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Comcast Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

By Mike Holter


ComcastA class action lawsuit filed in Superior Court accuses Comcast of unfair and deceptive business practices, claiming the company charges customers for services they did not receive during time periods in which their Comcast services were suspended and/or disconnected.

California resident Craig Ritchie alleges in the Comcast class action lawsuit that his Comcast services were disconnected in September 2011 when he was unable to pay his bill. In November 2011, Ritchie says he called Comcast seeking to reinstate his services, and was informed that in order to do so, he would be required to pay for services he did not actually receive during the two months his services were suspended.

In addition, “Plaintiff and all other Class Members have not received refunds for charges incurred for services they did not actually receive during the time in which their services were disconnected,” the class action lawsuit says.
The Comcast class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all Comcast customers in California who, from January 27, 2008 to the present, had their services suspended by Comcast and were charged for services not received during the period their services were suspended.

Ritchie is alleging violation of the Unfair Business Practices Act, deceptive practices under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and breach of contract. He is seeking Class certification, damages and injunctive relief.

A copy of the Comcast Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

The case is Craig Ritchie v. Comcast Corporation, Case No. 12-cv-173162, Superior Court, State of California, County of Santa Cruz.


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Updated February 3rd, 2012


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  • Anonymous February 22, 2012

    There needs to be MORE Comcast Class Action Lawsuits for the love of God! They are such crooks and are probably paying off everyone to keep them out of court. C’mon everyone, file more!

    • Anonymous January 2, 2014

      Who do I call..Comcast is blocking my E-mail

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    How do we file a class action suit?

    • robert young August 1, 2015

      how can I get on the class action lawsuite…when I was a Comcast customer they overcharged me every month…they even made me pay extra months bills

      • Ken B December 25, 2015

        They extort money called overage fees every month. I was on vacation with the power off and came back to 50gigs used. It is a scam and I will support anyone suing these crooks.

  • Anonymous August 16, 2012

    How do we join this suit? They did the same to me

  • Anonymous October 4, 2012

    This Crooked business did the exact same thing to me!!!!!! I had a $240 credit because my internet and cable were out constantly, and I Spent NUMEROUS HOURS of my life fixing the issue. Now I’ve cut off services and was told by at least 20-40 different comcrook employees that I have a zero balance and nothing more needs to be done, only to find out Yesterday that I somehow STILL OWE MONEY AFTER DISCONNECTION AND ZERO BALANCE, EVEN AFTER I HAD A COMCAST EMPLOYEE TELL ME I WAS RECEIVING A $70 CREDIT CHECK IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous November 12, 2012

    The same thing has happened to me but I have never received any credits. Hours and hours with no phone, Tv or internet, But they dont care. I would also like to know who to get in on this suit. I dont see a claim form anywere on there,

  • Anonymous November 15, 2012

    After I negotiated a cheaper rate for two years, committing to pay the regular rate for the next two years, TCM was discontinued. TCM is my wife’s favorite channel. I have not checked yet, but I’m wondering if Comcast still wants me to stick to my end of the deal. My assumption was that we would get the same channels.

  • Anonymous November 17, 2012

    Is there a class action lawsuit against Comcast because of the bad Closed Captioning (CC)? I’m deaf andI need this CC.

  • Ted January 6, 2013

    I think this site is owned by Comcast. It is here to direct you away from actually doing anything against them.

  • Marie January 18, 2013

    I can tell you I have been with this company for two years, the first year we made a payment and the very next month they said I didn’t, even when I have my bank to back it up, took me three months to fix this. Now this past year, We pay via phone, no cable bills in our mail which we did request to have them sent, so I call each month on the 15th to pay our bill Jan 15th 2013 I call to make our usual payments, behold the computer automated statement stated we’re a month behind, I don’t think so, so I called our bank again I made monthly payments never missed, so I chatted online with an agent who said this happened in oct, I told the person it’s a mistake the bank confirmed my payments, then I called today 1/18/2013 that person said it was in July again I told that man he’s wrong We paid that month, I explained that the bank went back a 1 1/2 and seen we paid monthly never missing a payment and all payments over 188. so I explained to him that there must be a mistake, he said in July we missed a payment that our bill was 394.? wow I told him that is impossible our bill is 188. always, he refused to look or anything didn ‘t want to listen to reason. So we’re screwed no one there wants to admit they made a mistake.. I have bank payment stubs and can prove this. I refuse to pay for something I have already paid!! I want to join this lawsuit..

  • Marie January 18, 2013

    also we have had periods daily where we dont have internet or phone, called them they come out say it is fixed, but it’s not, then we had times when service was out two days did they credit me no?
    so yeah a bad business.

  • f c wilcoxon February 2, 2013

    Has this been settled? There are many neighbors in my building with same circumstances.

  • Fran February 3, 2013

    ok, its time to start complaining about email accounts not being able to receive any emails. Also, where are all of my email I had from 6/2012 up to 12/24/2012? Gone-Baby-Gone !!!! I have not received any emails on my comcast account via their web email since January 14th. Its now February 3rd. I can’t get to them via phone or chat as well. All I get is a recording and music. Saying that all customer care reps are currently business. I BET THEY ARE. Comcast needs to start hiring back their technical experts and people with experience. Both business and technical experience is needed. Also… STOP OUTSOURCING TO OTHER COUNTRIES and USING THOSE NON-US so-Called technical resources to try and fix problems.

  • Cindy Maxion February 24, 2013

    Their rentals states 2 day rental and they are only for 1 day. You are charged twice. They advertise it is a two day rental, but in reality it is a one-day.

  • Cindy Maxion February 24, 2013

    In Comcast’s Xfinity on Demand Movie guide their movie rentals are false information. We rented a movie, Hitchcock for $4.99 2 day rental, the next day it was showing 14 minutes left on rental. I contacted Comcast and they said it was true. It states 2 day rental, but in reality it is a one day rental, you are charged twice if you want to watch it again.

    • Patrick Bailey July 18, 2015

      the following is a chat with a chat agent about the difference in purchasing and renting when my grandchild of just turned 5 ordered ppvs ..Karen: I respect any decision you have for service cancellation. The movie is tied up with the cable box and anytime you cancel the service, you have no access with it. This is the reason we have option in our TV screen whether we rent or buy a movie. XFINITY On Demand Purchases will allow you to buy digital copies of movies and TV shows to purchase (not rent) permanently through your set-top box or online. If you are cancelling service, may still be able to access your purchases through the XFINITY On Demand Purchases app if you sign in before disconnecting your XFINITY services.

      Karen: Viewing purchased titles on your TV requires a subscription to XFINITY TV service with access to XFINITY On Demand. If you disconnects all of your XFINITY services, you can continue to watch purchased titles on the XFINITY TV Go website or on your mobile devices with the XFINITY On Demand Purchases app.

      Patrick: as I stated this is considered fraud. Have a great nite and thanks for not helping much
      Type Here:

  • Jan March 22, 2013

    Last year I was fed up totally. They (Comcast) lie through their teeth. I only wanted basic. They were charging me for Basic 1 and extended Basic. Finally I bought a flat screen tv. I also bought a Roku and I do NOT have internet with them but, Fairpoint in NH. Well their box knocked out my Roku and my wireless router and my internet. I was livid. I unwired their box on my own, and only screwed in the cable cord. Hit the “menu” to my tv 4th icon, and clicked “channel search” . WITHOUT their box, I have at least 50 stations, and needless to say they are livid with me. Now I got another letter saying they will be encrypting the cable cord ..service coming in…Can’t! Only can do with their box. For all of you out there? I now pay $10.78 a month…Why? Look up geek sites. ALL of the new Flat screens have EVERYTHING built in…Qam tuner, HD, LED, LDT…everything. You don’t need their box. And try and get their little streaming box with 300 stations and no monthly payments. They are always sending me a threatening letter and I just may file ANOTHER complaint with the FCC.

  • Susanal August 22, 2013

    I am fed up with the Comcast’s service that never works. I have a long story and documents to prove it! Thanks, Susana

  • Donna Torelli September 12, 2013

    They added Ixfinity TV to my bill on April 29th, 2010, when I had digital phone installed. I didn’t notice the charge until a couple of days ago, but I never had TV installed, nor do they have any paperwork. I have been a customer of Direct TV for about 20 years, and is the only provider I have had. They will not reimburse me for my 2K, because they said Illiniois Law states that if a customer doesn’t notice an error on their bill then the provider only has to reimburse them for 3 months. I can’t see a law being put into place. That promotes these companies to roll the dice on adding features that people didn’t order. If they get caught then they only have to reimburse 3 month and can pocket the rest.

  • Amy September 18, 2013

    Comcast is the worst company I have ever had interaction with (poor customer service, off-shore customer service making communication impossible in some instances, passing you around from department to department (did that to me for three hours one day, accomplishing nothing). Instead of solving any of their huge problems, they just changed their name to Xfinity. Please warn your friends about them. Thanks.

  • Francisco Olguin September 23, 2013

    Same issues as plaintiff, but in Georgia. My service for both cable and internet have been disconnected on 2 seperate occasions and I am forced to pay for entire month in full because I was told my “account was still active” even though I received no services or benefit. Highly unethical, and should be illegal in my opinion.

  • Jeff Potter October 6, 2013

    I have been charged ahead of time, been ignored, charged late fees for charges that were not late. I have suffered damages

  • Ed Floyd October 14, 2013

    Sign me up and contact me for illegal practices of Comcast?Xfinity

  • Pat Flesch November 24, 2013

    Comcast sold me their Blast and install service when I called to terminate their service as its very costly (~$75) for just the Internet. They never came out to install the service but still charged me month after month for the non-existent Service. I called them after a couple of months to inquire about the problem. The Comcast Rep kept saying that I was being charged because I had purchased Comcast Blast. I tried to explain to him that I had not received any of what I had paid for but he couldn’t understand what I was saying???? After 10min I asked to let me speak with a supervisor He kept saying they were busy. The person I talked to couldn’t understand that I never received the service, boxes, or install??? After ~1 hour I gave up. Please help. -Pat

  • Rebecca December 30, 2013

    I called and cancelled my service in July. I moved. 3 months later my parents (?? How did they get that number?) get a call from collections looking for me (I was out of the country.) I chat with them online, where they say they’ll create a ticket to somebody who can correct it. A month later, I get another call from collections. After 3 hours on the phone, I was bounced from billing, to “Customer resolution” back to billing, to the cancellation department. I spoke with a supervisor after that. Thankfully we were able to be amicable. I had to pay something like $2.16, instead of the $120 or so they wanted. To have done with it, I was glad to pay. In that time, I had been disconnected twice.

    To cancel in the first place, you have to call a place where they don’t pick up. The first time I called, it said they had a 4 hour wait time, so I called again later where it was 30-40 minutes. It should be illegal to not have a way to cancel services. I got dropped to collections. The supervisor said she would contact the company to get me out of collections and that would take off any negative effect it had on my credit… but who knows.

    Everybody I contacted was able to see I had called to cancel services, but nobody was in power to do anything about it. There is no supervisor available in the cancellation department, and most of the employees seem convinced their supervisors can only do the same things they can.

    I got an email from my gym regarding a class action lawsuit about their cancellation practices. It seems to me what comcast does is inexcusably illegal.

  • nancy tempest January 2, 2014


    • Ross Smith September 27, 2014

      Yeah ,

      I left there after 3 years of hell. That company is worthy of many legal actions!

  • tornia s February 20, 2014

    Comcast is a crooked company I want to know how can I join in a class action lawsuit against the company charging for services that was never done stating that my monthly will be a certain amount but I got my bill it was a different amount. .so I discontinued there services and now they are refusing to pay me back my money .so how can we sue that crooked company.

  • Arthur Taylor March 3, 2014

    My name is Arthur Taylor and I have service with Comcast.It seems every time I pay my bill they seem to delay on posting it my account.I just posted $300 for this current one but talking to a CSR regarding said issue I’m hearing static loudly.I paid said amount last Friday at a grocery store across from where a former payment ctr was.What is Comcast problem and is it possible to get this problem resolved amciably for both
    parties?Somebody at this law firm contact me regarding said issue and if lawsuit is still active.

    Arthur Taylor

  • Paula Moore March 11, 2014

    I was hit with the same foolishness from Comcast by saying I owe money on an alleged account I did not have. I have tried to resolve this issue with them and I kept getting the run around.

  • Ray Johnston March 19, 2014

    This is still going on. I was a Comcast customer.
    Two months ago I called in to down grade my service with Comcast and I received an Order Number.
    One month ago I received my bill and my service had not been downgraded. I called Comcast and they said they had no record of the transaction. After several minutes of arguing I told them I had an Order Number. They said, we have that order but it was never processed and my bill would not change. They said they would process the bill as of this day. After some more arguing they agreed to correct my bill.
    I was so angry, that the need day I took all the equipment to a local Comcast office and I cancelled all my services we Comcast. I asked for a printout of the cancelation order, she had no way to print it, so she printed out a screen shot of the completed order. This screen shot also showed the down grade order from a month earlier.
    On Monday, March 17, 2014 I received another bill from Comcast for March and April. I call in again and told them I had cancelled my service, and again they said they had no record of a cancelation. Again I told them I had an order number and he said there was no order. After I start reading off the information on the order, he said he had the order, but it had not been processed. We followed the same routine as before. After I threatened to get a lawyer, he connected me with a different department.
    They said to ignore the bill and that they owed me $23.00.
    This appears to be a routine they follow to rip people off. I f it happened to me twice, they are probably doing it to everybody (policy).
    After a period of time, I expect to get the bill again with a letter saying they are turning it over to a collect agency.

  • Mary May 5, 2014

    I cancelled my Comcast in Naples, FL April 2013 as I moved to a different area of the state and it is serviced by Brighthouse. In May 2013 I rec’d and reimbursement check for a the partial month I did not use. Today, 5/5/14, I get a call from a Star Collection Agency stating I owed Comcast $30. I have never rec’d any bill or anything else since I closed my account indicating I owed any more mine until this call today. I contacted Comcast to resolve the problem. After approx 35 minutes on the phone and going over the problem with two different departments, I was transferred to yet a 3rd Department. After being on hold a while, a voice picked up and said hello, and when I responded, they line disconnected. I called back, was onb hold about another 12 minutes before finally speaking with yet another person and explaining the situation and was told I needed to speak with someone in Collections. So on hold again. Finally someone answers and after explaining my situation one again, the lady on the phone told me she was not in collections. I asked for a mailing address so I could mail in my complaint and after a lot of effort was finally able to get one, but had difficulty understanding the person I was speaking with. As it turned out, they are located in Asia! I asked to speak with someone in the USA and was told they would transfer me to another line but there was no guarantee I would get someone in the USA. So after well over an hour on the phone, I still do not have this resolved. Even more ridiculous is when looking at my account online, it states it is inactive due to being delinquent, yet shows me with a $274+ credit. Totally absurd. Does anyone know of any ongoing class actions in Florida I can join?

  • nanno13 May 17, 2014

    We live in a rural area and still have dial up for our internet. So we called Comcast over two months ago to get their services. I missed 4 days of work waiting for them to show up to install. First guy that showed up was late and when I ask him about he said ( so I’m late I here now), then he tells me he will have to send in a repair notice then left. I called them again, they gave me another appointment no one showed up. This has happened 4 more times. I have heard every excuse under the sun. One day I had two appointments on the same day still a no show. And when I call now I ask to speak to someone who speaks English. As of today we still don’t have any service, and it has been 2 months and 14 days and counting since my first call to order their services. They are the biggest joke for a company I have ever encountered. I would love to join a class action suit against these jerks!

  • R. Barrett June 9, 2014

    The services we have received from Xfinity/Comcast Is The worst. We are always having issues with our cable, Internet and phone. We have multiple services calls and the issues are never resolved. The billing is always changing and never a steady amount we can budget, and always billing us for a month in advance. What kind of business does that anymore.
    We started with the triple play for 99.00 and with taxes and all the fees it jumped to 128.00. Then they tac on the advance billing month and it continues to go up higher and higher. Now, we ended paying 189.00 and finally got fed up and decided to cut the cable and phone. They said we would only pay 70.00 with all fees but that was false information. We got a bill for $144.00. They are charging cancellation fees for the cable and phone and 3 weeks in advance. This is ridiculous and highway robbery. Their should be laws that protects us from these scams this company is doing. This is so frustrating that my blood pressure is up so high from arguing with all this nonsense. I will gladly file a complaint and forward all my recorded calls that I have had with Xfinity/Comcast/Timewarner. We are filing complaints to better business bureau. This is the worst company ever. I would love to join lawsuit. Just to figure out how to file or join.

  • Mel July 10, 2014

    I would like to join this Class Action, or file a NEW one! Since 2012-2013 I have been OVER Charged monthly for services and equipment we DON’T Own/Have..Like boxes we DON’T Have.. They Will NOT removes, nor fixed,after stating they have “adjusted” our bill.. well.. NOT Supervisor, of the many twice a monthly I speak with has EVER Called us back, nor resolved.NO CREDIT BACK! Lost service with internet and they credited back for that loss, then I upgraded adding cable leaving direct TV.. we were charged a RE-connection install fee when NEVER had Comcast and told there would be NO install fee for new customers!!! Then hit with a $185 service fee, cause the renter’s 2-3 years BEFORE us buying used Comcast..Umm.. Know shouldn’t be, yet IS MY Problem.. Lame!
    That was well years before the house I bought went into Foreclosure,cause was on market was 2 years… Unbelievable.. and forced,unless I wanted to make another appointment for installation to come back out another 2 weeks,after already awaiting 2 weeks! I have 4 children and crappy to do….Hmmm?! Exploit much?! is why they choose to “mis” inform the public, or oppps we should of told, yet sorry.. Yes.. another few bucks WE have to pay! Plus, horrible excuses for taxes being applied. rented for years before I bought. bad customer service.. we lost service, which I own two home businesses and because that service “glitch May 2013.. I lost a HUGE $350,ooo Account! The internet service cut i and out many times that week, while doing business and that BS is where the credit was supposed to be applied.. Then I was dooped into actually believing the Promo 12 month excellent HBO FREE, plus channels for ONLY $79 back then was real.. then the next month to be hit with paying $165 monthly, after taxes ect.. The woman/rep told me on the phone when I agreed to change from Direct TV and have a Double package deal with have already had the BLAST Internet service and forced, if I wanted to pay for that BS upgrade fee of $10 to my bill with package plan, plus cable with 3 boxes ONLY.. I corrected when install came out on paper, which I have a copy stating they brought out and I received 4 boxes.. (one cheaper less cable box), yet I HAVEN’T and why I wrote with my signature on that receipt we didn’t have.. Told they told read those receipts by contracted install Man from Georgia. one Family room DVR box, one regular box w/o DVR for master Bedroom and one tiny basic BS cable box missing channels we pay fully for our channels! PLUS.. we have been over charged since install for boxes,which were less and one free box and other 2 boxes that we were told costing us ONLY $9.95 monthly,cause one box free, other box was $4.95, which the extra regular price for the DVR box was originally $15.oo.. removed fee cause of their promo .. again. Great Deal, right?!
    My total from the Comcast Sales Rep BEFORE I had agreed, after their State/crappy extra BS taxes,3 boxes, $10 Blast upgrade and 12 month promo-Free HBO rate was told NO More than $115.oo MONTHLY!
    First bill.. Charge a lot MORE than $115..
    Opps.. Told by Superviosr after calling and wasting MORE of MY Free time to resolve their forever not ending screw ups.. they would investigate my call.. and return my call within 1 business day to credit back.. Oh, wait.. Get’s better.. Then i called 3 days later.. NO return call and our service shut off when we just paid .. Their fault.. was another account and their BooBoo.. Umm.. sure.. So, I mentioned about the call I made several days beforehand.. NO RECORD! And they Don’t RECORD CALLS.. this was AFTER I was told by 7 diffrent lying sneakiy Supervisors THEY DO Record customer calls,Hmm..NO wonder! Long story short.. It’s nearing 14 months AFTER, which we are still disputing those credits from LOST Internet service, also UN-Approved High fees, which they don’t do contract either.. that is a HUGE Lie when agreeing to a “contract” for those 3-12 month promo rates they offer for free whatever’s… They also stated they would include FREE Stars and Showtime for the inconvenience . waited 2 days.. NOPE.. Nada written down in my call log about hat either, yet they began after that last call for “free'” Starz and Showtime while also waiting to still resolve our problem of being quoted incorrectly for their “investigation”.. I was charged for nearly another $5 monthly for those so-called FREE extra premium channels..
    Took 2.5 months to see that credit back on my account for that alone!…Still NO refund for the 14 months of STILL illegally charging me the wrong amount.. another Rep stated they NEVER had that Promo running back then.. for my $79 Double package deal with Blast upgrade and boldly lied to me.. I was nice.. Woman hung up me, cause I asked her to look back harder, which of course their systems can’t “locate” that Promo then, yet sure as damn hell they can definitely “locate” what you ,customers OWE them, right?! I’m owed back monthly!
    Unbelievable is all! I’m owed back between $65-$82 MONTHLY for nearing now 15 months…. Total owed for their HUGE F UP.. close, or over a $1,000! NOT Including a credit for 2-3 weeks of severely interrupted, or NO internet service! another problem.. Before my package deal.. Blast internet Only.. I was paying a into promo rate for 12 months of $29.oo, then after 6 months went up to $39.oo.. shouldn’t have been.. 1st time customer Promo.. I questioned.. they said some lame lie about it only being 6 months..
    I disagreed.. again.. same issues.. then service issues, then all of sudden with 2 months left out of 12 months.. $79!!! Seriously! They lied again! Hey.. WARNING—–>> RECORD YOUR CALLS EVERY TIME, especially IF starting NEW account, or changing, upgrading existing account!!!
    They lie.. don’t record & WILL SCREW YOU OVER!
    My area .. Comcast Cable has grabbed us by our balls, cause NO other internet is fastest.. so limited.. ok.. Can’r have another carrier. Stuck! So, I paid, cause they agreed to start me over another 12 months @$29.oo again.. Suuure.. That was 1 month before I made the switch to double deal.. wasn’t… still waited back for that credit..
    I have had my service shut off,cause of money issues here and there, or simply forgot to pay,cause I won’t do auto bank withdrawal with this Company lying! sad! I have friends that work there.. They hate it and tell me stories about them knowing excuses, lies and frustrated themselves from Comcast’s lies!
    I just met with my Attorney…
    I’m suing. Done!

  • Mel July 10, 2014

    Oh.. Reason of WHY this Case for this person’s Class Action suit failed.. Ignorance.. Person SHOULD of recorded the calls..NOT by having just the Reps names from Comcast.. DUMB! Lack of evidence ppl.. I have recored calls now to prove my case and names ect. I did inform they were being recorded. Still lied.. I did a practice thing to see if this BS would occur again.. YUP! I upgraded at one price I was told ,then Opps.. They charged MORE than what was advertised and BAM! Recorded.. Gotcha! 😉

  • Dave Yandow September 16, 2014

    Something is definitely wrong when you can’t communicate with anyone that can give a straight answer from this large company. Everytime I call I have to go through a phone maze only to get some call center person with no authority. I’ve spent 3 days worth of my time to recover over $766 for a charge that my bank says I must deal directly with comcast because they claim it is a bill issue. My daughter signed up for service on the U Miami plan for $69.99 per month and got informational paper back but with no reciept. When her bank statement arrived it showed her card being hit for $766. My daughter and I have been unsucseesful in recouping our monies and they have recently charged her card again automatically for the recent first months payment. I have never been a Comcast customer but I think I may need an attourney to go after this terrible giant. This is either a mistake or they stold from my daughter. The billing department looks up her account and has no record of a $766 charge against her account. I asked them where did the money go with no explanation. Ridiculous! It’s obvious to me that upper management has a great mouse trap built that shelters them from you and little mice like me. Hope they will resolve this overcharge on my daughters debit account and save face. I will never give up until justice is served.

  • EK Atlanta November 13, 2014

    Comcast is the worst company in the world. Its a monopoly and rips customers. This is my second experienced dealing with Comcast.
    Let me know where to sign.
    If you try to disconnect services they pile on you new fines. They never pick up the equipment and charge you for not returning their equipment. Takes them 60 days to respond to a disconnect request and then takes them 30 more day after that to disconnect you. Meanwhile they keep charging you and if you dispute the charges there is no one to speak with and the charges keep mounting.
    They try to exhaust you and they hold the key and they hold the charges.

    Let me know where PLEASE – we need to put a stop to this — this is the WORST customer service and billing practice experience I have ever seen. I am not a complainer — never sued anyone or dispute bills but this has been a blood boiling infuriating experience. Someone has to pay!
    let me know what to do?


    EK Atlanta

  • maria Setzes March 18, 2015

    A mi tambien me estafaron y me mandaron a colleciones por una cuenta que esta al dia, cuando llame a Infinity me dijeron que no tenian informacion de la deuda y que la pasaron a colleciones, que me tenia que arreglar con la compania Stellar rec, esta compania me trato muy mal solo me dicen que pague $189 nada mas y no saben de que es. Tampoco me aseguran que lo van a sacar de mi reporte de credito. Que se puede hacer ? Maria Sacramento Ca

  • Robert Janowitz April 25, 2015

    Moved to Santa Cruz from Redwood City in Jan 2014. Not getting the speeds advertising I am paying for every since. As many have already explained. The technicians know the advertised speeds arent possible. I have filed complaints with the BBB, the FCC and the local Santa Cruz franchise authority. No one seems to care. The San Jose Mercury and the Santa Cruz Sentinel showed a passing interest but never followed up. Looks like a simple case of fraud. I had a national attorney working on this case however he lost his effort to keep the issue national. Comcast succeeded in insisting this is a local small claims issue. I assume they are betting that few customers will go through the trouble of suing in small claims so they can continue to steal money from the vast majority of thier customers in Santa Cruz and Scotts valley. I did receive a one-time $400 credit to my account as a result of one of my FCC complaints. As others have stated, this doesn’t solve the problem going forward. It also isn’t fair to the majority who don’t know they’re being overcharged or don’t know how to complain and get results. Are there any blogs addressing this issue in Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley? Has anyone found a way to effectively get Comcast to lower thier internet bill commensurate with the actual service they are receiving? Robert J.

  • Michele May 8, 2015

    I have a work from home job and had to have high speed internet and comcast is the only company that offers it in my area. We have had so much problem with the internet it has caused me to loose my job. Can I hold Comcast liable for this?

  • Liesel Appel July 1, 2015

    I have to file a law suit against Comcast as they have made me physically ill. For years I have spent hours on the phone with them only to be lied to and getting the run-around. Whatever they say does not mean anything. They have the worst business practices anywhere.

  • robert young August 1, 2015

    ive been ripped off by Comcast several times, and I want to do something about it

  • Miley August 20, 2015

    Comcast is nothing more than compilation of thieves and liars. I am no mathematician, but I know that the bundle service total through my association is $100/month so I am baffled as to how my bill is over $500 is less than 2 months. May the market NOT have mercy on this company ever and may they quickly crumble into the abyss of failure, which is exactly where they belong…

  • Scot September 15, 2015

    I would like to join this action against Comcast as well. They told me they changed my plan in February but the changes never happened. They have been charging me a ridiculous amount and refuse to refund or credit my account even though they admit that they screwed up. They offered me a token amount of $105 when the actual amount is almost $900. Pathetic for such a large company.

  • silvia October 21, 2015

    hola me uno a ustedes ya que a mi tambien me esta pasando lo mismo puse un servicio y desde entonces eh tenido problemas porque no recibo lo ke pedi se cae mucho el servicio y encima puse un internet de una velocidad y cuando llamo me dicen que yo no tengo ese servicio ke es otro, unamonos todos aqui y hagamos una nosotros ya esta bueno de ke ellos no tomen el pelo yo por mi parte voy manana para recursos humanos para que me ayuden

  • Terry J Fundak October 27, 2015

    I attempted to cancel my Comcast Service today. They insist they I need to sign a disconnect form and the I didnt give them 60 days notice. ( I guess I am living in their house! ) I have been out of contract for more than a year so tell me why I have to pay for 60 more days? Their agents use planned tactics to foil your attempt to stop service immediately with deceptive business practices that force their employees to tell you nothing about your rights. File a complaint for the FCC and with Elizabeth Warrens – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Do file a Small Claim case against Comcast…. They likely will not show up – you win. And make sure you record all conversation with Comcast agents – ALWAYS – They do. Thus you have the right to also.

  • Ken October 29, 2015

    Just so I can Have internet for my family Monthly Statement Summary
    Previous Balance 265.64
    Payment – 10/05/15 – Thank You -265.64
    New Charges – see below 181.16
    Total Amount Due $181.16
    Payment Due By 11/16/15
    New Charges Summary
    XFINITY Bundled Services 54.99
    Additional XFINITY Internet Services 120.00
    Other Charges & Credits 3.25
    Taxes, Surcharges & Fees 2.92
    Total New Charges $181.16

  • Rudolph Celaya November 12, 2015

    I have for the past 6 months arguing with the billing dept. about being charged more then I had been told at the time of service agreement. Then 2 months ago I received in the mail a great offer. I informed them that I was financially in distress and couldn’t pay much more then the offer given. The business office stated that there wasn’t any other charges as stated in the business flyer mailed. The offer was $159.99 per month, as offered was most premium channels,most regular channels for two years. Well to my surprise the bill received was $301.18. When I called the billing office the stated that that was just the special offer,other charges were for equipment ,jackes etc. etc etc. I have called numerous times arguing with so many employees and some managers to no avail, please I need help, if these illegal practices corrected. Thank You for your time Rudy

  • Jonathan February 17, 2016

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME ABOUT SUING POS COMCAST PLEASE? They are hurting my 85 year old father. they put a modem in our house that is a microwave weapon. TURNING OUR HOUSE INTO A WIFI HOTSPOT. My dad cant sleep. Its baking our brains heres my phone number 484 802-1358 heres my email Im serious, if you know how to do it get in touch with me.

  • LA PUTA QUE TE PARIO COMCAST February 19, 2016


  • laurence vaughan February 28, 2016

    Comcast same here every time I pay the bill they charge me more the next month, they told me I owed $6 more and my next bill would be $87.00 due on 3/19/16 I just signed in to customer billing on 2/26/16 and my account shows I owe $95 for the same bill due 3/19/16 I signed in today and they say my bill for due 3/19/16 the same bill not due 21 days is now $105 . I have been with them a year been overcharged every month . they also tell me I have 150 mbps down which I pay extra for and the most I have gotten with there own test is 32 mbps down load we need to get together and sue Comcast , also if your going to be a new customer be ware your rate will double like it did for me at the end of 12 months , unfortunately no other service has internet and tv in my building

  • Michael March 16, 2016

    I feel sorry for the hard working citizens being fraudently charged by Comcast everyday ! I also recieved over 1 year ago from a collection agency from Texas saying I owe Comcast $700. I had service in Fort Myers Florida and paid cable bill and early termination fee for their crap security system! I had cancelled check sent to collectin agency and stated I will sue you and Comcast for fraud.Fast forward I am working in California recieved letter from collection agency out of Washington State saying that I owe Concast $700 . Called collection agency they said its from Fort Myers address where I had service and had paid that bill since Nov 2014. Bottom line they are liars and I want to sue them now! Will file in federal court and will do everything in my power to destroy this company! I’m a former US Marine and retired as a US Army Officer! I know how to destroy an enemy and Comcast is the enemy!

  • Jim Nichols March 26, 2016

    I have purchased over 90 movies on my direct demand. I have no access to these movies, I am directed to buy/rent the movie again. I want to be charged only the rental rate, I obviously do not own these movies, I am unable to watch them.

  • Maibel May 6, 2016

    Como demandar a comcast? Llame a comcast para cancelar mis servicios, lo hice inmediatamente despues de haber pagado mi bill y les hice la pregunta que cuanto mas le debia a lo que me respondieron que ellos eran los que me debia a mi $40 al otro dia devolvi sus equipos e hicimos la misma pregunta de que si debiamos algo a la que nos respondieron lo mismo. A los15 dias de esto me llego un bill de 179, lo pague pensando que era alguna factura pendiente que pudiera quedar y al otro mes siguiente otro bill mas ahora de $ 10 porque segun ellos me pase en el limite de internet (que ahora es limitado segun ellos), internet que no tengo desde hace dos meses. Y ademas que ellos no me deben nada segun me dijeron, por lo que tambien se robaron la devolución, Mi pregunta es donde los puedo demandar por tanta falta de respeto, por tanta burla al consumidor, maltrato, de tanto robo y mal servicio??

  • Flora Kirkland August 15, 2016

    Comcast installed my cable incorrectly and after three years of shoddy service they found they connected it to the the dish wring. I have sub service for three year agreed to charge me 109 a month for compensation, each month my bill goes up 10 dollars or more . They run a monopoly in Lake City Fla and people are angry and fed up here. We need help .

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