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Amway Faces Nutrilite Supplement Class Action Lawsuit

By Matt O’Donnell


Amway Nutrilite Twist TubesThe Center for Science in the Public Interest has announced it will file a class action lawsuit against Amway unless it stops making illegal deceptive claims about its Nutrilite line of liquid dietary supplements.

Labels for Nutrilite “fruits & vegetables 2GO Twist Tubes” make false claims that the product contains two antioxidant servings of fruit and vegetables, even though the 10-mililiter tubes do not come close to conveying the same health benefits as real fruit or vegetables, the CSPI says. The product also contains the artificial sweetener sucralose, despite a print advertisement claiming it has no artificial ingredients.

Similarly, Amway claims that Nutrilite’s Immunity Twist Tubes are an “immune system booster” that will “protect your cells.” This immunity claim in illegal, the CSPI says, because it implies the product will prevent disease when it won’t. In addition, the Strawberry Kiwi flavor has neither strawberry nor kiwi, “despite the attractive pictures of those fruits on the box,” the CSPI says.

The watchdog group says it will sue Amway unless it stops advertising unsubstantiated nutrition and health benefits in connection with “fruits & vegetables 2GO” and “Immunity” Twist Tubes.

“Amway is sending a horrible health message to American consumers when it holds out its Twist Tubes as a short cut to getting the health benefits of real food,” said CSPI staff litigator Seema Rattan. “People who want the health benefits of two servings of fruits and vegetables are far better off eating two servings of fruits and vegetables. And no one should be deceived into thinking that these pricey little tubes will prevent them from getting sick.”

In a letter to Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel, the CSPI says that Amway’s labeling and advertising for Nutrilite products violates federal regulations and consumer protection laws in the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, and California.


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Updated March 1, 2012


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