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Sprint Solicitation Call Class Action Settlement

By Matt O’Donnell


Sprint has proposed a settlement in a class action lawsuit that accuses the telecommunications giant of soliciting customers using an automatic phone dialing and announcing device. If the proposed Sprint solicitation call settlement is approved, certain Sprint customers may be able to receive up to $500 per incident.
The proposed Sprint telemarketing settlement will settle a class action lawsuit, entitled Sandra L. Palmer v. Sprint Solutions, Inc., that alleges Sprint made commercial telephone solicitation calls (i.e., telemarketing calls) to residents of Washington State using an automatic dialing and announcing device. The Sprint class action lawsuit also claims that solicitation calls were made to residents in other states after they requested not to receive solicitation calls from Sprint. 
The Sprint class action lawsuit says the telemarketing calls violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Washington’s Automatic Dialing and Announcing Device statute, and Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Sprint denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to pay Class Members $5.5 million to resolve the litigation.
Class Members of the Sprint solicitation call class action settlement include current and former Sprint customers who, while a customer, at any time after July 23, 2005 through June 13, 2011:
(1) Lived in Washington State and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations that used an automatic dialing and announcing device; and/or
(2) Lived in Washington State and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations less than one year after advising Sprint or its agents that he or she did not wish to be called again by Sprint; and/or
(3) Lived in the United States and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations more than 30 days after advising Sprint or its agents that he or she did not wish to be called again by Sprint.
Class Members who submit a timely and valid claim form will receive a percentage share of the $5.5 million Sprint solicitation call settlement, based on the number of people who file claims. There’s no way to predict how much money Class Members will get until all claims are received, but each Class Member could receive the following:
– Category (1) Class Members could receive up to $500 per incident with a maximum of $2,000.
– Category (2) Class Members could receive up to $100 per incident with a maximum of $400.
– Category (3) Class Members could receive up to $500 per incident with a maximum of $2,000. 
– Class Members who fall into all three categories could receive up to a maximum amount not to exceed $4,400.
In order to receive any money from the Sprint solicitation call class action settlement, you must submit a claim form online at or by mail postmarked by November 21, 2011
You can find detailed information about how to file a valid Claim Form for the Sprint Telemarketing/Solicitation Call Class Action Lawsuit Settlement — and receive up to $500 per unauthorized Sprint telemarketing call you received! — in our Open Lawsuit Settlements section.

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Updated April 2nd, 2013


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  • Anonymous August 15, 2011

    hi i want to know if i qualifiy for this settlement can

  • Anonymous August 15, 2011

    I have been an individual Sprint customer since June 2, 2001 and am still a customer. I have also registered the cell phone on the government “Do Not Call” list. However,I do not know if I have received a solicitation from Sprint under classification 3 (not Washington State) Sprint would know if I qualify.

  • Anonymous August 16, 2011


    I have been a customer for 6+ years as well and I wanted to know the number that they called from and if there is an easier way to see if they called me, rather than searching my records from that entire period….

  • Anonymous August 16, 2011

    How would we know if we were contacted by this number and if we are entitled to the case?

  • Anonymous August 16, 2011

    How would we know if we received calls and how many?

  • Anonymous August 18, 2011

    I would like to know if I qualify for this as i am a customer For over 6 years. how would I find out /

  • Anonymous August 24, 2011

    No. none of you qualify, sorry.

  • Anonymous August 25, 2011

    Hey Bill,
    STFU and GTFO troll!

    I too have been a customer since Sept 01″
    And I have been called numerous times after having told customer service to take me off their damn call list!
    I also have been recieving calls from 000-000-0000 as well as 999-999-9999 and 666-666-6666 randomly for years now. sometimes at 3 am !
    I know this is their stupid call bot checking to see if my phone is connecting. ( Have had severe connectivity problems from time to time over last decade )

  • Anonymous August 25, 2011

    I will admit, they have given me several thousands of dollars in credit. Which most other companys would not even consider doing. they work hard to try and keep you as a customer. But also have a lot of workers who Lie out their asses to you and cause a lot of ulcers for no reason. Anyway. I will jump on board this suit. I am tired being the little business that the big boy jumps all over and trounces on my ability to have a little bit of peace.
    I really hate all the solicitation calls. If I want to upgrade my plan I will call. DON’T CALL US! WE’LL CALL YOU !

  • Anonymous November 18, 2011

    I have been with Sprint for over 10 years and have received many call from Sprint. They have been unwanted and merely for solicitations and asked that only billing related calls be sent to me. The question as many others seem to have is how to prove it. I tried to tag them by giving them a contact name, but think those have been deleted during one of my upgrades. Any suggestions if I can’t find exact dates?

  • Anonymous January 19, 2012

    Anyone hear anything else about this?

  • Anonymous February 28, 2012

    Mark- Wondering the same! Anyone hear anything???

  • Anonymous March 23, 2012

    One of the plaintiff is disputing the amount they are receiving, so back to court they go…

  • Anonymous April 11, 2012

    The Court granted final approval of the Settlement on October 21, 2011. On November 28, 2011, a Class Member who had objected to the Settlement filed a Notice of Appeal to the final approval. As a result, settlement payments are currently suspended until the appeal is resolved. The Court has ordered that the Objector-Appellant’s opening brief is due on March 7, 2012; the Plaintiff-Appellee’s opposition brief is due on April 6, 2012; and the Objector-Appellant’s reply brief is due 30 days from the date the opposition brief is filed. A date for oral argument has not been set. Please check back for updated information and dates.

  • Anonymous June 4, 2012

    I would like to know the docket number to the case that is now holding payments up. I’m still stuck with a brand new phone that I eventually purchased in order to stop the constant calls from Sprint and I’d like to get my money as soon as possible.
    The interest on 5.5 million for just six months is a lot of money. In reading the final judgement, I understood it to say that the order of the court was final for everyone, even class members so whats the hold up,

  • Anonymous June 20, 2012

    wth going on with pament suit over with.

  • Anonymous August 3, 2012

    Not for nothing but every month I had to call and dispute my bill with these morons!!! It was never what they told me it was going to be. I joined this as well buy for some reason feel it is a giant crock of shit, no one will see any money and I can bet if we do it won’t even be close to 500 per occurrence. I hope I am wrong but I wouldnt count on a thing!!!!

  • Anonymous November 19, 2012

    This is bs! This waiting game is absolutely ridiculous! How much longer are these assholes gonna hold up the process?! I’ve had sprint for longer than I can remember. And they’ve always sucked ass! I left tmobile to come to sprint and tmobile isn’t much better to be honest. Sheesh! This is ridiculous

  • Anonymous November 24, 2012

    I just asked a friend of mine from the town that the person who is supposed to be rdisputing this pay out , to see if they can find this single individual who has supposedly stop payment. Will keep you up dated. Also am asking the U.S Inspector General’s office to take a look at this because, something smells fishy in the refrigerator. One way or the other I intend to get to the bottom of this besides, I’m retired now and have nothing else to do but what I did for 39 years,INVESTIGATIONS.

  • chris January 7, 2013

    thanks for the update dwayne…the website tells us the bs u wasted time to recite smh

  • Tori February 22, 2013

    Last I heard they were issuing checks between January and April of this month.. Has anybody heard the same or received their settlement???

  • DEE March 3, 2013

    I havent heard anything about them issuing the checks, can you tell me where you got your information from…

  • chris March 19, 2013

    I called recently and the case is still where its been for the last year or more…no where. We’re not any closer to a payout, which at this point is ridiculous.

  • Carmen March 26, 2013

    I emailed the attornies on the case on March 22, 2013 and below is the response I received from Rob Williamson on the same day….

    “The objection made by one class member was overruled by the court, but he then appealed. About a month ago the court of Appeal rejected the appeal, without oral argument, and the case was returned to the trial court. My understanding is that claims are to be paid within two weeks.”

  • Jorden Ryan March 27, 2013

    #24 Carmen

    I hope you are telling the truth, but

    Can you prove it?

    What was the email address that the lawyer used?

    Would be a nice surprise if these claims were settled in 2-3 weeks.

  • Carmen March 28, 2013

    #25 Hi Jorden, I got the email address from the Palmer website where it listed the class counsel details…also I spoke to the administrators at the 800 number to verify the counsels informationto me and she confirmed it and said the website will be updated and that payment would be in April. The initial representative could not confirm what I told him class counsel stated and turned my contact info over to a senior project/case administrator who phoned me on 3/27/13.

    She also said there were a number of claims and that the payout would be less than stated in the lawsuit, but could not say how much significantly less it would be.

    I hope that helps, because as like all of the others I have been interested in why the appeal was taking so long to conclude.

  • Jordan Ryan March 29, 2013

    To Carmen: Thanks for the good work.

    Wow, I actually received an email from the settlement admins today, (I emailed them on late Monday). They said, their website should be updated, by the end of business today, and that pretty much everything that Carmen below me said, was correct. Here’s hoping that April, will be richer for all of us.

    After all $10 is… better than nothing. Yeah!!!

  • Deborah Foster March 29, 2013

    How will you know if your gonna get settlement I have since moved since getting informstion about the settlement how can I get numbers of who to contact to change my address

  • Kevin April 1, 2013

    If you have moved, simply go to the post office and fill out a change of address form. I think you can also do it online…em986

  • Kevin April 1, 2013

    The change of address form when seen by mail clerk will let them know where to re-route your mail…

  • DEE April 2, 2013

    So after contacting Palmer customer service at 1-800-465-4481 I was informed that the checks disbursement will be sent out starting in April dollar amount is avail. at this time..

  • captain April 8, 2013

    I was in one similiar to this with another company. Got $500 from them

  • Dee April 22, 2013

    Has anyone received a check in the mail yet? If so what was the dollar amount?

  • rhines4 April 24, 2013

    I called yesterday they told me payments are anticipated in late april and they wouldn’t have any info on payout amounts until the checks are cut…

  • Abby April 29, 2013

    I called the toll free number today, and was told they were anticipated to go out at the end of the month, and they think they will be sent tomorrow. She said if I had not gotten it by Friday to call back. There was no info on how much the check would be for, and wouldn’t have that info until they were actually mailed

  • rhines4 April 30, 2013

    I called today…. they told me I was getting $40

  • Marie May 1, 2013

    I called this afternoon and they said they had mailed me a check for $80.18. I am in Ohio and I received a few calls unsolicited from Nextel (Sprint).

  • Chris May 4, 2013

    after two years and all the claims filed, not to mention the attorneys cut, I got a check for a wooping 44.83. I’ll never understand why that took 2 years….SMH

  • Joanna May 9, 2013

    I received my check over the weekend. It was for $105.

  • Robin June 14, 2013

    I received my check today for 80.85. I called last week to question why I never received a payment. They said a rep. would call me back. Instead I received my check today.

  • Suzanne Kucera June 29, 2013

    I never got anything. Claim # 1015141 ??????

  • john pasquarelli September 19, 2013

    I think Palmer ripped me off. I they they up and ran with all the money after arbitrarily not paying claims.

  • albert porter October 18, 2013

    dont feel bad i never got a cent ether

  • K. B. November 6, 2013

    This is bs. These people disappeared and theres no trace of them. I submitted a claim back in Oct 2011. I still have the email. I have bee calling that 1800 465 4481 and it rings busy all the dam time. Someone help me out.
    The website is even down

  • Alvin Knox December 29, 2015

    Im wondering do I qualify and what do I need to do?

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