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Defective Polaroid LCD TV Class Action Lawsuit

By Mike Mirando 


Polaroid LCD TV


A federal class action lawsuit filed in Minnesota claims that Polaroid know as early as 2006 that its LCD TVs fail, smoke and catch fire, but actively concealed the defects and chose not to warn customers or recall the sets.


The Polaroid LCD TV class action lawsuit alleges that these TVs suffer from a design defect that inevitably results in the TV’s failing, becoming inoperable, and in some cases smoking and catching fire. 


“Polaroid has been aware since 2006-2007 that their LCD TVs are not only unreliable, but are also a dangerous fire hazard. By doing so, Polaroid places its customers at risk of injury or death,” the class action lawsuit states. “Not only did Polaroid actively conceal the TV’s defects, they also made materially misleading statements touting the high quality of the TVs, including but not limited to an incident wherein Polaroid was cited in 2010 by Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) for including a UL certification on a Polaroid TV which was not actually certified by UL.”


Had consumers known of the problems associated with the defective Polaroid LCD TVs, they would not have purchased them, the Polaroid class action lawsuit claims. 


The Polaroid LCD TV class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons in the U.S. who purchased one or more Polaroid LCD TVs. It is seeking class certification, injunctive relief, and attorneys’ fees.


A copy of the Defective Polaroid LCD TV Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.


The case is Karen Hudson, et al. vs. Polaroid Corporation and PLR IP Holdings, LLC, United States District Court, District of Minnesota.



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Updated June 9th, 2011


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  • Anonymous July 17, 2011

    Defective Polaroid LCD TV Class Action Lawsuit
    bought a tv for my friend a 32″ polaroid flat 720 p
    has run fine for almost 3 years and then jims wife was watching a program and white smoke came out of the top she turned it off asap but it was already cooked if they new this started fires why dident they send me a warning they could have been hurt i have a 3 year warrenty but reading all the blogs walmat wont replace this is crimina.l Harvey

  • Anonymous September 4, 2011

    We have a Panasonic that we purchased 4 years ago…it has sound but no picture. We have not received any information about this suit…how can we become a part of the class action suit against polaroid?

  • Anonymous September 8, 2011

    Me too, two days ago. I tried contacting Polaroid, no response. Then I came online to try to find someplace to get it fixed and found all the bad reviews and this lawsuit. How do I sign up?

    I think about all the times I left it on and left the house….scary…if they knew, someone should go to jail. I want my money back so I can buy a new TV…another brand of course.


  • Anonymous September 9, 2011

    Just yesterday, when my disabled father was home alone the 32″ Polaroid he purchased at Walmart in 2008 started smoking. I was not home and things could have been much worse…just what is Walmart/Polaroid plan to do?

  • Anonymous September 24, 2011

    I also purchased a 32” LCD combo Polaroid. It was made in may of 2007 and purchased in early 2008. The picture went out and similar problems have developed as of Sept. 2011. They are sending me a new board for $145.99 to replace it, but is this just a bandage until it burns my house down? I want to know how to get in on this lawsuit to get not only my money back but a peace of mind. Oh by the way, I did notice that Wal-mart quit carrying Polaroid tv’s a few years ago, more than likely because they had knowledge of this but failed to advise there customers of this, even the ones who had the extended warranties on these products, probably also knowing that they (Polaroid) would not honor the warranties. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RECALL ON THESE DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS.

  • Anonymous October 4, 2011

    On the (11/10/10)…stuck with a piece of junk, and out of over $600….I want my $$$ back Polaroid…

  • Anonymous October 31, 2011

    Last night my mothers LCD Polaraoid Tv started smoking and she also bought it in 2008. I hope they resolve this issue if not they will be hearing from me.

  • Anonymous November 1, 2011

    I also have a Polaroid 32 inch it smoked and will not work at all it was bought for walmart as well can we joon the suit I have 2 small girls this tv was in the room

  • Anonymous November 14, 2011

    How can I join this class action lawsuit. I am just like everyone else…same tv, same problems, and I would appreciate compensation.

  • Anonymous December 1, 2011

    we also purchased a polaroid lcd tv from walmart in 2007 with the 2 year warranty also from walmart. yesterday 11/29/11 we woke up to smoke and the sound was there but no screen we r fighting walmart to get our money back we need to get onto the lawsuit cause the ul rating was false and walmart knew it. call 1800 walmart if we all complain they have to make it right we could have burned to death and our two kids would have no parents we work hard for our money and its not right.

  • Anonymous December 2, 2011

    I purchased a 42″ Polaroid in 2007 and it started making a sizzling noise. I Googled to see what it could be and I found myself reading complaints for two hours on what I was going through. I hope something is done about this cause I spent over a 1000 on this defective tv.

  • Anonymous January 2, 2012

    i purchased two 32 inch polaroir lcd flat screens-modle tlx-03210b0one when dark screen and i am now afraid to use the other according to reports how can i join this suit or get some kind of compensation

  • Anonymous January 7, 2012

    My father and I want to know how to join this class action lawsuit. My aunts and uncles all pitched in to get my grandmother one of these faulty televisions a few years back, and it didn’t even last six months before it began smoldering at the top and giving no sound OR picture. Everyone wants their money back, and it’s not fair that these crooks are getting away with this.

  • Anonymous January 7, 2012

    To specify our situation, it was roughly two years ago around Christmas time. My aunts and uncles wanted to get my grandmother an LCD television for Christmas, and they purchased one from Polaroid – I believe it is a 42″. Around five to six months passed, and the television’s DVD player ceased working, and soon after that smoke began to billow from the top. To this day, it will still smolder when turned on, after losing the picture and sound from just ten to twenty seconds of being activated.

    This product is painfully defective, and we would like the money that was put into it returned. Polaroid was once a trusted name in this house, but we won’t trust anything with its namesake ever again.

  • Anonymous January 23, 2012

    My 2008 32″ Polaroid tv just went black with the sound still working. I have not seen how we can join the lawsuit. It is not right for any company to sell junk they know is defective and then get by with it. We all should have our money returned to us and we can return their crappy tvs. Also, this is a TV/DVD combo and the DVD player also quit working about a year ago. It’s all bad.

  • Anonymous February 9, 2012

    A friend and I were watching tv last nite, all of a sudden we heard a hissing sound and then saw white smoke coming out of the top of the tv and the picture went black but there was still sound….very scary….thank God we didn’t leave the tv on and go run errands or something!!!! And yes, it’s a Polaroid. I just can’t believe they didn’t recall them with all the things I’ve read on the internet about them so far, I know now I’m not the only one!

  • Anonymous March 11, 2012

    well….i purchased mine in 2006 and just this morning while watching cartoons with my daughter… WHITE SMOKE out the top. I wish the tag would’ve read Piece of Crap when i bought it. :) REfund???

  • Anonymous April 4, 2012

    I also bought a 32″ Polaroid LCD TV and the sound went out almost immediately . I was advised by their “help” desk that I could pack it up and send it to them and they would repair it for several hundreds of dollars. I elected to hook it up in such a fashion that I’m not using the sound system in the TV at all. A decent enough work around , but now the picture quality is disintegrating. I did not expect such bad service from such an expensive piece of equipment from a major AMERICAN manufacturer. A POS that will keep me from EVER buying anything from Polaroid again.

  • Anonymous June 30, 2012

    I had a 19″ Polaroid HDTV inside my Garage or Man Cave as it’s called about three weeks ago suddenly just pop!!! as soon as I turned the power on utilizing the remote. I swear to god…..I have never seen a small TV smoke and sizzle…. I couldn’t help but laugh and tell myself I WILL NEVER BY A POLAROID PRODUCT EVER AGAIN……….

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    My 32″ Polaroid dvd combo tv has been working for 4 years now just starting smoking while the miss’ and i were watching tv. This is outrageous that there wasnt a public announcement on tv about this and if there was then why did i ever see it. Luckly i was here when the tv missed up if not i could have lost everything. I would like to know how to get in on the lawsuit and get anew tv or give a refund i am pissed. Thank you..

  • Anonymous July 6, 2012

    I really need to be added to the class action lawsuit for my purchase of a LCD polaroid tv. i first purchased the tv in’07 and had to return it because the DVD stopped working. I returned it since I had a warranty then 2yrs later the tv started smoking, went out and just never came back on. I find it very unfair and not professional for a company to have so many complaints and do nothing to compensate the customers. I chose polaroid thinking I could depend on their brand “NOT”

  • Anonymous August 16, 2012

    i have a polaroid tv/dvd combo and when dvd quit working i looked online for a solution and seen they catch fire so i stoped using mine. i would like a tv again.

  • Anonymous August 19, 2012

    Same problem – I purchased mines 2007 was watchng tv and has white smoke coming out the back – how can I get in on this class action suit.

  • Anonymous August 24, 2012

    I purchased the Polaroid 32″ model FLM323B from Walmart.The blue light comes on but the screen is blank.I believe it was in 2008 at Christmas and paid almost 700 dollars.I put the tv in one of our rooms and the first year we had it, it was only used 2 or 3 times.It worked very well for the next 2 years…then just up and quit.For that much money it should last years.My father had the same Motorola floor model until I was in my twentys.Also how do I find out how to join the suit.

  • Anonymous September 6, 2012

    I would like to know how to get in on this lawsuit . We have a 32 inch POLAROID TV purchased at Walmart ,it was given to us for Christmas 2008 ON 08/19/2012 the screen went black, I heard a sizzle and and saw smoke all around it.

  • Anonymous September 8, 2012


  • Anonymous October 22, 2012

    Purchase my 32 LCD Polaroid on 11/23/07 at Walmart Black Friday! I purchased the 2YR SVC Plan and on 11/22/2010 the television went blank. Thank God the Warranty was still good. So Therefore, I sent the TV UPS to the company NEW for repair. They returned it and it worked fine. So I purchased an additional year service until 11/22/2011. Guess What? Yesterday my husband went into shock on 10/21/2012 because the TV started smoking from the top of the TV. Now the warranty is over and I have no TV. I call Panasonic and they said it was the motor box and I need to pay $149.99 to purchase. Can you believe this?Why would they sale an additional warranty if they new the TV would catch on fire. We have been taking advantage of. How could Walmart endorse such a product. Check out the dates and what a coincident.

  • Anonymous October 23, 2012

    We bought a 42 in LCD Polaroid and it first started making cracking noises. Then the picture would mess up and turn neon pink green and blue. I called Circuit City b/c we bought the warranty they said I had to pack it up and they would send it back for repair. I tried the TV one more time and it started smoking and went dead. I dropped the TV off at CC and 2 weeks later they went out of business. Now I have no TV and no way of finding it b/c Polaroid says they don’t have it either?? Now what do I do? Is this case still open? I heard they changed the brand name and filed for bankruptcy? Is this true? Please let me know if I can get my money back for this POS!!!

  • Anonymous November 17, 2012

    Just another unsatisfied polaroid customer here… We bought our 32″ DVD/Video combo from Walmart as well… It worked fine for about 6 months and then the picture would go out. I’d turn it on and off a couple of times and it would work for a while. In the past 6 months it doesn’t come back on at all. We didn’t use it that often because it was in the bedroom, but have stopped using it completely… From the sounds of these emails, we’re not the only ones that got ripped off…

  • Carolina December 31, 2012

    Have a 27″ Polaroid TV with the built in DVD player. It was bought in 2009 and is garbage. Just after the 90 day return policy by Walmart the DVD player started acting up, it randomly comes on and makes noises when the tv is on. There is also a defect in the screen. I didn’t know about the smoking and catching fire, but now I will unplug this tv. It says the lawsuit is on behalf of all US consumers. I wonder what they will do, replace the tv’s? Refund consumers?

  • Paul January 16, 2013

    Does anyone know how to get in on the lawsuit?? I have this piece of junk sitting in my bedroom. Same story. Smoke and then no picture.

  • Gayle January 18, 2013

    We have two polaroid TVs which we bought for our kids rooms.(model # TLX-02311B) Last night m daughter comes running in our room screaming “My TV is smoking, my TV is on fire!!!” We were asleep, we jumped up ran in there and unplugged it! Holy crap imagine if she feel asleep with the TV on and that happened!!! There should be a recall on this! Very dangerous! Now my poor daughter is all freaked out! I bought mine at Walmart about 3 yrs ago. Want in on the lawsuit

  • Pam January 21, 2013

    Holy Shit! Family gathered to watch football game, all of a sudden smoke is coming out of the top of the tv. Quickly unplugged tv! Can’t beleive this just happened. I am glad we were home when this happened. What a scare we just had. Thanks Polaroid for the warning. I wiill never purchase another Polaroid product ever again and am spreading the word to everyone we know!

  • Shunita January 26, 2013

    WOW!!! Mine just went out. I have the Polaroid stupid TV and bought it from Wal-mart. I want in on the lawsuit as well.

  • janice March 9, 2013

    Late last night as I was reading in front of my tv, my adult grandaughter came into the room and said,” why is the tv smoking?” I jumped up and unpluged it but fear to think what might have happened in just a few minutes after we had both gone to bed.This is another Polaroid from WalMart.

  • Jeff Perry March 15, 2013

    Does anyone know how to get In on this lawsuit? Same issue as u guys…Polaroid 26″ TV…bought on Black Friday in 2007…The TV just went out while we were watching it, and white smoke came out of the back…I am so pissed…If they knew these things could do this, then why leave them on the market…I have seen a lot of people ask how to get on the lawsuit, but has anyone gotten a legit answer? Please help!!

  • H. Mickelson March 28, 2013

    My husband and I purchased a 42″ Polaroid Flat Screen TV on Black Friday 2007 at a Wal Mart in Citrus Heights, CA. Almost exactly 3 years later, we were watching the TV and the picture went completely black and only sound continued out and we could hear a sizzling sound from the rear of the TV. We want to join this class action lawsuit. We still have that TV in storage. We have been waiting to be a part of a lawsuit for such a large investment that we made back in 2007. We still have not been able to replace it with a new Flat Screen TV. Please keep us abreast of any developments to the latter.

  • michael church April 1, 2013

    i got a 42 inch polaroid tv a few years ago after about a year or so it started smilling and the sound no good and i have a black line going all the way across the middle of screen. try to talk to them about it but they didnt want to hear what i had to say.

  • Tom April 3, 2013

    My Polaroid from WalMart (2007) just did the smoke and black screen tonight. Glad I found this page. Keep me abreast.

  • Roberto April 3, 2013


  • Stephan May 10, 2013

    Bought this Polaroid 32″ flat screen in 2006 or 7 and just tonight the top started smoking and now the screen is black. The sound still works but I’m rather afraid of using it now. I’m just glad I was around when it happened. What if I had left the TV on for the dogs, gone to work and the TV had caught fire?! This is unacceptable!

  • Alvin Gattis May 10, 2013

    Last night while watching the news I heard a pop and the TV went black. It still has volumn but no picture.
    Its a 27′, 2007 Polaroid.

  • Terrence May 14, 2013

    I purchased the 32″ polaroid 3 years ago and ive always noticed the popping and sparking when its turning on. Glad I found this!!! Keep me updated!

  • L wenger May 22, 2013

    I have a 32inch Polaroid with same problem. Has any one figure out if this class action suite has gone any place. Not sure if I should have tv fixed or just buy a new one and wait till something happens with lawsuit. Thanks

  • Tia May 28, 2013

    I also purchased a 15″ Polaroid tv four years ago from Walmart and now have sound but no picture. I would like to be included in the law suit.

  • Shelia Hughes June 4, 2013

    I bought a 32′ polaroid at Wal-Mart in 2007. Black smoke came out of it as well. Still have it. will not turn it back on . it may catch on fire…………..Paid $750.00 for. Have not ever received any information about this lawsuit..

  • James June 5, 2013

    We purchased a 32 in polaroid lcd tv from Walmart in 2007. Just before Christmas last year my wife and my 2 children were talking in my bedroom late that night when the tv started smoking. I quickly jumped up to unplug it. Good thing we didn’t fall asleep with the tv on. We might have had a serious problem.

  • anthony June 13, 2013

    I also purchased a 32 in polaroid tv from walmart in 2007 the dvd player only lasted a month then tonight we were watching tv in bed and it starting omitting black smoke. Im so glad my wife and I were not sleeping. Please keep in touch if anything comes of this lawsuit.

  • Kerry M. July 9, 2013

    Bought a 32in Polaroid LCD in summer of 2007. Remote was DoA which Polaroid replaced (but now the power button doesn’t work). Build in DVD player never really worked (worked at first but would stutter and now doesn’t work). Was watching tv Sunday when the back of the unit began smoking (horrible burnt plastic smoke that smelled awful). Managed to unplug the unit before it caught anything on fire. Very angry right now – had I not been in the room at the time my entire apartment could have caught fire. Will never buy anything Polaroid or anyone who partners with them ever again. I want my $750 back.

  • Marie Armstrong July 19, 2013

    My husband bought a 19 inch Poloriad TV for my craft room. Ive had it 3 years. All of a sudden it wouldn’t came on. Instead of the screen being black an saying Poloriad it went white. After and on off game for about 25 times. It came on. Husband said leave it on. Got up to find the white screen and it wouldn’t do anything. Turned it on and it flashed black white and then wouldn’t turn off. Ive given up. A TV should last more then 3 years people. An here I thought this name brand was the best. NOT

  • Gurpreet Singh Saini July 23, 2013

    I bought this polaroid 32″ for my bedroom as a 2nd TV.
    Not frequently used but sometime my kid watched her cartoons on it. Yesterday while she was watching she yelled that there is a smoke coming out from back of TV and the screen went black. I managed to turn it off and hasnt used since then.

  • Brittney August 2, 2013

    Does anyone know what the outcome was? My TV was repaired once under warranty after smoking and shutting down, now it has happened again and I have no warranty! Is it too late to get justice on this, defective product?

  • Leticia August 7, 2013

    I also bought a 42 inch Polaroid tv. Not working. I still have it. Old like to be included in law suit.

  • Diane August 20, 2013

    Is it too late to join this lawsuit? My 6 yr. old 32″ Polaroid nearly caught fire today. Smelled something funny and then saw the plume of black smoke coming from behind the tv. Hoped it was the cable box, so shut off both and turned them on individually. The tv had sound but no picture. So it was definitely the tv. I am very upset. Of course the warranty is long gone, can’t afford a new one.

  • Alfred Montague September 2, 2013

    I purchased a 40 plus inch flat screen Polaroid T.V. and all of a sudden the picture went black. I googled the symptoms to find out if this was something others experienced and found that this class action suit was in the works.
    I just want my T.V. fixed or Replaced.

  • Teresa D. F. September 7, 2013

    I bought my son the 32 inch polariod 03211c with built in dvd player for christmas 2008..I have had so many problems with it and could get no where customer service so I just put the tv away. Just last month 8/13, I found a repair shop that said they could fix it. I paid $89.99 and the tv still doesn’t work and my remote and cord were lost. So upset right now. Can I please get some info on this lawsuit???

  • kev green September 11, 2013

    Purchased a 42″ at a Walmart Black Friday sale and it goes out when it feels like it and sometimes comes back on and sometimes not. if not too late would like more info on the lawsuit.

  • kevin mittag September 17, 2013

    ok i’m in the same boat as the rest of people on here two weekends ago my 43 Polaroid flat screen went up in smoke started coming out of the back of the vents to keep cool so i do a search and see a class action law suite going on so how does one get involved in this law suite any information would be great thanks

  • william ventura September 19, 2013

    42 Inch POLOROID LCD after 10 – 20 mins I get sound but no picture.

    Seems this is NOT an isolated issue. Poloroid should probably make this right. A class action loss will cost tens of millions.

  • Jessica Croce October 6, 2013

    Polaroid flat screen – Same thing as everyone else, tv made a pop and sizzling noise then smoke poured out of it, we are lucky we were there and it didn’t start fire and we unplugged it!!

  • Jessica Croce October 6, 2013

    How can I find out information on this issue?

  • Trina Davis-Fortune October 8, 2013

    OH MY Goodness. I was watching the tv and I heard a pop and then smoke came from the top. I unplugged it.

  • Abalene Simmons October 9, 2013

    Is this still going on? I bought a 42″ on Black Friday in 2007 and it lasted less than 2 years. I even had the extended warranty and they said I need to try to take it back to the store, or pay $350 for some part that they would mail to me and then I pay to have it changed? I didn’t thing there was much left after I came into the room and saw the back of the TV smoking. Is this still an open and active case?

  • Melissa galvez October 31, 2013

    I have a Polaroid 40 inch LCD tv that I purchased November 2007 which just started smoking and sparking. (10/30/13 1:10 am) I was looking up on the Internet if it could be fixed and came across this website. Frusterating!

  • russell l November 2, 2013

    i also had this TV and it caught on fire, i had to run out of my place as it filled with smoke as i have have asthma.

  • Joy Reynolds November 16, 2013

    I too have a Polaroid LCD 42″ TV. It worked for awhile but then the screen would go black. We had sound but no picture. It was purchased on Black Friday at Walmart. I would like to be a part of the class action lawsuit.

  • Zina Edwards November 17, 2013

    I also bought the 42″ Polaroid LCD tv on black Friday 2007, and it is defective. There are black spots on the top and bottom of the screen. Please add me to the lawsuit. Is there anything else I can do, besides buy a new tv?

  • Lanette November 17, 2013

    My Poloroid t.v. bought in 07 suddenly quit working today. Totally black screen, will NOT turn on at all. The DVD part quit working long ago BUT the TV part still worked until today.
    Does anybody know if this lawsuit action is still open??

  • sterl November 18, 2013

    I have a 40 inch that stop work in a week ago..Is it a way I can get it replaces let me know..

  • sterl November 18, 2013

    My 40 inch polaroid flat screen went out…how do I sign up asap..

  • Monica Lowry-Johnson December 5, 2013

    My Poloroid 40 inch flat screen has an all green screen. I have sound but the picture is gone. I had this tv for several years. How do I sign up to be apart of the lawsuit.

  • shaun December 29, 2013

    Just happened. Loud hissing sound and screen went black. Livingroom smells like burnt plastic and bacon. 32″ lcd combo

  • anonymous January 17, 2014

    Last night my 32″ polaroid tv started smoking and got a black line down the middle of the screen. When I got the tv new back in 07 or 08 we used the built in dvd player only about 4 times and it never worked again.

  • laura tucker January 20, 2014

    I want in the lawsuit, i filed my complaint in2010

    178 Maria
    Bowling green ky

  • Mike February 7, 2014

    I paid over $700 for my 32″ Polaroid TV/DVD combo. The very first thing that went out on it was the DVD player. I contacted Polaroid to complain and they said I needed my receipt, which I could not find. I finally got a hold of the Walmart where I bought it and it took them several days to dig through their computer files but they did find it. It was unreadable. I cleaned it up the best I could and scanned it to my computer and emailed it to Polaroid and they responded with “It’s out of warranty now.” It wasn’t when I first started complaining to them. Then low and behold the Picture went out on it. Still had sound, but no picture. A couple of capacitors overheated and swelled to their breaking point. I’d be willing to bet everyone who is having problems with the smoking and fires that it is some capacitor inside that caused it. Capacitors store electricity so if they overheat and swell, they pop almost like popcorn and a chemical inside will ooze out and of course if there is still power going to it, it could very easily catch fire. If anyone has anymore info on this suit, please forward it through Facebook or online somewhere so we can get in on it. It sounds like it is a bigger problem than most of us probably thought.

  • Cheryl Reilly March 11, 2014

    Where do you sign up for the lawsuit? Our sound is mubbling. I sure would not want to see it start a fire.

  • Leslie March 11, 2014

    Same here. 32 inch Flat screen LCD, Walmart, Black Friday Special. Bought for my mom. Picture just went out this week- still have sound… Just called Polaroid. LIAR TECH, who answered the phone, told me it was EXTREMELY RARE, when I asked him how often this happens…LIAR. Part approx. $150. Capacitor, I think. Just be honest. I HATE LIARS. (p.s. I just came
    across something on Youtube about fixing tv’s -especially when the screen is out and sound still on….”” He shows how to fix tv’s.
    Seems decent , authentic and genuine…I think he may sell parts for less than the expensive manufacturers, as well as show how to DIY…May be an option for those of us who were EXTREMELY FORTUNATE and our tv’s did not catch on fire, and we can still fix them… I STILL want to be a part of this lawsuit, if there is one and it’s not too late…Really disgusting. Late at nite, my mom would NEVER have thought to unplug the tv, had smoke come out of it or it caught on fire…She is elderly and sometimes falls asleep… Sheesh… Makes me sick to even think of it! Anyway, really sorry to be so long and go on and on…Just nasty when people can die and a company does nothing… I am at Hotmail if any updates… Thx.

    • Leslie March 11, 2014

      Forgot… It was 2007 also. :(

  • Patricia March 16, 2014

    Purchased my 32″ LCD combo DVD player on 8/8/2007. Had to send to NY where purchased service contract required for repair of DVD and told them tv seemed unusually hot when turned on. I sent to service contractor in August 2009. Repaired DVD…worked for a brief period of time, stopped working never repaired again! TV now has sound but no picture. They should recall all of these….Patricia

  • KJ March 30, 2014

    I bought two Polaroid TV’s 19 and 42 inch they are the only tv’s in the house that want work!!! I want my money back because these products should have been on a recall. It’s just as easy to post a notice to all customers regarding products that have the potential to be dangerous as it is to place black Friday ad’s on tv sales. I’m highly disappointed with both Walmart & Polaroid for knowingly selling such products. We would love to have any information regarding any class action lawsuits.

  • Wizard May 18, 2014

    I bought my 40′ lcd tv in 2007 I believe that was the year and 6 months exactly later on it broke and would not turn on then they fixed it, now I don’t see any polaroids being sold and last night it started smoking and went out after having it 6 and a half years, sometimes it would get white lines going through the screen while on the internet and we would have to make sure it was on user mode because it was hooked up to my comp with the vga cable or the screen would go black, this was very troubling now I wanna tell everyone if and I say if this thing had caught on fire while we weren’t home and caused serious damage I would be out for blood literally, these TV’s are dangerous I read complaints as far back as 2008 and polaroid well they have a serious problem they need to address in court.

  • Wizard May 18, 2014

    I’m seeing a trend here if you read 10 or 12 of more of the comments on here people are saying they bought they’re tv in 2007 that seems to be a key year that this defective problem was happening.

  • Denis Richard May 24, 2014

    I have the same Model Polaroid LCD TV bought in 2007 three years later sizzling sound and white smoke out of top. Scared the heck out of me. No picture but sound. Had it fixed and just recently may of 2014 same thing happened again got it fixed. I was told it is a long standing known problem with the capacitors for the LCD display power. Can I get in on this lawsuit?

  • Warren McClish July 12, 2014

    We have the 26″ tv/dvd combo and it is crackling and hissing when powered up. Polaroid logo appears then total black. I would like to join in the suit. How do I sign up? This TV is seldom used (in motorhome) so it should have no issues. Thank you for your time reading this.


    Warren McClish

  • Megan Clayton July 28, 2014

    I have this Polaroid Flat Screen and I was just laying in bed just now and all of a sudden I hear a loud sizzling noise and the tv goes black the room stinks and when I get the light turned on smoke is everywhere I unplugged the tv quickly! It’s 3:30 am my family could have been killed if I wasn’t awake! Something has to be done!

  • Chris Goldfond August 20, 2014

    I live in Florida and purchased my 32 inch Polaroid Model #FLM-3201 from Circuit City towards the end of 2007. Within the first year all the screen background had suddenly turned bright green fuzzy colored. Seemed I might have a
    1. Backlight and/or an inverter board issue
    2. It could also be due to the inverter circuits for the backlights (the inverter is the power supply source for
    the backlights)
    3. There could also be a screen driver problem and if it was then I had to change the entire inverter board

    The cost potential cost would have been more than 50% of the original price I’d paid for it new. I decided to just purchase a new TV & have kept the Polaroid as a secondary computer screen.

    What a waste of money!!!


    Christopher B. Goldfond

  • Irene November 21, 2014

    I also bought a Polaroid 32″ flat screen and it went out after 2 months of purchase and Target sent it out for repairs. We got it back and it worked for a while and went out again. I was out over $700.00 and can’t find any one to fix it cause the warranty ran out. I think POLAROID should make it right but I know they won’t. Makes it hard when you are on a small income.

  • Jenny December 17, 2014

    Same as everyone else….my Polaroid TV is smoking out of the back and who even knows what is burning up. It smells awful and made a sizzle sound. POLAROID, I WANT MY MONEY BACK, YOU LYING BUNCH OF CROOKS!

  • Shawn Tyler March 2, 2015

    Same issue as everyone else. Purchased a 42 inch Polaroid TV on Black Friday from Walmart and no picture only sound. How do I become part of this class action lawsuit?

  • Ian March 27, 2015

    I’m in the UK. July 2014 I bought a 50\ polaroid 3d smart TV from Asda (Walmart). This morning the screen went black and only has sound. I got onto asda who are collecting it as soon as, and issuing me with a full refund… Needless to say I won’t be buying another polaroid TV.

  • Karen Bramlish April 3, 2015

    Same story, just happened to me…watching my 46in. Polaroid LCD and I hear a sizzling noise and then smoke starts pouring out the top if the TV, screen blank… I bought this in 2007 at Walmart… Is it too late to join this lawsuit??

  • Nancy Dadey April 11, 2015

    My Polaroid LCD tv has been broken for a long time but I just found out about the lawsuit today, Is it too late to join?

  • LauraLee W. April 17, 2015

    Same story; we purchased our Polaroid 32 inch LCD/HDTV in 2007 and last week sizzling, pop, flames inside the TV and smoke. Polaroid has filed Chapter 11 and the 3rd party customer service department handling consumer complaints are not empowered to assist the customer. Because we are out of warranty, the only solution offered is a $60 replacement part and the cost to repair.

  • Sherri Lowe April 18, 2015

    Watching Polaroid this morning and same thing happened. It started smoking out the top of TV.
    It was very scary. Good thing we weren’t sleep who knows what would’ve happened!
    It’s a shame Polaroid gets away with this!

  • virginia wilson May 2, 2015

    Have polaroid tv\dvd…have always had problems with it..took it to tv repair man once and paid over 200.00 dollars only to bring in home and in 6 months it is still having will be watching and the sound will go out-sometimes the screen goes black, sometimes it will come on and watch it for about 45 min then it will go out…this is a piece of junk and you can never depend on it…I want my money back…bought it at walmart several yrs ago thinking polaroid was a good name brand—so wrong!!

  • john wiese September 2, 2015

    Have a 40 inch Polaroid bought from walmart tv has a black line in the middle and when in use feels very hot to the touch. I quit using it 2012 it a piece of junk that should be recalled paid over $858.00 in 2007. What a rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more walmart or Polaroid they both do not have any pride in their products or care about their business partners just our money. Thanks

  • Musean September 12, 2015

    My poloroid 32in/dvd combo did the same thing on Friday white smoke i told a poloroid rep that im super upset that i spent my money on this but was more concerned that there is a thousand other tvs out there and someone could be hurt there answer call back monday (labor day) long story short its not our fault and you can buy a 60 piece to fix it we didnt make the tv but your company names on it i will never deal with poloroid again in life

  • Shari McWilliams September 17, 2015

    9-16-15 Bought polaroid tv at walmart in 2008. Last night, smoke poured out the top. Same description of incident as all stated above. We jerked it out of the cabinet and threw it in the front yard. Called # in polaroid cust. serv. booklet today. They denied that it would catch fire. Would not help me. smoke/smoldering/something hot inside = electrical fire. Then found out Polaroid is bankrupt. I want to join the class action law suit! It is defective! can anyone help me? Tell me how join the fight! There seems to be plenty of us!

  • Richard Rosado June 5, 2016

    I too purchased a Polaroid 42 inch flat screen TV at Walmart in central Indiana and no picture. How can I be reimbursed for the cost of my defective TV?

  • Adrienne Hymes August 19, 2016

    My 2007 Polaroid TV was smoking. It now has no picture. I was glad I was home when the smoke came out of the back of the TV. How can I sign up for the Class Action Suit?

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