Costco class action lawsuitCostco consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against the wholesale retailer and FNA Group, Inc, which sells a line of pressure washers under the Simpson brand name at Costco. The class action lawsuit says FNA and Costco “have misrepresented to consumers, and continue to misrepresent to consumers, that their pressure washers are ‘PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA’ when, in fact, components are made in other countries.”

The Costco Simpson pressure washer class action lawsuit says the Defendants’ actions have misled consumers into purchasing their products based on the false pretenses that American workers manufactured the products.

“Consumers would not have otherwise purchased the Defendants’ pressure washer absent the false representations, which enabled Defendants to reap windfall profits from the sale of cheaper goods manufactured in foreign countries,” the class action lawsuit states.

By misrepresenting the national origin of an essential component of its pressure washers, Costco and FNA violated a California law, which specifically says:

It is unlawful for an person, firm, corporation or association to sell or offer for sale in this State any merchandise on which merchandise or on its container there appears the words ‘Made in USA,’ ‘Made in America,’ ‘USA’ or similar words when the merchandise or any article, unit or part thereof, has been entirely or substantially made, manufactured, or produced outside of the United States.”

The Simpson Pressure Washer class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all consumers who purchased Costco’s and FNA’s Simpson Gas 2700 PSI Pressure Washer in California within the past four years. It is seeking damages, restitution, statutory penalties, punitive damages and a full refund for Class Members who purchased a Simpson Pressure Washer during the Class Period.

A copy of the Costco Simpson Pressure Washer Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

The case is Paul Martin v. Costco Wholesale Corporation and FNA Group, Inc., Case No. 34-2012-00118165, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Sacramento.

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