ChaseA federal judge has ruled that JPMorgan Chase must face a class action lawsuit that claims it defrauded New Jersey residents who applied for the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, a federal program designed to help homeowners in danger of defaulting on their homes.

Chase opted into HAMP through Fannie Mae shortly after the plan was implemented in 2009. The plan is designed to lower homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments to sustainable levels, but New Jersey homeowners say they never got the benefits of the program. Instead, they say, Chase took the federal money designed to bail out homeowners and systematically rejected HAMP applications based on false claims that homeowners did not provide the appropriate documentation, even though many homeowners claim they did.

Lead Plaintiff Johny Thomas claims in the JPMorgan Chase mortgage fraud class action lawsuit that in October 2009, he and his wife were struggling on their home mortgage loan and requested a HAMP modification. Later than month, he claims Chase sent them a letter telling them they were eligible, but that they should sign up and pay for a trial-period plan.

Thomas says he and his wife made these trial payments for about six months, until they received a letter from Chase stating their application was declined because it did not meet an unspecified requirement, even though Thomas says he met all the requirements necessary. Chase then refused to apply several of the payments Thomas made before foreclosing on their home on August 2, 2010.

A second Plaintiff, Johnny Fields, makes the same allegations in the Chase HAMP class action lawsuit, saying that, just like Thomas, he applied for a HAMP modification on his mortgage in December 2009 and made trial payments. Just as in Thomas’s case, Chase eventually declined his application, citing inadequate documents, which Fields says he field. A year later Chase sent him a notice of intent to foreclose.

Thomas and fields filed separate class action lawsuits but later joined forces in a consolidated case against JPMorgan Chase in February, charging 10 separate claims. Last week, U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin dismissed eight of them, but ruled that JPMorgan Chase must stand trial for counts of violating the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and engaging in negligent misrepresentation.

The JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Fraud Class Action Lawsuit case is Johny Thomas and Johnny Fields, et al. v. JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Chase Home Finance, LLC, Case No. 10-cv-08993, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York.


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  • Anonymous September 22, 2011

    I Kelly Conlin, too called Chase in 2009 to try for a modification, they put us on a three month trial, and said that if you pay the payments on time your loan will be modified either to what the trial amount was or lower. they continued to tell me every month because I called them 2 times a month every month and this went on for a year. Chase also did not tell me they were not going to be taking out my escrow during all this time, and now three years almost later and they are informing me of and escrow deficientcy and my mortgage payment will be going up 400$$, when I called to find out what happened they told me to try for another modification,which I was leary but tried and was still denied, so now I am being penalized for their mistakes..

    • patricia ameral January 12, 2014

      I hear all of you. I started with the tial payments Nov ’12, on my (1989 originated preditor loan) then at the end of my trial, which came supposedly May ’13. Lots going on between that –totally unbelievable. June of ’13 they closed my escrow account! after months of meets with the first housing agency and the AG’s Office, before a permanent modification, which never came, not offered a decent payment (but a higher payment) without due compensations. I was involved with the housing counseling agency, which confirmed my loan to be a preditor loan and that I ALSO according to the AG’s office was supposed to get my principal balance “forgiven” (BS!!) even They later recanted!!. telling me to go along with Chases’ higher payment and denying it to be a preditor loan (being charged $280,000 interest on a $72,400 –1989 loan), and with that deficiency escrow thing. When I started with this trial mod Nov ’12, I was ahead on my escrow, I got a reimbursement check back for overpayment from my insurance company of over $100.–, because Chase started paying it out of my payments. Now (Jan 14) they tell me that I am $3,500+ in deficiency with my escrow and Where the Hell are my payments towards this??. They only paid my escrow for about a year, less then that amount. Then I went back to the AG’s housing office more BS!!! Now I am with a third housing counseling agency and applying AGAIN directly to Fannie Mae, only this time Fannie Mae promised to audit my preditor loan, for compensations to be applied against my Chase (BS) balance, which the whole thing is based on. I am sending more FAXES and mailings over and over, Someone needs to get Chase to be exposed for their sharklike feeding frenzy on all of our loans.
      That isn’t enough I got a second loan a home equity loan owned by Chase in 2005 -and not Fannie Mae, another BS loan. I have been paying on this Chase loan for almost 9 yrs and not only has the balance Not gone down, but actually gone up and Chase denying anything wrong with it!!! All of you DO NOT Keep Silent!!!!! I also have an active complaint against Chase bank with the CFPB, while I have also called my local news media and am awaiting a 2nd call to meet. Anyone says the word “Foreclosure” from this banking moblike group, to me. when They owe me tons of monies back, I will make it to the courts and into the news, I will not go silently onto the streets.
      If things improve I will let you folks know and how it was done, I am not holding my breath!!!

      • Merrie January 25, 2014

        Look up “qualified written request” and file one. Ask for a copy of the title deed and state all your concerns. File a complaint to the federal trade commission, and CC it on your QWR. Beat Jamie Diamon at his own game! MCB

        • Merrie January 25, 2014

          They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

      • l snider January 26, 2014

        Patricia, they are in a settlement now that is supposed to be decided in the homeowners favor in May 2014. There is a class action lawsuit. It appears it originated in California and there were so many people it affected that it became a class action lawsuit in 2011. It has to do with all the erroneous things that they did to the homeowner regarding loan modification. I received a notice saying I was part of the class action lawsuit. I went thru forebearance, trial mod and received a permanent modification in June 2010 that I was so happy with and made 5 payments on the permanent modification and Chase reneged saying that the modification documents were never uploaded in their system yet they were taking my payments. I am in florida I am still fighting them today and will continue to fight them. They are nothing more than legal bullies and don’t let them win. I have considered contacting the media too. I am praying that this lawsuit will bring relief for a lot of people who have been mistreated by Chase. I am sure Heaven’s gate will not be welcoming Jamie Dimon.

        • patty maxim January 28, 2014

          case has just one has just done the same thing to me how do I get ahold of the attorney’s on this class action suit

          • johnson gichege May 16, 2014

            I need help in class action.

    • patty maxim January 30, 2014

      lawyer interested in class action on escrow bs by chase.
      Albert Mercado
      also interested in other complaints against chase

      • me February 5, 2014

        I wonder if he could help us we were denied a mod on a usda loan and now that may have been fraud

      • johnson gichege May 16, 2014

        denied mod and no proper compensation on IFR.

      • laura robertson August 2, 2014

        Chase bank offered a 60 month payback on escrow shortage. Which I excepted. But is taking most of my escrow for up coming taxes as payment for shortage they gave me 60 months to pay back

      • christine August 12, 2014

        Chase is more than tripling our escrow and continues to raise our payments

      • zero January 10, 2015

        chase and the court are one .

  • Anonymous September 24, 2011

    I am in illinois and jpm chase did the same thing to me and never told me!!! my home was foreclosed on and chase never told me i found out from a foreclosure lawyer who solicited me!!!!

  • Anonymous September 24, 2011

    I’m In Calif where they failed to disclose I would have to come with all funds (plus late fees and penalties that were saved under a 6 month forbearance.At the end of my 6 month forbearance I got a bill for 9,000.00. I had asked for a temp reduction to pay med bills. Those are paid, now I lose my home? This should be against the law ALL TERMS SHOULD BE DISCLOSED IN WRITTING.

  • Anonymous October 4, 2011

    Lots of the same similar reports are recorded on My complaint is also listed there as I too am in foreclosure status due to the negligent practices of JP Morgan Chase. I encourage everyone to go to this website and file a report. At least it’s documented in one place and if a class action lawsuit filed, we are all there in one place.

  • Anonymous October 6, 2011

    We had a loan thru Chase and was in the process of mortgage mod. when they sold our loan to a chase spinoff lender, Kondor. This, among other shady tactics allowed them to foreclose on our home of 16 years, and were given 3 days to remove our things, among them a fully equipped Fabrication shop, and 16 years of accumulated “stuff”, 4 pets and our kids memories. Its been 9 months and we are still in mourning not just of losing our home but how it was done. if they had given me ample time,30 days? it would not have been so bad. I guess they figured i’d have time to realize their ruse and get an attorney. In a nut shell they lied and strung us along until the jig was up then hid behind the police the day of our eviction. If anyone out their is experiencing the same, please get an attorney!

  • Anonymous November 12, 2011

    Same thing happed to me. Chase claim I did not make enough and declined me after paying all required trial payments.

  • Anonymous November 25, 2011

    need contact info for best class action attorney to file against chase

  • Anonymous November 25, 2011

    need best class action suit attorney to file against chase i reside in san leandro, ca

  • Anonymous December 2, 2011

    so many problems with chase, i could just scream, late payment charges when payment was on time, refused to mod. my loan even though they said i was approved, refused an extension, finally forced to file chapter 13, then short sale my home, lost thousands, now chase refuses to return escrow overage.

    worst bank ever, multi frauds. heartless people run this bank.

  • Anonymous December 11, 2011

    I am having very similar problems with Chase.
    2.5 years ago I had 100K+ equity in my house. Even with the market drop, I still have equity in my house (on paper). Over 2.5 years they systematically dragged me through HAMP processes, until the arrears payments and ‘fees’ are so high, that I can not recover from them.
    In addition to misleading and purposely leading me down a path of re-applying for HAMP which is like quicksand, they are also blatantly in non-compliance of HAMP regulations for consumer protection. They are having all kinds of documentation and procedural problems, but are hiding behind extending my foreclosure date to give them time to figure out how to correct and get my residence.
    Based in Michigan I am having difficulty finding a competent attorney willing to take my case.
    Any referrals to an attorney or class action suit are greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous December 13, 2011

    Chase first started their scam by charging fees for home owners and when we gave them proof we had it had to contact the attorney general to get it removed but then they added back on turned our loan to ecskrow and for closure begin so we called this co called hope threw chase and was told about modification then received a call from a co named first universal they ended up being a scam got us for four thousand told usIto stop mortgage pay ments and pay them in stead we asked a rep at chase they saidit was true long story short they ran us around told us we would have to do three trial payments doubling our pay ments I was told if didn’t pay they would not do the modification more and more scams took place I can’t tell it al that how much morethings that transpired and they took our home after a two year battle to get a modification. We was not missing any payments until chase and this modification co said no more payments neede tell they decide what the new payment would be

  • Anonymous December 23, 2011

    I’ve been trying to get a loan motivation from chase to get out of foreclosure and they just keep making me do the same paper work over and over and over/9 times now I’d done the same paper work. Till this week I’ve come to realize chase has no intention of doing anything they just want to service my VA loan and charge for doing that as long as they can and want me to take care of the house until they physically take my house. They are the biggest scammers of them all and in to big to fail my US government gave them 25 billion to loan out which they use to collect interest off and to invest in the stock market and they’re not going to loan anyone of the intended 25 billion for loan modification a penny. To chase that was money for them to steal from the USA

    • Paul Clements August 1, 2014

      I have fighting them three years and 6 month

    • Anonymous June 8, 2016

      I feel bad for you Anonymous, Cause I did the same and then after 3 months went by, I was told my house was being foreclosed on, I called a lady that helps sell in a short sell and got my house sold within 1 month, I was told that if my house was being foreclosed on, then I would not have been able to sell it in a short sell, A year went by, and Chase still had me as the owner, and kept sending me letters, now 2 years later, its on my credit that I went into foreclosure, I have done everything and no one will remove from my credit report. I feel lucky that my house sold so fast, we had put a lot of money into it fixing it, due to a storm messing it up rel bad, our insurance replaced the kitchen and windows and doors, making it worth more. But I feel unlucky to have sold my house due to losing my job after 15 years. And to think, that Chase did not help me. Why would you offer it, if you are going to help.

  • Anonymous December 31, 2011

    Chase took my house from me after selling it to another lender. When they declined my modification even though I make a good living, they told me they would accept a short sale but foreclosed even though I had an immediate buyer. What I have discovered is that my house is worth more to Chase if they foreclosed because my mortgage was insured. They were paid either way. I cannot believe what occurred during months of daily battles to save my home. My case is in litigation and I will never give up proving what they did to my family was unethical.

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

      • Greg Palumbo October 27, 2014

        what state do you reside in???

  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    … POOR SOULS,JPM chase is fraud, FED RES, FANNIE MAE,justice dept, is on this SCAM. White House covering these criminals. legal system is ecstatic making $billions. US gov, congress don’t give a shit . fuck government,take it down. Fuck Hillary the bitch should be executed for crimes against humanity. We want JUSTICE, FREEDOM at home.Look how quickly they arrested peaceful protestors.The BITCH demanding other governments allow thugs/ killers to roam free.demand regime change, We need AMERICAN SPRING now STUPID MORONS. should OCCUPY white house, US congress. Hey people if you believe this government is protecting you, then am George Washington.Get ready for fight of your life.only corporate crooks have rights, Democrats,republicans sold you. SYSTEM is the 1%. its going to be like this until …You know what I mean…GOD BLESS the 1%. The 99% condemned to hell. In few weeks GAS HITS $10/Gal. WE ALL GOING TO STARVE…..

    • James April 2, 2015

      SOME People are just beginning to WAKE UP to this bull shhhhh that thy have been allowing to go on. But, sadly there are still way too many semi conscious people that can not accept or believe it. I have no sympothetic feelings for any complainers reporting the “news given to them from propaganda deflection media — I’m not only dealing with this fraud they are attempting to use on foreclosure BS! —– I’m also still trying to get my house back from Sandy! YES. THEY ARE TRYING TO FORECLOSE ON A HOISE THAT DOESNT EXIST RIHT NOW BECAUSE IM HAVE BEEN waiting FOR THE FUNDS TO REBUILD (I had flood insurance and was current on my mortgage before the storm took down my house ) OVER 2 years now I’m still waiting —- IF INSURANCE COMPANIES DONT HAVE TO PAY(including gov flood insurance I was paying) BANKS GET DEFAULT SWAPS AND BAIL OUTS. WELL NOT ME !!!!!!! People wake up and do something. We don’t need the 1% they need us. SIMPLE MATH —- without the average joe they have no business, no workers /slaves. Look up what the plebeians in Roman Empire did and than question if you think there is nothin we can do about this

  • Anonymous January 13, 2012

    I have been in a 3 year battle with Chase. Do not fall for these “modification” attorney companies. After $5000.00 and 3 different Law Groups, we are now being forced out of our home. Until filthy rich stop owning gov’t we’re going to continue down this horrible path. In 38 yrs I’ve never been evicted/forclosed. Until now.

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

      • johnson gichege May 16, 2014

        The state of Georgia supreme court ruled in favor of j p morgan chase on original tittle deed, so could this requirement work for home owners in Georgia?.

      • alex August 13, 2015

        Hi, is that true in florida because I got screwed by Chase and seterus. Thanks alex

  • Anonymous January 21, 2012

    jp morgan chase is a bank operated by criminals, operating with permission to break the law given by our congressmen, senators and judges. If we the citizens were given as much lattitude as these morons, perhaps this country might take a few steps forward. If you should be fortunate enough to live through the task of securing a loan modification you will definately pay 3000.00 to 10000.00 more for this priveledge. You will pay interest on top of interest, unnecessary escrow,and trial payments that will never be credited. These people are professional thieves. The bank should be renamed. Perhaps Frank & Jesse Chase Holdings. My ultimate life’s goal is to somehow screw this garbage pile called JP MORGAN CHASE.

    • james March 29, 2014

      I am in the process of doing just that

  • Anonymous January 24, 2012

    I am in foreclosure by Chase Bank and I used my GI Bill for the loan and Chase had me doing the loan modification paper work over and over again the same papers to the point I just gave up knowing chase had NO intention of ever loaning out any of the 25 billion tax dollars they were given to make loan modification. I would like to get my name on the class action suite!!! I’m in PA

  • Anonymous March 1, 2012

    Chase is full of criminals there is no doubt. My advice is get an attorney and file counter claims against them and any trustee they are using such as Deutsche. Cover them up with production requests of documents on the deed, the securtitization, loan docs, etc. They will stop and try to settle. Now that they get credit under the AG settlement they should talk. If you counter sue them then they cannot just dismiss when the judge finds out they don’t give you docs and they don’t have their name on the title. Push them to the wall, do research on the internet — there is a lot of info there against Chase.

  • Anonymous March 23, 2012


  • Anonymous April 12, 2012

    lost my home of 35 years, tried loan mod but bank kept asking for more and more of the samepaperwork, put on trial mod and was ontime for 5 months, thought the trial period was 3 months, after that they foreclosed because we supposedly did not send all the paperwork again to them yet I have proof I did.

  • Anonymous April 24, 2012

    In 2009 I lost my job and was unable to secure full time employment for 9 months. In 2009 through 2010 I also attemped to modify my mortgage with EMC/Chase 5 times. I even went to NACA and they submitted everything to Chase again. They were always declined no explanation. I was unable to reach the adjuster working on my mortgage for 9 months during this time my local community services -Tempe AZ were going to assist with a mortgage payment. I sent faxes, emails, letters, left voice messages explaining all this and never received a response. I was evicted out of my home in 10/2010 with court notice that house was to be auctioned off on 11/15/2010. This never occurred until March 2012 in which Chase made 20,000.00 profit on my home plus I put 50,000.00 down when I bought it. I even went thru Chief executive office in spring 2010 and recived no assistance but was told to fill out another modification which I did not do after 5 prior attempts.

  • Anonymous June 19, 2012

    I guess you’ve noticed a disturbing pattern here…all the stories have the same facts: FRAUD. But JPMC is just the operative of a larger more evil force at work, the one behind Agenda 21. The plan is for government to get control of all real estate in the country, then kill off 90% of the population with disease, starvation and poison so that the psychopaths who control the government can “return America to a wilderness” so that they can enjoy nature walks through it.

  • Anonymous July 14, 2012

    Nova….you are right…..United Nations Agenda 21 is and has been infiltrating every facet of our government and lives…along with the Socialist Party and extremist environmentalists…..Tea Parties across the U.S. are exposing and fighting this internal terrorism but we all must learn to recognize it… is being implemented in almost every Planning Department and the manuals for land planners, planning departments, commissioners have all been written by the United Nations, whose agenda ultimately is de-population (like Hitler)….Alabama is the only state that has banned Agenda 21 so far but different areas of other states have banned it… STOP AGENDA 21, get educated and get the traitors out of our GREAT NATION! PUT GODLY PRINCIPLES AND OUR CONSTITUTION BACK IN CHARGE, WHILE WE STILL CAN!

  • Anonymous July 20, 2012

    My husband and I live in Alabama and we tried for a year and a half to get a loan modification due to a loss in income due to me having medical issues and not being able to work on a regular basis only to be denied after sending in paper work at least 3 to 4 times… They never called us to ask for more paper work. I would call to check on the status of the loan mod and get we need more paper work… we were denied the first time tried again and after getting the same run around we tried to ask for a deed in lieu but since we were in bankruptcy they wouldn’t talk to us about that even with our attorney okaying it… we then decided to walk away from the house… we call and asked how we proceed to turn in the key and volunteer foreclosure we were told to leave the keys inside and lock it up and call it and tell them the date we moved out. that was 2 years ago now… I called at the beginning of the year to make sure the foreclosure was finalized because we haven’t been getting any notices in the mail about what is going on and we told that we had till the end of this year to come back and get the property back if we wanted to that nothing could be done until then… I happened to be looking online for houses and found the house listed as SOLD. I call Chase today asking what was going on with the foreclosed property and was told it was sold back in December of 2011. When I was clearly told at the beginning of this year that nothing could be done till the end of this year due to Alabama law. Asked for paperwork saying the house is out of our name and got told they can’t provide that for me… WTH We are so tired of this company and the crap that they have pulled… We left the house so we were suddenly pushed out and not able to find somewhere to live… As some of you may know when you are in bankruptcy NO ONE really likes dealing you… you have to find someone that is renting the property themselves and not with a Realtor… We would love to join in on a lawsuit against this company but I don’t know if anything is being done in Alabama… If some knows about one please let us know!

  • Anonymous July 27, 2012

    info regarding the lawsuit against wamu customers. I received it and it isnt taking on the internet

    • james March 29, 2014

      If you sign a loan modification document with chase, you are in effect creating just the document they need to create a form of title. dont sign with them

  • Anonymous July 30, 2012

    I wish to participate in a class action lawsuit against Chase Mortgage. My residence is near Atlanta.

  • Anonymous July 30, 2012

    After reading numerous complaints about Chase, I realize my husband and I are being duped by them. We wish to push back hard in a lawsuit against them. It is such a shame that this is going on in America. MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE TACTICS! Why are they getting away with this?

  • Anonymous August 7, 2012

    So what is the status of any of the Chase loan modification or fraudulent foreclosure class action lawsuits?

    Are any national in basis? I am in Kansas.

  • Anonymous August 17, 2012


    • james March 29, 2014

      Most class action lawsuits do not yield much in the way of monetary settlement for the participants. a recent class action against chase was because chase removed long standing lines of credit and reduced the amount available on their credit card. the lawsuit stuck and it was for 2 mil. this was in santa clara county. each participant got only a few hundred dollars. A class action is exactly that. the more people that join, the longer it takes and the less you get. better to take the bank on yourself. there are plenty of people out there that are not attorneys who can form proper papers quite nicely. A good tool is to log onto San Mateo County Superior Court and go to open access, type in Chase Bank and you will get hundreds of cases that show the pleadings, you can learn a great deal by reading both Plaintiffs pleadings and Chase’s demurrers. they are famous for demurring and not answering a complaint. so far i have done quite nicely against them.

  • Anonymous September 9, 2012

    2010 Chase Foreclosed….on a house in it’s 8th year of the loan. 7 years of paying on-time. In 8th year (2010), I had some inconsistent payments but had paid in full. Chase sent a letter stating I owed $7231 to which $2200 were “”foreclosure legal administrative fees”. So not knowing what to do, I paid $7231 in full by the due date they provided in the letter. They returned the check and stated the property was foreclosed on a month prior to them sending me the letter to pay $7231. To that I say WTF?

    Now I have to wait some freaking 36 months from foreclosure to be eligible for any other loan without a waiver process. Homeless for 2 years and have to wait another year before I can even pursue another mortgage because….I tried to pay what they dictated I owed (even though I dispute the amount)?

    Decent people who work for JPMorgan and Chase Mortgage should WALK OUT! Shame on you for participating in such injustices. please note: If we sue JP Morgan and chase Mortgage, I hope we take your retirement money.

    • Anonymous June 1, 2014

      this company is as evil to its employees as it is to its customers, and yes, many of us have walked out due to the rampant harassment, psychological torture at working there, the ineptitude of its management at doing anything right, which makes the company rift with illegal activities, plus the laundry list of disgusting things the company has done to funnel profits onto its balance sheets speaks to how its all white-male boys club humiliates not just the employees, but citizenry too. The best thing people can do is refuse to deposit with them and refuse to do business with them, period, end them.

  • Anonymous October 4, 2012

    Chase offered me loan modification workout plans,for which I sussessfully completed twice.Constantly harassed me and wanted me to do a third workout
    plan for which I refused,because in my view they were
    just taking my money when they new all along they were not going to approve me.I feel the workouts
    were bogus and no more than a scam.I just wish there
    was someway to get my workout payments back.I had lived in my doublewide mobile home since 1990 and
    made all my payments until I got sick and had to retire
    from my job of 30 years.When I went out for surgery I notified chase that I might get a little behind until my short term disability kicked in,they offered me even considering how long I had lived there,however they told me I would qualify for these workout plans.I kept my end of the bargain and completed the two work out
    plans,however it took them what seems like forever to
    notify me I was turned down.Considering all the payments I have made own my home and all the improvements I figure I have paid around 165,000 sinceI have lived there ,now they have finally forclosed
    on my home in July2012.They want me to pay balance in full plus lawyer fees and if I were to do so,it would make that moblie home cost a quarter of a million dollars.Has anyone out ever seen a mobile home with 66 acres worth that kinda money,I don’t think so.Chase home finance are as crooked as a snake.I wish there were a way to I could get my money back that I paid on these scam workouts.Larry Adkins

  • Anonymous October 23, 2012

    Does anyone know how to get involved in the class action suit??? Do you guys know they had computer problems and lost peoples paperwork so are making bogus statements trying to get us to send everything in again!!!! NOT MY PROBLEM…

  • Anonymous November 9, 2012

    These stories sound so familiar I have dealt with chase for five years trying to get a modification and all I got was fraudulent lies one after another. So I went to short sale and got a cash offer for the short sale list price and chases reply was that it was to close to the foreclosure sale date and that they closed the file yet they never contacted me of a foreclosure date nor did they file with the county for the sale. The trustee told me no one bid on it yet chase told me it sold. Now I found out chase has listed it with there own agent. How. An this be legal they violated my short sale. Please let me know if there is a class action law suit taking place.

  • Anonymous November 22, 2012

    All I can say is that It has been a long hard fight to keep my house, in the meantime they have forced me in trying to fight to keep my Home, I have had to go completely upside down with all of my bills. Sometimes I wonder if any of this is even worth it, sometimes I struggle with depression and stress of the whole thing. Please HELP.

  • Anonymous November 29, 2012

    What’s the number for a Lawer. I lost both houses

  • Anonymous December 2, 2012

    We are In the Process of a Modifaction Loan.Last Year We Couldn t Pay All of Our Property Taxes.So Chase Sent Us A Letter Saying We were Late On Them.So We Sent Them Proof That We were Paying A Little Each Month.So What Does Chase Do They Pay It For Us and Then Let Us KNow they Opened an Escrow account for Us.Chase Paid $409.00 They Wanted $869.00 Back That is Over 100%.We Called them and Told them We are Both On Disability.I do to Heart Diseae and DiabetesI am 58 My Husband Due to Arthuritis Of the Spine He i64 Chase Sent Us An Application for Modifaction.That was In August.then They Kept Sending Letters That we Didn t Send The right Documents.and on and on.NOW! We gwt Notice of Intent to Forclose because we Haven t been Sending the Extra Money.We Have However Been Sending Our Normal Mortage Payment.Which is $969.09 and They Want Us to Pay them 1,087.45 a Mont.we have all we can do to pay the Bills we Have Now.So what You are all Saying is that we Might Not Get Our Modifaction!

  • Carl E. Durham January 1, 2013

    I wanted to let someone know before the cutoff of this law suit on 31 December. It took over 2 years to get my mortgage modified and all the while I was facing foreclosure. I filled out several modifications forms until I finally received my modification in July 2011. I was continually faxing modification and other document from Nov 2009 until July 2011. When I first filed in November 2009, I called Chase and they stated they word have my modification completed in 3 or 4 more. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Please add me to the law suit. I was done wrong and put under extreme presser.
    Thank you, Car E. Durham

  • Kaycee January 26, 2013

    Is it too late to be added to this case?

  • BIll March 4, 2013

    I am in my third attempt at filing for a loan modification, I was told by a para-legal that her daughter was denined several times until eventually she fell behhind and Chase foreclosed on her. That is happening to me I don’t know what else to do but file Chapter 13 to stop the foreclosure. The attn I am seeing told me that Chase is facing several class action lawsuits for failure to supply modifications. I want in!

  • Angela Jackson March 5, 2013

    A few years ago I bought a house that was not worth what I payed for. I was having problems making my payments because my job was cutting back on our hours at work. I called my mortgage company JP Morgan Chase to get my loan modified, they said not to make any payments until the modification gets approved, the only thing Chase did was put my payments in the back of my loans and my payments went up 100.00 more. It was even harder to make a payment. I decided to sell my home in 2011, Chase approved the appraisal for $150,000.00 home, to $80,000, for a short sell, I was so angry. My credit is now bad because of a short sell and foreclosure on my credit. I felt I could have been helped to stay in my home, now it will take me three years to buy a home. Chase came out to approve the appraisal for $80,000.

  • Dawn A DaMart April 21, 2013

    I am interested in a class action against Chase for inflated appraisal and illegal lending practices. Thank you!

  • Roxanne Fields April 26, 2013

    I live in Michigan and the exact same thing. Is it too late to sign up for the lawsuit.

  • Robert Hall April 30, 2013

    There is an old adage “Liars figure but figures don’t lie”

    JP Morgan Chase, a case study in Liars that figure.

    This is a story that rivals the criminal activities of Enron’s Executives (“the smartest men in the room”) with one major difference, Enron’s victims were primarily investors, whereas Chases victims are vulnerable and financially distressed Chase customers. This includes US servicemen and their families and thousands of others facing foreclosure, with chase “gaming” the Obama MHAP program to steal from, and foreclose on, seniors seeking help from the federal program designed to provide financial relief.

    Chase says it will pay more than $2 million to about 4,000 service member mortgage holders that were overcharged in interest while they were on active duty. The bank’s decision is linked to a five-year legal battle with Marine Capt. Jonathan Rowles, an F/A-18D weapons system officer who sued after the institution continued to charge him 9 or 10 percent interest on his mortgage — a violation of the Service members Civil Relief Act — and threatened to take his home. .

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    This is a story that will not be welcome or embraced by politicians influenced (if not corrupted) by big banking lobbyists.

    This is a story that can change the way elected officials will level the playing field for the most vulnerable of our citizens victimized by the US banking system.

    This is a story that needs to be pursued by the institutions that are chartered to challenge the criminal activities aimed at our most vulnerable and least protected citizens.

    This is a story that should culminate in the prosecution of responsible Chase management under the “RICO Act’.

    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO) is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.
    Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes—27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering. Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count treble damages.Despite its harsh provisions, a RICO-related charge is considered easy to prove in court, as it focuses on patterns of behavior as opposed to criminal acts.
    Although its primary intent was to deal with organized crime, Blakey said that Congress never intended it to merely apply to the Mob. He once told Time, “We don’t want one set of rules for people whose collars are blue or whose names end in vowels, and another set for those whose collars are white and have Ivy League diplomas.”
    On March 29, 1989, financier Michael Milken was indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and fraud relating to an investigation into insider trading and other offenses. Milken was accused of using a wide-ranging network of contacts to manipulate stock and bond prices. It was one of the first occasions that a RICO indictment was brought against an individual with no ties to organized crime. Milken pled guilty to six lesser offenses rather than face spending the rest of his life in prison.On September 7, 1988, Milken’s employer, Drexel Burnham Lambert, was also threatened with a RICO indictment under the legal doctrine that corporations are responsible for their employees’ crimes.
    “Experience hath shown, that even under
    the best forms of government those
    entrusted with power have, in time, and
    by slow operations, perverted it into
    – Thomas Jefferson
    Where are the “protectors’ of our most vunerable?
    Robert Barry Hall, just another victim of “Liars that figure”.

  • SLWilliams May 7, 2013

    Just when i thought i was the only one in the world going through this mess with chase-not only did they advise me to fall behind so that i could qualify for the presidents program-but the added 10 years onto my 30 year loan- i did receive some settlement money but chase is robbing the heck out of us. ive been in my home for 10 years and the principal bal is still the same as when i purchased it-and i have a 5% intrest rate-omg! how are they still in business with work ethics like this???

  • Hope Winters Baker May 16, 2013

    My story is the same as the lawsuit , and Kelly Conlin and many others. Mod started in 2009 I was denied in 2010 after making 9 forebarence payments and receiving the modification paperwork to sign. Chase denied the mod stating I hadn’t made the forebarence payments . They were certified checks through my bank . It cost me almost $100.00 to get the “Cashed ” copies of these checks to fax back to Chase to prove I made them. Just received my Foreclosure summons and the next day Chase put me back in Mod process while the foreclosure is moving forward. I have all my documents and filed a complaint with CFPB about Chase.

  • Lynn Cole June 17, 2013

    I would gladly join any lawsuit you have or bring against JPMorgan CHASE home loan, I have applied for a home loan modification 10 and have never even been offered a trial modification period. On some I was never even notified of any decision they had made until I called them and was told “oh yeah it was denied”. I have sent them every bit of information they have ever requested and all for nothing as I am now facing foreclosure on my home. Please let me know should you/your firm bring any kind of lawsuit against them, especially if it pertains to the HAMP home affordable modification program/making home affordable.
    Thank you,
    Lynn Cole

  • Dave June 20, 2013

    When my wife was on Chemo in 2007 I asked Chase for a loan modification and they said they could only negotiate with people who were behind on their mortgage.

    When treatment costs finally caused me to fall behind, I asked for a loan modification. They said they could only negotiate with those who were up-to-date on their mortgage.

    Needless to say, they foreclosed and sold the home for a tiny fraction of the mortgage value.

    I now owe them hundreds of thousands of dollars and have ruined credit.

    Thanks Chase, great job.

  • johnny fields July 2, 2013

    Am still waiting for the class action lawsuit against j p Morgan chase bank, to be working out with my attorney office in Newark, n,j please if you have any information on this class action lawsuit against j p Morgan chase, contact me at my email address. thanks very much!!!

  • T boris September 26, 2013

    We live in Michigan us to were advised to Modify our home we sent in all of the information to Chase and everytime I would call them they advised not to make the payments it would hurt our modification – also everytime I called it would be someone new – and something else that they needed – finally after 9 months we get a letter from Chase increasing our payments – then forclosure – we filed a claim with the Comptrollers office who in return sent it over to Chase Executive office they verified that they knew they had a problem with the modification department however since I reinstated my mortage they cant help me – We received very little money from the Russ Consulting not even enough to pay for the attoney fees that was included in our bogus foreclosure – It is unfair that our ( Occ ) lets these people get away with this – The executive department at Chase is the same way they dont care !!!! Something needs to be done

  • Charles Edward Myers October 20, 2013

    I’m tiring to work on a modification with Chase and all of a sudden my loan was sold to select profolio servicing . I talked to them once and I was treated like criminal. Telling me all kinds of lies .. This company is nothing by criminals . I would love to sue them, this is scam..
    Chuck Myers

  • ken gastineau October 23, 2013

    I lost my home to the financial terrorist practices of Chase bank, and would like to join a lawsuit. The extortion and fraud tactics practiced by Chase bank are criminal, and if allowed to continue their denial will ruin the fabric of America.

  • jerry October 24, 2013

    In 2011 I had a verbal agreement with chase on making back house payments. Chase took 600 dollars from my escrow to make a payment. Two weeks before my first payment Chase called and told me if I didn’t pay 1150 dollars by the next day they were foreclosing on me. I told them to take the money out of my escrow. Chase refused and started forecloser proceedings .I had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop it. This costs me several thousand dollars. Why could Chase take the money out of my escrow when they wanted to but they wouldn’t when I told them to?

  • Charlene Cheek October 27, 2013

    I have tried for over three years to obtain a modification from Chase. I have sent and recent the documents Chase required too many times to count. Most recently they offered me a repayment plan I sent my first payment ( in full, in cash, on time, via Western Union) and they rejected it.
    I am at my wits end!

  • D.T. October 30, 2013

    This appears to be happening all over the country. I know someone in Florida who I believe the very thing happened to. They cannot be the only ones in Florida. Surely there are more?

  • sheryl November 4, 2013

    chase did that to me 3 times they took 3 yrs untill they admitted they had all the paper work that had been sent and resent and resent . To the point that the judge was getting angry and telling the that he was going to get envolved at this point. so to the tune of over well over 50,000 added to my mortgage . they think that $300.00 cuts it.

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

  • Deborah Kaplan November 22, 2013

    How do I join the class action lawsuit against j.p. morgan chase for defrauded mortgagees who were denied refinancing? I have searched the net and cannot seem to locate this information. I was given the run around by chase and I am certain they acted fraudulently regarding my attempts at refinancing in 2009 and 2010. They kept losing the paperwork or claiming I never sent it in. Then denied me after 2 years of being jerked around. This was in NJ.

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

  • betsy kavanaugh November 25, 2013

    The same thing happened to me. I am not talking about several pages but a stack several inches tall. I got to the point that I went to the local print shop and had them make 5 copies of the paperwork they required (tax returns, payment history, letter of “problems” that prevented me from making timely payments, financial asset report, profit and loss statements for my business, etc.). Of course, each time they “lost” my packet the information would have to be updated because it was a new financial quarter. After two years they wore me out and I told them to just take the house. Then they asked me if I would short-sale the house. What? You wouldn’t deal with me but you want to give it to someone else for half price? I suspect this ploy might be a way for them to take a tax loss on the short-sale. I just don’t know anymore. Betsy.

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

  • laura schleicher December 6, 2013

    what is truly going on all these stories sound all to familiar it happened to me and were still paying they have me over a barrel and we are the bad guy what they made in interest my home would be payed for the numbers are stagering i cant post them. how do you do a lawsuit against them the few attornys i talked to say nothing i can do i cant affored to walk away i cant affored to stay they have me any way you look at it

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

  • Marianne Philp December 19, 2013

    Chase took three of my payments applied it to taxes and this is not in my mortgage loan I am now in foreclosure because I became a widow . I have all the proof and I need to know which class action law suit to go into

    • Merrie January 25, 2014

      They dont have the original title deed! Ask for it in a qualified written request! If they cant produce it they have NO legal authority to collect or foreclose! All mortgages bundled and sold on the stock market were separated from their original tile deeds! A mortgage is not an instrument its all a big scam! MCB

  • l snider January 26, 2014

    Everyone on this site, CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT is currently being decided in the US district court of Massachusetts, contact these attorneys that represent the plaintiffs
    Klein, Kavanagh, Costello
    85 Merrimac St, 4th floor
    Boston, MA 02114

    Charles E. Schaffer
    510 walnut st, suite 500
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

    I know there are many of us out there that Chase has screwed, Keep fighting.

    • K Ali February 14, 2014

      ,I am from Nj. I received foreclosures information from Chase back in 2003 stating that I was behind on my mortgage payments. I was was sure that there were a mistake in there paper work because I always made a copy of every payment since I bought my condo. According to their files, they said they had not received a payment from me in 8 years. Even though I have proof of my payments, I filed bankruptcy chapter 13 so I would not loss my home. I was in bankruptcy for 7 years, plus paying the regular mortgage and they still told me that owed them $8,000.00. Later, the township were I live, told me that Chase sold my mortgage to them, and now the township is the sole owner of my mortgage. I not sure if that is legal or illegal for township to have ownership over a person mortgage. My complaint with Chase is, the stole from me and lied about everything, just reap people off for their own profit, and did not care whop they hurt in the process. I want every penny back that Chase stole from me and headaches and pain that they took me through

  • pissed off May 18, 2014

    All of these stories are the same. My mortgage payment was 2300.00 a month I wrote Chase a nice letter telling them I had 6 months payments put aside I would need a modification loan, they wrote back saying I didn’t need their help…that was refusal #1 there are at let 4 more. Everything from I didn’t send in my documents, to they have given me enough concessions. I am gay so I also believe I have been discriminated against, the last time I used my partners income for totals that’s when they said they had given me enough concessions. Here’s the best…I was turned down because my rep said I didn’t return All my documents, I explained I had returned them all that I checked EVERYTHING on the list as I put it in the envelope. She said no page 8 was missing I looked and I told her page 8 was the instructions she said that’s right when I tell you to return everything I mean everything then I find out after I accused them of discrimination that the dumb ass gave me the wrong application to fill out to begin with! It doesn’t surprise me that they need their instructions back for as dumb as they are. I can go on and on but I’m not leaving here without a fight.

  • jerry June 26, 2014

    i am a disabled vietnam veteran, i have been fighting chase bank her in texas for 5 yrs now, and all their disceeving tactics and lies like have been mentioned above and more happened to me and my wife. (while trying to get short sale they got my realestate agent to turn againt us who we trusted. we signed a short sale agreement that if we did not sign paper work from chase would cost us 3,000 dollars. the paper work we got was not for short sale but a modification. that would put us back in debt to chase and responsible for all charges etc), they have been ruining both our credit and my wife was not even on the loan, that should be against the law, thanks for the lawyers above. the lawyers i called 75% worked for chase. we still have our deed in hand i hope what some one above is correct. I have been fighting two wars on the home front, chase bank threating forclosure for 5 yrs and fighting VA for my military service connected disabilitys for 14 yrs now, and just a yr ago gt lawyers to fight for me against VA. in 2000 i had VA ent surgery they punched hole in skull told no one and covered up his mistake. i was left out there fiighting off brain infection every 2~3 days for 8 months, lost 90 % spinal fluid and with brain in ear cannal, having 10 times worse then migrain headaches. had reconstructive ear bone surgery in 2001 which documented first surgeons mistake and cover up which was criminal intent, then 2 months later had brain surgery, they had to cut out part of my brain that died. an open and shut case of mallpractice but used a VA lawyer that never helped me. was denied and no compinsation because he never viled aappeal. cased closed. lost engineering carrier, borrowed against home equity to start own bussiness as independent contraactor truck driver. big mistake with degenerative joint and disc disease, i was disabled in 2010. found out i should have been disabled 100% in 2003 with service connected disability alone, let alone the braiin injury. top it all off the brain surgery of 2001 failed in 2012 and had brain in ear cannal again fighting off brain infectionand had out side surgeon fix in feb 2013. talk about bad luck in 2013 wife had herniated disc low back had low back surgery that failed and she was bed ridden invilid for 6 months then we had to get same surgeon to fix the problem as no one else would toucher and she was in excresiating pain. her second ; low back surgery failed and her morphine pump was not working first night, with lousy health care of hospital she was given wrong medication, which she was alergic to (two days after low back surgery)her alergic reaction nearly killed her and caused her to have heart attack the next morning resulting in heart cathorization and open heart 5 by pass surgery the next day, with three weeks in rehab hospital. and her 2nd low back surgery has failed also and she is only know being able to get arround on a walker. i have three herniated discs since 1995 and have to use a walker. but at least we are not in nursing home. i designed and built my 220,000 dollar geodesic lake home and owed no one on it untill my brain injury by VA. if our VA lawyer would have fought for us, i would have been disabled in 2003 and would never have financed house. i will call those lawyers tomorrow and hopefully things will turn arround for us. chase is still trying to take my home by claiming it as abanded. as this last yr i was having to take care of my wife who moved in with relitives in 2009 for feer of being forclosed and evicted. chase has discriminated against the elderly and disabled in spite of catastrophic circumstances. they have no conciense. they are just ruthless and have economically inslaved the world. i will try and start my this year as my fuel miser which gets 50 miles per gal in my expidition and ford f-150. and this improved prototype should increase the milage to 2500 mpg and will run vehicles on water only. (hydrogen and oxygen for fuel no polution) this is a php club people helping people, and we will help all members get out of debt in one yr and off the grid , no utilities and eventualy new modes of transportation and much more and every one will be self suficient. i thank all of you for for your coments. we have all suffered and its time to fight back, this is an economic war that we can all win if we work together.

  • jerry June 26, 2014

    ps: ( i’m still living in my home at malakoff texas i wll keep the faith and keep fighting till they evict me.

  • Teresa July 22, 2014

    I was in the class action suit with Chase military family. Chase reported to credit report false amount of money owed. Now I just checked my credit repot to refinance away from Chase and they are doing it again jacking up the amount we owe so we can.t refinance again.

  • Mrs. Henry July 31, 2014

    All this happen to me and my husband, I no they got sued But what I don’t get is why everyone who was rip off in there scam didn’t get this wipe off there credit report? They really expect for all us who lost our homes to pay anyway!!

  • Maria Rothen October 21, 2014

    I’m on the same boat as everyone else with Chase. Been trying a modification after loosing my job for 2 yrs now and Chase is trying to foreclose me now although I’m only 4 months behind. They have actually increased my monthly payments. Can anyone recommend a good attorney in South Florida?

  • tamara woods October 24, 2014


  • ben carver November 10, 2014

    Long story short, my escrows account was short by almost $3700 in June of 2013 due to a mistake made by Chase. I agreed to have my mortgage payment go up from $1300 to $1600 a month only to find out that now in November of 2014 that my escrows account is short by $2000 and my taxes have only gone up approximately $200 in the last couple of years. I have a contract with them to provide a service (escrows account) and they continuously fail at providing a creditable answer on how it happened and how to fix it. Has anyone had this problem too? Also can anyone help in this matter?

  • Timothy Petway November 16, 2014

    In June 2009 we had fallen behind due to reduced hours on my job and then I had to replace my car after spending too much money trying to fix it. I kept hearing the Obama making homes affordable ads so I contacted Chase for help and applied for the loan modification, I was told to skip July and August, then make September, October, and November, so I made September, and in October I was then told that my modification was approved, but not to make any payments until I received my paperwork. I waited about two weeks and began to worry so I called Chase Loan Modification Dept. back and I was then told that it could take a year and to keep waiting. During the wait I didn’t receive anything in writing, only by phone and always the same things “just calling to touch bases with you, we’re still waiting on the underwriters” or they call to tell me that they have sat on my documents for so long that they are outdated and I need to send in updated ones soon as possible to avoid being denied. This happened about six times.
    Finally in late spring 2010 I received Modification package to sign but it wasn’t modified, it was the same as it was before within a few dollars. So basically they instructed me to stop making payments and kept me waiting for a year to send a modification that’s no different than what I had, so I tried every way I knew to reach them but they avoided me completely until the package expired then the communication was back on. I tried to get them to explain this but all they would say was to reapply so I did and it was the same repetitive process as before, I send them the documents and they sit on them until they were too old to use, so I send more.
    In 2011 I received a notice that I’ve been declined because I didn’t return documents they say they sent but I never received, no phone calls, no nothing, they obviously couldn’t prove it so they told me to reapply again so I did and about 7 to 8 months later I received a notice that I’ve been declined because they couldn’t reach me, so I checked my phone and found no missed calls from them. They had no problem reaching me to ask for more documents or to decline my modification so therefore their reason for declining my modification was proved to be false by their own actions. Chase wouldn’t attempt to explain this one either but they did tell me to reapply, so I sent in the requested documents and started over, this was a repetitive process from the start because every time I reapply someone at Chase throws a wrench in it.
    In March 2012 I finally received a modification package and it was reduced from 1915.00 to 1839.00 about 76.00. I expected way better but for the sake of moving forward I signed all the necessary documents and returned them. I thought for sure this is going to happen this time so I started my trial payments. The first one was in April 2012 and the second one May 2012, but after a couple of weeks (May 20th ) I received a notice that I’ve been declined again because this time my May payment was returned as insufficient. I have documented proof that the funds were available and the payment was processed so I confronted them about how this happen and they told me that the Chase representative that processed my May payment didn’t enter enough numbers for my bank account and it came back as insufficient, So I contacted the bank and they said that this was impossible because it would have never given confirmation without the full bank number and they would have known while I was still on the phone, instead they wait till the trial period expired to notify me. A prime example of deliberate sabotage. Again I confronted them and they told me to send in a dispute letter so I did and I never heard back from that.
    On November 6th 2012 I got laid off from my job of 9 years at Elster Solutions llc. which got sent to Mexico and on the following month “December 20th” Chase filed the foreclosure as if they were waiting for this to happen, it’s not like they couldn’t go online and Google my company, we did and we knew. I’m sure that if they did they would have known in advance and this would explain the excessive waiting. In January 2013 I applied for the Forbearance Program and Chase case manager Traci was assigned to me. I asked her about my foreclosure hearing and she told me that because my case was being reviewed the hearing was being postponed and that I would be notified of the new date. I found out later that I missed my hearing because she lied to me.
    On May 28th I started working for Brooks Machine & Design as a CNC Machinist and was being paid very close to the same as Elster so I immediately contacted Chase to reapply for a modification in person and they told me to come to their office in Fayetteville, NC on June,14th and met with Chase representative Mahailia who assisted me in reapplying for the modification. On August,27th 2013 Mahailia sent me a letter telling me they couldn’t modify my loan because of the missed trial payment that they were responsible for and that my income was way too low. Mahailia changed the amount of my monthly income on my last modification application from the actual amount $3140.00 to a fictitious $760.45 and then declined my application, fraud again. I also shared evidence of this fact with Chase’s attorneys. Mahailia requested a letter from my new job at Brooks Machine and Design and was not happy with the letter they presented, then requested another. This made them angry with me. It seems that everything Chase has done has caused me damages. Because of the foreclosure sell date closing in on me and my family, I began to struggle looking for help thru the HUD office. I had to call at times between lunch and break and I tried to explain this to employer but, it costed me my job just the same. I feel that because of Chase’s several acts of fraud in this case they are responsible for me losing my job.

    Timothy Gray Petway

  • shane hargrave December 7, 2014

    they had refused to modify I tried to with then six times and they keep not going throw with they change reps four times on me and they had a phone number on the account that should have not been there I did a forbearance was in the amount of $2800 to modify and they did nothing with that and they still try to foreclose on me my irate is high it’s 6.25 % and they still won’t do anything to help

  • Annie March 24, 2015

    People start accepting situations that are not acceptable. Every single person here reports on how many times Chase Bank has LOST DOCUMENTS this is fraud in the inception. You need to look at the habitual pattern. Actually Federal Criminal Prosecutors should have done this ages ago. This is repetitive -fraudulent behavior. Why are we supporting anyone who is in Politics who is not or has not moved to take down Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and Citi Bank.. Currently these big corporate ass bites control the government but eventually if the population refuses to vote for the folks who are in office now getting their payola …eventually there will be a message sent. Every single state and every politician is answerable both State and Federal. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIE TO YOU AND DO NOT SUPPORT THE RIGHT CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. IF THAT MEANS NOT VOTING SO BE IT. ANNIE

  • James April 2, 2015

    They do not even hide it ! I’m not an attorney and just looking at the paper work was obvious that something is wrong here. With a little research of the laws and corp documents filed and easily accessible FROM THESE ::;::: I was amazed how much I found , and said well If I (no legal education) found by discovery all the legal violations applied to them ::;;, and more importantly the extensive legal protection and rights I have under law I would never have known (I’m sure they don’t want people to know) I’m figuring that if I was able to interpret understand and apply laws accurately as I have- An attorney could probably show that I’ve only scratched the surface. —— point being is the top (controlling interest) do not even try to hide their activities and practices anymore I think that is worse to joe public because it’s a big laugh for them…. They are saying WE ARE DOING THIS AND THROWING IT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. THEY THINK THE PEOPLE ARE INTELLECTUALLY INFERIOR To them and will not challenge or oppose more than petty complaints. DO NOT PROVE THEM RIGHT ABOUT THAT.

    • Aaron October 4, 2015

      Hi James. I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me on let me contact you. I am trying to decide if I want to fight Chase. I would appreciate your help if your willing. Thanks.

      • Jason November 30, 2015

        Be happy to share info and how to find the info without the pain of navigating the maze like I originally did

        • James November 30, 2015

          James not sure why it typed Jason

      • Debbie January 24, 2016

        Hi Aaron. Did you and James get together. Can I join in with you guys? I thought I had a good case against Chase until I read all of this and see the writing on the wall/ PLEASE contact me at EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED BY ADMIN. DON’T POST EMAIL ADDRESSES PUBLICLY. SPAMMERS AND SCAMMERS WILL USE IT TO TRY TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Debbie

  • Darlene Picchianti September 2, 2015

    My husband and I contacted Chase to refinance ou current mortgage that was at 7.25%. Chase responded that because the mortgage was not in default they couldn’t do anything to alter the current loan. Chase then sent her to another department (HAMP), which sent them paperwork to fill out to refinance. Chase added a requirement to escrow taxes and insurance in order to continue processing the refinance application and implied that refinancing would be approved upon doing so. An escrow account was established by Chase, taxes and insurance premiums for the year were paid; Chase then told us it would be 60 days before they would receive an answer. We paid the amount set up during the trial peroid. Chase rejected the refinance application and told us that we had to immediately pay $10,000 to the escrow account to pay off the tax/insurance payment made by Chase and for future taxes. We reapplied 2 more times for loan modifications at Chase’s urging as different departments indicated to them that they would still be approved. Over a 4 year period, we have been in contact with numerous departments of Chase to both refinance their mortgage or to work out a payment plan for the amount demanded for the escrow account. A settlement plan developed by us and Chase customer service representatives was refused by Chase underwriters; Chase then stopped accepting their monthly mortgage payments and sent their account into Mortgage Foreclosure. After we hired a lawyer to went into negotiation with CHASE they sold our mortgage to OCWEN Mortgage company. We spent many years of time and money trying to straighten this out and it has affected our credit rating.

  • T May 25, 2016

    Looking for any help in regards to Chase. I was on a mod program years ago, made all my payments. I was eventually approved , however never reeived the paper work to sign. Chase said they would not resend it, yet I needed to sign in order to accept. I requested multiple times, and was denied the paper work. They put me in an Opt Out status and pushed me into foreclosure. I filed Bankruptcy due to this. They claimed I did not make any modification payments, which I have proof I did, which resulted in a false claim to the courts….Bankruptcy is now completed in good faith. Chase is now harassing me for the payments pre-bankruptcy stating I owe 9 payments, however cannot give originating dates payments were missed, and we are only into the 5 month since my completed bankruptcy….how can I owe anything? . They are threatening foreclosure. I have made all payments post Bankruptcy as well. I have called many lawyers, all who only will deal with active bankruptcy. In need of help!

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