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LG, Kenmore French Door Refrigerator Class Action Settlement

By Mike Holter


LG Electronics
UPDATE: This class action lawsuit settlement has been APPROVED! See our detailed instructions on how to file a claim for the LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement
LG Electronics has reached a class action lawsuit settlement over allegations it sold defective LG and Kenmore-branded French Door Refrigerators that failed to shut off the interior light when the doors were closed. As a result, consumers can receive several settlement benefits if they have ever owned one of these defective refrigerators.
The LG Electronics settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Connie McLennan v. LG Electronics USA, Inc., that alleges the interior lights on some of its LG and Kenmore refrigerator models remain on when the refrigerator doors are closed, resulting in overheating, food spoilage, melted plastic, and even fire. LG Electronics denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to resolve the litigation through a class action lawsuit settlement.
Class Members of the LG Refrigerator class action settlement include U.S. residents who currently own or owned one or more of the LG or Kenmore French Door Refrigerators with a model number listed on page 1 of the class action settlement notice.
Under the LG, Kenmore refrigerator settlement, Class Members can receive a 200% cash reimbursement for any money they paid for parts and labor to fix their defective refrigerator if they can provide sufficient proof, such as a copy of a repair receipt. Class Members will also receive an extension of the manufacturer’s limited warranty if they need to repair their refrigerator because its interior light remains on when the door is closed for the next 10 years.
To receive your cash reimbursement from the LG, Kenmore refrigerator class action settlement, you must submit a claim form and proof of repair to the Settlement Administrator no later than November 7, 2012.
Claim forms and more information on your rights in the Kenmore, LG French Door Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at


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Updated July 23rd, 2012


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  • Anonymous May 25, 2012

    My Kenmore/LG Fr.door fridge died 5/22,5yrs almost to date of end of first yr. warranty.Did not renew warranty as parts/repairs/installation took 5 wks when bottom freezer drawer broke 3 dys. before initial 1yr expired(5/24/08). 5/22 incident with lights not going out charred bulb sockets,melted interior cabinetry,melted light brackets, interior liner&gasket,&motherboard.Sears will only send tech to replace light fixture in 11 days.If my tech’s diagnosis proves to be accurate,Sears will order other parts as necessary.My previous freezer drawer experience tells me it could be July before unit is made whole.This is criminal!The only compensation they will admit to is reimbursement for food damage&no charge for parts/labor.I am 68y/o, husband is 76(diabetic/legally blind/kidney failing/heart by-pass survivor);trying to keep our retarded/disabled 32y/o child at home.fridge/freezer in garage but this is a dangerous situation.

  • Susan Vuarnet January 6, 2013

    Our LG refrigerator started to fall apart approximately 4 months after purchase. The plastic shelves and drawers began to snap and break in multiple places. Yes, our light fixture also stayed on and melted light brakets, all surrounding plastic food containers, etc. But, from our perspective, this was just one more problem to add to the list. There should be a class action suit requiring LG to reimburse for the full cost of all interior repairs for the life of the refrigerator because whatever they used to make the interior parts is absolute junk. It is truly criminal. How are they allowed to get away with this?????!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth Ann February 28, 2013

    LG sucks, I bought my refrig in 2007 the french door type and today it started smoking and stopped working when I called LG they stated no recall on my model. I have had no luck with LG, my stove was only 1 week old and the electric panel went out, my washer is also only 5 yrs old and has had to be repaired. So much for LG will never buy another LG Product!!!!!

  • allen tannen November 5, 2013

    purchased Kenmore elete model#795.77543600 in2007, just this month(October) the refrigerator light stays on. tech informed me that the main control board needs replacing. please advise. thank you

    • Clint January 8, 2015

      opened refrigerator to find top shelf and food warm smelled something found plastic covering lights melted checked door switches and sure enough the interior lights stay on even when doors are shut ! 01-06-15

  • Jennifer January 12, 2014

    My LG French door bottom drawer fridge/freezer also started falling apart several months after purchase. Today, the bulbs did not go out and the entire assembly melted and burned! I am outraged! This unit cost over $2500 7 years ago! If they knew their was a problem, why didn’t they contact the consumers and notify them? I have a suite of LG appliances and they are all garbage! The dishwasher was $700 and does not clean on any cycle except for the 3 1/2 hour one!!! I am so disgusted. Thousands of dollars wasted on garbage!

  • Cathy April 2, 2014

    I purchased a suite of Kenmore Elite kitchen appliances in the 2006/2007 period, including a 3-door french door refigerator. Within a year, my ice maker water line busted and flooded my kitchen, ruining my basement ceiling. Fortunately, because the 3-door fridge was so expensive, I purchased an extended warranty, so that problem was eventually fixed. Also, I have had numerous occasions over the last 7 years with the temperature fluctuating in the unit causing food in the fridge to freeze and food in the freezer to thaw. I didn’t know until reading these type blogs that there was a known circuit panel issue and weather stripping problem causing temperature fluctuations and excessive energy use. I’ve certainly never received any information (e.g., service bulletins, recalls, class action suits) from Sears or Kenmore/LG about these or any other problems regarding my refrigerator model. So how did I find out about these issues you might ask…

    A week or so ago, I came home from work, opened the fridge and found the internal temperature usually warm and some food jars in the door panels hot to the touch. When I opened the other door, I found that the plastic light cover had dropped down from the fridge ceiling far enough to sit on top of some food. As a result, the cardboard wrapper on a pudding pack was melded to the plastic cover. Once I finally managed to peel away the cardboard, I found it black from being burned and found several holes had burned through the plastic cover. I tried to push the light cover back up into place but it wouldn’t stay. I found that the plastic holders that keep the cover in place had melted through causing the cover to drop down. My first thought was that the whole fridge was busted but I found the air in crispers to be fine and the food and ice in the freezer to be intact. So I closed the doors to keep the internal temp stable, and then went to the computer to google replacement parts. But instead of a Sears parts page popping up, the first dozen links were complaints about the lighting and control panel problems. I started reading and was shocked that the first complaint mirrored my experience exactly so I kept reading. I eventually learned that the cause was the lights staying on so I pushed the button inside my fridge and sure enough the lights would not go out. My experience happened in March 2014, so you can imagine my anger at realizing that the majority of the complaints I read were dated 2010-2012 and that a class action suit had been filed and settled regarding this issue…all without my ever being notified.

    One of the blog entries mentioned that in lieu of paying the hundreds of dollars Sears wanted (to reactivate an extended warranty) in order to send a repair person out, he simply removed the light bulbs allowed the fridge to cool down to normal temps. My son came over and removed the entire light fixture. Not only was the plastic light cover melted and destroyed but the light sockets were charred black on the inside and out and part of the wires on the back of the bulb panel were also charred. The ceiling of the fridge is bubbled and has one large hole burned through it. I am furious and horried at how close my refrigerator was to catching fire and all for a problem that Sears/Kenmore/LG have known about for YEARS!

    • Jim December 11, 2014

      Did Sears repair the refrigerator based on the class action settlement from 2012?

  • Lisa Schlueter May 27, 2014

    I am now having a problem with the lights not working. Staying on when the food is shut and not turning on when we open the door. The fidge came with the house when we bought it last August. What do we do since its too late for the deadline of the lawsuit to file a claim. Iti s the specific model number of the claim.

    • Not TOO late ! December 31, 2015

      You have 10 years from the date of purchase of your refrigerator to file the claim of repair per The United States Supreme Court-State of New Jersey. If you do not have or able to prove the purchase date then you have 10 years from the date of Manufacture on the serial number plate inside the door of the refrigerator to file your claim call the 1-800-234-0000 on the serial number plate and be diligent and make the claim the warranty will cover the light wiring harness and the circuit board that controls the light to ALL be replaced by Sears or LG which ever make you have at no cost to you IF you have one of the qualifying model numbers and serial numbers involved. I checked mine today 12/31/15 and I found mine on the list under LG and called it in. They took the info and said they will get it repaired for me and were very kind and polite in the matter, and I documented everything JUST IN CASE. I found the law suite action by accident while trying to find the parts to repair my problem. The unit cools perfectly when the lights go out as expected. For now I will leave the bulbs loose in the sockets to prevent it from coming on and let them handle it. We have had this unit since about June 2006 and it is the Only problem we have experience with any of our LG products including the Front Loader Washer and Dryer we bought. We don’t By the Top of the line but I don’t by the lowest line of any brand for the most part and it seems to work out for us on quality and satisfaction and expected life of product. Hope this helps someone else with the same KNOWN issue of the lights staying on with the door closed.

  • Lisa Schlueter May 27, 2014

    That was suppose to say door is shut.

  • charles alspach June 24, 2014

    Did lg ever fix the problem with the lights staying on

  • P.A. Hudon June 28, 2014

    my LG lfc25760sb French door ,bought july 2007, had the refrigerator lights staying on and overheating with the doors closed…..I detected an odor of burned plastic…..luckily I caught the problem before it got worse…..I removed the bulbs.
    If the above class action ended Nov. 2012….what am I going to get to fix my defective LG refrigerator?
    As said an other customer :”LG knew about all this and did not have the decency to inform the buyers involved…….that is an extremely poor conscience from such a leader in appliances.
    Who can help? Tks

    • Not TOO late ! December 31, 2015

      It is not TOO late to get your unit fixed check the posting or call LG and give them your model and serial number and it Will get taken care of. Just have the serial number and model ready for them and also check the class action list on the net. It has a complete listing of the units that qualified for the repairs. Yes they should have made it MORE public and Yes they should have contacted EVERY registered owner to make the repairs but you still have time on your unit. It allows 10 years from your purchase date to get it called in.

  • Gary Conrad November 8, 2014

    Our LG refrigerator model LFC25760ST was purchased in November 2006. The control unit has now dropped about 1″ from the fridge ceiling, the crisper door broke and I found small drawer wheels inside the fridge. This is used at a vacation home so it has not had heavy use. What should be done now that the class action suit time has expired?
    Also our LG microwave door is falling apart and is being held together with duct tape. I have had other brand appliances last 30 years with very little repair. This stuff is junk!

  • FRANK JSKUSE November 8, 2014


  • Clint January 8, 2015

    LG model LFX25960ST French Door refrigerator 01-06-15 opened doors found food warm and a funny smell sure enough both lights were screaming HOT and plastic cover melted ! Why was there no recall on this defect, Why did it take a Law Suit to do anything and Why aren’t all Lg refrigerators covered under this defect/Law suit ? This is a Fire Hazard someone is going to get killed or seriously hurt.

    • Not TOO late ! December 31, 2015

      Have exact same unit in our house and it is a 2006 and LG is going to repair ours without cost of course. ALL you have to do is call it in to the number on your serial number plate and give them the info.

  • kctakeda January 26, 2015

    I can mirror most comments on this page. My LG lights almost caught fire as well. They are hanging down, melted. I took the bulbs out to stop the lights from melting the food containers and heating up the inside of my fridge. What can I do, since this has happened after the class action suit?

  • JohnWixom March 27, 2015

    Same light problem!! Who can I contact for reimbursement?

  • Debbie September 9, 2015

    So sad that I am just seeing this.I have one of those horrible French door LG fridge.What a piece of junk,If I had stayed out any longer one day my house would of burnt down.Light on the inside did not shut off when doors were shut causing the heat from the bulbs to melt the plastic on top,It was so hot the plastic was dripping down.Sent someone out to fix it,It did the same thing.So we been using it without lights,Ice machine broke also.LG makes junk,Its not right this company gets away with not taking care of customers, We also work hard for our money and to buy these products. If it doesn’t work right we should be able to get our money back..Will never purchase LG items again.Customers should of been contacted about this.

  • Chandra Schenk November 5, 2015

    We purchased a Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Nov.2012. October 25,2013 the mother board had to be replaced. November 2014 same thing got parts December19,2014, again this year October 28,2015 it coded again. Service Tech will be back November 13,2015 for repair. Apparently doesn’t fall under Lemon Law. I can pay to rent a fridge and they will reimburse me. NO Compensation for inconveince.

  • yu zhao November 5, 2015

    same thing happened to me today i have LFX25960ST. I am glad my model has safety feature that shut down the light when it reach high temperature. At the first I thought it is the light/door switches, but then I found out my light is always on when i push in both light switches. Any way, I see many people are scared and said if they did not catch the problem in time, it will start a fire. Just want to let every one know, that is highly impossible to have fire inside refrigerator, because there is not enough oxygen (just like you put a lighting candle in a cup, when you cover the top of the cup with your hand, fire on the candle will soon be out, because there is no oxygen), well at least it will not burn down houses.

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