riddex class action settlementA Florida federal judge has indicated that he will give preliminary approval to a class action settlement related to allegations that Global Concepts Ltd. Inc. exaggerated the effectiveness of its Riddex electronic pest control system.

U.S. Magistrate Judge William C. Turnoff said Friday that he would certify the class and preliminarily approve the Riddex class action settlement, which would provide cash refunds for the product, up to a maximum of $1,000 per claimant.

Two class action lawsuits were filed against Global Concepts, alleging that the Riddex pest control device did not work as advertised. The plaintiffs claimed that the company relied on false statements in its advertising to encourage consumers to buy the device.

Plaintiff Cathie Colvin claimed that she purchased a Riddex pest control device in 2010 after seeing the product advertised on television and in a local drug store. According to her class action lawsuit, the product was ineffective at repelling cockroaches from her home, even though it was advertised as being effective for this very purpose.

In September 2012, the class action lawsuits were removed to Florida federal court.

The Riddex electronic pest control system was touted as a chemical-free method of eliminating pests from consumers’ homes. Global Concepts claimed that electromagnetic pulses emanating from the device would drive pests out of the home, eliminating the need to use traps or engage in unpleasant clean-up from pests.

“Despite these bold claims about the efficacy of the Riddex devices, they simply do not perform as advertised,” Colvin’s class action lawsuit said. “They do not actually remove the insects or rodents the Riddex devices are purportedly designed to remove. In reality, these devices perform no useful function aside from enriching the purveyors of this device.”

According to the class action lawsuits, this allegedly deceptive marketing violates Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and consumer protection statutes. The plaintiffs also allege breach of warranty based on the purported misstatements related to the effectiveness of the products.

Class Members include anyone in the United States who purchased a Riddex brand electromagnetic pest repelling aid device between Jan. 1, 2006 and Aug. 31, 2013. Under the terms of the class action settlement, Class Members will receive either a refund of the purchase price of the product or a new Riddex device. Global Concepts has also agreed to change its promotional materials, although the company denies any wrongdoing.

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The plaintiffs are represented by Charles J. LaDuca and William H. Anderson of Cuneo Gilbert & Laduca LLP and Jon M. Herskowitz of Baron & Herskowitz LLP.

The Riddex Electronic Pest Control System Class Action Lawsuit is In re: Global Concepts Limited Inc., Case No. 1:12-cv-23064, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

UPDATE: The deadline to file a claim for the Riddex class action settlement was July 1, 2014. More information can be found at www.riddexclasssettlement.com.

UPDATE 2: Checks for the Riddex class action settlement were mailed on Dec. 17. Congratulations to our viewers who filed claims and got paid!

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  • Brenda Gordon January 29, 2014

    Are these the same ones they sold on QVC. I bought several of those because they promoted them as actually keeping bugs away. I hate any crawlers like spiders and scorpions. I,ve been bit twice by a scorpion. How do we get into the settlement. Not sure what date I purchased them,but it was several years ago. One of them isn’t,t displaying a red light anymore. Why do they sell so much stuff that don’t live up to their claims. Fed up

  • jorge February 21, 2014

    think the team would leave me spiders in my home and never was so
    They were always walking around the house, and the computer never worked and not alludo pqra me what I wanted to purchase was a fraud, and therefore I would like the debolucion of equipment were two full purchase carefully
    Mr. Jorge Joumayyed thanks

  • Conita Davis February 23, 2014

    When I purchased the double riddex thinking that I wouldn’t have any more rats from my neighbors , that didn’t happen when they moved I had to continue buying rat poison to keep them out of the house they would come in thru the wash room right were I have my riddex plugged in no help at all, and I don’t want to speak about the many crickets and other bugs that I had. I really forgot that it was there for a moment, it really haven’t lived up to what it was suppose to do.

  • Franklin Scott February 24, 2014

    I buy two riddex device which never work, and pest kept coming, a wast of money.

  • james thompson February 24, 2014

    I bought Riddex Elec, Device and have still had to use Terminex for Pest control.

  • Carmen Green February 25, 2014

    I purchased riddex in 2008 I wait for to long weeks for them to work.I got four and they did not work.so Imoved too a nother place send for two new riddex and it did not work so I purchased three cans of Raid for the theRoach ane that worked. Riddex never worked for me. Thank you for doing something about this.

  • Richard W. Kelso February 26, 2014

    i bought two riddsx two years ago they r still plugged in they dont work i still spent 300.00 dollars on powders and sprays to get rid of roaches and to this day i still see one now and then in my kitchen

  • Ruben Hernandez March 1, 2014

    I bought riddex and never worked, I spend more than a 100 dollars. I hope getting my money back.

  • Charleen Allen March 2, 2014

    I bought two of these pest control items. Mice were coming to my house because of construction in the area. The Pest control devices do not work even for spiders, which I am allergic to. The pest control devices definitely do not work.

  • Robin Tabor May 19, 2014

    Purchased riddex pest control six of them through my whole house and still got roddants.

  • Donna Silva June 1, 2014

    I bought 2 of the riddex units. They were supposed to keep bugs out. I had one in my kitchen and one in my bedroom. They were totally useless

  • Sylvia Samuels June 19, 2014

    In Oct. 2011, I purchased 2 of the devices. They were supposed to be buy 1 get 1, but the price that I paid doesn’ t reflect that, I paid w/ s & h as well as taxes was $47.85 for something that only raised my electric bill, all the pest are alive and well.

  • Sharon July 2, 2014

    I saw no updates on this, and it wasn’t in the open claims section of the website!

    • Top Class Actions July 3, 2014

      Sharon, we’re bummed we missed the Riddex settlement deadline too! We do our best to find claim filing information for every consumer class action settlement. Most of the time we succeed, but sometimes we’re not notified of a Settlement Website until its too late. We’ll continue to do our best to report on every class action settlement and claim filing deadline we can find. Viewers like you help us, so thank you for your support!

  • Top Class Actions December 30, 2014

    UPDATE: Checks for the Riddex class action settlement were mailed on Dec. 17. Congratulations to our viewers who filed claims and got paid!

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