Wells Fargo LawsuitA class of angry homeowners have filed a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo claiming the banking giant illegally refused to grant permanent loan modifications it promised to give homeowners who successfully completed a trial mortgage modification under the Homeowner Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

According to the Wells Fargo mortgage modification class action lawsuit, Wells Fargo committed breaches of contract and violated California consumer protection laws by misrepresenting the terms of the HAMP trial periods plans (TPP), designed to be a path toward a permanent mortgage modification.

The homeowners say they agreed to a reduced mortgage payment amount with Wells Fargo, subject to a three-month trial period to allow borrowers to prove their ability to meet the new obligation. Wells Fargo sent the borrowers letters explaining that if they “make those payments successfully and fulfill all the trial period conditions, we will permanently modify your mortgage loan.”

According to the class action lawsuit, however, this never happened — it was a ruse designed to induce consumers into sending payments to Wells Fargo, even when Wells Fargo knew that it had no intention of granting the permanent loan modification it promised.

“We believe Wells Fargo used the false promise of permanent modifications to extract millions of dollars in payments from its customers,” said one of the attorneys representing the homeowners. “We will prove in court that Wells Fargo’s operations turned a program designed to help homeowners into a revenue stream for the bank.”

The Wells Fargo HAMP class action lawsuit is seeking restitution of the payments homeowners made as part of the agreement, as well as to recover all other funds or property lost because of Wells Fargo’s alleged illegal activities.


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  • Anonymous November 28, 2011

    I have been having problems with my Wachovia/Wells Fargo mortgage for years. We re-financed for a fixed rate mortgage and our mortgage still goes up every year. How can I participate in this suit? I live in PA.

    • debbie mcgowan July 21, 2015

      Wells fargo refused to accept several short sale offers on out property despite them being excellent offers including cash deals. Despite this the property went to foreclose ans is being sold for thousands less than short sale offers we had, does mot make sense, ultimayely ruing our credit, what can we do?

  • Anonymous December 1, 2011

    How do i fine out if im in the law suit for wills fargo mortgage

    • Tanya Moore-Dean October 23, 2015

      I too! had to file Bankruptcy because I was denied a Modification

    • John R. Wallace April 18, 2016

      Wells Fargo delayed working with the California Keep Your Home program for over 10 months even though I was qualified for the time I was laid off from my job until I got another job. This delay allowed them to rack up late fees. They were supposed to accept the funds and modify the interest rate, they took the money but kept the high rate and shredded my credit rating

    • Cecilia M. Arizmendi June 1, 2016

      We had to sell our home of 37 years because of Wachovia/Wells Fargo. We did everything they asked , classes for money management, Hemp, Hamp, etc Calif. programs, we did it all, talked to them practically everyday, just strung us along. We sent them a check to cover 2nd loan, they wouldn’t take it. After about four years of being strung along, they said they would foreclose if we didn’t sell our beloved home. We sold, and I have not been the same since. I received a postcard in 2014 stating we were in a class action suit, have not heard a thing, and trying to get hold of anyone is a joke!!!!

  • Anonymous December 3, 2011

    we have suffered at the hands of Wells Fargo and we were forced into a chapter 13 bankruptcy to save our house and then the bank tried to foreclose on us anyway and i had to fight to get that stopped and all of the stress that Wells Fargo caused my wife and me because my wife was real sick i beleive that the stress caused my wife to die when she might have beaten the infections with out all the stress created from Wells Fargo so i would like to find out how i can be added to the law suite if possible because Wells Fargo is still trying to Foreclose on us now again because i lost my wifes income due to her untimely death at age 45 yrs old and the bank refuses to help me at all thank you richard sandberg

  • Anonymous December 5, 2011

    what they have done to me and my husband is so hard to even comment on…. Since 2009 they have put us through hell…now we have a bankruptcy attorney… we are both disabled live on a fixed income and we are only in our early 50’s. I want this bank, who took a bail out to suffer, like they have made so many suffer under their greedy hands.

    • Denise May 13, 2014

      I agree in 2009 My mortgage company American Servicing company which is owned by wells fargo, sent me a letter of a promise for a loan modification I received the letter like the 23rd or so of the month saying my first payment would be do on the 1st. , and on the 28th of the same month a man came to my door to see the property he had just purchased. I was then sent a letter giving me 10 days to move out of my home. I was only given extra time because I had a renter who had a lease in which because they had to work it out with my tenant it gave me a little extra time to pack, and find a place to live. I ended up selling most of my things, and had to move in with a friend. Because of wells fargo’s false statements and Misleading actions, they took everything from me. I was more than just my home it was my life. I did everything they told me to do in order to be able to get a reduced mortgage, Instead they lied, and stole my home,and life right from under me. All because I trusted what they told me to do, and what they promised me they’d do to be true and factual. Why wouldn’t I they were my Mortgage company, and they were actually owned by Wells Fargo….

  • Anonymous December 11, 2011

    How would I obtain the information to join in this lawsuit? I live in KY

  • Anonymous December 11, 2011

    I know how everyone on here feels i have lost my home thanks to wells fargo i lived in that house for 9 years and then i got divorced and asked if the payment could be lowered and they said sure you can i did all the paperwork and faxed it to them and they kept sending me the same payment and i kept getting behind becouse they told me on the phone that i can pay the half of it but i still got the same bullshit. So they decided to forclose on me and my two disabled kids so i have to go bankrupt i havent worked in 9 years becouse i take care of my disabled kids. I really need to go after these people. can someone be so kind to tell me how i can get in on this so i can get some money back that i had to spend to go bankrupt thanks to them.

  • Anonymous December 12, 2011

    please email me info on how to join this case jmeb7467@gmail.com

  • Anonymous December 13, 2011

    A while back I had lost my job, while on unemployment, we had called and attempted to start the loan modification process, after receiving an email, following the requirements, mailing and faxing All necessary papers  and calling to find out the paperwork was “never received” we sent it all in again, and again, and again. When we were finally accepted and three month in with the lowered payments. Wells Fargo sent us a letter stating that per our request, we will be removed from the loan modification. 
    As shocking as it was, I called wf and after Beating around a bush, they stated that they called us and we asked for them to stop the process, come to find out, they didn’t call us, but called my parents, who thought it was a sales call and asked WF to stop calling them, they are not interested.
    Well they sent us a letter and wanted all the monies that were lessened in the initial loan mod paid in full, or they would start forclosure process.

  • Anonymous December 13, 2011

    I can’t believe that what happened to me happened to everyone else here. Please tell me how I can become a part of this class action suit or another (since I live in Texas). I even have gone through NACA since 2009 and that hasn’t even helped, other than to keep WF from stalling that much longer.

    • Tanya Moore-Dean October 23, 2015

      I too! had to file Bankruptcy because I was denied a Modification as well as so many others. Please tell me how I can become a part of this class action law suit.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2011

    I think the HAMP is for CA consumers only. However, anyone who had a Wells Fargo loan and was denied or delayed in loan modifications and went thru or going thru forclosure should really check out this link ASAP!!! Even if you lost your house to these bas^%ds, please check out your rights!

    Homeowners whose primary residence was part of a foreclosure action between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010, and whose home loan was serviced by a participating servicer, may be eligible for an Independent Foreclosure Review.


    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014

      The HAMP for the the entire US as long as the individual homeowner met the requirements and qualified.
      I did as you suggest and it did not solve my situation. However, it did force Wells Fargo to compose a response in writing and submit it to the department and myself. In that way, I made some progress by getting them to place their side in writing and I can then take this report and use it in court to defend my side.
      I was one of the few that did get my modification on my own from Wells Fargo back in 2010 it finally closed.
      They wronged me by not granting me a modification for almost 3 years telling me my income was not high enough to work with. I had to submit calculations based on the Obama plan to show them I am actually a perfect candidate. At that point, I also had to get an advocate from the HOPE hotline to call which finally got me on board after 3 years. I lost my money mkt trying to pay my mortgage monthly. Then they did not expose the guidelines etc and did everything by phone so there would be no paperwork trails etc. They would verbally tell me not to pay for 2 months and then they would reduce my monthly for the remainder of the trial period. They placed me twice on the trial period 3 months at a time consecutive which is not legal.
      Then they extended for no reason my modification for a year. I never missed a payment and there was no reason. I of course had to call weekly and fax my budget etc monthly to them or they would use that as a reason to drop me. Drop me they tried in the last week literally claiming I did not return a document by FedEx and I did! I still have it to prove I did. So, after all that for 4 years of work, they did not grant me the Obama modification and REFUSED to tell me why even when I faxed them a demand letter requesting to know. But, if I did not accept their offer at that time, of which I only had 5 days to accept, I would return to my original mortgage which I definitely could not pay. So, at their mercy, I had to accept. I was told I could get another a year later if necessary so I accepted. I have not been able to get another modification since but more importantly not to correct the one they gave me! A few weeks after closing I was able to access it on line and saw what happened and was in shock and still am. They turned my MODIFICATION INTO A
      FORBEARANCE and never informed me nor asked me! Wells Fargo of course justifies this and says they told me of such in a letter. I have all documents, letters, faxes and correspondence from that year and prior and they never did. I contacted HUD consumer and NACA etc and have not received any help these past years. Try the website NACA.NET for an attorney. This is the last place I am going to try before I myself bring them to court in front of a judge. They do not even have anywhere you can go face to face to dicuss this and go over the docs. It is a nightmare! Oh, you may want to know I also went to Fannie Mae for them to review and help and they immediately agreed with me and brought to my attention more glaring illegalities but would not help or compose any letter for me??? I thought they would.
      Good luck, I am going to try to contact the law firm that is handling the class action out in California to see if I could be considered. I am somewhat different because I got a modification but it is not the one I was intended and was not provided a reason for being declined when I know I was a perfect candidate for it.
      I was never late, never missed a payment and had a good job and credit rating? Go figure.

      • Marina Miranda July 8, 2014

        I saw your posting on Wells Fargo. Can you give me an update? Where you able to get any help?

      • Greg Nobles July 22, 2014

        My family and I had a loan modification done back in April so May 1 was my first payment and it was made on time. We decided to have our house payment taking out weekly to cut down on the interest rate and so we could manage our money better. I do not have overdraft protection so if the money is not there its just not there. Two months went by we didn’t know if payments were made I was getting charged late fee’s for payments they say they didn’t get $1600 worth. So I tried calling asking Wells Fargo wtf is going on they had me talking to 10 people who didn’t know shit. I talked to a customer service representative that told me he could see 3 payments that I had made and this was after they sent a letter saying they are canceling our direct deposit because we were behind on our mortgage. My thing is how am I behind when they were supposed to pull it out on Fridays. Monday morning my account was negative $150 plus late charges after they already took my payment? I tried calling asking no one would tell me anything that would help so I tried contacting a lawyer so he could see what they were trying to get away with he couldn’t help he said but had known of the shit Wells Fargo had been doing? As a result he couldn’t do anything to help us. We tried applying for a loan modification again and their reply was we defaulted on our previous modification and the whole time I was asking how is that when you take my payment multiple times a week even when they weren’t suppose to. They denied us the loan modification and I had all the bank statements to prove we paid and they took payments out weekly. A month ago they called excited to to us they will do a repayment plan for us my payment was $600 a month and now we have to pay $1650 a moth for 6 months wtf that’s more then I was behind number one two they know we can’t afford that what about us eating having lights making car payments and etc..? Wells Fargo has cause stress and pain to our health and marriage and is effecting our kids and our life they need to be stopped this is not the American way to make family’s homeless we have nowhere to go? If anyone one has information on how to get help please let us know and we want all the info for the class action suit also I’m praying for all of us done wrong and dirty by Wells Fargo.

        • Mary Hammons November 20, 2014

          Have you gotten any resolution on your dealings with Wells Fargo? I am divorced and my son is irate at me now that he knows I am being foreclosed on. I had my money stolen by someone I was helping, putting me behind 2 months. When I called them and explained I thought they understood and would work with me. When I contacted them again several months later I was told it had already gone into foreclosure. I mentioned it hadn’t been even 6 months and the girl told me it was because I had so much equity in the house that they started foreclosure to get it. The payments I have made over the years has more than paid for what I borrowed. I have suffered so much stress and health problems and having no family to turn to has made it harder. The taxpayer money bailed out the banks to help the people but they have gotten worse and have foreclosed on more people than ever.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2011

    Wells Fargo hires lawyers from 2006 to push foreclosures through to their benefit!
    Mods even if ordered by CT Court were done so with higher monthly payments, and ignoring the Courts Order.
    WFM should sued for suffering & pain, and all affected paid back the owned over payments plus penalties.
    CT should sue as MA is doing… CT could ID all MOD cases & provide the relief. PC

    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014

      I Agree!!!!!! My mortgage was increased to 40 years and $20,000 added on as a forbearance I did not agree to or know about. Talk about padding and the government pays all institutions 100K over and over for every mod they do!!!!!!!!!!!! The government has created a monster.

  • Anonymous December 18, 2011

    Everyone, the same is true in Western Colorado with Wells Fargo. A group of us have decided to collect pictures of children and families who have been made homeless in our communities by the fraudulent forclosure practices of WF. We are placing them on and old van with signs that state “These are the children who have been made homeless by the fraudulent forclosure actions of Wells Fargo. They are your friends, your neigbors and your families. It could be you next. Please ask your Attorneys General to follow the example of states who have filed criminal charges against the major banks and do the same.” Everyone can do this and it will draw attention to the matter and put faces on those who have suffered because of WF. Wells Fargo has left our communities in shambles and is destroying America.

    • regos11 May 14, 2015

      Could you please send me a picture of the van or the pictures? I am planning a demonstration in front of Wells Fargo for what they have put me and my husband through!! My husband is a 100% disabled veteran. Please send to kosztn@gmail.com Thanks

  • Anonymous December 18, 2011

    The states Attorneys General are the only ones who can stop the banks from continuing this illegal activity. I urge all to write the Attorney General of your state and demand that they follow the example of states Attorneys General who have already filed criminal charges against the banks. Five states have done so already. Those states are, Conn, Mass, Maine, Nevada and California. Their Attorneys General should be commended and pressure placed on the AGs of the other states to do the same. Perhaps an occupation of Attorneys General offices accross the nation is in order.

    Demand justice from your states Attorney General.

    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014

      Agree, I am going to compose a letter to my Attorney general in Maryland as well as the council for Howard county. This is criminal and something has to be done

  • Anonymous December 23, 2011

    My husband and I lost our job and business and ended up separating. During this time we got behind in everything. Since then my husband and I have found new work. Wells Fargo denied our first Mort Mod Request. After bankruptcy we submitted our 2nd Mort Mod Request. We were accepted into a “3 month trial period” which we have made all 3 probationary payments on time. Now Wells Fargo is stonewalling us. I have made multiple attempts at contacting our assigned “Loan Preservation Specialist” to find out ‘what to do now?’, and he has NEVER answered the phone, nor returned my messages. No one else there seems to know what’s going on with my situation yet the 1st is days away. We are very frustrated not knowing if we should pay our mortgage, how much to pay, etc. I’ve been telling our kids ‘we have our home that’s the best gift of all…’ but I don’t even know if that’s true… HELP!!!!

  • Anonymous December 27, 2011

    Wells Fargo is a joke,a criminal empire and its amazing they are still going.I have my own fraudulent mortgage nightmare with Wells full of all the drama,lies,false docs,and so on.Have seem there disregard for the laws,and for there clients,they will lie,steal.cheat and then lie again about the fact they lied to began with.I would also question there CEO and where it is he came from,seems like hes been planted there to rob the american people and smile about it.I truly think he may be an alien.

  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    my wife and I lost our house to Wells Fargo. We tried to used their HAMP program. For four months we send them over 100 documents via fax, and we basically were on their beck and call for documents. We talked to the same person for 3 months three weeks and six days. Two hours before our house was due to go up for sale, we had to call them only to find out that 1) the person we had been working with left the state 2) and oh yea, you didn’t qualify for a new mortgage agreement.. To add insult to injury, two weeks after our home was sold in foreclosure, WF sent us a letter saying that they were sorry but we needed to send them more paperwork to avoid foreclosure. And if they could be of anymore help, let them know. I WANT TO JOIN SOME TYPE OF CLASS ACTION SUIT.

  • Anonymous January 10, 2012

    Who are the attorneies in California? I have the same story as the rest of you. I am a single mother with six kids and it breaks my heart that I am going to lose our home. I have been in the modification process for almost a year and a half. WF lies and is fraudlent about documents. I am done with their BS. I am done hearing that they don’t want to have a surplus or homes and they want to help us. I was on a trial period and they did not even let me know I was, they are the ones that told me to not pay my morgage so I would qualify. I want to know if their are any organizations that are communicating with Obama on this fraudlent bailout. I can not believe what is being allowed to happen. I work for the government and I know when information and reports are requested that they are always falsified. Do any of you have an attorney or contact to help stop this?

  • Anonymous January 16, 2012

    We would like to become part of this lawsuit…How do we go about it.

  • Anonymous January 30, 2012

    I to am a victom of incompetent Customer Service reps working for Wells Fargo Hm Mtg. Nothing but lies and more lies. I would like to become part of this lawsuit please advise.

  • Anonymous January 30, 2012

    My story is somewhat different. I am a lawyer in mn and was out of work while taking the bar. I spent 9 months submitting the same documents over and over again. I never even got to a modification because of all the false barriers Wells Fargo had erected to not have to modify anything. I finally went to the office of the CEO and the person(s) i talked to said i wasn’t even in the right program because my mortgage was fannie mae. Even at the top they are full of shit. I got more incorrect info from the top than i did working with their staff.

  • Anonymous February 11, 2012

    I was working with Wells Fargo on a loan modification. I spoke to me so called home preservation specialist who told me on 1/3/12 that I had already been on 2 programs and did not default so there should be no issue with doing a loan modification. She asked me to update my financial information, fax it in and then call and let her know I had sent it in. I did just as she told me. I asked her about the forclosure date and she told me that as long as we were working on the modification she would continue to push the sale date back. I came home 2/6/12 planning to update my financial info again (I was told to do this monthly)instead I find a notice to vacate my home presuant to foreclosure. The notice was left by the investment company who purchased my home that day in an auction.

  • Anonymous February 15, 2012

    We started out 1 month behind with Wells Fargo and are now 2 years behind while they modify our loan and put us through mediation and refiling the same paperwork over and over. How do I get in on this lawsuit?? Please, any help is appreciated before we lose our house.

  • Anonymous February 20, 2012

    Due to loss of employment, I tried for 11/2 yrs to get the loan modification. I sent and resent the paper work in over and over and never heard anything until I wrote a letter stating how angry I was becoming., They finally sent me a modification of about 100.00. They kept (I know now on purpose) using my total amount of bills for my income and my income as my bills. So they just dropped it $100.00. I had a buyer for the home and they wanted a short sell for $2,000 and they would not work with me. That was the only person I had to make an offer on the home in over a yr. Actually, that was the only person who looked at it. I ended up letting them have it back because I was getting so stressed worring about it.
    They sold the house for what was owed in about 4 months. I want in on this suit. Please help.

  • Anonymous February 20, 2012

    Same thing for us in Oregon…promises made for the HAMP program only to foreclose after two years of extreme stress; plus three times they refused cash offers for a quick sale . After they foreclosed WF sold it for the same price offered in short sale. Plz…how do we join this suit????? So much hate for Wells Fargo. How can they get away with the mid-representation of the government HAMP plan?

  • Anonymous March 4, 2012

    well fargo is a rip offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.did the hamp twice they asked for the papers three times ..after all the stree the denied me anyway only to make double payments to save my house instead of helping ..they suck ..wells fargo kiss my @@@

  • Anonymous April 10, 2012

    These stories sound to familiar Wells Fargo had me make the three trial payments then they turn me down saying I made to much money go figure I make to much money so they turn my modification down. I would like to know the attorneys who are handling the class action lawsuit against wells fargo. Need help ASAP

  • Anonymous April 12, 2012

    My life and the life of my children have been turned upside down by these Criminals! For 4 years I have been in HELL. My husband was killed in March 2011 in a car accident. Wells Fargo is the cause of his death due to all the stress. All he wanted was to provide a home for his family and they would not work with us. To this day I’m still fighting! They are liers, and have filed false information with the court.

  • Anonymous April 15, 2012

    After 4 modifications and 4 years of faxing the same papers over and over. WF lowered our payment by 50.00. They weren’t willing to help even a little until after they had sucked us dry for everything we had. We have moved cross country now but our home is still in forclosure. We would love to receive info on how to be a part of this class action lawsuit. Lost everything because of WF. Please help me find out how to be a part of this lawsuit!!

  • Anonymous April 19, 2012

    My husband and I were foreclosed in the middle of a loan modification in Arizona. How can we obtain info on lawsuits in AZ.

  • Anonymous May 1, 2012

    Cannot even begin to tell you the hell that WF has put my family through for the last 3 1/2 years with their bullshit and lies. I reside in PA and would like information on lawsuits.

  • Anonymous May 9, 2012

    I have faxed and mailed all information for a modification countless times over that past 15 months Wells Fargo keeps telling me it has gone to underwriting then calls and wants the same information. I have jumped through hoops for them, ended up filing a chapter 13 and they are still trying to foreclose. In all my years I have never been treated so poorly and put up with so much the stress is affecting my health and well being! Unbelievable that we Americans put up with this….
    How do I sign up to be part of this lawsuit???

  • Anonymous May 15, 2012

    I approached Wells Fargo for a NEW mortgage. We were directed to Wells Fargo “Finance”. We were lied to, and manipulated into signing. They have based our income on exhorbatant numbers from an antiquated system, and we do not make as much as they are putting into the equasion. We have attemped for months to apply for a modification, telling them that we have strict income guidelines, but tall they aere willing to do is lower the principal instead of the 11% interest rate. Our current payment is 1584.00 per month which we cannot afford any longer. A more reasonable interest rate of 5-6% will help us greatly.

    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014

      Have them lower the principal and close. This should lower your monthly payment.
      Also ask WF to extend the loan out to 40 years which will lower it also considerably.
      It is a start so you do not lose your home.

      In a year you can refi at a lower rate but getting your credit score up and then your income to debt ratio will improve which will also make you a better candidate to refi. I hope your home is not underwater which is also helpful.

      It is a start. There are attorneys that are true that will help you get a good modification of NACA organization will also.
      good luck

      • evelyn June 3, 2015

        do you have any contact information about lawyers or lawsuits I can join.

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012


    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014


      DO THIS

  • Anonymous June 1, 2012

    Wells Fargo has no intention of helping the homeowner other then the minimum few so that it can claim that it is helping homeowners. There must be some type of benefit to them, as a bank, that foreclosure offers, because they prefer that over home modifications! The letters our friends have from them are OUTRAGEOUS as any I have read from a bank. Someone needs to do a MAJOR Nationwide class action against this monster bank.

  • Anonymous June 7, 2012

    I suggest everyone email your situation to the White House and to the Treasury department, I did this back in February 12, I finally received a call with a case from the HAMP department this past Friday. We shall see what happens. I will post again the results when they come back.

    • wrongfully treated by WF April 19, 2014




  • Anonymous July 17, 2012

    I have been going through the Loss mitigation at Wells Fargo and have been repeatedly denied help. They call me everyday 4-6 times a day. I have shown them proof that I could make the payment if they just extend the terms of loan to 25- or 30 year instead of 15. My specialist they assigned me NEVER calls me back. They have returned one call to say you are denied.

  • Anonymous July 19, 2012

    How do i get on the lawsuit against wellls fargo home mod deal..

  • Anonymous July 19, 2012

    Wells Fargo foreclosed on my house in February 2011. I applied for HAMP in December 2009 and was advised by phone from Wells Fargo that I was approved and to make three payments on the new HAMP guidelines. I did exactly that and then Wells Fargo wrote and stated my mortgage was past due in March 2010. The following 12 months were complete non-stop, 24/7 effort to contact anyone at Wells Fargo and get answers, but none were given. They denied they owned the loan, but were merely servicing it.

    Repeated efforts to write to Wells Fargo, local governments, and US Treasury Department lead to nothing… no replies. How did Wells Fargo and so many other banks get away with this.

    How can I get on this class action lawsuit to have my case and so many others heard?

  • Anonymous July 27, 2012

    I want to know how I can be part of this Wells Fargo lawsuit. I never lost my job. I made more money than I did before I even moved into my home. I was tricked into making those balloon payments 3 times with the promise from them to modify my loan permanently. I suffered at the hands of my ex-husband as he blamed me for the trouble I was having with the mortgage. The home was just in my name. They were relentless. I asked for a thirty year fixed mortgage before They even broke ground to build the house and on the day of closing I was told that they were not doing those types of loans. I was placed into a ARM as 5% and when it adjusted my payment went from 1800 to 4,000 a month. I was foreclosed on because they told me I could no longer afford the house payment. I had talked to one of the many idiots on Friday before my house was to go to auction and I was told that they would work on modifying the loan and once I hung up they decided that they did not want to work with me any more and sold the house that next Monday. Then told me I had 30 days to get my stuff and get out. They sold my house four months later for 1/2 of what I was willing to pay as long as they gave me a payment I could afford a month.

  • Anonymous August 13, 2012

    I sent in to wells fargo all the info they required for the loan modification.This is after months of me calling and them stringing me along to the point where I went 60days behind on my mortgage because of them stringing me along.No one new how much I had to pay to get caught up.I have been caught up for over a year with no lates and a bank wont touch me now because of the 60days behind.

  • Anonymous August 23, 2012

    they strug us out for 12 months with our application for a modification, now they want the back money or forclose, our property is now worth in the 60′ but we purchaced in 04 for in the upper 100,000, good job!!

  • Anonymous September 4, 2012

    I live in Wenatchee WA. Wells Fargo stole my home too. We had to declare bankruptcy in 2007 because of medical bills, but had ALWAYS paid our mortgage on time. In 2010, my husband lost his job and I went right away to Wells Fargo to tell them what happened. I immediately was told to pay as much as I could and to apply for a Home Modification.

    Through the next several months I got all the paperwork and went through countless hours talking on the phone and jumping through their red tape hoops. I thought it was worth it to get my interest rate down to 2% from 8.5% and saving the hundreds of dollars a month and still stay in my home. In filling out the forms and writing the hardship letter, I specifically told them that although my Husband was now getting a retirement check, he worked 9 MONTHS out of the year as a substitute custodian at a school district. I had proof of it too.

    To make a very long story short, Wells Fargo DID approve the Loan Modification, HOWEVER they calculated my husband’s supplemental income INCORRECTLY. The problem was that they multiplied the monthly supplemental income by 12 to get a HIGHER gross income, then divided by 12, instead of multiplying it by 9 and dividing it 12 to get an ACCURATE monthly income. They miscalculated enough that we were no longer “qualified” for a 2% loan but a 4.5% modification. We were still going to pay more than we could afford by about $300 monthly.

    I quickly got on the phone and spoke to the person who was supposedly “helping” us. She was so rude and unhelpful. I explained to her that the miscalculation was not right and it needed to be re-done. She said “it’s set in stone. You can’t change it” and most horribly, “It’s not OUR problem that your husband is seasonal labor”. She was snotty about it and was completely ignoring my tears. When I asked about talking to the underwriters, she said that NO ONE talks to the underwriters and they don’t “even have phones”. WTH!!?? She said the only options were Foreclosure or Short-Sale. I tried to explain what good is it if they get less for the house if WE could pay it ALL off if the interest was lowered? She just said “It’s not our problem”.

    I tried talking to other people in the short sale department and told them of the horrible treatment from this witch. While they were more sympathetic, they were no more helpful.

    A few months, later, my house sold for $60K LESS than the amount of my original mortgage contract, and the people now in my house pay LESS than what I’m currently renting for now. I am heartbroken and may NEVER again have a home of my own. WELLS FARGO IS EVIL!!! and they didn’t even TRY to work with us and ACCURATELY depict our income.

    • Connie May 23, 2015

      My experience with Wells during this process is and was: The miscalculation was NO MISTAKE, but deliberate on there part. I am currently suing Wells on my own, but would love to participate in a class action too. The discovery process has uncovered deliberate number manipulation to not approve modifications. I live in the Seattle WA area. Because of the States involved, doesn’t this class action suit need to be United States VS Wells?

      • evelyn June 3, 2015

        how can I join the suit

        • Margaret Mathias October 21, 2015

          I too need to be apart of this suit…. Any infomation?

      • christina July 17, 2015

        I would gladly participate in a class action against Wells Fargo. I’ve been going through hell with them for years! I could bring to the table…Harp and Hamp problems with Wells, HELOC problems, my mortgage was not on my credit report for years. They told me various times to sell my property or be delinquent on loan to qualify for a modification, I did that…they apologized for my mis-information, still no modification, refused subordinations. Its affecting my health, its that stressful!

  • Anonymous September 6, 2012

    The sad truth is WF are just front men for there investors! and they do not haft to give you a loan mod! reguardless of what there front men say…I was 6 months into my vain loan mod attempt when i found this out! a nefarious bunch of rascals that ever walked the earth!! our only hope is that the pending class action in cal is successful! AND THEN THEY WILL GET THERE JUST DESERTS!!!

  • Anonymous September 23, 2012


  • Anonymous October 25, 2012

    All of you that have commented here have suffered a lot. I had similar experiences with a different lender and and after two years of stress, filing ch13 and trying to modify, I ended up losing my job. Long story short..lost the house too. PLEASE contact the Office of the Attorney General (that is what is is called) for the state that you live in and see if there is any class-action suit available to join against WellsFargo Mortgage. They will know if there is and tell you what you need to do if there is a suit available to join. Also, as an FYI-the payments in these suits usually are not that much. So don’t get your hopes up.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2012

    How can we get into a class action suiit against WElls Fargo/Wachovia/US Bank?

    We have been trying to get a loan modification for over 6 months. They keep asking for the same documents over and over. I have been to court 4 times and each time it was contiuned becasue they claim they need such and such. HELP !! In addition I have had open heart surgery and this stress is killing me.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2012

    I forgot to say our home is in Pensylvania.

  • Anonymous December 3, 2012

    Please send me information on how to join this lawsuit.

  • Anonymous December 6, 2012

    I was working for the modification department of hsbc when my ex-spouse informed me of her mortgage with this company after speaking with them they offered a modification she filled out the docs. waited and waited and waited , they state still being evaluated and on day 57 we called they stated she was denied I went bullestic told them that they were forcing her into foreclosure (at which time she would have to pay attorneys fees, My ex had 1 of the few properties that were not upside down) thats what some of these companies do the want the properties that are not upside down but will accept any arrangements when you are upside down.

  • J.C December 28, 2012

    Please send me information on how to join this law suit. They have put me through the same thing and now my home is upside down. Please any info will be helpful. Thank You

  • Varavudh Pridanonda January 9, 2013

    I had home modification with Wells fargo.
    reduce my loan payment for 3 months
    and waiting for modification to go permanent.
    After have been waiting for months.
    All suddenly came with the large amount money balance,this bring my house down for forecloses.
    I lost my house.
    I want to join this Wells fargo law suit

  • E Allen January 9, 2013

    How to join this class action? I live in MS

  • Marilyn January 13, 2013

    I would like to know how I can become involved in this lawsuit also. I live in Louisiana. Wells Fargo did the same to me twice since 2008.

  • Denise King January 17, 2013

    Please send me information on how to join the lawsuit

  • aahmad January 17, 2013

    I would like to join the suits this company has been stringing me alone for almost a year thru naca. /they called me up and tried to rush me thru with a lower rate put not at the level my income is on I would like to to join in on with them.

  • Ron January 19, 2013

    Would like to join class action suit.

  • Therese Barry January 31, 2013

    Please send me information on how I can join this lawsuit.
    Because of an injury in 7/10, I requested 8 weeks of assistance, so I asked for a lower interest rate. I was placed in a modification for “6 months” in 8/2010. When I attempted to return to my past payment. Wells Fargo would not accept it and returned my payment. So It began. 5 “single points of contact” , literally over a thousand pages of documentation mailed, or faxed from a Wells Fargo branch office ( I kept all of them ).Names and phone call documentation (all names & most dates noted ) I did everything they asked of me for 18 months. Even answered collection calls, from Wells Fargo, although they would not let me pay my bill. Although the call was Auto generated I called them back. Just to her them say never mind we can not except your payment.
    On 2/14/12 ( how appropriate) I received my foreclosure . That day I also filled Chapter 13. I still have no Idea why or what happened . I don’t even know if all those documents ever even got to an underwriter. Its like they never even checked, I could afford to pay I was never late with a payment before.
    Now I have horrible credit. I can not get a loan or co sign for one. I have to pay cash for almost everything. for my children college, refrigerator, used car etc. As well as Pay my mortgage and now my chapter 13 payment.
    I am outraged by the injustice, and greed of Wells Fargo Bank. I am mystified appalled by the indifference & incompetence of almost everyone I had to contact. Please contact me

  • Pritam February 2, 2013

    I have my house under wells fargo,we were never late on payment,we had first loan modification done almost two years ago,since I have no job now,and I do not recieve nemployment,my husband is the only bread winner,so we went through NACA to get help from Wells Fargo,we were there since 7am on one Sunday,spoke to NACA people and we were promised by NACA that Wells fargo will help us for the second Modification,we were there without food and water till 7pm,we were allowed to speak with Wells Fargo representative MARTHA,they needed all the documents,so we supplied with all the documents and then they told us to come back on Monday in the morning,so we were there at 8AM with Wells fargo representative,I explained that I keep on applying for thousand jobs,I wake up till 2Am and sit on computer to apply for jobs,and in our country age is a discrimination,and I cannot get a job.I try to save every penny,never go out to eat.Always cook at home so that I can save some money.I never thought that Wells Fargo will turn us down.Then after a week ago when we saw them,they asked for more papers which we faxed to them.They promised us that they will help us.But two days ago I received a letter that Wells Fargo cannot help us.These big banks they never care about poor people like us.If we cannot pay our mortgage,their best solution is to take our house and put US ON STREET. I just wanted to talk to CEO Mr John Stump but I do not have his address or phone Number.Prit from Sacramento,Ca.

  • Esther Henderson February 2, 2013

    How do I join the lawsuit. My father took a reversal loan out with Wells Fargo in 2007 and passed away in 2011. We have lived in the house for over 30 years and did not know about the loan until he passed and WF started calling us about repayment of $287,000 in full. They foreclosed Jan. 29, 2013 and we need help to keep our home. I live in Fort Washington, MD. Thanks

  • d cameron February 2, 2013

    my story is a lot like the others I have read. I have been trying for over 2 years to get a loan modification with no success. I am at the point of suicide because of the stress. Please let me know how I can get in on the class action law suit if it is not too late. WELLS HOW FAR WILL YOU GO.

  • Khoi February 10, 2013

    Please help me join the law suit.

  • Joshua Blevins February 10, 2013

    Hi I was going to see if someone can help me. I am trying to figure out how to file the class act law suit. I have filed for a modification and the keep saying they was not reciving it. i had tried three time to get it and even over nighted the info two time… Thanks for the help

  • RENEE HOLLIS February 14, 2013

    It is so sad to see this list and no there are thousands upon thousands of other people this has happened to. We have had no choice but to list and sell our property becuase of all of mess WF has put us through. It is no fault of their that the economy caused so many issues BUT they have screwed so many hard working people that have invested so much of themselves into owning a home. We were finally graned a ‘modification’ after a year of trying and within days from the sale of our property…….they used false information in obtaining the loan (we did not know until we received copies of the qualifying info much later on) they manipulate payments in and out at their random judgement…we only needed a lower rate refinance which we would have been able to pay (my husband had to close his business and start all over). We had paid on loan for 4 yrs we built the home to die in……..so yes we wanted to do whatever we could to keep it. However after finally receiving mod, months of back and forth paperwork they kept losing or wanting the same thing over and over…once I sent everything to them cc to an attorney we were granted mod BUT bc they forced esrow then on insurance and taxes which we always paid the payment went up AND mysteriously went to 40 yrs instead of only having 25 left. Last April was a yr, our payments went up again bc they said we have to take out current insurnace AND prepare for next year….so we have been struggling through another job change and payments going from 1674 to 1998 and they decide to force flood insurance on us. OK thanks FEMA but shouldn’t someone have to PROVE we are in a flood zone, they didn’t and tacked 2250 on our account before we knew about it. Now I have had to pay $400 for a elevation shot to send to FEMA and WF plus the extra insurance we should have never paid bc we are not flood zone. We put our home on the market and surprisingly alot of showings and now a contract, recently received more foreclosure papers but we have sent $1000 every two weeks this past year….God help us. TO top it off when they sent the 1st round of papers it showed a payoff balance of 12,000 MORE than our original loan 5+ yrs ago so when we do sell it is more of our money they get. On the bright side we will not have the mortgage anymore no stress about it, no sleepless night yes I LOVE my home but its not worth what we have done to our minds. Wells Fargo will never get all of that interest from us!!! I want so bad to be in a lawsuit and watch them rot in the underworld!!!

  • Zoraida February 15, 2013

    The same thing happen to me, can I participate in this suit? I live in CT

  • laurie buss February 21, 2013

    #56 my store is alot like the others that have shared heart breaking storys.i have spent year and half submitting the same documents over and over again.i have had four home specialist. i never even got to a moditication because false info. house foreclosure sherif sale.then i was told my house has been sold back to wells fargo.PLEASE HELP ADVISE ME ABOUT CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. IM FROM PA.

  • kristina March 5, 2013

    we have had the same run around. fell upon hard times, got approved for the modification and we completed it in full with receipt proof of payments. They claim to have lost all paperwork EVERY time. LIES nothing but lies. Called our cellphones repeatedly daily even on weekend nights. never left messages. Even while under their scam modifications we received calls and constant paperwork stating we were in default of the mod when we were not. We were forced to file ch13 to save our home. these people should be in JAIL for doing this to all these innocent people. Wells fargo has destroyed the american dream of homeownership.

  • kristina March 5, 2013


  • joe March 11, 2013

    you all are so greedy for money its sickening. assistance from the goverment is always voluntary unless they offer it to you directly or through a tax stimulus. any funding from the goverment that goes to large corps or banks are all voluntary.; dont forget these companies employee our peers, neighbors, friend and relatives. if you sue because (well you have a mortgage and a right to pay but you dont want to or cant becasue you were laid off, then you go to your servicer; do you have to accept anything the servicer offers. NO.) you think they did you wrong you need to check your personal lifestyle, career moves and attitude and wonder why your situation may be worsening and just to feel good about youself you point the fnger and place blame on everyone else but your self. GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS

  • minami March 17, 2013

    wells fargo is trying to do the same to me, going into foreclosure. pretending to want to help me. I want to be in class action suit. I’m in florida. Don’t know what to do.

  • J. Seitz March 21, 2013

    I inherited property that I didn’t know my mother had a reverse mortage on in 2011, after fighting with Wells Fargo for more that 1 year I lost it back to them for foreclosure. I still want justice for my mother who was ill with cancer and couldn’t understood what would happen at the time, no one in the family knew what she did. Because i didn’t have money no lawyer would help me would like to knoww how to get involved in the class action suit against them, continually research this as don’t want another family to go thru the mental pain and suffering of the lost of a loved one plus the mentally and physical toll it took on me to lose my home. I applaud the lawyer from AARP for any type of help in the matter because all it seems to me ais a large corporation preying on the elderly and they tye it up in so much red tape no one can figure it out and they are ripping of the gov themselves to make money.

  • Yolanda March 22, 2013

    I lost my home to WELL FARGO and I was actually ging through modification. I give HUD all of my information and not knowing that HUD never inform or call HUD about anything. HUD did not know that WELL FARGO had all ready place the house in forcloser. Well Fargo also went to court and did not tell HUD anything. All this taken place while I was still trying to get my house modified. A week later the sheriff and other people showed up and put my thing outside of my house without informing me with a letter letting me know I needed to move out. I want to know who can I contact or talk with about this hurtful moment. I need help on the case matter ASAP.

  • D.A.WALLACE March 31, 2013

    I am in the same boat as many on this page….My husband passed away unexpectedly in June of 2011. Naturally I have had a hard time getting myself put together. Right from the beginning though, I knew I had to buck up and do something about my home. I had to BEG for help. I have, over the past 2 years, sent Wells Fargo documents over and over again…they always say that they did not receive them or will have to check records or (the most famous put off) we will call you. Now, I guess, I am approved for modification. My first payment on the modification is due April first, but guess what? Even though this payment is due in just a couple of days, I still cannot get an address to send it to. I have been told this is probably because the office where I am to send it is running behind on paperwork. So, what does this do for me? I have done everything they asked of me. I do not feel as though I should go on wondering if they are going to foreclose on me. In answer to the question…..A B S O L U T E L Y!!!!! YES I would love to join the class action suit, please let me know how

  • m.burns, April 3, 2013

    How are all these financial institutions allowed to get away with this. How can this be happening to so many people and nothing is done to correct these banks!
    Wellsfargo also AmericanServiceCompany(A division)
    has practiced alot of shady things! Well, maybe this lawsuit will break them. What isthe update with this lawsuit?

  • Lee April 8, 2013

    I got a letter telling me to watch the mail for my settlement check. I had to join the class action suit by a deadline date that was a long time back, maybe like 6-8 months ago. It seems like the time to join the suit has come and gone. I may be wrong, but I am looking each day for the check they tell me is coming.

  • Arlene Mulvihill April 15, 2013

    I too want to join in this lawsuit. They put my mother who was 86 years old thorugh hell for 2 years. Told her she needed to be behind 3 months before they could modifiy her loan they paperwork sent in numerous times alwyas lost the resubmoit due to outdated financial info over and over again. She qualified for HAMP had a fannie mae loan Never gave her a reason according to the participation agreement they had with Fannie Mae they were obligated to provide a reason. After 2 years they scared her into a modification that ended up saving her only 20.00 because of the years it took to modify the loan they did not forebear the principal they made her home go underwater. Then they sent her more info to modify again said they could help She had a loan preservation specialist.that she was working with for almost a year one more thing left to send had sent it three times then received a letter saying modification process cancelled as they could not reach her even though she just spoke to someone 24hrs before that and faxed the required info. Called a supervisor – apologized said did not know why that was done. Saw all paperwork faxed within 24 hrs however she had to start the process over yet AGAIN!! this was in May of 2012 in August they filed a forecloseure complaint These people need to be stopped!!! This is only half the story. Her case was handled by the congressman’s office in nj. I have all documentation for the last 3 years. All names and letters of everyone I tried to contact to help her save her home. How can I join this lawsuit?? Please help!! .

  • April Hargrove April 16, 2013

    I need to join this lawsuit as well. I went through a year of submitting paperwork, resubmitting paperwork, and ended up owing more. I had to monthly provide proof of income, expenses etc. MONTHLY! Just to stay in the home. My mortgage was designed to help them not me and they just raised my monthly amount again last month. I want to join in this lawsuit!

  • George April 18, 2013

    We’d like to join the lawsuit against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage ASAP. The bank intimidated my wife and me, extorted confidential corporate information, falsely promised to modify the loan, wasted more than one year of our time, asking to provide thousands of pages of information (some of it completely irrelevant), acted in bad faith and as a result put us up in unbearable financial situation with much more to pay than we have ever had. We have a lot to say about the unacceptable business practices of this bank.

  • Richard M. Boutain April 18, 2013

    Been reading this information. A word to the wise. Be careful of joining these class action lawsuits. With so many people involved across the country, most of the money will probably go to the lawyers and the persons who initiated the lawsuit. All other people joining will possibly get compensated with a check of smaller proportions, possibly less than $1,000.00 yet nothing will be done about the loan and reversing the damage done. May be wise to get your independent attorney who will represent you.

  • RAYMOND J MONROE April 19, 2013

    Iwould like to be included in the class action suit as we tried to work with Wells Fargo on a loan modification program and ended they kept telling us to fill out this paperwork and that paperwork and we could get into a program. Needless to say it never happened. After jumping thru all their hoops they said we did not qualifiy and they demanded total payment or they would foreclose. Please let us know what we can do to recoup some of our funds. I couldn;t believe at the time that told us to not pay anything that it would not work.

  • KitKat199 April 19, 2013

    If you have received a class action lawsuit notice by email or on the internet. Treat it as suspicious. Do not fill out any information or click on any links that it provides. If you are truly considered to be a person who could possibly be a claimant in this type of lawsuit, you are generally notified by mail,


  • BRIAN CHAMPAGNE April 22, 2013


  • BRIAN CHAMPAGNE April 22, 2013


  • Marlon Fernando April 23, 2013

    When will Wellsfargo release settlement money for class lawsuit on illegal foreclosure?

  • N Chaviano April 29, 2013

    I lost my property in 2009 due to the fact that Wells Fargo never answer any of my letters requesting a modification on my loan that I sent for over a year, instead they accepted a short sale for half of the apprased valuation on the property.
    I sold the property trying to save my credit and health where I lost over $125000.00 because of the malicious practive on their behalf.
    I want to know if I can participate in the law suit?

  • Tamara B May 26, 2013

    I fought with Wells Fargo for over a year regarding their so called “Loan Modification”. I even reported them to the BBB due to the fact that they told me to pay the reduced rate for my monthly payment until all of the paperwork was processed for the loan modification. However, at the end of three months, they told me that they never received the paperwork that I submitted at least 7 times during a 3 month period. I had confirmation of every fax and still was told they never received the paperwork. I reported all of this to the attorney general for the state of AR when they began sending me notices that my payment was late even though I was paid 1 month ahead. They had taken the early payment that I was making and applying half of it to what they told me I was in arrears for. However, I requested time and again as to where the remaining $371 and change had disappeared to. After finally getting someone to call me from the President’s office at Wells Fargo, I was informed that instead of applying the balance to the backend of the loan as I had been told, they had applied it as a principal payment and therefore I was delinquent in payments. I fought with them over this for about 3 months even after I paid the addtl amounts that they stated I had to pay. They reported all of this to the credit bureau so it appears that during the “Loan Modification” period, that I was making partial payments and was late on my monthly payments thereby lowering my credit score even though it wasn’t true. This was only the beginning.

  • Anne Votta May 29, 2013

    Good Morning,

    We are homeowners with a mortgage from wells fargo and too attempted to apply for a loan modification that took over seven monthes. Finally after numerous calls to them they said “oh NO it was denied because our interest rate was already low”. Also they would not receive any monies toward the loan becuase it would just be put aside until it was resolved or home was sold. NO GUARENTEE either. We would like to join the class-action suit. My husband and I have been in our home for 18 years and at the time of the attempted loan modification we were only three monthes behind two after a payment they accepted by Western Union. Numbereous faxings, mailings, copies after copies and now our home is in forclosure….PLEASE HELP….

  • Pete Bloodgood June 10, 2013

    I live in NJ and have been trying to save my home for the past three years. I have done everything that WF has asked, including paying a larger monthly payment than usual. At the 11th hour; I was told they would not work with me. How can I join this class action law suit??? If it is not too late.

  • H. Moeller June 18, 2013

    We were pursued by a very aggressive agent and stupidly signed for a mortgage with 8.5% ARM – when I was laid off my job in January 2009, we fell behind on our payments after a few months. Knowing our situation, Wells Fargo piled $100 late fees on every month, still collecting the money and charging late fees. We tried the HAMP program but they didn’t reduce the $2,000 monthly payment and couldn’t keep it up for 3 months. We tried repeatedly to get a mortgage modification – filled out reams of paperwork over and over with no results – they finally filed foreclosure and we were advised to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We were discharged from bankruptcy in April 2011 and we have applied for a mortgage modification repeatedly since then – I check w/them, they have everything they need, and then for months, we hear nothing – till we get another certified package that the house is being put on the auction – our marriage has finally broken down and the house is a wreck because we’re not putting money into it when we know they’re not going to help us. Wells Fargo is unscrupulous and lack any moral compass. They should be put out of business. I am in my mid-50s and have nothing to show for years of hard work. How do we join this lawsuit? We all need to band together and take Wells Fargo down!

  • Shirley Bradley June 19, 2013

    I would like to know how to file a lawsuite against WellsFargo. I too did a loan modification, which lasted 18 month, I too did all that was required, now they tell me I am denied and I owe $23,000 and they will foreclosed. I need help. I live in Florida

  • jack christy July 2, 2013

    wells fargo lies, in saying that they want to resolve but foreclose on you, how do I get in on the class action suit from texas

  • Corbin July 2, 2013

    I know all of your posts are at the least two years old, but I work as a legal clerk at a law firm in Colorado Springs and we are pursuing litigation against Wells Fargo. If anyone in the area has information or would like to get involved with the litigation, email me at office@mckinney-law.com

  • DYSON A. NUNN July 10, 2013

    Wells Fargo has been stalling my loan modification for months now. they came back with a reduced payment program for only 100 dollars less then the original mortgage in question, that amount was raised without my noticed because they paid to much on my property taxes in the first place. I have two months left to rectify before the courts give a sale date. I am a Vet and cant believe they can keep playing games like this. please can someone give me information on joining a class action lawsuit?

  • B. Greer July 15, 2013

    I am TX Wells Fargo mortgage holder (not by choice). I have been denied the “HAMP” Loan Modification 5 times since 2009. Was I told on the 1st attempt I didn’t qualify and I had to be 3 months behind in order to qualify. I am seeking immediate assistance with a class action suit against Wells Fargo.


  • Lisa Parker July 28, 2013

    Been trying to work with Wells Fargo since May of 2011. Same stories as above. I would also like to find out how I can be added to any class actions suits against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

  • Lisa Parker July 28, 2013

    Been trying to work with Wells Fargo since May of 2011. Same stories as above. I would also like to find out how I can be added to any class actions suits against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

  • Lisa Parker July 28, 2013

    Been trying to work with Wells Fargo since May of 2011. Same stories as above. I would also like to find out how I can be added to any class actions suits against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

  • Lisa Parker July 28, 2013

    Been trying to work with Wells Fargo since May of 2011. Same stories as above. I would also like to find out how I can be added to any class actions suits against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

  • John Grove August 1, 2013

    how can I participate in class action law suit against Wells Fargo

    My home was in Florida Manatee County

    I live in Michigan now

    they have destroyed my life and taken my home
    I had felt like even ending my life they had made me so upset

    they did nothing but lie to me and give me the run around ,,they made up new rules for me as we went along in this process

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Sandra Moon August 12, 2013

    How do I get involved in this class action against Wells Fargo? We tried for almost a year after Iost my job to get our underwater house modified, spent hours and hours on the phone with those idiots for absolutely NOTHING.

  • Tracy August 19, 2013

    I WOULD LIKE FOR SOMEONE TO PLEASE POST HOW TO JOIN OR CREATE A NEW CURRENT CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST WELLS FARGO Not only did I personally suffer the same charges, forbearance plan payments that were never applied to my mortgage, and incredible, outrageous fees that they have no explanation for, they put a lender placed policy on my home and let home burn down and now there’s not enough money to rebuild. I am disabled and have three daughters and we have been homeless for three months now. There has to be someone out there who at this present time is creating another lawsuit against Wells Fargo. They must be stopped. My personal situation is complex however it has the same foundation as everyone else. Wells Fargo has taken advantage of their customers who are going through life events and they are definitely not trying to help as they said they would.

    Everything I have found online is old, and not as of today which is August 2013. If there are any known lawsuits to join right now, please write to me at misstlc1970@yahoo.com. If there are any attorneys in Texas who would like to take this caisson, please write me as well. Thank you and good luck to all of you other victims and God bless.

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where can I start?

  • # 106 Cindy August 24, 2013

    I would also like to join the lawsuit against Wells Fargo! I lost my home in 2010. Where do I start?

  • Susan Romine August 30, 2013

    I attempted several times to modify my home 1st time I could not eget an answer form anyone for several weeks . Then my taxes came back and I was able to catch up. Then the next time I was told I was not elidgible. I was not behind I was attempting to arrange time off to have surgery and I knew I would fall behind. I work usually 7 days as a nurse and need overtime. No one would work with me. So aI felt a modification would be my only choice. I was struggling as my 2 adult sons became unemployed and moved in. They had me send info 3 times ssying they didnt get it the firse tiem after sending it online.

  • Heather Grasse September 5, 2013

    We went through four years of torture with wells Fargo and Wells Fargo Financial ending in paying them 90,000 to “rent” my home through the modification process three times for four years. They misled and promissed us that they would complete a perminate modification if we would do x, y, z and then back to a. I worked a full time and two part time jobs for three years ect., ect. We did all they asked and then they refused to perminately modify our mortgage. I could write I book. I am a social worker and I can get more help for my clients then I can for myself and family. Please let me know how I can sign up or participate in this or any lawsuit against them.

  • Garey Kurtz September 11, 2013

    Hello, I received a letter from Wells Fargo stating that if I made three payments my loan would be reinstated under a HAMP loan modification program. I have made five payments now and the loan is still not finalized. They are saying that they have had a “systems failure”. Can I join a class action suit against Wells Fargo for fraud in this matter? Please let me know.

    Garey Kurtz

  • William Liverette September 15, 2013

    We want to join the Class Action lawsuit against Wells Fargo. We had a mortage with Wells Fargo, went throught the three month payment trial period but was denied for permanent modifcation. We tried several more times for modification, also denied. Under the HAMP program we should have been approved for permanent modification, we were not. We then tried to short sale, had a contract on the house and Wells Fargo would not agree on price so buyers backed out. On top of it all Wells Fargo bought the house at foreclosure sale! So please let us know who to contact to get in the Class Action suit againt Wells Fargo.

  • Paula Dodson September 18, 2013

    I hope that it is not too late. We would like to joun the suit against Wells Fargo. We were informed of the HAMP program and were given the run around from Wells Fargo. It forced us into bankruptcy.

  • Deborah Osvatics September 20, 2013

    Wells Fargo led me around since my first contact with them Feb of 2010. Each month they promised me a modification. I did everything they wanted. Jumped through the hoops and was so stressed out I got very ill and was hospitalized. Now, I recd a ltr from the courts that an “ORDER” was in from a substitute trustee that papers are missing from WF. They never approved my modification even though they said it was coming Federal Express. I waited and waited. Did more forms as each form I was told expires every 30 days. Well, after 40 months…yes 40 months….I went ahead and sold the house to pay them off. They said NO it wasn’t enough money. They declined the offer which would have paid my balance in full. They never told Freddie Mac who owned the loan that there was an offer to pay it off. Freddie Mac threw me into an auction. On July 11, 2013 I lost my home. I have waited for the letter to come in regards to what do I do next? Now, no money from the sale of the house & a foreclosure on my credit report. No one will even rent me a trailer home for me and my children. I am a disabled mom trying to raise my children. During the fight with WF my 22 yr old daughter was killed. I have lost the fight to keep the house but please help me if you can so I can stay in the home a little while to find a place and pack up as I have lost the wants to fight for the house. My heart is breaking and the stress is killing me. WF has torn me apart from the inside out since February of 2010 when I first went to them and said reduce my payments my husband is gone (after beating me & I was hospitalized for 3.5 wks). I don’t know where or who to turn to. I even wrote letter to the President of the US and I called my Congressman’s office. Get me on board with a class action suit if you can I resides in Maryland. Help me and my children…if you can. God Bless You.

  • kimberly kemp September 20, 2013

    I am a victim of wells fargo mortgage co.I did the modification and every 9 mths i get a foreclosure notice stating i owe thousands of dollars and have 21 days to pay. I had to file bankruptcy and its worse now. How can i get added to the Class Action Suit. PLEASE HELP..

  • YUGAISHTRI DAT September 23, 2013

    I am a victim of wells fargo mortgage co.I did the modification and every 4 mths and then then said they sent me letter which i never recieved… i have been trying for more than 3 years, and now they are aking for ridculous papers that does not make any sense, and they are prolonging the issue again… How can i get added to the Class Action Suit. PLEASE HELP..

    Desperate Home Owner

  • Dana September 26, 2013

    I would love to join lawsuit also, lost my home with thousands dollars equity, two days before closing after I finally decided to sell. They were aware of closing date of home and all dates throughout selling process. Please include me in suit.

  • Scott1 September 27, 2013

    Same thing….went through the trial mod program with Wells Fargo to no avail. We lost our home in 2011 and could have stayed in it if Wells Fargo would have followed through.

  • LUTHER October 19, 2013

    my name is LUTHER and i want to join the class action lawsuit i fell fictim to them two years ago and also would like to check out a call center in califormia a mortgage intake center it supposidly didnt take cases unless they could help or save your home which they didnt they promised to make sure we were part of the lawsuit against wells fargo and thats what im trying to find out.if i am in the lawsuit and if not what i need to do to become part of it.

  • Tony October 22, 2013

    My wife and I got behind, several payments were missed due to medical problems, I went thru 4 jobs in a six year period (2 closed, let go from one as a cost reduction). Tried for five years to get a l/m from W/F, sent in forms 4, 5, 6 times a year. Been told not approved because we made too much, forms not submitted on time, information outdated, forms not filled out properly, the whole gambit of reasons. We even had a letter from W/F, where Freddie Mac had approved our l/m, and the after making three month of trail period payment, our loan “will be” permanently modified. We made 5 months of payments during which I was calling every week practically, to ensure everything was going smoothly. After five months, I was told that W/F was looking for a $6400 cash contribution. I told them to send me a bill, with account number, address, and amount on it and I would pay them. Never received, after being told they would send me one. Then in Dec, 2012, we received a letter stating that there had been a court date (which we were not aware of) and we had a foreclosure sale date of mid-Feb. We spoke with an attroney, who passed us over to another. He said we have a valid case against W/F and F/M in that the l/m letter is in essance an agreement between us and W/F, that we had fulfilled the requirements of the letter and that W/F had reneged on the agreement. He could not stop the foreclosure sale, but my congressman did. I am a retired vet, and our congressman is very active in veteran affairs. Next thing I knew, W/F and F/M are calling me, asking what is going on. I got a l/m letter, which stated that there would be no cash contribution request. We made the three payments on time, and we now have a l/m. Our attroney is preparing a case against W/F for breach of contract and against Freddie Mac, in that I had been complaining to F/M also and their position is that they do not police nor supervise their servers. I do lots of research online, have found out that W/F approves only about 3-4% OF ALL l/m REQUEST. Why? W/F earns only 2% on any loan that is current, but earns 18% on any loan that is deliquent. W/F can lie to you, steal and misplace your payments, steal your house from you and
    not be held accountable. Honestly, I am very fortunate to still have my house. they jack my rate up, extended out ti 40 years, but I still have. And I have to thank someone else who told me to call and write my congressman.He made it all possible. He is on my Christmas card list for a long time. Incidently, the house goes on the market in June, possibly with no mortgage to pay off, no bills to pay off. I intend to screw W/F and F/M as hard as they screwed with me. But honestly, research, read, complain to anyone who will listen. I made up an contact sheet, I documented each and every call I made to W/F, date, time, number called, whom I spoke with, what was discussed. And I backed that up with copies of my phone bill. I’m still fighting and will continue until I get what I want and my attroney agrees with me. Good luck to all and keep fighting.

  • Jennifer October 22, 2013

    My disabled, wheelchair bound mother has been fighting them for over a year now. She is only on SSI and they raised her mortgage up by $200. They didn’t leave her anything left to pay bills or live on. Now they are foreclosing and she has nowhere else to go. She was attending mediation with them -her last meeting being about 2 weeks ago. I just saw her house listed on Zillow. Zillow states that it was listed over 250 days ago. They did not ever plan on modifing/re financing.

  • April October 25, 2013

    We were were in great standing with our payments when we learned my husband was being transferred to another state within a month.
    I requested a loan modification so we could carry our mortgage and rent a home in new location.
    We were denied several times. Even after proving our financial circumstances. We have an autistic son and a very fragile type 1 diabetic daughter. For these reasons I cannot work.

    When I had given up on the modification, I then requested to short sale. We purchased our brand new home at the peak of the market in 2005. By 2010 we were about 60-80 thousand upside down.
    They refused.
    So now what!?!
    And to top it…. Our mortgage had increased so much each year we were house broke.
    So we moved, couldn’t afford rent and our mortgage. So we foreclosed.
    We were given no options.
    Even the people from Wells Fargo who would call to “help” resolve had no suggestions.
    Since it was an 80/20. Wells Fargo home for the 80, and a home equity line of credit for the second , also Wells Fargo. The two branches would not work with each other.
    We received no money from line of credit. It was part of the mortgage.
    Now Wells Fargo bank has a judgment against us, and we are paying back 50,000 for a home we don’t even have.
    Anyone else???

  • Kelly Crawford October 31, 2013

    I to have been screwed by Wells Fargo and would like to join the class action Law Suit also. Does anyone know what and how to join ????

  • edward stclair November 2, 2013

    My wife got laid off at were she works and she only had unemployment we called wellsfargo up to get some help with are payment so we went hamp we sent in the paper work they requested. We then get a phone call congratulations we can get you 3.0 interest rate. We were so happy this could really help us out so much. Then we get the paper work in and then the paper work say 3.65. I called them up to see what was up. They said the supervisor changed it. They didn’t give us any choice because we didn’t wanna lose are home we had to accept it. I hope we can get on this settlement too. Wellsfargo said one thing and did something different

  • Marcy Pollan November 20, 2013

    I would like to join any class action suits against Wells Fargo for unscrupulous banking practices and blatant usury, not to mention fraud in charging me erroneously for “lapsed home owner’s insurance,” which was provable in place during the time the bank was charging me. Principal has not been cracked on an account that went as high as high as 8-9% in interest rates. More than $35,000 have been paid in interest fees alone on $60,000 principal. No one is reliable able to provide information, and multiple phone calls have to be made routinely to contact appropriate personnel. This is a criminal banking institution that should be put out of everyone’s misery. We know the banks run the congressmen, but nothing ventured…. Thank you.

  • Pamela Turner November 25, 2013

    I pamela Turner, had a mortgage wit . Well fargo 2002 up in till 2009. My maiden name was Pamela Graham address was 3428 Darlene cir, Huntsville Alabama, 35810

  • Craig Springer November 29, 2013

    Been dealing with Wells Fargo for over 5 years now. Knew I was losing my job and called to get help. Would not help until I missed a payment. It was an 80/20 loan. The LOC has told me they have charged off the loan but will not send me anything in writing. The 80 did a modification but it was their own because they said I was not a candidate for a HARP since I missed a payment. Even though they said they could not help until I missed a payment. I had 8 different agents working on my case over 3 months. Each time it was the same collection of information and then someone new would call and start over. I have been asked by Wells Fargo phone agents if I really want my children to live on the street because I won’t make payments, been told that our family of 5 spends too much on groceries (400-500 a month). I would like to join the lawsuit if I am able to.

  • Beth PROFETA January 6, 2014


  • Robert Sulser February 21, 2014

    In 2005 prior to my second of 5 back surgeries I filed for a chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to keep my home.In 2007 Wells Fargo took over the servicing of my mortgage from Washington Mutual while we were still in bankruptcy.When the chapter 13 trustee released us from our bankruptcy in August 2009 I contacted Wells Fargo and offered them 5 payments which was 3 more than we owed,they refused to except payment stating that because we were in foreclosure when we filed for bankruptcy that we were still in foreclosure.Any second year law student would no that to be Bullshit.I have been going back and forth with these morons once a year since 2010.They file then they don”t follow through,the judge throws it out I call and again they say they cannot except payment.This has been going on every year since 2009.And even though they refuse to except payment they continue to charge me late fees and interest on funds they refuse to except!!!!! Sorry for being so long winded but something needs to be done about thieving lying C———- Have a great day!!

    • christina July 17, 2015

      I do believe something needs to be done!! Not every loan situation is text book. The higher courts need to take a long hard look at how Wells Fargo is unfairly treating their clients that have unique situations and that are willing to work with them. We (as customers) are reaching out to work with what the government has put in place for the banks and for us. But Wells refuses to participate and spin products for their own good. Im sick of it. They’ve given me problems for years! Happy to be part of any class action suit!!!

  • SickOfWellsFargo February 22, 2014

    Please include me in this lawsuit.

    • Robert Sulser February 26, 2014

      Comments above;Please contact me if I qualify. Thank You ,R.J.S.

  • Robert Sulser February 26, 2014

    Comment above.

  • Kim Byrne March 24, 2014

    Please let me know if I qualify. I was a minnesota resident, but I have moved to Wisconsin.

    Thank you,

    • christina July 17, 2015

      Include me!

  • Kim Byrne March 24, 2014

    My loan modification raised my home payment to $2500. I could only make this kind of payment for a few months. I later told them they could have it back for it was not worth what they had us paying, needless to say that before the loan modification we were trying to get the amount we needed to get caught up and they kept telling us to call back in two day. We did so and were told the same thing over and over until they said we can no longer help you as your loan has been sold to EMC, a Bear & Stearns company.

  • Karen Friery April 10, 2014

    I put a down payment on a house that was still under construction in 2001with JTS Communities in Elk Grove – the down payment I put down was my LIFE SAVINGS – over $25,000.00. When it came time for my final walk thru and to sign my paperwork, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage had made so many mistakes and I sat in the office for over five hours with two children under the age of 7 years old while Wells Fargo Home Mortgage could not seem to correct my mortgage paperwork. The real issue was that the property had appreciated and the builder sold it out from under me and wanted me to default on the loan and keep my deposit – which is exactly what they did. I was a single mother with two children, and this was my life savings. All I wanted was for a home for my children to grow up in and a nice neighborhood where they could go to school. Instead, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage along with JTS Communities and their lawyer, Richard Bernstein, forced me into binding arbitration where they violated the terms of the contract and refused to give me back my deposit. Direct quote from Richard Bernstein, the lawyer – “we would rather spend your entire deposit fighting you in court”. I spent years – YEARS – and a few more thousand in attorneys fees, until I finally gave up. All of my furniture sat on a moving van for two months, ran up a bill of over $7,000.00 – while me and my children were living in a hotel trying to close escrow while Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, orchestrated by JTS Communities, stole my life savings and both insisted the other were at fault. By the time it was all over, I lost everything and was homeless and had to move back in with my parents with my two little daughters to survive.

  • Janice McCall May 6, 2014

    I asked for a Loan Modification in October 2011 and I spent the four months of sending paperwork back and forth either they lost it or needed information. Although I was behind I continued to make payments. Then they finally said your income is not high enough and denied my loan request. Then the letter started coming pay or we are going to forclose. Because I never stopped paying I was only two months behind and I took money out of my 401 K and brought the loan current. I thoughy the Obama program was to get people who purchase home before 2009 into more affordable loans.

    I struggle each month to stay current with my loan. I am 57 and don’t want to start over so I do my best to stay current. I have been on a 6 month repayment plan to bring the loan current. The payment were due on he 1st and they said to call immediately if I couldn’t pay on the 1st and let them know when the payment would be made. 3 months into the plan I called on Monday 5th to let them know I would pay on the 15th, which they said okay. The young lady confirmed the plan was still effective and she said ok to paying on the 15th. Well, phone call from them continue and I called them on the 6th to confirm my previous conversation on the 5th. The young lady said the repayment plan had been deleted, she didn’t know why it was delete on the 5th the same day I called in. She said we can set you up on another plan which was going to be more than the current repayment on the plan that was delete. I said why would I want to start over. When this was orginally set up I was told to stay in communication with Wells Fargo and let them know immediately if I wasn’t going to pay on the 1st. If I start over then this is just getting me further behind, I am 1/2 way through this repayment plan.

    The young lady said that she would try to get it reinstated but there would be no guarantees. I asked how would I know if it was or not she siad you just have to call back in. In the mean time, the phone call would proceed, since the plan was deleted I would be responsible for late charges, and they would report to the credit reporting agencies. I told her I am so frustrated because I have communicated with Wells Fargo as instructed and now I have to call back to see if this is reinstated although it is not my fault. When I call back into the call center I have to start the conversation all over, rather than someone calling me back and stating it is reinstate and with an answer on what happen.

    Wells fargo is not an honest lending organization and take advantage of people who are struggling to try and save their homes.

    I want to be apart of the class action suit. Please send me information,

  • Duped Also May 8, 2014

    Told to keep current until the forebarence loan; successfully finished the three months and was told we qualified and to pay the forebearence amt until the paperwork came through; after two months asked about the new loan papers; were told that they never said that and we were called and he talked to me and I told them I would short sale. They never called and my phone record proves it. They are telling us we are late, but can be current if we send them more money, with tact on late fees. They lie and contacting HUD just got me a credit counciling number.

  • Kim May 10, 2014

    Did anyone here get a modification and then get the closing papers and realize that you have a big balloon payment? We found out about the balloon payment at the closing. We were not told of that until we met the lady to sign the papers. Then what. We were stuck. We had to bring our own witness. But until that day we had no idea there was a balloon payment. I don’t think that is fair practice either or the purpose of the loan modifications. It seems like a scam. I did not want to sign but my husband felt trapped and he felt we had no other options. He even told her there was no balloon payment. The attorney? they hired to come and do the paperwork could not figure it out either. So when we called them afterwards our WellsFargo rep said oh this was the only way we could modify it. Scam. Total scam.

  • DANA June 3, 2014


  • DANA June 3, 2014

    I WANT IN ON LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Nasirah Sharma June 11, 2014

    I want to get in on the law suit. They are currently trying to take my home in 2 weeks someone please HELP ME.

  • chris June 12, 2014

    How to signup wfs law suit

  • Marva July 22, 2014

    How do I get more information about signing up for this lawsuit? I have proof Wells Fargo is untruthful and has a pattern of saying that a paper is missing when they do not want a sale to go through.

  • Rhonda brooks July 24, 2014

    We found our claim paper in a magazine past the date to fill it out and send in… I sent it in anyway and haven’t heard anything is there anything we can do now?? Or is there someone to contact? I still have a copy of my letter that said I could modify paid trial payments 5-6 months and then was foreclosed anyway.

  • Robert Sulser August 4, 2014

    I filed bankruptcy in 2005 when WAMU filed foreclosure on my property.In 2007 Wells Fargo took over or was assigned the servicing of my mortgage.August 2009 I received my release from the chapter 13 trustee and was advised to start paying my mortgage.I contacted Wells Fargo to make my payments, they refused to accept saying I was in Foreclosure.Later that tear they did file foreclosure saying that I had not been paying the payments they had refused to accept.We had one sit down mediation with the union county Ohio court appointed representative,and another conference call then they just cut off communication with mer and with the court,the judge threw it out.I received notification that he had dismissed the foreclosure case.At which time I contacted Wells Fargo to make payments and again they refused saying that I was still in foreclosure all the while charging me back payments plus interest and penalties on money they had refused to accept.This has repeated itself every year since.There was some modification discussion and if any attorney besides those working for Wells Fargo happens to be reading of these e-mails please shoot me one and we can discuss it;

  • patriciadeluna September 11, 2014

    awaiting reponse if wells fargo filed partial claim program claim on my home through HUD

    • patriciadeluna November 10, 2014

      please include me onthe lawsuit.or tell me where to go so i may be in on this lawsuit

  • William & Susan Light September 18, 2014

    Yes that is exactly what they have done to us. One modification that was granted 3 years ago was to drop the payment and Wells Fargo added the monies to my principal with any notification. I got on Facebook and posted all the letters written to their CEO never getting any answer and they continued to proceed to foreclosure. I met the demands and so far Brittany Marentes-Gonzalez at 1-855-803-5719 ex 39293 continues to give excuses on why the original binding contract has not been sent. How do you get in the lawsuit against Wells Fargo Home Mortgaqge?

    • Mary Anne Harding September 22, 2014

      I have just read all of the above responses and comments about Wells Fargo. It makes me sick. I went through fighting them from 2008 through part of 2011. They foreclosed and stold my home. I found out after I had been forced out of my house that I actually owned my property. It was paid off by my mortgage insurance in 2005 when I had financial difficulty. Wells Fargo wrote to me that they had paid off my mortgage and that I was to pay them. This was not true, but I did not know that. I paid them for over three years and then went through all of the HAMP jargon that most of you have been through. I even received more HAMP papers from Wells Fargo the day that the sherriff served me my eviction papers!! I would love to get into a class action lawsuit for this or whatever I could. I ran out of money fightining them. I ended up broke and on public assistance.

  • Tina September 27, 2014

    Please include me in the lawsuit against Wells Fargo. I am going through the same thing.

  • Mary Anne Harding October 2, 2014

    I forgot to mention that during my drama with Wells Fargo, they sent me a letter telling me that I had to (in short) sign the form that they sent to me with this letter, rescending my protective rights as a consumer or they would continue the foreclosure. I did not sign the paper. I still have that letter. I continued to fight them for 2 more years trying to get the HAMP program. I went through the 3 months of forebearance payments, the trial payments on HAMP twice, even though I still have the letter saying that I did it and that I was in the HAMP program. They still foreclosed on my home. When I had my settlement conference, they would not answer my questions and they refused to acknowledge my lawyer, who was sitting right there with me. When I found out that I actually owned my home, after they had taken it away through the county court, I could not believe how they got by with this. It makes me so mad at them and how they abused me and stold the home that I had worked all of my life for.

  • patricia deluna October 11, 2014

    please include me in the wells fargo lawsuit i have conflicting documents to back up theirfradulent abuses

  • Jennifer October 16, 2014

    I want in on this law suit as well, been through this twice with them, my payment is still outrageous, and my interest rate remains the same!!

  • Jerry Ferro November 12, 2014

    I have asked the DOJ, FREDDIE MAC, CONSUMER PROTECTION, MERS, HAWAII A.G., AND 7 other Government Departments for assistance with getting Wells Fargo Mortgage to get honest with us and just came from another lawyers office to hopefully start another legal push and all of what I have gotten is the suggestion of working it out with Wells Fargo Mortgage!! Wells Fargo Mortgage is the problem…not the solution and everyone knows it!! I refinanced my mortgage to get away from Wells Fargo Mortgage because they had forced insured our house when It was already insured and I wasn’t notified they had done it until after they did it with a firm I didn’t know was even approved by the Insurance Commissioner to do business here and what the coverage was nor did I get a copy of the policy or any other disclosures you get when you pay the premium.

    In the refinance I inserted an attachment to escrow that I didn’t want Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank…Mortgage or their assigns to be the servicer of the bank. I didn’t want them because of their illegal fraudulent practices and they were assigned the servicing anyway shortly before they took a major participation in the sub-prime, mortgage backed securities fiasco which sunk the economies of not only the u.s. and also other countries.

    We qualified for the refinance and were amortizing it better than agreed until the fiasco hit us and it defeated the income qualifications we needed to be approved for the loan and then defeated the value of the home itself and then Wells Fargo came after the house when we went late. The HAMP process is and was the very same that everyone here is screaming about.

    Even after the USDOJ rules against these banks and fines them billions of dollars with more coming from other legal entities the harmed consumer gets nothing and the fraudulent bankers get no jail time or loss of job and wages. How does the AG in my state get all of that penalty money and still get to tell me to contact Wells Fargo Mortgage?

    WOW!! When does the consumer/mortgagor get their money, home, peace of mind and trust back?

    Wells Fargo Mortgage defeated the terms of my mortgage which I agreed to abide by in entering the illegal asinine “Sub-Prime asset backed securities” program and are allowed to keep what they stole and cheated innocent citizens of and the ability and facility to continue doing it? Where the hell is the Lone Ranger? I want my note and deed of trust back…away from Wells Fargo Mortgage and their assigns and employees and staff and supervisors and chair persons and directors and board of directors and even their maintenance staff.

  • Donna Everette December 5, 2014

    Please include me in any and all class actions against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage except for ovetime wages paid to employees. I have extensive documentation and can provide substance for counsel for plaintiffs.

  • Gabby December 16, 2014

    I had a home in Bell, CA I saw the ugly side of the City and of a Bank that I trust not help but play games. All the stories are the same…I too will add my name.

  • Donald Paul December 22, 2014

    I would like to be involved in this class action suit. I too was strung along for months. Made half payments for 9 months and never received any modification. Wachovia and Walls Fargo a crooks and someone should go to jail.

  • Angela Bajoie December 30, 2014

    Wells Fargo/ASC never did an assignment on my property so the lawyers for W/F made an assignment from the last Bank on the mortgage which was Bank One which had merge with Chase. And filed the foreclosure using JPMorgan Chase. Chase says they didn’t hire the firm to file the F/C. But says they did the assignment but they never had a loan because it was paid out before they merged. Wells Fargo would always send back the last payment and say i didn’t qulifty for Loan mod. Added fees and inspection fees making it hard to keep up. Wells Fargo is using Deutsche Bank and i got an email from Deutsche Bk saying they are not responsible they only manage the trust and Wells Fargo owns and service the loan.I live in Louisiana and looking for others that was paying W/F and Deutsche Bank name was being used.

    • Rosenblatt February 22, 2015

      Also got double crossed by Wells Faro and can you explain what an assignment on your property means?

  • SK January 7, 2015

    I received a modification and made payments of it via my Chapter 13 trustee on time. The trial payment lasted for almost 1 year, although 3 months was just on paper. I was advised to pay my trial payments on time until it was modified in Dec 2013. In 2015 I discovered that the modification ruined my credit as Wells Fargo considers modification payments not sufficient and reports it as late. This all happened despite me being in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This has killed my chances of ever buying a home over the next several years. DO NOT MODIFY YOUR LOAN WITH WF. YOU WILL RUIN YOUR CREDIT!

  • Michelle Haynes February 11, 2015

    I too have a score to settle with Wells Fargo, Please reply agree if you would like to help star our own Settlement action against Wells Fargo. The previous settlements I have researched the actual people were not given even close to what they lost or were entitled too. the settlement was grabbed up by Municipalities and disbursed out as they say fit. anyone who would like to join me in a grievance class action suit please reply agree. I will start the ball rolling on starting a class action suit of our own for the people that Wells Fargo gave the royal run around and even stole their homes out from under them.

    • Ian Taylor May 5, 2015

      Count me in.

  • Rosenblatt February 22, 2015

    Strongly agree

  • Rosenblatt,Jay February 22, 2015

    Please add to lawsuit complaint.

  • Darcee Flaherty February 25, 2015

    I agree that Wells Fargo/ASC do their best to drag things on such as re-appling and changing Reps just to add fees and charges! Please include me in any lawsuit complaint.

  • Teresa Lane March 22, 2015

    I had a loan modification about two years ago which started over one missed payment. (we were $500 short for the month because I had surgery and lost my income for that time). I ve made the payments on time every month. In Sept. of 2014 they sent me a letter which makes no sense: *After an internal account review, we found that important information about your repayment requirements may have been left out of your loan modification documents. We want to make sure you understand the terms of your repayment responsibilities so we ve included this information below.* There is no information below. The letter then states what has not changed and signs off. I was filing away the statement a couple of days ago and realized in small type next to Interest rate it has (Until 07/01/16). I looked back at the other statements, this notation started showing up on the November statement. What can I do about this? It alters my plans considerably because I cant afford a hike in my payment.

  • Joslyn101 May 6, 2015

    OMG I am going through the same thing I just emailed the attorney someone please sue these people. Wells Fargo was also Sued in CA court today and victims were awarded money for them adding on false accounts to peoples names and bilking them of money from their bank accounts. Someone please sue them for the mortgage issues because they are defrauding the american people.

  • Joslyn101 May 6, 2015

    Hey I agree if this other guy cant help count me in as well I will file as many lawsuits as it takes to get these scam artists in prison and our money returned to us.

  • Robert Mueller May 23, 2015

    I have been treated the same as these other people and would like to join the class action suit, if that is possible. If not could you get me a list of attorneys who would be willing to move my case forward. WF should not be allowed to treat people this way. Thank you, R

  • Eydie Saunders May 28, 2015

    I am in the same miserable situation I would love to join the class action

  • Lori Mott May 28, 2015

    I too am having issues with Wells Fargo please let me know if this action is still open

  • Evelyn May 29, 2015

    How can I get more information about joining this class action suit.

  • Evelyn May 29, 2015

    I am looking for information on joining this class action suit.or starting our own suit on fraudulent tactics against home owners

  • kenneth p June 28, 2015

    I was railroaded by Wells Fargo also .Almost two years trying to work something out. I was put on a trial base of a lower payment, suppose to have been for 3 months but went for almost 6.Then I was sent a letter saying I did not qualify and I owed x amount of money are they were going to foreclose on me. Killed my credit score. I’m in Charleston S C, how do I put my name in the hat for a lawsuit?

  • J. Moulton August 4, 2015

    Please send us information on how to join this suite. Wells Fargo mistreated and mishandled our mortgage for many years. Please help.

  • J. Moulton August 4, 2015

    Who is the Settlement Administrator for this class action suite against Wells Fargo(Loan Modification)?

  • Judy Reinstadler August 15, 2015

    Is this still going on? I was just in the hospital with a stroke and now find a letter from WFB regarding foreclosure. I was hoping they had somehow forgotten about us. No such luck. We went through three years of hassle with WFB and were finally turned down, but never officially. No letter or anything. Just suddenly put in foreclosure. I really do not think that is legal. Please respond. Thanks.

  • Ricardo Reyes September 29, 2015

    I lost my home in 2011 because Wells Fargo did not assist me with a loan modification I applied for. Please send me information about joining the lawsuit.

  • kenneth hallock October 5, 2015

    i have been turned down several times by wellsfargo for a loan modification 4 or 5 times after meeting all the qualifications that they asked for we were lied to by home persavation specialists about the modification and we were actually throan into chapter 13 to save our home i you could help that would be a blessing

    • taye December 22, 2015

      want to join the lawsuit

  • Martinez December 28, 2015

    Please send me info on the loan modification c!ass action lawsuit and any other involving WF, NA; they are the worst bank

  • Kristina Cleve December 31, 2015

    Want to join the lawsuit. Have countless stories about the hell Wells Fargo put my family through for years with lies, unkept promises, deceptions, backdating letters, harassment, pain and suffering, increasing our financial hardships and the list goes on…

  • sabah abedrabbo January 30, 2016

    I reside in New Jersey and I would like to join the class action against Wells Fargo due to me having a lot of problems with modification efforts I have been trying to deal with them. Please me notify me if I can take part.

  • dave February 16, 2016

    I reside in New York and been trying for 2and 1/2 years to Modify. They come up with one excuse after another. I had to get a Lawyer which has helped but still no Mod!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they said they sold Bad Mortgage to Deustche Bank…. How is this Legal????????? I want in on Class Action Suit. Please Post info or email. Thank You, D

  • winston Hebert April 2, 2016

    I live in California and would like to join any and all lawsuits against the evil Wells Fargo mortgage criminals, please forward information to winstonhebert@gmail.com for legal help fighting the greedy,heartless giant. Good luck to everyone who has been cheated by them.

  • Toni April 8, 2016

    Me and my husband went through hell trying to do a Loan Modification with Wells Fargo/American Servicing Company. Before we could make our first payment on our home in Las Vegas American Servicing Company bought our loan. It was a complete nightmare for 7 years, plenty of sleepness nights. I wouldn’t wish this shit on no one. These big lenders must be held accountable for this mess they caused. I want in on the Class Action lawsuit

    • Brandon Cox April 11, 2016

      After personally being forced into a bankruptcy and being strung through the modification maze for 5 years, it is time to act. Please email me at cox_brandon@ymail.com if you are interested in starting a national class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo. I haven’t been able to find enough information to know who the attorneys are that handle these class actions I see out there, but if we can get enough people together from across the nation, we can form a national class action lawsuit. We all have had the same problem with Wells Fargo. Please email me your situation with Wells Fargo, your name, and where you reside. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! We have to start this effort to help people like us! Please share on social media, email, with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone you know who has been affected by this obscenely corrupt financial institution. WE CAN BE THE JUSTICE THAT WE SEEK!!

  • JML April 11, 2016

    At time of my Mother stroke was pressured to Closed escrow May 2006/ Florida. For low payment, used all retirement funds. market value went to less of what already paid. Then received offer to mod, even though I was up to date. The offer was half of payments. Also told not to pay any for 6moths to qualify. Did not want loose home &paid e/month the letter offer amount. My credit score showed delinquent. After 9 months $50. reduction became the approved offer. Then health issues lost house. Please let me know how I can join the class action lawsuit.

  • Gerald April 12, 2016

    Wells Fargo accepted falsified documents from a third party saying that I wanted a short sale after I requested a deed in lieu of for my house. When I told Wells Fargo that they had received falsified documents and wanted to talk to their fraud department they couldn’t give me their contact information. So I contacted my VA Rep and she advised me to write a letter including the names all involved in my process and was told to fax it to Wells Fargo. A few days later they called me to let me know that I had been granted a deed in lieu of and they would send me all of the paperwork within the next week. Thanks a lot Wells Fargo for jacking up my credit and not doing anything to the ones responsible for my misfortune. And above all the lady working on my account stated that they accept changed documents all the time. That concerns me greatly about their business practices how many has this affected?

  • Mary Sturdivant April 12, 2016

    I need to be part of this suit against WellsFargo. Please give us directions/information on how to be part of this action law suit before my time runs out.

  • Mary April 28, 2016

    My story is just like everyone else, we sent in the paperwork, about 10 times and then they said we had the modification and the next letter said the house is in foreclosure. Wells Fargo treated us badly. We want to be in the lawsuit also; what do we need to do.

  • Audra May 31, 2016

    We are currently having a problem with Wells Fargo. We were put on the modification program when my husband was laid off. The employee assigned to us basically told us that as long as we made the small payment, we would be fine. At the end of the modification program, we were told that all of the back owed money was due. The original employee on our case was gone, as in no longer working there, so we could not even talk to them. What ever became of this lawsuit? It obviously did not stop the company from continuing their acts. Any information on what to do now against them would be helpful.

  • Tired of the rhetoric! May 31, 2016

    I want in on an additional class action lawsuit concerning WF, state has already sued them but they continue their unethical antics. Ive been through the misplaced docs, resubmission of financials etc… Ive even gotten a lawyer… I have also recently contacted the AG in my state. I am a taxpaying citizen… our dollars bailed them out, now its time for them to have compassion on us.

  • Teracita July 19, 2016

    How do I become a member of this class action? (Wells Fargo Mortgage Modification Class Action Lawsuit )Wells Fargo was my mortgage company and they took me through the Phony modification process before foreclosing on my home!

  • Jill Figueroa August 21, 2016

    My story is the same with Wells Fargo. Trail periods whole nine yards. They have Forclosured & brought my house back at Sheriff sale. I also would like to know who to get in to the class action lawsuit.

  • Tex Homestead September 11, 2016

    Lots of helpful suggestions and similar comments on Facebook pages “We Declare War on Wells Fargo,” and “I Hate Wells Fargo.”

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