08 cuz I thought it was a reliable car from a reliable company. It’s been in the dealership shop more than I imagined. Now the oil life indicator doesn’t say “15%-10%-5%” any more when it’s low on oil, and the gauge is still at 80% oil life when it’s obviously much lower. Was told to check every 3000 miles, but engine starts to growl after 2500, then 2200, and I know it’s time to take it back for a refill. Two times ago, the red oil lamp indicator came on and when I took it in, there was practically no oil in the engine at all. Isn’t the computer supposed to tell me that? Now the dealership says I’ll have to have an ENGINE RE-BUILD! I’m thinking of joining this lawsuit, and buying my next car from some other company. Extremely disappointed.

  • Mark March 10, 2013

    Well, so much for Honda’s track record with me and my families. Combined, we have owned 45 Honda’s. I too bought my 2008 Coupe thinking it would have the same tract record as all the others. To look at my 08, you would think it was brand new. I so respect my cars. One night my engine light comes on. The next morning I call my dealer and she says.. Oh… just bring it in. Fortunately my son look on the internet and thought to check my oil- it was gone. Thank goodness I did not drive it to the dealership. This was 38k. Well they have took their time doing oil consumption tests, they admitted its using oil, but its a reasonable amount- what B.S…. I pushed and pushed and they have now had it for 2 weeks. I am suppose to get it this week and they say they did some type of service on it that is suppose to be the curl all. Stay tuned.. The car now was 50k. So i figure they will blow me off at some point.

  • Angela March 11, 2013

    I have a 2009 V-6 Ex-L Honda Accord. Had the same problems, treated as if I was stupid and the car was fine. Another dealership replaced the short block. STILL having same problems!!! Back to the oil consumption test AGAIN! I was going to give Honda another try, test drove the 2013 but when I read reviews I most likely will not buy another Honda. New 2013 are having engine shuddering problems, cannot help but wonder if these cars will have an oil consumption problem as well? I am part of the class action law suit, my guess is we will all get a quart of oil when all is said and done.

  • Concerned March 11, 2013

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6, and my car burns oil too. It was extremely low (below the bar) right before I got my oil changed (changed at 30%). I noticed that it never stays full. I thought it was an isolated issue, but now I see it’s common. Glad I found this! I’m not sure I will keep this car. Very disappointed in Honda. Then on top of that, there’s a very common problem with the top coat on the paint being defective. I didn’t notice this until I got it waxed…I saw little “crowfeet” in the paint after I got it waxed. Then I read Honda uses cheap paint and it was common. More than likely, the paint will fade later due to the top coat being defective. Honda should be ashamed. I will never buy another Honda.

  • MikeNJ March 12, 2013

    Car in multiple times now for Spark Plug #3 fouling, misfire.

    Last Honda I will ever buy . The brake settlement was atrocious but yes mine went at 28K

    Dealer tech says

  • Paul March 15, 2013

    I have been complaining to Honda about this for the last 30k miles and just found this website. They’ve denied knowing about a problem and everytime I take the car in to have an oil consumption test it takes suspiciously long but miraculously my car functions better for 3-5k miles before it starts to drink oil again.
    I don’t know much about what the impact would be but I’m suspicious they’re changing out my oil filter and/or spark plugs to try to improve oil consumption short term…thoughts?
    Last conversation with Honda I was told that they’re OK with oil consumption of 1 quart every 750 miles.

  • Russell March 15, 2013

    2009 Honda with oil consumption problem – my sons car for college – can’t trust either car or Honda. Did 2 oil consumption test, on first they overfilled engine by 1/2 quart of oil, refilled and changed filter and on second at one quart low added a quart after 200 miles. Car engine went through engine pressure test and was told very poor pressure in #4 cylinder and burning some oil. Kept car 3 1/2 weeks not given loaner car. They looked at engine and took pictures noting to us it was a very clean engine for a vahicle with 57000 miles. Got new person involved and we were told to get maintenance records after we first told Honda would probably change engine as opposed to repairing. We bought car from private party with no issue on car fax at 49000 miles now has 57000 miles. Selling party had used a local oil change business and kept complete records but got rid of them after sale and we are trying to get records with little success.Oil light came on for first of 2.5 quart low experiences, did not come on for the second, we were checking oil to send son back to school when we noticed the lack of oil on dip stick. We were checking regularly so as to keep oil in engine after other experiences. Then the ordeal with Honda began. Own 3 Honda’s now, but will never own another. They seem to think we will go away and all will be ok. We have read much about issue after our experience and it seems Honda is perfectly willing to lose customers as opposed to fixing problem. I need informatin to join class action suit as well due to lack of true effort on Honda’s part as honoring the power train warranty on vehicle. I have vehicle parked at my home still with 57000 miles on a 60000 mile power train warranty. Still waiting to get maintenance records to let Honda try to use fine print to beat warranty, some things are just too obvious. Never heard of acceptable to use 1 quart for every 1000 miles – math says 3 quarts in one 3000 mile oil change period – how absurd.

  • Dave March 17, 2013

    None of you received a letter from Honda stating that there is an oil burning issue with these cars, we fought 4 years with Honda on our accord burning oil they are as of this week putting a New motor in our 2008

  • Elizabeth March 18, 2013

    My 2009 Accord now burns a full quart every other fillup. I have to buy oil in the large containers, carry with me, and refill every other time I fill the car.

    The dealer would like to help, but the corporate headquarters disallow.

    HOW do I join this class action suit?

  • Gus Sirakis March 18, 2013

    Just complanied to American Honda Corporation. They said that every one who has an issue and complain on a blog should call American Honda Corporation to complain so they can document each case. If there are enough complaints tey might very well doa recall free of charge for the engine work to fix the problem. My 2008 Honda Accord burnes 1 quart of oil every 3500 miles. lets all call Honda Corp. @ 1-800-999-1009. There is strength with numbers!

  • Dave March 18, 2013

    There is a recall, in Canada, we got the letter and our 2008 is now getting a new motor not fixed but brand new motor we are very happy pick it up next week. Maybe in the USA they have not recalled the issue they should

  • Mona March 22, 2013


  • Alex S. March 22, 2013

    I bought a 2008 Accord coupe after I graduated from college as my first nice car since I was so sure they were the most reliable cars on the market. Boy was I wrong. I have had more problems with my Accord than any other car I’ve owned. Specifically this oil consumption issue. I did the oil consumption test from the dealership, twice, and they determined that it burns 1 quart EVERY 650 MILES! They said this is way out of spec but the dealership wanted to charge me over $1000 just to get an “official diagnosis” before they could fix it. And that did not even guarantee that Honda would pay for the repairs and parts. I said heck no I’m not paying $1000 just to see if Honda will cover this KNOWN ISSUE! If they don’t fess up and fix our cars or give us restitution I will spread the word that Honda is doing NOTHING to take care of their loyal customers. The dealerships are running me in loops! This is an outrage and I will spread the word to social media if I have to.

  • Bryan March 27, 2013

    My 2010 Accord EXL V6 has also been burning oil since it was new. I thought it was odd but didn’t dig further. Recently it has been running and idling roughly and was misfiring during acceleration. I checked its fluids before bringing it in to the local dealership to find the problem with the misfiring and I noticed it was about 1.5-2 quarts low on oil. I refilled it and it didn’t misfire anymore. I told the service person at the dealership about it and he confirmed that the VTEC causes misfires if the oil is low. He had me pay for an oil change and told me to come back after 1,000 miles for an oil consumption test where I will need to pay for yet another oil change even though it should be covered under warranty (he said I will be reimbursed if the engine is found to burning oil after 1,000 miles and repairs will be made). We shall see… I checked the oil level after they did the oil change and it was well above the maximum mark on the dipstick.

  • Justin March 28, 2013

    Took my 2008 Honda Accord LX-P to the dealership for the service letter. This did not fix the problem. I was then told I would need to pay for a diagnostic for them to continue troubleshooting. Not going to happen. I’m worried the excessive oil consumption is destroying the engine longevity. We need a legit recall issued soon to correct this known issue! After the brake issue, was not impressed with my Accord, excessive oil consumption concluded my decision; I will NOT purchase another Honda.

  • Sassyd64 March 28, 2013

    Having same problem with ’08 Accord. Oil consumption and spark plug problems!

  • steve March 30, 2013

    My sister has a 2012 coupe same problem, the dealer told her it was because the car is a stick shift.

  • Jamie March 30, 2013

    I had my 2008 v6 Accord less than a week. Engine started to have missfires 4 days out. Called service and scheduled for the following Monday. Friday before my appointment, the day after my call to set up my appointment the engine light comes on. Only driven 70 miles on the car since I left the dealership. Rediculous. Low oil bad plugs right after I bought it. Found countless people who are experiencing these same problems and Honda plays dumb. This is criminal!!!

  • AlexK April 2, 2013

    I have the same problem with excessive oil consumption on my ’09 Accord LX-P.

  • Alberto April 3, 2013

    I have a 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L (4 cyls) It was burning over 3 quarts per oil change. I took it to the dealership at first they said it was acceptable, that Honda’s can burn up to 1/2 a quart every 1,000 miles. They did the oil consumption test and saw that it was burning a lot more than that. (1/2 quart per 1,000 is still unacceptable). After months of fighting Honda of America rebuilt my engine last week at no charge. Don’t know why, or how it happened, but I didn’t pay a penny. So this must be a serious problem.

  • JHarris April 7, 2013

    I thought I was going crazy until I found this website! I have a 2002 Honda Accord and it consumes at least 3 quarts of oil for every 1000 miles I drive. I have talked to at least 10 different mechanics. None of them could identify or rectify the problem. The Honda dealer wanted to charge me $300 to diagnose out the problem…yeah right. I can sleep tonight now that I know that this is a reoccurring problem with Hondas. No mas Honda.Thanks for the information!

  • C. Scalzi April 7, 2013

    Oil consumption problem for 2 plus years on my 2008 Honda Accord V6. All the stories are the same as mine. Dealership had me running back and forth for consumptions test to diagnose a problem. Always told me the oil usage was normal. It was usually 1 to 1 and 1/2 quarts low at 1,000,-3000 miles after oil change. I almost never went longer than 3500 miles between oil changes. This week, being fed up I told the manager their explanations are ridiculous and I am going to a lawyer asap. The manager assured me he will back me in getting the problem corrected ie replacing the “short box”. Time will tell. Hopefully all will be fixed. I too will never buy another Honda.

  • jim April 9, 2013

    09 accord started this problem at 50000 miles. purchased this car new plus an extended warranty. dealer has done 2 consumption test and was told it was within range. problem started with oil light going on. checked oil… down 3 quarts! nothing on stick and oil at 50% on dash. took it in for first test, told all good. oil was changed. good for 5 weeks. checked oil weekly. driving expressway oil light comes on again. check stick, nothing. down 3 qts again. second test told good again. I am very dissatisfied with Honda. looks like the battle is on. I will post again after meeting with regional mgr next week.

  • Alex S. April 10, 2013

    I posted earlier as #110 and I have an update. After running so many circles doing 2 oil consumption tests from the dealership they are now telling me that it is going to cost $2000 to diagnose and an additional $1100 in parts and labor for the repairs. A grand total of around $3100 to fix this issue since they are not going to cover it. Seriously Honda. Three thousand dollars for something faulty from the factory. This is absolutely insane and I will never buy a Honda again nor will I recommend anyone to get one. They are riding the old adage that “Hondas are reliable” but it just isn’t the case anymore.

  • Mohammad S April 11, 2013

    I am so glad I found this because my car is having the same problem, and this whole time, since 2009, when I first purchased my car I have been having this problem and always thought it was just my car. I guess a lot of people were having that problem. How can I join this law suit?

  • Ali April 11, 2013

    OK, after going in circles with a honda dealership, they told me there’s nothing wrong with the car and the oil level is ‘within range’. the car is hesitating and they spent a little time on that, cleaned the MAF sensor, still nothing. Took it to a local repair shop, after careful diagnosis, the local mechanic told me that the timing chain is damaged, at least 1 cylinder and piston are gone along with the coil. I have a ’08 Accord LX with 102K. As per him, the damage occurred due to less/no oil in the engine and an inherent honda design issue for 08-10 models. Total repair cost >$2500. Totally bummed, disappointed and broke!!!

  • Ryan Nakielny April 12, 2013

    My 2007 Accord EX-L was experiencing the same issue for the past year. Thought I was going crazy, so it’s nice to commiserate with others. Unfortunately this oil issue resulted in a slippage of my timing chain and serious valve damage. Wasn’t worth sinking a new engine into it, so I just got rid of it at CarMax for $2000. Only had 156,000 miles. Was planning on getting at least another year or two out of it. If you’re experiencing this issue, press it as much as you can before your engine blows up like mine!!! Just sayin’…

  • Cindy April 14, 2013

    I too am experiencing excesive oil usage on my 2008 Honda Accord I bought used in 2010. I have sworn by Honda’s for years. Had a ’81 Prelude I loved and it had about 250,000 miles on it when I finally sold it. Owned a CRV for a number of years. I planned on this vehicle lasting another 250,000 miles. When I asked the dealership about the excessive oil usage – the rep said it was normal.

  • Brad April 14, 2013

    Same ole story…oil is going right out tailpipe you can see the black carbon on muffler I’m using a quart every 1 thousand miles forcing me to constantly monitor the oil or risk seizing the engine…can’t afford to replace the car or I would plus dealers are aware of the problem so they offer you very little on your trade

  • Kim April 22, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord and am having the same exact issues. I burn one quart every 1500 miles or so. I have had all of my maintenance done timely – and with the dealer. The dealer has been performing “oil consumption tests” for several months now, and it is the same thing – it runs out of oil !! How many more tests do you need? It is obviously a problem. I feel like I’m getting the run-around.

  • NH Accord Owner April 23, 2013

    My 2010 Honda Accord Sedan EX V6 has had Oil Consump prob since new. Burned approx 1 Qt per thousand when new. Had a software update and new set of plugs at 30K miles. Now the car only burns around 1/3 Qt per 1K miles. Although it still runs crappy (rough). This morning, car starts to run rough, check engine light comes on (Engine Misfire 2 Cylinders). Need new Spark plugs again 69K Miles, and third set of plugs. Opened up a case with Honda of USA.

  • Carol Turcio April 25, 2013

    WOW – I can’t believe I found this website. I opt out to not buy the extended warranty because I thought it’s a Honda, it will go forever. Needless to say, I put the rear breaks in and now I’m using 1/2 qt of oil every 500 miles. I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN. How does someone join in the class lawsuit?

  • Neilsonjr May 5, 2013

    damn, we have an 09 accord that we baught new. It was great for the 1st 80K and now it’s starting to burn oil like everyone elses. This shouldn’t be happening.

  • Jon May 8, 2013

    I have a 2008 Accord, manual trans… same deal. About 70,000 miles started to consume oil at an increased rate. After reading these I’m alarmed how customer service rep at dealership stared at me with a blank face and said “I haven’t heard others with this problem?” when I asked him if this is a wide spread problem.

    -Ever heard of the internet?

  • Jason Guilliams May 10, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord that I had to pay $1500 for a new VTC Actuator and Timing Chain at 83,000 miles. It is consuming oil at a rate of 1.5 quarts per 1,000 highway miles. We currently have 100,714 miles on it. Very frustrating that dealership nor Honda will acknowledge the ridiculousness of the problem.

  • Jacque May 14, 2013

    I bought my pre owned 2010 Accord Crosstour at Team Honda Lithia Springs GA in July 2012. My VTEC indicator came on at 52,000 miles, oil life said 40%. The car felt like it was going to stall at idle and was runing very rough. Took it to Honda and they said it was low on oil. No mention of a software update…at 55,000 miles the VTEC indicator is on again and the engine is misfiring on cylinder 3…again I took it in and the oil is nearly gone. My mechanic said the egnine is crap and needs replacing. Honda says it needs the software update…I am taking it in on Saturday for the update. Fingers crossed.

  • faheema artis May 14, 2013

    First ? how do I join in on the lawsuit. I just brought a 08 Accord used from a private dealer at about 130k. I took it to my mechanic before purchasing it and it said it looked great, So I went ahead with the deal. Total for car was 9200. Had it about a month and now Im having the same problem it is burnign oil bad. Im very upset and dont know what to do.It is my only means of transportation. I am a single mom and money is more than tight. Honda should be ashamed of themselves. I went with the Honda becasue I waas told they are reliable but that has turned out to be a lie..Thanks Alot Honda

  • Danny May 16, 2013

    Dave (#105 & #108), do you have any more details on the recall in Canada. I have a 2009 Accord and am doing the oil consumption test and have complained about the amount of oil used. I’d like to find out more on what you have done and what you have received from Honda Canada.

  • Dave May 20, 2013

    Danny, e-mail me and we will see what we can do for you, I’m surprised you did not get a recall letter saying that Honda is aware of the motors burning oil and if your vehicle falls under this then you should be able to get it fixed.Do you still have warranty? We had extended and complained about the oil burning the first year the car was purchased so it was all documented by Honda, they originally were going to replace the pistons and rings and whatever else once they started the work there was to much damage then they dropped in a new motor, that was back in March the car runs like new checked oil it’s still clean and hasn’t burned any oil! We are so happy, Danny email me at.

  • . May 21, 2013

    I own a 2008 Honda Accord and have had problems with the excessive oil consumption since day 1. Now two years after I bought it (currently 71000 mi.), the timing chain has stretched and I am paying the dealer over $1000 to fix. They said it was my fault for not changing the oil (impossible because I changed the oil more than often enough) Please let me know how to get onboard with this lawsuit! Thank you for any and all help!

  • mimi May 23, 2013

    I myself purchased an 08 Accord and have had nothing but problems. The timing chain has already been replaced less that a year ago and now again the problem is present again. I won’t even start on the break systme either. What do I do now? The warranty is over now but the problem is still there..even after they fixed it. This was my worst purchase EVER. A 42 000.00$ mistake. I also bought a Honda by reputation..this was my first Hopefully they do right and fix the problems without charging the consumer…even after the warranty wears out.

  • derek birdsall May 29, 2013

    I want in on this law suit my car is doing the same thing!!

  • David May 30, 2013

    Same thing is going on with my car and I can not believe Honda is just looking the other way. I have to put oil in my car ever 500 miles and they say that the engine consuming 1 qt every 1000 miles is normal. WHAT? I’m not even a mechanic and know that is a bunch of crap. Oil starvation from a engine is the most damaging and costly effect on a engine :(

  • andres June 3, 2013

    I have a 2007 Accord EX-L 4 cylinder. Mine is doing the same thing. I checked my oil yesterday and it was low 1 qt. I changed my oil about 700 miles ago. My accord has 83000 miles on it and has always used Mobil 1 synthetic oil, what a disappointment for me having owned about 7 Hondas. I will think twice about purchasing another one next time. Some of my Honda have gone over 200k without this problem in the past. Honda should have a recall issued about this.

  • Misty Arrington June 4, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord and also have to add oil every 500 miles -what do I need to do to get in on this class action suit?

  • L.Marte June 5, 2013

    I am currently changing the VTC actuator and some other stuff due to this same problem. How can I get in on this class action lawsuit?

    Thanks for the help,


  • Lorraine June 6, 2013

    My car is doing the exact same thing. If I didn’t go for any oil change today my engine would have siezed up in a day or two according to my mechanic. Only had less than a quart!!

  • Paul Sier June 7, 2013

    I have a 2011 V6 Honda Accord and this is happening also. Engine issues at 34,000 miles and oil consupmtion. Dealer warrenty installed a new plug. At 62,oo, plug failed again and uses alot of oil 1-1/2 every 3,000 miles. Hondo does not want to fix it.

  • JAZ June 8, 2013

    I have been suffering from the same problem. Excessive oil consumption between oil changes so much so that the enginge sound would change and eventually the engine oil warning light would come on. Also frequently experienced difficulty in cold starting during extreme temperatures.

    Have spent a lot of time with local Honda Dealer. They finally are contacting Honda. I now have enough ammunition to fight this out should Honda refuse repairs. Should I join the Class action suit and if yes, how?

  • Heather June 9, 2013

    Wow, I cant believe the number of complaints im seeing on this issue. I own a 2008 Accord EXL V6 and it is currently in my garage for the 3rd time in the almost 2 years ive owned it with no oil in the engine. It has already been towed to the local dealer once last year & did get the software update & it keeps happening. I bought it certified pre owned from my honda dealer with 28,000 miles & got extended warranty. Im also being told the oil cossumption is normal for this car?! My car currently has 66,000 miles and I just had oil change at dealer on 4/10. The sticker says I should have another 2000 miles before my next oil change and the indicator shows I have 70% oil life, yet not one drop of oil in the car! My car also.shakes bad every day when I first drive it after its been sitting for a few hours. This is my families only car and I still have 3 yrs until its paid off. I don’t know what to do i’m so disgusted! It will be going back to our Honda dealer tomorrow and i’m at the point of demanding I get a new motor. Oh & it also leaks power steering fluid too! How can I get in on this lawsuit & does anyone have advice on how to get this resolved?

  • Gerald Crawford June 10, 2013

    I own a 2008 Honda 4 cyllinder and it started burning oil big time at about 40,000 miles. I had to replace the timing chain. Honda will not admit a problem nor can they fix it. This is my 13th new Honda and my last one. I hope that a class action suit works to show them that they cannot treat people this way. And, I hear that it is the American Honda people with an attitude… not the Japanese home office. They have more class than that.

  • Luke Wetzel June 10, 2013

    I also have a 2008 4 cyl accord and ive had to add a quart of oil almost every 1500 miles in between oild changes. Please keep me posted how to get on board with this law suit

  • brad June 13, 2013

    08 accord, mine has been. Consuming excessive oil since 50k. Currently at 115k miles and have to out 2-3 quarts in between oil changes.

  • Pamela B June 13, 2013

    I own a 2009 Honda Accord with 108,000 miles. I noticed that the oil light has been coming on shortly after having the oil changed. I took the car to Honda and they told me all I needed to do was upgrade to synthetic oil. I see that I have the same problem as everythone else. Please tell me how I can join the class action lawsuit.

  • Danny June 17, 2013

    Dave(#136), I sent an email to the address you listed but have not heard anything back from you. My dealer is talking about replacing pistons, rings etc. like you mentioned but I would still like to get more from you so if I have to I can reference that you had the motor replaced. The dealer is just confirming things with Honda Canada before anything starts.

  • Donna June 17, 2013

    Dave can you tell me if the entire engine, heads and all were changed or just the short block. My 2009 is in the shop as I type this getting a new short block, but will this solve my problem or do I need to push for a completely new engine?

  • Sonja June 18, 2013

    Same sad story here. Bought a new 2010 Accord V6 in March 2010, needed new engine before it had 56K miles on it. The head gasket was replaced twice on the new engine. Just as I was pulling into the airport to leave on vacation, the check engine and oil light came on simultaneously. The dealership said it was fine for my friend to drive the car back home as long as the lights didn’t start flashing and the car drove fine. Anyone else trouble with the second engine in that car?? I won’t know the diagnosis of mine until I return to the US at the end of July. The one difference is that my dealership has admitted that they are seeing a lot of problems with the engines (but the I went a little crazy on them when they suggested I check the oil every 1,000 miles on a 2010 Honda).

  • Tim June 19, 2013

    Add me to this list. Bought my 2008 Accord in 2008. At 88K miles, I noticed the metal grinding noise upon startup. Had a mechanic friend check things out. He said that somebody screwed me over on my last oil change (I had less than a quart of oil remaining), or my car is burning oil somewhere. So I took it to Honda. They confirm anything except that oil was significantly low. I went online, found (LINK REMOVED BY EDITOR) and realized that I was experiencing the same thing. This was back in 2010

    I then proceeded to do the waste of time oil consumption test. My local Honda was a joke, so I called Honda Corp. and filed a complaint. They contacted my local Honda, who, in turn, asked me to come back and do another oil consumption test! They became very nice all of a sudden! The test came back the same though, unfortunately. Honda says that burning 1 qt of oil every 1,000 miles wasn’t excessive.

    In 2011, Honda sent me a letter about updating the computer in my Accord. I did it (how could this help?!) of course. However, no change since then.

    In 2012, I had the VTC actuator replaced because the engine light kept staying on. I couldn’t put my cruise on after the light had been on long enough. So I got it replaced. The noise is gone (such a relief). Oil doesn’t stop consuming though.

    I’ve been checking my oil level every 1,000 miles, adding in between 1-2 qts every time I check. I have since removed this annoyance from my mind for a couple years now. Randomly thought about it this morning, so I searched and found this! Hopefully something positive happens here. I’m worried that intense damage is happening in the Accord’s engine.

  • Adam June 19, 2013

    Same story as everyone else. I have the V6 Honda EXL From the onset, I was told that my engine was low despite the gauge reading 40%. I had specifically asked my salesman at what point I needed to change the oil. He had told me that as long as it was above 0% it would be fine. Then the service at Honda told me that, due to the harsh driving conditions in my area, (Virginia Beach area, not exactly the Mojave desert), that my oil would need changed more often. The same routine as others mentioned of checking oil and adding it in between changes was performed. Then when the car was around 52K, the spark plug went. I took the car to my mechanic, AAA and they replaced the plug and took the time to do the research on the computer update needed. I contacted Honda, their first reaction was to blame AAA for not performing the correct maintenance. I showed Honda the update but to my knowledge, they didn’t act on it to update the computer. The plugs again went 6 months later and Honda gave me the same run around of my servive station not putting enough oil in the car and then said that they probably put the wrong plugs in it. Now at 74K check engine light, VSA light, and other light (triange with exclamation point) came on. I took the Accord in and they told me the plug was bad. Once they ran further testing, they said that I need a new engine block and motor. That’s where I stand at this point. When I called them at 50 some thousand miles they asked me if I bought the extended warrantly. I told them, “No, I bought a Honda. You’re not supposed to have to do anything to these cars until 100K miles”, according to my salesman. Now I have no re-sale value on the car and the thing is dead at 74K miles.

  • Pattie June 19, 2013

    I can’t believe none of my mechanics have heard of this. I bought my 2009 Accord in Dec of 2008 and ever since it hit 20K I have had to put between 4 and 13 quarters in between 3K oil changes. I have had it in for one recall and four other mechanics could not find anything wrong with it. I am constantly seeing my oil light come on and adding oil. Everyone thought it was my driving. I hope they come to some sort of settlement where we can get our cars fix on their dimes.

  • Bill June 21, 2013

    Add one more to the list. 2009 Accord wit a V-6 engine. < 88K miles - Maintained the car religiously (can provide maintenance records) now I am told that I need to replace the Gasket and Short Block. I am waiting for Honda to step up and offer a resolution.

  • lktowens June 24, 2013

    Same story but with a 2009 Odyssey…waiting to find out if Honda will honor the extended warranty they sold me and replace engine. If Honda won’t, then I’ll be finding out how to add the Odyssey to this class action lawsuit (or start a new one).

  • Nathaniel Mazur July 1, 2013

    Same here!! I have a 2009 accord. Went to Honda and they did an oil consumption test. They said that its fine. They said that they allow 1 quart of oil to be used by the engine per 1000 miles. I’m never getting another Honda. I’m so mad.

  • TN July 2, 2013

    :( 2010 Honda Accord Coupe EXL 6-speed Navi …
    After installing “software update” to correct a drivability issue my Oil light came on ONE time, checked oil level, didn’t show on the dipstick, added a quart, still did not register on dipstick … I was told I need to do an oil change at the HONDA dealership so they could start monitoring and run consumption test can’t believe this is happening at 43,000 miles …

  • Dragan M July 2, 2013

    Had 97 Honda accord that I drove past 200 000 miles with no issue so I bought 08 Coup 4 cyl. to my daughter with 60,000 mi from dealer in SC. It past 83,000mi now. It takes about qt per 1000 miles. Making bad noise on startup and after driving for hour or so. Have it back to dealer that tried all kind of repair – from oil sensor to the tightening heat shield. I’m up over $1,500.00 in service bills no solution. Very disappointed in Honda – own other Toyota/Lexus cars and very satisfied how Toyota handling any issue. Bad design and issue with any kind of product will happen – cars especially, but it is up to the company how will handle it. Shame on Honda for poorly handling this issue. Needless to say it is last Honda in my family.

  • James July 3, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord v6 6-speed ex-l and I have been in and out of the shop almost every other week. At 72k miles the car started misfiring terribly. I took it to my mechanic and he changed the spark plugs and used fuel detergent to clean the carbon build up. That worked, temporarily. 2 weeks later same problem, same fix. Now 1 month later I am have the same problem. I need to be added to the list with this class action case before I drop 1 more penny on this piece of junk. The worst part is I have had Hondas all my life, 89 civic, 2002 civic, 2007 civic si and now my 2008 accord. I come from a Honda family, my brother has a 2000 civic and a 2005 s2000. If Honda doesn’t act fast I won’t be buying another Honda ever again. Anyone know how we can contact Alex Soto? or get some resolution to this?

  • Doug July 6, 2013

    2010 Honda Accord – the car started using oil right away. I was shocked and took the car to a dealer and they did some software updates. Didn’t help a bit, we have been adding oil at a quart per 1000 miles. The VSA light has come on a few time. Had the cam sensor replaced and it kept coming on. The car left us stranded yesterday and had to be towed. The tow truck driver said, “This car is to new to be needing a two!” This is embarrassing and very frustrating. Honda sure isn’t what they used to be and this has really put a burden on our family financially.

  • Jennifer July 7, 2013

    Hello Everyone, I am needing some advice. I just purchased a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L at the end of May 2013, that now has 107,000km I had an experience yesterday, where I saw my oil light flash for a moment. I called Honda, they said just checked your oil, everything is fine. Well, it was not fine because there was barely any oil in the engine. The dealer had told me I go 12,000km with not changing the oil. So, fo course I was not checking the oil. I drive a lot for work. I am wondering what my next steps should be? I’m wanting to take the car back to the dealer to where I brought it, and have whatever needs to be fixed? Should I be calling Honda Canada? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gary July 9, 2013

    Seems the dealers are dumb< or [playing dumb> My engine started making a noise that I had never heard in a car in my life. After a week of hearing it I stopped fast at a light and the oil light flashed on then went right off. Had already made an appointment to have our 2010 honda noise checked. Told them about the light flashing.when they checked the oil it was found to be down 2.2 quarts. That was in 5000 miles. Dealers claim 1000 miles and 1 quart is normal consumption. My second question is why did the oil light not come on when the oil was low, till I slammed on the brakes for a yellow light. even if 1000 miles and one quart is considered normal, should it be if you claim to have a quality vehicle? I could see that line of thinking for a 1949 chevy though.

  • Gary July 9, 2013

    Added to comment below, The noise stopped as soon as the dealer changed the oil and it was actually full.

  • Danny July 9, 2013

    Jennifer, you should go to your dealer and mention how much oil is being consumed. They may want you to do an oil consumpution test where you will have to go back every 1000-2000 KMs to have them check how much the oils has gone down. There is some sort of a technical bulletin issued by Honda Canada that they are aware of this issue and will replace pistons, rings etc. if they find your car qualifies. My 2009 Accord is having this done now. Waiting to see how it is when I get it back.

  • Neeraj July 12, 2013

    I have 2012 EX-L-V6 Honda Accord and it is showning the same problem. at 18000mi engine light comes up, drive to dealer and see no engine oil. They force me to change engine oil and do 1000 mi tests. Drive till 19700 mi and see the oil drops to lower level of stick, they ask to come for test again at 20600 mi engine begins to vibrate, low engine oil. They change spark plug and at 22000 miles again the oil reaches lower level. Somehow delare accepted to change Pistons and all but somehow they are forcing me to take 1000 mi test again and that too in Brand new Honda Accord 2012. It waste a lot of time. I could not drive long distances without worry.

  • Jung July 15, 2013

    I too have the problem on my 2008 honda accord ex-l v6. Constantly adding oil before the 15% oil change maintenance minder. Bad spark plug #3 causing white smoke during acceleration from tail pipe. ECO mode not engaging because of low oil but no oil low indicator light turning on instrument panel. Have gotten the honda TSB 11-033 and same problem exists!!!

  • Chris July 17, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord. I add about 1- 2 quarts of oil in between oil changes. The warning light does not come on when levels are low, and I need to closely monitor the oil level. I just had my mechanic check over the engine and found no leaks. He said that this is the second Honda Accord he has seen with this problem.

  • Dave July 18, 2013

    My 2008 Accord has roughly 79,000 miles on it and I just took it back to the dealer for the second time in 6 months due to engine problems. I was just told they are going to tear the engine down to a bare block and replace everything else. Fortunately, this was under warranty. However, after finding this page and doing additional research I am not feeling very good about the future prospects of a vehicle I once considered my “dream car”. This is my first Honda which I bought because everything I heard about Honda’s was positive and was told they last forever. At this point, I’ll be surprised if it’s not my last Honda. Seriously considering trading this one in the minute it is fixed.

  • reybeast July 19, 2013

    I have a 2008 4cyl, I have had this issue twice. Both times the valves rattled and then the engine light flickered. We checked the oil and it didn’t register on the dipstick. We had to add 3 qts to make it show full. The first time we went to dealership and they couldn’t find anything and my service rep had never even heard of the issue (he said). He did some checking and of course that they needed to do a leakdown test. Well, I have been keeping an eye on , and the level dropped more than a quart in 2 days!

  • Byron July 19, 2013

    2009 Accord EXL, 2nd Accord. Spent nearly $400 to replace plugs at 78k mi., plugs fouled again at 105K mi. 3 consumption tests and now they’ll repair… They want me to “participate” to the tune of $500, because it’s being fixed as “goodwill”. My 2003 has 254K mi. and has not been this great of a burden. I really hate that we also bought a 2010 Civic that eats tires. I’m about call Honda Corporate and then a lawyer. Fed up. Has Honda become what Hyundai was in the 80’s & 90’s?

  • JC July 28, 2013

    I had the exactly same problem like others. Excessive oil consumption. Software update didn’t solve the problem. Finally Honda dealer replaced pistons and piston rings at 60k miles. The problem solved. So far so good (150k miles). Honda knew the problems but pretended not knowing. How shameful it is.

  • Cindy August 8, 2013

    I am totally frustrated with my 2008 Honda Accord! It eats tires and brakes and has an internal oil leak (assumed). I have 137,000 miles on my car and am using about a qt. of oil every week. We are unable to see any oil leaks on the pavement, have had the garage go through a series of oil changes with Honda additives every 1,000 miles for 3 consecutive times and nothing has changed.
    Now I am being told that the only other option is to have the internal seals replaced and rebuild the engine. I am very disappointed in Honda over these issues! It seems that it is time to switch car manufacturers!

  • Drew August 14, 2013


    I have a 2010 honda accord, that is coming up for an oil change(at 2000 of 3000 miles between changes), but the low oil pressure light came on. I checked the oil thank God, because it was 3 qts. low with no leaks, so I searched the internet and found out about this suit.

    Could anyone please tell me how to make sure that I am included in this class action suit?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jason August 17, 2013

    Does this or any other apply to the 2007 accord 4 cylinder? My car has 120k on it and loves oil. I feel like it is ridiculous for Honda to say it is acceptable oil consumption.

  • Lance August 19, 2013

    My 2012 Honda Accord is using about 3 qt. every oil change. It only has 17000 miles on it! Now when you run low on oil it stores a permanent code in the computer that can’t be erased. The permanent code line is for future resale. Kinda like a carfax report, but now a computer report will be included. So my future resale value is nothing now. This lawsuit only goes to 2010?

  • Paul August 26, 2013

    My 2008 Honda Accord EX-L 4 cyl with 76,000 miles on it just recently started using oil at a rate more than a quart every 1,000 miles. So I did a search and found this website. I see that I am not alone with this problem or in my anger. So what is the current status of the class action suit? I submitted the survey. Thanks.

  • peter lavallee August 27, 2013

    Have a 2008 Honda accord 4 cy with a little over 35K on it. Seems that the dealers and Honda are cooperating with each other as they will not give a straight answer. I had what I thought was the VTEC actuator issue and brought it in to be checked out. After replacing the water pump, tensioner, and the alternator the noise issue has been solved. I too have seen oil consumption recently and I think I going to get rid of it. Been a Honda owner for our last 4 new cars – not another after this. Since I am out of warranty will I be included in class action law suit…I am a low mileage driver and always seem to be out of the time but never have the mileage. ?

  • peter lavallee August 27, 2013

    Have a 2008 Honda accord 4 cy with a little over 35K on it. Seems that the dealers and Honda are cooperating with each other as they will not give a straight answer. I had what I thought was the VTEC actuator issue and brought it in to be checked out. After replacing the water pump, tensioner, and the alternator the noise issue has been solved. I too have seen oil consumption recently and I think I going to get rid of it. Been a Honda owner for our last 4 new cars – not another after this. Since I am out of warranty will I be included in class action law suit…I am a low mileage driver and always seem to be out of the time but never have the mileage. ?

  • Casey August 28, 2013

    Same problem as everyone else. Last oil change was less than 6k ago and now I’m getting another oil change. Extended warranty just expired in June.

  • Casey August 28, 2013

    Same problem as everyone else. Last oil change was less than 6k ago and now I’m getting another oil change. Extended warranty just expired in June.

  • Casey August 28, 2013

    Same problem as everyone else. Last oil change was less than 6k ago and now I’m getting another oil change. Extended warranty just expired in June.

  • Ronna August 29, 2013

    I bought a new 2008 Honda Accord. I kept up all the maintences and had no problems until about 55k. The car had a oil change at the dealership. About 2k later the oil light came on. Since it was closer then the dealership, the car was taken to a neighborhood mechanic that we use. There was absolutely NO Oil in the car. Luckily the engine did not blow up. Oil was put in and topped off. In less then 3k, again the oil light came on and again the was NO Oil in the car. We have gone to checking the oil often and refilling when necessary. I really like the car, but probably wont keep it if I have to keep monitoring the oil level that closely.

  • Mark August 31, 2013

    I just bought a pre-owned certified 2009 Honda Accord EX L Coupe with 18,000 miles. I bought the extended warranty. Will Honda honor the warranty for the oil problem? Can I get on the class action lawsuit.

  • Eric Bowman September 2, 2013

    2008 EXL V6 same drill bought new burned excess oil
    about 30k miles later took to dealership and told me no known issues continues to burn oil and know I have the
    misfire issue cylinder 1, I have put 6 spark plugs in this one
    cylinder over the past year. I am so done

  • Memory September 2, 2013

    I bought my ’08 accord new and haven’t experienced any problems up until this past year. I have been a three different trips, each of which were about. 300 miles. Every time I have reached my destination, I have had to add oil. My oil light would come on and when I checked it.. It was completely empty. I have taken it to Honda all three times and they tell me they can’t find a reason. I have even talked to the corporation.

  • Memory September 2, 2013

    Also, my warranty just went out. Is there anyway I can get involved with this lawsuit? I have records of my oil changes and notations of when I took my vehicle with my oil consumption issues.

  • Kathy Fioramonti September 4, 2013

    I have 42k miles and the oil light flickered ONCE. Upon checking the oil-nothing registered. Added a whole quart of oil. STILL nothing registered in the dip stick. This is the worst Honda I have ever owend. After having the breaks replaced twice and now this. I have to wonder how long I have been driving with no oil since the oil light did not stay on and I’m lucky I even saw it flash!! I have followed the maintenace faithfully-for all the good it does. This is my 6th Honda-probably my LAST!!!

  • Diana A. Lewis September 5, 2013

    My car also uses a lot of oil and also had to have the brakes fixed and it’s still not right.

  • dennis rivere September 6, 2013

    dear sir/mam
    i presently own a 4 cylinder 2008 honda accord.I would like to express my dissapointment with the workmanship of this vehicle,in particular with the excessive engine oil consumption.After it reached 100,000 miles the check check engine oil light lits after every 2,000 miles and i had to add 1 quart to keep it wjthin ideal oil level.This adds to personal stress knowing that i bought a lemon engined car and its also a cause of loss of money.My paln before is to hand this over to my soon to be in college son but i dont wanna pass this problem to him.This will be my last honda.

  • Kerri Jenkins September 9, 2013

    Honda 2009 accord coupe exl : I have been dealing with the oil consumption problem for over a year. Honda states it is NORMAL to add a quart or so every 1000 miles. I have also had spark plugs replaced twice within the year. Oil has to be added before schedule changes. No more Hondas for this family! Legends Honda service men know its not norma,l but they have to go by the Hondas protocol.

    Kerri J

  • Matt Van Leuven September 10, 2013

    I purchased a 2008 Accord new. At around 65k miles, I began to notice greater oil consumption. The change indicator would consistently show 40%-50% before the required change. But at start up I could hear what I thought were valve lifters. I’m finding out now that it was a VTC actuator. Today, the car will barely run. The mechanic is telling me that the timing is off. He showed me Honda TSB 12-087. I couldn’t be more mad/disappointed. I have three payments left on a car that needs the engine rebuilt. I avoided the class action suit on the rear brake issue. But, I don’t see how I can this time.

  • Glen smith September 10, 2013

    Hi I bought a 2008 Honda accord lx 4cyl its got roughly 83,xxx on it and I did an oil change about 3 weeks ago cause the valve cover was leaking there is no more leaks but the oil is at the bottom of the dipstick already I don’t care about the money reimbursement part I jut want to know is honda going to recall the engine and fix this problem? I was looking into rebuilding the engine but if Honda will recall the engine then ill wait

  • Lorna September 11, 2013

    2009 accord. Add me to the list. Hows the lawsuit resolving?

  • Linda Guerrero September 12, 2013

    Hi…purhcased my 2008 2 door accord brand new. had the same ratteling noise. i was told it was a part defect. part was replaced. Car is always maintanced and only has 60,000 miles…and here we are 1yr later part messed up again and now i have to pay out of pocket. The noise always gets louder when an oil change is due, which is always prior to when the dealerhip estimates when my next oil change is due. Such a hassle! And costly! Had i known, I would have gone with a different car, like an Acura!

  • Michael Harrison September 12, 2013

    Can I still be part of this lawsuit? My Accord has been drinking oil since I purchased it new in 2008

  • Debbie McLanahan September 15, 2013

    Can I be added to this lawsuit? I own a Honda Accord 2008. Started burning oil at about 50,0000 miles. Ended up having to replace the engine- extended warranty would not cover the cost due to it being “a known problem”. Had to pay for it myself.

  • michael miller September 16, 2013

    I have a 2008 4-cyl, ex, 195 horse accord with 130,000 mi. on it. It has burned oil sense day one. It uses up to 5 quarts betweeen oil changes. Approximatly 1 quart every 1000 mi. I assumed the recalls would fix the oil consumption problem but that wasn’t the case. The car doesn’t foul spark plugs as is the case with cars that burn oil. I had 125,000 mi. before my first plug change. Just wondering where this oil is going? Car doesn’t smoke. I wonder if we’re getting the right reading on the dip stick. I reciently changed the oil and put 4 quarts of new oil in. When I checked the dip stick nothing registered on it. I couldn’t believe it so i rechecked several times, no oil. Not knowing what to do I decided to add another quart of oil. This time the dip stick showed above the full mark. (Oil was not getting to the oil pan on the initial fill). First time in 35 years of changeing oil that has ever happened.

  • Charles Christopher September 17, 2013

    I purchased a 2008 Honda Accord new and it started using oil at about 30,000 miles. The dealership said it was normal and I said that cannot be true. It uses about a quart every 850 miles. The VTC actuator makes the rattling noise when it first cranks if it has set for a while without being started or the oil is low. I want to be added to this lawsuit!!!!

  • Pawandeep gill September 18, 2013

    Honda accord 2009 v6 – just replaced spark plug 4 and 5 at 68500 miles. Also noticing oil consumption. Would like to know how the lawsuit is going and if honda will accept its mistake.

  • Christopher Jankowsk September 18, 2013

    I purchased a 2008 Honda Accord new and it started using oil at about 50,000 miles. The dealership said it was normal and I said that cannot be true.The VTC actuator makes the rattling noise when it first cranks if it has set for a while without being started for a few years. Honda dealers never took time to investigate, they said it is normal until yesterday. Different dealer different people finely said it is faulty actuator -$600 to replace it.Honda knew about this problem. I want to be added to this lawsuit!!!!

  • Lads September 18, 2013

    I have honda accord and i am using it everyday for 160Km highway drive. My car consume lot of oil and so that i have add some oil after 3000-3500 Kms after my oil change. i went to the dealer and they said this thing happen due to lot of highway drive but it does not make any sense that lot of highway driving will decrease the oil level. so i went to another dealer service center and they said that’s the defect and they said i you have extended warranty from honda then they will only fix for you without any cost.

    So for all those who have this issue they can go to the dealer and probably they will change piston and piston rings and re build the engine.
    Now the thing that how long this fix will be last for.

  • Tracy Broom September 18, 2013

    I have a 2009 honda accord EXL…bought it brand new with 28 miles on it. I am having the same problem with excessive oil consumption with my car. Everytime I take it to the dealership they act as if they have no clue to why it is low and want to make it seem to me that it is normal. I notice my problem at 50,000 some miles when my engine would make a noise every now and then… I took it to the dealership and they told me there was not enough oil iln my car to touch the stick. but could not tell me why. Just gave me some excuse. Every time I take my car in for the oil change it has been low on oil…I honestley don’t know what to do….
    I am also haveing problems with my leather on the arm rest…..and on the driver side door. The leather bubbles up and tears…it looks terrible. I had the arm rest replaced and the replacement is doing the same thing….This car is a lemon…..this will be my last honda…..I don not have confidence in them like I use to. I want to be part of this law suit.

  • Jerri September 19, 2013

    I filed a complaint with the bureau of automotive repair in California & that helps get the dealership to actually listen to you & do something about fixing your car.

  • Darlene Huettisch September 22, 2013

    OMG, where do I start. I have a 2009 Honda Ex-L 4 Cyl. I’ve had pretty much of the same problems as everyone else. I bought my car used at a Honda Used Car dealership in Rochester, NY, when it had 43K miles. Please reference Claim# N012013042900653. for further details. Last spoke to Zenia at American Honda. I want to be included in this class-action suit. I am so disappointed in Honda now because they are trying to put the responsibility on us consumers!

  • Debbie Bobby September 24, 2013

    After I had an episode recently, my husband researched and found this site.

    This sounds like what’s wrong with my 2010 Crosstour. I drove it from San Jose CA to Lincoln City Oregon to visit my cousin. Enroute, on I5, the “Check Engine” light came on. I immediately pulled over and read the manual which indicated it could be related to not tightening the gas cap. Tried that and when it didn’t clear in a couple of days, I called the nearest Honda dealer. They told me to bring it in, but if the check engine light began to blink to *immediately* stop the car and call for a tow or risk serious damage. I drove 30 miles south to a Honda Dealer in Newport OR. The 15% oil life light had just come on. They did their diagnostics and said the only thing related was my oil wasn’t even registering on the dip stick! They indicated they didn’t see any signs of leaking and I’ve never seen oil in our driveway. I paid for an oil change.

    I left to return to California and past the town of Williams on I5 (about 165 miles from my home) The check engine light came on blinking. I pulled over and it was idling extremely roughly. I turned the engine off and called a tow service who towed the car all the way to my dealer in Santa Clara CA.

    Today my service technician told me that the code indicates I need my spark plugs changed because the engine is “misfiring”. I’m three weeks outside my three year/50K powertrain warranty and she said it’s not covered. I was pretty furious so she checked with the regional Honda people and got the okay to cover the cost as a “one-time goodwill gesture”.

    I told her about the loss of oil and asked if that was related and also shared my concern about no indication that the oil was low and other possible damage that could cause. She said they’d like me to start coming in every two weeks so they can monitor my oil consumption and that wouldn’t cost me anything.

    And now we’ve found this website with all this information. I think I’ll print it out and take it to the dealer when I pick my car up. What a load of crap!

  • Lisa F. Wilson September 25, 2013

    In addition to the excessive oil usage, the VTC gear now has to be replaced. Is this part of the lawsuit? How do you file a claim? Thank you.

  • Mike September 26, 2013

    Same issue here. Constantly changing out oil with engine starting to have issues. Need to look into this further!

  • Stacey Young September 26, 2013

    Same as everyone else… just left the shop with a new set of spark plugs! The one that was causing the issue was also replaced in February of this year. Burning oil… Honda did an oil consumption test and stated the amount burned is normal. I will NEVER purchase a Honda again. Have the decency to at least do a recall. Add me to the lawsuit!

  • Daniel Ybarra September 27, 2013

    WOW! We noticed a slight chugging sensation on our 2009 V6 Accord, we grew to live with it. 2 days ago, our CEL and VSA indicators came on and we could feel a misfire occurring. I googled it and low and behold I found a slew of bad news regarding this issue. We traded it in today for a 2014 Accord 4cyl, facing a $4000 repair on a 5 year old vehicle is outrageous. Honda knows its a huge flaw, own up to it! Add me to the list!

  • Debbie Herring September 27, 2013

    I have been the proud owner of several new Honda Cars and a new Pilot in past years. The latest one is a 08 Honda Accord EX. I puchased new. One owner (Me) Keep oil charged in perfect record along with filters etc…
    My problem is my car is using oil at a rate of 2 quarts low constantly. It’s gotten to the point that I keep extra oil in my trunk to make sure I’m never stranded alone. This is worrying me. Never had this problem before with any of my previous Honda’s. Love my car but not the problem…..

  • Eduardo September 28, 2013

    I have honda accord sedan 2009 ex-l with same issue that 100s of people . Miss fire cylinder 3 , my car has only 62.000 , I own Hondas my entire life never see anything like this . BS honda should honor their name . I travel a lot and now can’t trust my car anymore .

  • Harmeet September 28, 2013

    Hi I got 2008 accord. Its burning more and more engin oil as its getting old. Don’t know what to do. I m from toronto. Is this lawsuit will work on honda canda as well

  • Teresa September 28, 2013

    I own a 2008 Accord EXL V6 and am having issues with oil consumption and engine misfiring. I’m checking the oil every week or two, and each time, it’s at least a quart low; however, there’s never any oil on the driveway, so where’s it going? I’m a loyal Honda owner; I’ve been buying Hondas since 1986 and have never had issues with any of my other vehicles. But, this 2008 has been a huge disappointment. I’d like more information on the class action suit.

  • Jimmy lee September 29, 2013

    08 honda accord with vetch motor make loud noise in top of engine when car is started.

  • William Woods October 1, 2013

    2010 Accord LX-P…please add me to the list. I live in NY. Honda is known for their quality engines so this flaw is inexcusable. I am adding a quart of 5W-20 every two-three weeks. The car only has 42K mile on it. I am also concerned with the rattling noise I hear when I turn the car on…it almost has a diesal engine noise. The mechanic has no explanation for it. I never would have bought this car had I know this was an issue.

  • Cassie Sentelle October 2, 2013

    I have a 2008 Accord that is consuming oil. I have read the lawsuit info and i feel my car is having the same problems as the other complaintants. First Honda tells me I need a new engine that will cost 7100!! After my complaining, they decide i will only have to pay 500 as a deductible!! I am worried what will happen in the future if they just “mend” the problem. What are my options?

  • Tamara Allmond October 3, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord. I have been complaining to Honda of oil problems for the last year and half. We have been going into Honda and having our oil changed at least once a month. Today they told us that it would cost us 5000.00 to replace the block. I am also experiencing a loud rumbling noise at the top of the engine when starting my car. What are our options in filing a claim?

  • Tim Edwards October 3, 2013

    2009 Honda Accord EXL and I am experiencing the same oil consumption problem. I would like further information on the class action suit!

  • Rodney Clark October 3, 2013

    Wow! I just checked my oil level wasn’t even on the dip stick just had oil changed 1800 miles ago. 09 accord EX-L please add me to your list for info on law suit.

  • Desiree October 4, 2013

    Just started happening to my ’08 e 69k mi. I bought a Honda because I thought it was a good car. The dealer totally blew me off and said acknowledged it was a problem and I did nothing wrong, but too bad. Your motor will burn 1 qt every 1k miles. There answer: change your oil every 1k miles. Really?! I’m done w Honda.

  • Susanna October 5, 2013

    Same issue with my 2008 Accord 4-cyl now at 67K. The engine oil light on dash board came on and off several times. I checked the motor oil level and there was not much left. I had a 1997 Toyota Camry with similar issue. The problem got worse over time – one qt of motor oil every week. Then I found out Toyota had a recall. Took it to the dealer and my car engine was rebuilt for free. Honda should do the same! I love this car, until now.

  • Anatoly Maksimchuk October 7, 2013

    I have the same problem with my Honda Accord 2008 Coupe. The car keep burning oil at a rate of 1 quart per 1000 miles. The grinding noise has appeared during a start when the car is cold.

  • Christopher Garten October 7, 2013

    Hello, I have a 2008 Honda accord lx 2.4 engine. An this car is supposed be a good reliable car but this oil consumption is a pain in the but and I’m afraid that the engine might lock up on me. This problem needs to be fix an I want to be apart of the class action law suit.

  • Mark Engels October 8, 2013

    2009 Honda Accord and I live in Southern CA. Please add me to the settlement. It’s time for Honda to stop pretending this is normal! And thanks to these great folks for showing Honda you don’t keep your great reputation lying to your car owners.

  • Howard Dragunoff October 8, 2013

    Same problems. Constantly have to check the oil. I have a 2010 accord 6 cylinder. Had to replace spark plugs at 30000 miles. Constantly needs oil. Dealer making me track oil consumption . They r making me wait before they’ll repair it. Terrible frustrating . Never again with Honda.

  • Scott Bickerton October 9, 2013

    2009 accord coupe 2.4L. Change my oil every 3k miles religiously and still end up less than half of what I put in there when the next time it’s due for a change. Called Honda about 12 times. Keeps telling me my dealer is going to contact me when they have the tools to fix it. This was about 3 months ago now. Still no call. I’ve called multiple times to Matt at Honda and my dealership. Same answer. They said the cars need the piston rings replaced and it will fix the problem over the past few months the problem has been getting worse. I check the oil every week and it seems like it eats more oil later in the life of the oil change. Usually between 1800-3000 miles is when it really starts to eat up oil. I find myself carrying a quart of oil around like I’m driving some sort of hooptie around when The car only has 78000 miles which is nothing for a Honda. Really hope this gets fixed or at least get compensated do the extra money spent and the repeat headaches.

  • Megan October 9, 2013

    When is this going to get fixed ?

  • Sasha Reid October 11, 2013

    I have also been experiencing this problem with my 2008 Honda Accord, every since I drove it off the lot I have had a problem with the oil! When I take it to the shop to get it looked at, they NEVER know whats wrong!!! I am so frustrated with this car! It has gotten so bad that I don’t even like making my car payments anymore! Bc I feel like I am spending my hard earned oney on a piece of JUNK!!!!! How can I be added to the lawsuit?

  • Mango Tango October 12, 2013

    My 2011 Accord EX V6 qualifies for this as well. Dealer confirmed my VIN today. Said it now has an 8 year engine warranty with no mileage restrictions. 2011 V6 owners need to have their VIN checked as well, because some are affected. Honda gets the details wrong…..again.

    I guess it’s a matter of time before this thing implodes. 18k and no issues yet, but I guess it’s now marked as a ticking time bomb. Money well spent

  • David Jacobs October 14, 2013

    Cylinder misfire, oil spilling into combustion chamber and spark plug failure issues with a 2009 Honda Accord EX V6 in June 2012, April 2013 and September 2013. Absurd.

  • Kortnee Bradley October 14, 2013

    I am an owner of a 2008 HOnda Accord 4 cyl. I just went and got my oil changed and no oil on the dipstick. I have been watching the excessive use of oil for about a year now. I should not be having to put oil in between oil changes. I only go 3,000 miles between oil changes. I am hoping Honda will fix and pay for repairs as this should not be happening. I just paid the thing off too!!!

  • Ralph October 14, 2013

    I purchased a 2013 EXL Honda Accord with the 4-cylinder with a direct inject Dreamworks engine. I have to add oil to keep it full and when I questioned Honda, they would not admit that there is a history but want me to come in for an “oil consumption test” that will take several days and cover around 1000 miles. I have 16,000 miles on the new car and have been in the shop each month for a day to fix or check on wheel bearings to rear defroster. I also have a tingling vibration in the stearing wheel, break and gas peddles when driving and different vibrations when stopped at a light. Just not worth purchasing and would not wish anyone to purchase a Honda again.

  • Khristy Shrewsbury October 15, 2013

    I am having same issues and am very dissatisifed that this is not a recall. I was told to buy Honda dependable vehicle this is first I have owned and will never buy another. If you cannot recall issues you know people are having that is very poor. Anytime someone asks me about my Honda I say will never buy again.

  • Joseph October 16, 2013

    this is the 1st I’ve heard of the 4cyl having problems. My 2010 v-6 with 30,000mi uses 1qt of synthedic oil every 5000mi. Not as bad as some but still WRONG. Did you know there is a brake problem as well ? Premature brake wear on rear wheels. My 2004 honda van lost the transmittion early on and thats when I found out there is a class action suit on that as well! Love my accord…but, good-bye Honda. Enough is enough. I’m buying USA.

  • Cindi Morgan October 16, 2013

    At appx. 56k miles Bob Howard Honda, Edmond Ok. told me I needed over $800 worth of work to fix this loud noise ( on start up). After contacting another dealership they informed me this was covered under warranty. When I confronted Bob Howard Honda about this they did back track and agree it was covered. They had my car almost 2 weeks, broke the timing chain while repairing the car then forgot fill the car back up with oil! Now at 84k miles my car is doing this same loud knocking on start up along with another unknown noise. I have contacted the dealership again and of course they know nothing about any of this. I constantly have to check oil and also take to the dealership to top off since it is constantly running low. I do maintain a the required oil changes as well. This is my 2nd Accord and will be my last Honda I purchase due to Honda’s lack of urgency. Please keep me informed of any information regarding this class action suit as I along with many others need this issue fixed!

  • Cindi Morgan October 16, 2013

    I failed to note in last comment my Honda is a 2008 Accord! Nothing but problems!

  • Jennifer Pedersen October 21, 2013

    How do you get involved in this? I have a 2008 Accord EX-L coupe and have been experiencing this since I bought the car. I constantly have to put oil in it, I had brought it to Honda a few times and they tried to put the whole oil consumption test scam on me as well, I would have to pay 3x the amount of a regular oil change to have Honda do one. At the time my car was under warranty which wa snow expired, the kicker is they told me that if something was wrong with the car and even if it was Honda’s fault…there were too many miles on it for them to do anything about it EVEN UNDER THE WARRANTY. I also had a problem with the rear brakes, twice in one year my caliper went through my brake padsand rotors…causing me to buy brand new ones twice in one year!! Never buying a Honda again and would love to sue the sh*t out of them for this!!!

  • Kevin Hartman October 22, 2013

    Can you please let me know how I can become part of the class for this lawsuit.

  • Tammy Shell October 24, 2013

    My Honda Accord 2008 Coupe. The car keep burning oil at a rate of 1 quart per 1000 miles. The grinding noise has appeared during a start when the car is cold.

  • CHRIS October 25, 2013

    My 2008 honda accord burns oil at an unually fast rate. I feel like I’m getting the run around from my local Honda dealer.Does anyone have any answers?

  • CHRIS October 25, 2013

    I also had the service bulletin (software update) performed on the 2008 accord to fix the problem and it did not work.

  • Jayson October 26, 2013

    2008 Accord 2.4L. I am also using about a quart every 1000 miles. I put on a significant amount miles but all hwy miles.

  • Shaheen Ali October 26, 2013

    My 2009 accord 2.4 is burning excessive amount of oil and I can smell the burning of the oil

  • Christi Jones October 27, 2013

    I have a 2010 Honda Accord and it is burning oil constantly. I am constantly having the oil changed and due to a lack of oil. My car will reflect 50% to 90% oil life and then I my car will be out of oil. I was told one particular time that the grinding sound my car made was due to that reason.

  • Ronnie J October 29, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord and I have to always have a bottle of oil in my car. I always loved Honda’s and never had any issues with any of my older Hondas. It is not leaking oil but it burns oil and I can tell when it is low. It makes a horrible sound like a crazy rattling noise. I am bringing my car for repair today since they have finally figured out the problem (it has been over 2 years) I pray that this lawsuit works out and I get reimbursed.

  • rich October 29, 2013

    I have an 08 Accord that I purchased new. The Oil consumption problems began within 40k miles (well within the warranty) and an “Oil consumption test” was completed by the dealer two times. Both times, the car used Oil at a rate of 2.5 qts / 3k miles. Like other’s that have posted comments here, I have been through the “software update” with no positive results. I too, have a very disturbing grinding noise at start up and the noise continues while I’m driving at lower RPM’s. This has been such a hassle (having to go through hell with the dealer and the purchase of Oil) that I will NEVER buy another Honda again. They have lost my business forever.

  • Annie Reed October 30, 2013

    I have a 2010 accord. Burning through the oil. They suggested I use a the next oil up. I said this is not a way to fix the problem but is just covering it up. Corporate said I need to start with an oil consumption test and I just hit the 1000 mile and they said my oil levels were “normal”. Got up this morning and the car wouldn’t start. No lights were left on or doors open but jumping the car worked. At the Dealership it died again and they said I need to replace my battery…4 weeks ago at my oil change the battery was above the level of performance. Really upset right now. Owned Hondas for the past 15 years. The quality of Honda has really gone downhill. I will not be buying a honda again.

  • Ronnie J October 31, 2013

    This will be my last Hond. I just picked my car up from the dealership yesterday, and they are starting an oil consumption test. I was hearing a crazy rattling noise everytime I started my car. This happened for years and they could not figure out the problem. Finally, it has been fixed. They had to replace my actuator (whatever that is). They did not charge me for it because they stated that it is covered under warranty. My car has 87k miles on it so I was surprised.

  • Nancy H October 31, 2013

    I also want in. I boughta 2010 less than a year ago and I am going through 2 quarts between oil changes. The solution for Fox Honda was to do a compression check I I was to come in every 500 miles. They checked my oil. The mechanic said they would do a comprssion depending on the amount of oil I was using. After 600 miles, the mechanical told me it was just down a little bit and that was normal. I cannot write my reply but I told him I wanted it documented and I would be back in 500 miles. I don’t think he was normal.

  • betty ray November 1, 2013

    we have a 2008 honda elament 6 syd it is leaking oil bad stadted about 6 mo ago is there eney help for that make’

  • Mike C November 3, 2013

    Have a 2009 Honda Accord, having the same issues as everyone else, using excessive amounts of oil, I have an appointment at the dealership. Will see how this goes

  • Tim B November 3, 2013

    Been having a similar problem with my 2008 EXL. With 68k miles they “fixed” the gasket cover filter because i was intermittently getting the low oil pressure light at low rpms. Was told to just change the oil at 5k instead of the maintenance minder. Now at 119k and have ben changing at 5k. The same occasional low oil pressure light is coming on.

  • Beth C November 3, 2013

    My 2008 accord uses oil like crazy. Has made the grinding noise several times and checked the oil and it was out!!! Very unhappy. Using 1qt about every 1000miles.. What happened to Honda’s being such GREAT cars??????

  • Kelly H November 4, 2013

    2008 Honda Accord, I have 152,000 miles on it and had not use 1 drop of oil until all of a sudden the Engine light, the VSM light and Caution lights all came on at once. Pulled over and checked everything and drove it on home. After getting home I had 30% oil life left on the maintenance minder but decided to change oil anyway. Well, when I pulled the oil pan plug only about 1 1/2 to 2 quarts came out and it was some nasty looking oil. I took it to Honda stating a SB repair is out on this and all they would do is re-program it. I fear that the damage has already been done, scarring of the cylinder walls and pistons, which will cause a slower oil consumption. What a fix from Honda. I’m in on a Class Action Suit, you never knew there was an issue until all of the oil was gone, they should replace it all.

  • Brandon Slaydon November 5, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord V4. I never really noticed any oil loss until I started driving across town daily for work. The car had about 90,000k miles on it and all of a sudden it leaks about 1+ qt for every 1000 miles. My mechanic can’t see any leaks. I thought I was crazy.

  • Jeff Audet November 7, 2013

    Since I purchased it new, I always thought that the engine on my 4 cyl 2009 Accord made more noise than should be normal but the dealer said it was OK. A few months ago after taking a road trip, I took it to the dealer after hearing excessive engine noise, the dealer discovered that there was no oil on the dipstick. The oil was checked before the trip but after 2k miles I was down 2 qts. The dealer said I should be checking oil every gas fill and I thought that was BS. Now after reading about this lawsuit, I know it’s BS. Shame on Honda for misleading customers.

  • Jeffrey November 8, 2013

    I have a 2010 Accord EXL that I purchased new. At &10,000 miles, I noticed black around the exhausts so I started checking oil at gas fill-ups. Determined it was using oil. I had never had to add oil to any vehicle, honda or other, in my life. Dealership did oil consumption tests at next 2 oil changes and result was within Honda specs. At 54000 miles, check engine light illuminated with surge and rough idle. Replaced platinum spark plugs not covered under extended warranty. Same thing happened at 81000 miles so honda replaced the engine block under extended warranty. Now out of warranty, 125,000 miles, AM DEALING WITH CHECK ENGINE LIGHT GIVING CODES INDICATING NEED TO REPLACE TWO OF THE THREE CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. This car won’t pass emissions so I guess I will have to pay since not ready to buy a new one. Plan was to drive 300,000 miles, now wonder if POS will make it.

  • Gary Climo November 9, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord and the oil mysteriously disappears accompanied by an obnoxious grinding sound. My father in law took it to his mechanic today and the mechanic was shocked that there was NO OIL left! We might have damaged the engine now he said. This is despicable.

  • LLynch November 10, 2013

    My 2008 Honda Accord began a grinding, winding and knocking noise in the engine all around the same time. When my oil light came on the first time, I had just had my oil changed. This made me suspicious of the Service Technician when in fact Honda has known about these problems for some time. Honda turned a blind eye. Shameful!!

  • Paul Anthony November 10, 2013

    I have a 2008 honda accord 6 cylinder with VCM engine. I’ve noticed that whenever I change my oil, after about 5000-6000 miles, that only about 2-3 quarts come out. I don’t know why it is so low whenever i change my oil.

  • Paul Fisher November 11, 2013

    I have a 2008 Accord, 4 cylinder, I had a rattling noice coming from my engine and I noticed my oil light flicker and I checked my oil to find out it was 3 quarts low! Never had an issue up to this point. Actually have a co-worker that had a major issue with his 2008 and ended up having his engine replaced.

  • Lauretta Mitchell November 14, 2013

    I just found out today from my Honda service tech that there is a class action suit for this problem. For at least the last year I’ve been told, the noice and lack of power was due to the age of the car and I needed to change the oil every 5000 miles. Now, I’m concerned that there may have been damage to my engine. I hope the settlement will cover that as well.

  • Rick November 15, 2013

    We got a new engine in our ’08 Accord at 62000, all covered under warranty due to this exact problem.

  • Joyce November 15, 2013

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord that is burning excessive fuel. It is burning almost 3 full liters between oil changes. I have taken it in for an oil consumption test.. They say it is normal. I have called Honda Canada, they also say it is normal. I am totally discussed with them. It is absolutely not normal to be burning 3 liters of oil in between oil changes. I check the oil dip stick once and was almost completely out of oil. The oil light did not even com on either. This has been a fight with no support and nothing but lies from Honda Canada. I will never ever buy another Honda. I want to know how to get in on the class action lawsuit?? I feel that I have been totally ripped off with this car. It was very expensive and I can’t afford to buy a new one at this time.

  • brandy November 16, 2013

    Finally… glad I kept my receipts of paying lots of $$ to fix my car twice for this problem at the Honda dealership… Sad that I traded the 09 Accord in to the dealer and didn’t get much trade in for it so I actually lost more $$. Im happy with my new 2013 Accord so far.

  • glyn d. rogers November 18, 2013

    2008 honda accord burning 2-3 liters oil between oil changes .starting to rattle brought to mechanic very low on oil with 3500 since last change

  • bill m November 19, 2013

    Once again the lawyers win. Extending the warranty will not fix the problem. They will not fix the problem on the regular warranty what makes anyone think they will fix it in the future.Honda saws it is OK to use 1 quart of oil every thousand miles. This is unacceptable. I did oil use test, but service manager indicated that Honda would not do anything Unless consumption was more than 1000 miles per quart. They updated the software which helped the spark plug following problem, but the milage dropped by 3 gallons a mile. I bought this car because Consumer Reports said the Honda Accord was the best sedan even though they had been having this problem for 2 years. They still will not repot this problem. It is a shame that so many people are having this problem without help.

  • Marty November 20, 2013

    The settlement is BS. How the hell can you be reimbursed for repair when Honda would never acknowledge that there was a problem. I’m not wasting any more time on this. I have owned three Honda’s but the ’08 Accord I have now is my last Honda.

  • Felicia Dawson November 21, 2013

    my 2008 Honda Accord burning 2 Qts of oil a month who do I talk to about this problem and get resolved

  • Susan Albanese November 21, 2013

    Bought a used 2008 Honda Accord with 32K on it. It currently has 84k on it and the Oil light went over so I checked the oil and there was NO oil in my car. I looked to see if had an oil leak but that was not the case. I brought the car to a reputable mechanic and he told me about this problem that the 2008 has with oil consumption since I was dumbfounded as to how the car could have ZERO oil in it when I do scheduled maintenance ALWAYS…so now what???

  • Marc Terrell November 22, 2013

    Like many of the comments below, our 2008 Accord started drinking oil – right at two quarts between oil changes that occurred between every 3500-4000 change. Did all the diagnostics like tracing the lines, removing and replacing filters, and observing seals and the garage for obvious leaks. Notices a build up in the exhaust line which would indicate as many comments do that it is getting into the combustion chamber. Not happy about it.

  • Wayne Hundemann November 25, 2013

    My engine warning list is constantly on now for a week. I have multiple diagnostic codes errors P3400, P0304, P0303, P0300 to name a few. I have 72000 miles on my car. If I take this to the dealer will it be a covered repair?

  • Chikieu Nguyen November 27, 2013

    I have honda Accord 2008, it is burning oil crazy, i have to add 1 litter every second week. Unacceptable.

  • Gary O Cosper Jr November 29, 2013

    Alright, getting ready to go pick up my 2008 Honda Accord coupe. Looks like I am going to have to pay for my second VTC Accuator due to lack of oil. Also they are charging me for the replacement of new valve cover gaskets because of of all the oil that is leaking out the back of my engine..

  • Erica December 4, 2013

    This is my second Honda that is experiencing the oil consumption issue and I’m not going to pay for something that seems to be a major issue for the 2008 Hondas. Without warning, my car won’t start and then I check the oil and there isn’t any. The oil light or maintance minder does not come on. This is a serious problem that Honda needs to recall and fix all vehicles with this issue.

  • Comeau January 3, 2014

    I also own a 2008 accord, and around 70k it started burning oil at approx. 1qt per 1000miles. after doing numerous oil consumption tests and trips to the dealer, to my surprise Honda Canada agreed to rebuilt the engine ( rings and pistons only). I ve been driving this car now for approx. 3 months and the car is burning oil at the same rates as before (1 qt every 1000milles), If Honda agrees to rebuilt your engines ensure they replace the engine block as their quick fix isn t working!

  • January 7, 2014

    I owned a 2010 Honda Accord and in August, 2013 I got an oil change and noticed that my oil life was down by 15%. It was then that I noticed my car was burning too much oil. My gage read out was 15% life for the oil and I had recently had an oil change about a month and half ago.I went to the Honda dealer for an oil consumption test at 62K and was told to come back within 1,000K to verify any oil burning. I did so at 63K on Jan. 7, 2014, and half a quart of oil was added at that time. I will return again after another 1,000K because it is evident that something is seriously wrong with the engine consumption of the oil.

  • Jeff January 30, 2014

    My 2010 Accord at 55,000 miles was having engine noise. This was 3,000 miles after I had an oil change and the oil life was at 60%. There was no oil in it. Honda told me to bring it back in 1,000 miles for an oil consumption test. It was a half a quart low. Honda has honored the powertrain warranty and is replacing the pistons at no charge.

  • Richard S. February 1, 2014

    I have an ’09 Accord EXL 4cyl automatic. Last oil cycle car started making noise. No low oil light but engine was almost 3 qts low at 60% on the dash. Added oil and when it was time to change oil/filter it was 2 qts low again. Just had to add 2 1/2 qts again this oil cycle at 50% on the dash.

    We will call Honda to see what they say.Reading the comments above, I’m not very optimistic.

  • Jodi Harbott February 5, 2014

    I have a 2008 Honda accord coupe 4 cylinder that I purchased in brand new in 2008. It currently has 50,000 truly gentle miles on it from a 51 year Grandmother. It has been using oil for quite some time and neither my husband nor I could figure out where it is going. We have checked & watched the tail pipe and it does not appear to be burning the oil out the pipe, there are no gasket leaks or oil on the garage floor! It has been a Houdini mystery until tonight…when I decided to Google “2008 Honda accord 4 cylinder oil issues”. SHAZAM…!!! a huge oil related issue resulting in a class action lawsuit. It’s disappointing that the dealership wouldn’t have said something to me when I had my oil changed. My husband also purchased a brand new 2008 Honda Accord, 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder. He has not had an issue yet. Is there the same issue on the 6 cylinder? I intend to join the class action. I will contact our local Honda dealership as well for an oil consumption test.

    • Eric Lindemann March 4, 2014

      The class action lawsuit was also amended to limit Class Members to include only owners and lessees whose vehicles may have experienced engine misfire, to include only allegations related to engine misfire, and to voluntarily dismiss claims related to excessive oil consumption in 4-cylinder Accord vehicles.

      • EJ March 7, 2014

        So, my 4 cyl 08 Accord ..loosing oil somewhere…is no longer included in the class action?
        I am on a oil consumption study.

  • Mike shaw February 16, 2014

    Have 2010 v6 bought new. Had same problem everyone is
    Talking about. They put new engine block in car , car is still
    Having oil issues. Honda does’nt know how to fix it.

  • Kim February 18, 2014

    I have a 2009 V6 Honda Accord burns 1 quart of oil every 900 – 1000 miles. This is the first car I have owned that I need to monitor the oil levels. I purchased a Honda for the first time after owning other cars because I was looking for something reliable. I have updated the computer program and still uses more oil than ever before. Was told my the Honda Mechanic that burning 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles is ACCEPTABLE. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN EVER.

  • Shelly February 24, 2014

    My car has been consuming a lot of oil too. I got the letter from Honda saying that my car may be consuming too much oil and to bring it in for a software update which I did but nothing has improved and my car is at the mechanic as we speak. I had to tow it there. THE SENSOR ON THE TIMING CHAIN went bad but the timing chain isn’t stretched which they say is odd. The cheapest way to go is going to cost over $1000 but I will still have the oil consumption issue. I’m dropping a quart of oil in every other week just driving around town and an occasional ride on the highway…so about every 500 miles! Am I eligible for the class action lawsuit? What do I need to do?

  • Danny March 6, 2014

    I have the 08 v6 accord. Same issues just as every other v6 owner on here. Took it in for the oil consumption issue/recall.., honda did change only 3 spark plugs (i paid extra to change the other 3 spark plugs)..and the honda tech’ s also did the “famous” software/firmware update. This all happened 2months ago. Now as we speak the car is at the shop again with low compression on cylinder 2 and misfiring codes as well. Honda said they wont cover it because they already did an update on this vehicle and because it doesn’t have anything to do with the recall!
    I agree with everyone else. Honda will not own up to having designed a terrible fuel eficiency system, “ECO Mode”. There is definite problems with this engine switching between 3 cylinder mode which is Eco mode, and then 6 cylinder mode normal mode., I’m guessing that has to do with the sudden change of oil, fuel.. I dont know. I’m not a honda specialist, lol!
    However, why didnt honda put the same engine in the Acura TL into the accord v6???
    Same size engine, vtec everything but it doesn’t have this foolish “Eco Mode”.
    Time to say enough is enough. Those new Hyundai are starting to look better lol.

  • Jamie March 7, 2014

    Finally nice to know why my car is guzzling oil! I have a 2008 accord V6 with 110k and just paid it off. I’ve been told by my mechanic that
    It’s cause the car has high mileage but now I know it’s and issue. What do I do now? Get rid of the car?

  • Les Crooks March 16, 2014

    I have a 2010 Accord and just had it to dealer for oil consumption. Used over 1 litre and still 30% oil life left. Only 39000kms on it. Put in in the oil consumption test after i paid $350 for an oil change and air filter change. I think the Dealers are in this with Honda corporate. Its just a money grab for the dealers too. This is one owener who will be buying north american quality next time.Good luck to you all.

  • Melissa March 16, 2014

    Have a 2010 honda civic ex l with 77,000 kms and dealing with the same thing. Motor ticking and recently lost all power and found out she fouled out all the plugs. Now doing the oil consumption test!! So frustrated!!!

  • Caroline March 18, 2014

    I have a 2010 Honda Accord with 25,000 miles that needs an estimated $10,000 worth of repairs, including a new engine, two catalytic converters, cylinder heads, and miscellaneous parts. Honda is refusing to cover any of these parts under the powertrain warranty citing a fuel injector cleaning done by Jiffy Lube approximately a month prior to the car’s break down as the reason for the engine’s malfunction. Would my car and these conditions fit into this class action lawsuit?

  • John Garcia March 19, 2014

    Please count me in. I have a 2008 Honda Accord that also misfires. Let’s take care of this problem.

  • cory March 25, 2014

    my 08 4 cylinder is eating oil like theres no tomorrow ive brought it in 5 times and they keep giving me bullshit excuses

  • Top Class Actions April 9, 2014

    UPDATE: A federal judge granted final approval to the Honda engine misfire class action settlement at a March 21, 2014, Final Fairness Hearing. More info:

  • Ashley April 23, 2014

    So when will we find out when we can take our cars to have them fixed??

  • Charlie April 25, 2014

    Just dropped my car off at the dealers because there is no oil left in the car. This is the second time this has happened. Dealership says they need to do an oil consumption test first. Does this class action suit cover 4 cylinder 2008 Accords?

  • Michelle May 1, 2014

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe Ex 4 Cyl. I have the same issue with the oil consumption. Also when I start the car, it makes a noise as if it is starting dry. I was getting oil changes every month. Please let me know how to get involved with this lawsuit. I read that honda decided to extend the powertrain warranty up to 8 years after purchasing with no limit to mileage. Was this news given to all dealerships so that the owners can get this problem fixed?

  • G May 12, 2014

    I am having the same problem with my 2008 Honda Accord, and I would I get my car fix and come on board with this

  • Alex R May 13, 2014

    My 2010 i4 accord coupe that I bough about a year ago has started to burn oil! ugh… I bought this as my first car because I thought honda’s where reliable! I guess not! I am stuck paying for the car for the next two years! I am highly considering trading it while I can! my Car has about 54200 miles on it and burns 2-3 qts of synthetic oil between changes!

  • no name June 3, 2014

    our 2008 Honda ody doesn’t have the active engine management, so far so good but now I know will check oil regularly we have 78k

  • Paul June 12, 2014

    I just finished the 3rd part of my oil consumption test and they said I am losing more than the “normal” amount of oil I should be losing; which they said is 1 quart per 3000 miles. They made a call to honda letting them know that I am losing too much oil and now honda is telling me that I need to show proof of all my oil changes since I bought my car to prove that I have been maintains my car. Complete bullshit. I’m so sick of honda. How can I sign up for this? Honda needs to man up and fix this shit.

  • Honda Owner July 15, 2014

    Let’s SUE! Everyone is so quick to take the easy way out. When my A/C acted up, I fixed/replaced it. I didn’t look online to see if anyone started a class action lawsuit. Maybe I should’ve!? To the person that has a 25,000 mile Accord and needs $10,000 worth of repairs—get a new mechanic!
    A Honda has the highest resale value, one of the safest cars to drive!! Let’s go buy a GM product and we can sue them during the next recall!!

    After we sue them, let’s sue Bank of America for not giving us a loan modification!!!

  • eric July 15, 2014

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord exl 4 cylinder with 90,000 miles that is burning oil like crazy. i started notices the the engine burned oil the past 3 oil changes. Then I brought my car into the HOnda dealership and they put me on this oil consumption test. I just bought my car in for a second oil consumption test and the dealership said that they would talk to a Honda representative about getting me a new engine. After talking to the Honda representative about getting me a new engine they said that they can replace the engine (do an engine short block) for $3,400. No way! I am not spending another $3,400 for a new engine. Does anyone know of any solution to this? i know about the class action lawsuit but it seems to only apply to the V6 models. also i mentioned to the service representative about the service bulletin 12-087 and he said that the service bulletin only applies to cars that are under warranty. i dont understand why the class action lawsuit does not apply to the 4 cylinder honda accord models.

  • Top Class Actions July 24, 2014

    UPDATE 4: Reimbursements from the Honda Engine Misfire Class Action Settlement were mailed July 14, 2014. A second wave of checks will go out this Fall, according to the Settlement Administrator. If you get a check, let us know!

  • Derrick July 31, 2014

    I have the same issue as everyone else. I don’t think that I will buy another honda. It looks like the deadline to submit claims was April 2014. Honda has offered to replace the o-rings at a 50% discount. I don’t want to spend $2000 to replace those when I am not even sure if it will resolve the problem. And….I have had the VTC actuator go out 3 times.

  • Charles Taylor August 9, 2014

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord EX. It has the four-cylinder VTEC engine that produces 190 hp. It has been burning a quart of oil every thousand miles since it had 81,000 miles.


  • James killen August 13, 2014

    Wow I’m having the same problem my 2008 accord ex-l it’s used 2 quarts of oil in 3100 miles that’s not normal ! I just purchased it 4 months ago I already wanna get rid of it but I’m stuck paying on it for 4.5 more years what a mistake I made I’ve owned 6 Hondas and never had an issue till this one. It now has 76000 miles on it and sounds like my timing chain is making noise too what a joke how can honda say a quart every 1000 miles is normal NO WAY ! I also use RoyalPurple only not cheap to add a quart every 1500 miles at 11$ a quart . There is NO excuse for this I want to join this class action matter

    • Gail August 14, 2014

      How can I get in this Class Action Settlement???? I am having the same issue with my 2008 Accord ELT. I have 131+ miles on my honda. I have been having this issue for a while now. I never heard about any on this.

  • Dennis Johnson August 14, 2014

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord with 78k miles. A year ago I had a spark plug replaced after the car was misfiring and overheating. This May the problem persisted and I took the car to the dealership. They told me a piece of a spark plug broke off into the cylinder and could not assess the extent of the damage. I mentioned the class action law suit and all the documented challenges on the internet . They told me my challenge was not related but said they got Honda to contribute. They could or would not tell me an amount or reason they would do so. Needless to say I did not trust them. I took the car to my local mechanic and he replaced all the spark plugs. $400 vs dealer cost of ????. The car ran fine for 3 weeks and then started overheating and the check engine and VSA lights were back on. Took the car back and am now facing a $4000 repair for a cracked cylinder head. First and last Honda. I was 58 when purchased with hopes of running for a long time into retirement…WRONG. The biggest piece of junk ever.

    • Dude October 14, 2014

      Sounds like you got screwed. $400 for new spark plugs is a ludicrous price, and if one of them had broken off inside the engine of course just replacing them wouldn’t solve the problem. You still had a chunk of metal bouncing around inside your cylinders! If anyone screwed you on this it was your non-Honda mechanic overcharging you for spark plugs and not doing the work that needed to be done.

      Also, the spark plug breaking is a different issue than the one everyone else is having.

  • Linares August 18, 2014

    I too have a Honda 2008 Honda Accord coupe. That uses exessive amount of oil about 1 qty for each 1000 or 2000 miles. No smoke from the tail pipe and you oil drop below the engine.. So she is burning the oil thur the cylinder and piston at a small rate. I too has what thur the rear brake pads after less then 15,000 miles.. and dealer denied warranty before the lawsuite appeared to the public eye’s.. Honda also has the first start up of the engine in the morning or after long no starting time and you hear that loud rattle for the first 5 seconds then the noise is gone.. Honda has a Service letter on that too..and they deny warranty for that too.. oh yes. I do my rountine service on time and oil changes to the letter and service codes.
    Honda don’t cheat the people that purchased your product..

  • Kevin lane August 27, 2014

    My 2008 is burning TONS of oil. It’s crazy. I have a an appt on Tuesday to take it in, but I’m not going through all this oil consumption test crap. They know the issue, and they better fix it without charging me. I guess we’ll see. I’ll have to remind them of the lawsuit if they decide my wallet is the only way to fix this.

  • Shade; October 9, 2014

    My 2008 Honda Accord Coupe has the exact same issue with the excessive oil consumption. Due to the fact that the deadline for the class action suit has already ended, what do I do now if I missed it?

  • Brian November 5, 2014

    I’ve had the same issue since I bought my 08 accord used, no one could tell me what was wrong with my car. I initially thought the dealership forgot to put oil in it when the oil light came on, so I added oil. Went and got an oil change, earlier then needed, and in a few weeks oil light came on again. Since there wasn’t oil on the ground where I park, and no oil visibly leaking the problem wasn’t that clear. So I took it to Honda, they couldn’t figure it out, basically told me to continuously check my oil. That was it. The guy seemed to think it was funny, like I was dumb for bringing my car to him. Anyway just googled last night about oil light being bored and came across the law suit, no doubt I’m having the same issue, and was wondering my next step. Am I too late? If not what do I do next? If I am, what else can I do? I have no luck with things like this and could really use some help. If anyone would care to let me know it would be really really appreciated, my email is if it isn’t listed above, thank you so much

  • JC Washington, DC December 4, 2014

    I have the same issue since I bought my 08 accord​. ​Honda dealer refuses to take any responsibility. They did the oil consumption teste already and know want me to pay $800 to open the engine to identify the cause of the problem. ​Can anyone tell me what ​other alternatives I have to join this class action lawsuit? My email is

  • Harold Morris January 1, 2015

    I have a 2008 honda accord with the v4 engine in it. I bought the car used with 17000 miles on it. The car ran beautiful until it hit 60000 miles. At 2500 miles my oil light flickered and I took it in to have the oil changed. It was over two quarts low at the time. I thought that the dealership didn’t fill it clear up the last time the oil was changed. Well here I am again and at 2500 my oil light flickered on again. Its over 2 quarts oil low . Now I read all these complaints about honda. I repeat this is a 4 cylinder accord. We are a generation full of honda drivers but do to this problem and honda not stepping up to repair the problem cars there will be 4 families buying something else.Shame on Honda.

  • LP Alabama January 4, 2015

    I’m having the same oil issues and understand the it’s too late to file a claim. What am I suppose to do now? I cannot afford to fix it.. The dealerships recognize the recall/oil problems and should fix them free. I will never buy another Honda.

  • Joseph Rios January 12, 2015

    Hi im having a problem with my accord 08 v6 coupe with only 55k miles on it. This car is definitly a lemon I hate it I need help on this I went to the dealer to update the pcm cuz of the transmission issue, two weeks after that it started to hesitate on the highway and the engine light and vsa light started blinking one of the spark plugs was burnt. A month after that the alternator just died like from nothing!!! The car starts to lose power and hesitate on the highway then started to do a real scary noise and it shut down it was nasty. Replace it and now my actual problem is the car is very rough idle the lights are flickering and when im on a red light I let go of the pedal a little bit and it starts to hesitate and lose power also the lights flick a lot more with the AC on need help someone please. Someone….

  • joe January 18, 2015

    Have 2008 honda accord. Already had my transmission redone, thank god for extended warranty.
    now I am having the vibrations issue and misfiring.
    Getting a code that refers to chamber 1 or quadrant 1 misfiring .
    This is total bullshit and honda should be ashamed!!
    Ready to throw in the towel , every 1000 miles put in oil !! This engine sucks!!!
    No more Honda for me.
    Car Max here I come where I bought it, guess they don’t care either !!

  • Will January 25, 2015

    They need to add 2005 Honda Accord 4cyl to that list. Mine seems to burn a crazy amount of oil.

  • Anonymous January 28, 2015

    My 2002 Honda Accord (4 cylinder) started leaking one quart of oil per week at around 92,000 miles. The rate of oil consumption has increased over time to the current rate of 1.5 quarts of oil per week at 99,000 miles.

    Why isn’t the recall with the same engine block engineering design defect (which is essentially Not Fit for Use under warrant of merchantability) not included in the class action or a subsequent class action?

  • Natalie January 29, 2015

    I have a 2008 accord v6. My check engine light kept coming on, I went to Honda with misfiring and first time they replaced spark plugs free aftee I kept going back. 2nd time check engine light and misfiring could find nothing wrong and said if it keeps happening I will have to have piston rings changed. When I hit 90k I had the $900 maintenance done and piston rings changed. 2 months later it happens again except this time the oil light is on. I take it in and they keep finding nothing except a bad wire, it stops coming on for about a month and here we are again with the check engine light and oil light. I took it to Honda and now since I’ve just hit 100k they want to charge me the $100 diagnostic few. I’ve been there 100x and it’s still within a year of the huge maintenance. I didn’t know about this law suit. Can I do anything about this issue now? Please help.

  • Will Casey February 8, 2015

    I have a 2009 honda accord and its burning about 2 quarts between oil changes and I still owe on it been having this trouble for months how do I file on the lawsuit because honda needs to step it up n fix the problem ill never buy a honda again!!!!!

  • Birmingham February 19, 2015

    Just purchased used 2009 Accord 4cyl 6 months ago. Burning about a quart every 1,000 miles. Is there a class action for the 4cyl?

  • Brian April 8, 2015

    I took my 2008 Accord to a local dealer. It had an engine misfire on cylinder 3. Dealer says plug is bad but is not oil soaked, so warranty does not apply. Honda dealers are as dis-honest as Honda themselves. As a business owner I realize how much revenue a customer for life will generate. Honda has lost all credibility with me. Back to Nissan or Toyota.

  • Eric Rowe April 22, 2015

    My 2009 disintegrated a rod bearing. Honda claimed that it was run with low oil for an extended period of time and that it is my fault this happened. Been through the software update, the changing of the spark plugs, had not changed the piston rings yet. Mine did not last enough.

  • Brian Conway May 5, 2015

    My 2010 Honda accord EX had this exact issue in 2012 after 50K miles. Honda did replace for free. In 2015 with 155K miles the same exact issue is occurring. The local shop is stating the first engine was replaced due to the lawsuit but this one is not covered. I was currently looking for a new Honda for myself and my wife. I have referred several people who have bought Hondas. That will not be happening anymore. There is no way I should have the exact same issue twice within 3 years and 100K miles on a car which is branded one of the best and longest lasting cars in the industry.

  • Thomas Hamilton May 8, 2015

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord with approximately 64,000 miles. I have to constantly monitor the oil use because of the extraordinary use of oil. Approximately 1Quart of oil per 1,000 miles. The likes of this I have never seen. We collectively need to hold Honda’s feet to the fire and make them do what is right.

  • Yuriy G May 19, 2015

    I have 2010 Accord with 51k miles on it. It just started doing the same noises, I’m afraid the engine may get damaged. How do I get on this class action?

  • Ryan P June 26, 2015

    I have a 2008 Accord EXL 4 cyl. and I have to add a quart every 1,000 miles. Every day I get behind the wheel and wonder if this is the day the engine finally gives. Hate the feeling of having an unreliable car despite doing all preventative maintenance and buying a supposed reliable make and model. What do I do? I cant sell it to a private buyer with knowing it has this issue and Im sure a dealer wont give me jack for a trade in. Is Honda going to step up and fix this issue for us?

  • Daniel August 4, 2015

    mine did same thing. I fought and got partial win / 1/2 off new engine. bout to go to court and try and get rest refunded. contact me if you can

  • Carl Uldall August 6, 2015

    Mine was the front breaks in my 2009 Accord. I would have to have the rotors turned every time I took it in. Couple thousand miles later the same thing. When I threatened to sue them they replace the rotors for free but again the same thing. Took it to a repair place had carbon steel rotors put on with everything else new. Costly yes but I feel safer and so far everything is fine. Never buy a Honda again.

  • Charles August 27, 2015

    I just received the recall note from Honda yesterday (08.26.2015) in my mail box and decided to search the topic on internet.

    I have a 2010 4cyl Sedan 4 door, Automatic with 67K miles. No issue with oil so far. I will monitor the situation and if the oil consumption goes up, I won’t waist my time with this. I will just trade it in for a Camry. End of the story.

    FYI: changed the original back brake at 46K, so nothing to complain about. I like my Honda but I will monitor closely.

  • Charles August 27, 2015

    Sorry, the Honda recall note I mentioned above is saying that my Honda is now covered for defect on “piston ring” in case of high oil consumption. The “extended” coverage on the “piston rings” is up to 8 years or 125,000 miles. This means that my 2010 Honda Accord is “protected” up to about the end of 2017 or 125,000 miles. The recall note allows owners to claim for past repair expenses also.

    • Jacques LeBlanc September 3, 2015

      Hey Charles! My 2010 accord 2.4 L engine just went through a piston and ring replacement( 120,000 km). I was told that these engine have a computer software upgrade that make that engine be leaner on gas. Unburnt gas will start creating carbon deposits that makes the rings stick allowing oil to bypass the oil ring, They also told me to stay away from gas that contains ethanol. In Canada, certain gas gurus have ethanol, up to 10%. I dont know how much truth there is to it. Anyway, my car work fine now and dont burn oil and dont smell bad.

  • Renee Goughlerp September 1, 2015

    Our 2008 Accord XL is burning oil too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car and we are big Honda fans. However, we have switched to BG products as well as Lucas oil products to abate the oil usage. there is no leak that the mechanic can find so it has to be burning the oil. I was not aware of the spark plug issue or piston ring problem until I read read some of these complaints. We purchased our 2008 Accord in 2010, used and certified by the dealership, with 49,000 miles on it. Current mileage is approximately 128,500. we have consistently changed the oil, every 3-6000 miles. It makes that weird noise starting cold that others have described. That’s been the indication the oil is getting. Low and the oil light comes on mostly after driving as you slow and turn. Has the class action been completely settled? If the suit has not been settled, is there a way we can apply for damages or receive some compensation.

  • Jacques LeBlanc September 3, 2015

    I own a 2010 accord coupe ex-l with a 2.4 l engine. I also had problems with my engine consuming oil at a rate of 1 litre to 1700 KM ( 1 qt/1000miles). The warranty of the car paid for the fix. They replaced the pistons and rings(genuine honda parts) and I have since change the oil twice with 16,000 km. The engine has not consumed one drop. The engine runs great and I since received a letter from Honda Canada extending the warranty to 8 yrs/200,000 km ( 125,000 miles).

  • Jacques LeBlanc September 3, 2015

    Sorry! I forgot mensioned that my car has 120,000 km

  • Dominick Serio September 13, 2015

    My Honda Coupe 2010 is Burning oil as well.. This is cause by Bad piston rings .. Its also called Blow by.. Simple check is to start your vehicle and take the oil cap off and you’ll see blow by gases coming out?

  • Jim S October 5, 2015

    Honda Hell continues. Have had engine lights flashing, jerky driving, and fouled plugs replaced twice since at least 66k miles in 2011 Pilot (always Mystery Cylinder #3). Since 78k miles it started the oil burning; now at the rate of 1000 miles per quart (now 90k miles total). NE Ohio Honda dealer says nothing wrong and there is no recalls.(read the case very carefully: it is NOT a recall, and at the 11th hour they got all reference to oil consumption yanked from the case before it is settled; and, technically, if they replace plugs once you have received one recovery (see page 11 of case settlement.) and you are done). These people are total crooks – dealers and Honda alike; everyone denies, lies, hides, makes half-truth statements. Have owned 4 since 1988;10 in our immediate family. Two late model Accords and Pilots in our clan have had this same disaster this year.

  • Ben Zangara October 6, 2015

    I have a 2010 Honda Accord that is using oil on a regular basis. I have been unable to get satisfaction with the dealer. How can I get more information on being part of this class action suit. I never received any notice as an owner of this make and model. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • B-RYE October 6, 2015

    2008- Accord- 4 cyl- Rattling noises which I guess is the VTC actuator and they say its not part of the oil consumption issue. Instead of straight out fixing the issue, they want you to jump through hoops. You need to get an oil change , then its monitored every 1,000 miles. Based on how much oil is consumed they will or will not replace the part. They should just replace it, you knowwwwwww its am issue. How do we get money for the breaks?

  • John Shaw October 15, 2015

    I have a 2009 Accord LXP with only 13,500 miles. I just received a letter that some Accords for the years 2008 through 2011 will get a either a 2 year extension on their warranty or up to 125,000 miles. I called the top people at Honda Motors in Torrance, CA and I told them that such low mileage how can I be assured that I will not have this oil consumption mileage a few years down the line. Well, they would not budge on warranty. They do not seem to understand that oil consumption is based upon using the car as opposed to only using it sparingly. They should have send out a letter on a case by case basis as there are a lot of people who have low mileage on their Accords. Also, they apparently knew about this problem and covered it up. That is deceptive. I also took the car into the dealership for an oil consumption test which is drive the car 1,000 miles and see if it burns a quart of oil . That is ridiculous. I am doing my best to fight their feeble response to this problem. Honda is a very cheap company. That is a cultural thing. I also had the rear brake problem at 9,000 but the monies in the fund to pay for that had run out when I asked them to pay for it. Honda needs to work for their customers- not against them. The only way to even get them to learn how to deal with their customers is to call up their corporate USA headquarters. Names to call: Mr. Yamata(CEO)- top tier resolution team: Brian Philbin and Derwin Rodriquez. Bother them early and often. The lone ranger approach does not work. Get a lot of people to literally haunt them and make their lives miserable.

  • Anonymous November 12, 2015

    We bought a 2009 Accord LX-P (4 cylinder) new. The car currently has 85K on it. It is my wife’s car, I do all the scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. Recently, she told me the car would run rough and \rev up\ from time to time. When this occured I found that the oil was either low or off the dipstick. Oil monitor showed around 50% remaining. Thought it might be leaking but it is not. I got in the habit of topping off the oil every week and a half or so to get it to run. Then the plugs started to foul. This should not happen. First the rear disc issue and now this. This is our third Accord, never had a problem with the earlier models, all lasted more than 200K miles. Wish I saved the 2001 Accord, 240K ran great, all it needed was a clutch, but wife wanted an auto. Brought the car in for the 1000 mi oil consumption test. Car is using 1.7qts per 1K miles which works out to a quart used in less than 600 miles. Currently undergoing piston and ring replacement service. My concern is the short block, if it is gouged then new pistons and rings will not solve this issue, it will need a new block. If Honda did not acknowledge the issue previously, how do I know they won’t slap in new pistons and rings into a bad block? I will ask to inspect the block when it is torn down. Totally lost confidence in Honda’s integrity.

  • Annoymous December 6, 2015

    I bought my 2009 Honda Accord about a year ago and the low oil pressure indicator is already is coming on. Seriously I just bought the car a year ago and theirs already problems on it.

  • julio martinez December 7, 2015

    Wow! My 2008 Honda Accord LX is currently in for service on the exact issues mentioned here. I got it at 109,000 miles and its my second stop back to dealership shop in less 1 month for this. right now they re looking and they havent found why..wonder they r trying hide???

  • joe December 22, 2015

    I have a 2010 honda accord 6 cyc. I started having oil consumption issues about 2 years ago. I kept bringing to the dealer complaining of the check engine light going on and engine stuttering. I was finally able to find the class action suit and told them i was having the same issue. The dealer refused to acknowledge this problem so i called honda. They agreed to fix the issue by putting in new pistons and rings. This fix lasted about a year and half and the car started to have same issues. They told me us was on my own and that they wouldn’t fix the problem a second time. The regional service manager was nasty and wouldnt help me. The dealer at MIDDLETOWN NY HONDA wouldn’t fix it either. I will never buy another honda again and will never bring my car to honda service. It is pathetic the way i have been treated.

  • Renee B December 29, 2015

    I bought my Honda Accord Coupe EX-L brand new in 2010. I started experiencing problems with oil consumption in the second year. Also, my car would start extremely hard or not at all in the winter. One time I was refueling at the gas station and my car would not start. Good thing someone I knew came along and jumped it for me. My engine light would come on all the time and I kept wondering what was up with that. It was making me nervous. I would take my car to the closer Honda Dealership to my home. When I realized that my car kept using oil, I stopped going to the Honda Dealership because I thought they were shorting me on oil all the time and I told them that. I have all my records. I also complained to the place where I take my car now not a Honda dealership. I was in the middle of my oil consumption test per Honda dealership and the oil light went on. I called the dealership and they said to add oil. I asked them what about my oil consumption test. They said they would fix the car. That was maybe 3 weeks ago. I have called Honda on an earlier date when I received the Warranty Extension: Sticking Piston Rings Resulting in High Engine Oil Consumption on August 8, 2015 and it was printed April 15, 2015. Then I asked for the Service Bulletin #12-087 from the dealership where I purchased the vehicle and they wouldnt give it to me. I did get a copy of it from another Honda dealership.June 13, 2015 superseding the previous one. Im fed up! I am going to contact a lemon law lawyer in WI. I have contacted both dealerships and told them that I want a new car.

  • G G January 24, 2016

    08 Honda Accord,4 cyl – Major Mechanical Problem with Engine, Sticking Piston Rings. When is Honda going to step up and fix this problem for all their loyal customers, without limitations ? Imagine driving our unreliable vehicles on a highway and an engine failure takes place and a potential fatal accident occurs. Oh, maybe then they’ll settle a lawsuit. An Extended Warranty is not the fix because something this significant needs to be a total RECALL !

  • Ethan February 23, 2016

    My 08, 4cyl just broke down. Really back me off by considering engine replacement after reading this page. My story is shared at:

  • Ethan February 23, 2016

    Looks like the settlement is Apr 10, 2014. But I am still within 8 years of original purchase. I got a immobile car, I might have to replace the engine to revive. Are there any other options?

  • Joe Kidd March 17, 2016

    Have been complaining of excessive oil consumption on the WIFES 2009 Accord 4 cyl.since it was purchased. I was told repeatedly at the local stealership that a quart of oil every 1000 miles is industry standard. Car has 127,000 miles on it now and it uses 5 quarts of oil between changes. Got a letter from Honda HQ in December that they are extended the warranty to 8 yrs 128,000 miles for STICKY PISTON RINGS causing excessive oil consumption. So again another consumption test was completed at OUR cost this time!!! Work was recently completed at no charge except for the timing chain and tensioner they talked her into replacing as it was LOOSE, just for the parts though no labor. In the past it was explained to me that the TIMING CHAIN was forever and would never need servicing. Anyway I get the car back and receipt shows 6 quarts of oil installed in the engine that only takes 4!!!! Yup oil level WAY up. Back we go yet again..

  • G S May 12, 2016

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord, I had to replace the rear brakes twice by 90,000 miles. I have been getting lot of engine grinding noise since 90,000 miles and lots of oil consumption. I filed a complaint with BBB, but they could not do anything since my car is at 137,000 miles now. I never got a letter from Honda saying the warranty has been extended to 125,000 miles. I have registered my self at Honda owners website and no email saying I have there has been a warranty extension on your car due to bad HONDA engineering. I even called the Honda customer service of North America and they denied any help or wrong doing. They quietly extended the warranty and now I have to pay for all the repairs. can anyone help me out.

  • G S May 12, 2016


  • Maria June 15, 2016

    I went thru the misfire issue with my 2010 Honda Accord v6 from July 2013 to Feb 2014. Numerous check engine light and misfires within 8 months and dealership finally did the valve and ring job. Car continued to sputter but they claimed nothing was wrong with it. So now 2 years later and I get a check engine light. This time it’s my cat converters… There are 3 on the darn car and they are all bad.. Honda will not include this repairing the misfire issue when cats are know to go bad if the engine is burning oil or misfiring Etc. After complaining they finally agreed to pay 75% of the bill.. Why they don’t just cover it all is beyond me.. It’s their fault so many cars are having issues. Just take responsibility .. In addition to the cat replacement .. I have a radiator leak too and that’s prob a result of the cat backup.. I give up.. Code after code and no one helps on this site. Called Honda and they don’t care one bit. This will be my last Honda purchase. Good luck to everyone !

  • Dave August 31, 2016

    I have read most of these posts and i was suspicious if actually Honda wants to fix the problem or just pretends to do so. The good news is, in my case they did. here are the facts.
    1- The dealership is more than happy to acknowledge you do have the problem, because it is HONDA who is going to pay them to fix it for you and they don’t lose anything themselves (I mean the dealership) and that is a fat job and they don’t wish to lose it . So stop thinking the dealership is acting against your benefit. in this case, they will stand on your side because that can bring the money into their pocket and the fix to your car.
    2- Go to a dealership and say i have “excessive oil consumption ” problem and i want you run the test for me. They will ask you to pay for the oil and filter change. then will ask you to come back when you have driven 1000 miles. When you are back, they check, and if it shows it is burning at least a quart. they will send a report to Honda , and you can hear from Honda the next day. High probably, Honda will ask them to ask you to run the test another 1000 miles and after the second test, they will ask for another 1000 miles. meaning in total you should go for 3000. and if in each 1000 shows you did burn one quart then you are eligible for a repair ( if you are with inside the warranty or extended warranty which says either no more than 8 years passed from the life of the car or has not been driven over 122000 miles (if i am correct), in that case you are covered and Honda will pay for the repair.

    3- if you are lucky to fall into the extended warranty and approved for the fix, since Honda is paying for the labor and the part for the engine, take the advantage and save on the labor fee and just pay for some optional parts from your pocket and ask them to replace them for you labor-free like, drive belt, timing chain (2 chains), V-teck, tensioner ( total about $500) you are saving over $600 on labor if you want to replace them later. ( i paid and i am happy about it).
    Now i have an almost new engine now. 3 days after i received the car, i revived a letter from dealership offering me a trad-in value on my car equal to the price i purchased it 2 years ago! well that is because they do know about the inside of this car so somehow this gives me more confidence about my car now.

    good luck to everybody

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