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Farmers Insurance FCRA Class Action Settlement

By Matt O’Donnell


Farmers InsuranceFarmers Insurance has settled yet another class action lawsuit, this time over allegations the insurance company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by not providing sufficient notice to policyholders of “adverse action” to their policies. As a result, eligible Class Members can receive a free Equifax credit report and $35 cash from the Farmers FCRA class action settlement.


The Farmers Insurance Settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled In Re: Farmers Insurance Co., Inc. FCRA Litigation, that alleges Farmers violated the FCRA by using certain consumer credit information to set premiums for consumers purchasing auto or homeowners’ insurance and not providing sufficient notice of the adverse action to those consumers. Farmers denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to settle to avoid ongoing litigation.


This is the third Farmers class action lawsuit settlement reached this year. Farmers Insurance policyholders may also be eligible to file claims in the Farmers Insurance Med-Pay/PIP Claims Class Action Settlement and the Farmers Insurance Exchange Class Action Settlement


Under the Farmers Insurance FCRA class action settlement, Class Members who submit an approved claim form will be eligible to receive a Credit Report Code that will allow them to access a free Equifax credit report. In addition, each Class Member who certifies online that they have reviewed their Equifax report for errors and inaccuracies will receive, after the Settlement Administrator confirms with Equifax that the Credit Report Code was used, a $35 cash payment. This certification form will be made available at after the claims deadline of December 18, 2011 has passed. 


Class Members of the Farmers FCRA settlement include anyone who purchased a new auto and/or homeowners’ insurance policy and/or renewed such policy from Farmers Insurance Company, Inc., Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange, and/or Mid-Century Insurance Company between September 28, 1999 and September 28, 2002.


To receive your free credit report and $35 cash from the Farmers Insurance FCRA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you must submit a valid claim by December 28, 2011. You can find detailed information about how to submit a valid claim form in our Open Lawsuit Settlements section. 


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Updated August 18th, 2011


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  • Anonymous September 4, 2011

    I really hope the lawyers in this case are really working for there clients, because the last class action suit I was in I still never received anything, which makes me not trust the fact that classaction suits are fair. And that classaction suit lasted 10 years.

  • Anonymous January 23, 2012

    we have 2 claim numberss the the website you gave I could not find a place to put the claim # in????/ SERIOUSL????

  • Anonymous January 24, 2012

    Maybe the judge in this case should attempt to file a claim and see what a hassel the system is to try to file through Famers and Equifax. Nothing works!!!Just try it judge and then you can throw the book at Farmers. I tried and the promotion code for free access to Equifax did not work, after several attepts with no luck I called Farmers and was on hold for over a half hour. I was told they would contact me with new promo code for Equifax. I tried original code after 6 hours and it finally let me in to my account, which said no info available. How nice. Have yet to hear from Farmers, I have to wait for thier call on my cell phone. Who knows when they will call with now code for Equifax and I will still have no info available anyways, I just know it.

  • Anonymous February 2, 2012

    Still getting this message while trying to enter PROMOTION CODE provided by FCRA Settlement letter.”Sorry , we are unable to find that promotion code. Please try again or call 1-866-252-4576″ I get no results. Without the code in the box Farmers won’t pay.haha for Farmers. Seems nobody knows solution. Will Farmers do what’s right? They should actually try a real test run with real policy holder’s info before sending out new CREDIT REPORT CODE letter.””

  • Anonymous February 15, 2012

    yeah the instructions are wrong…only enter the numeric part of the claim number…not the letters preceding it

  • Anonymous February 21, 2012

    My promotion code didn’t take so I just entered the
    control no. and claim no. and clicked submit.

  • Anonymous November 13, 2012

    Wow….I received a whopping 38 cents….it cost more to mail that check!!!!

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