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National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement 


By Kimberly Mirando

National City PNC Bank

National City Bank and PNC Bank (PNC) have reached a $12 million class action lawsuit settlement concerning illegal overdraft fees. If you paid overdraft fees to National City (including accounts transferred to PNC when it merged with National City in November 2009), you may be eligible to receive a cash payment from the class action settlement that could be as much as $100 or more.


According to the National City Bank class action lawsuit settlement, titled Trombley, et al. v. National City Bank, et al., National City improperly assessed overdraft fees for insufficient funds on debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals in a number of ways that were unlawful, including by “re-sequencing” transactions in order to maximize the number of overdraft fees. The lawsuit alleges that these practices were unlawful and caused financial injury.


You’re considered a class member of the National City overdraft fee settlement if you hold or ever held a National City Account and at any time from July 1, 2005 through August 15, 2010 incurred at least one Overdraft Fee associated with at least one National City Debit Card Transaction that was not previously reversed, refunded or returned. (The settlement does not apply to any PNC accounts that were opened for the first time through PNC or one of PNC’s predecessor banks other than National City. It does, however apply to National City account holders who were charged fees before or after National City was merged into PNC.)


As part of the $12 million National City class action settlement, National City will pay class members $36 for each eligible Overdraft Fee they incurred during the class period. However, if the number of people filing claims is small enough, you may be able to receive up to three times this amount!


All you have to do to receive your share of the National City cash settlement is to submit a valid claim form no later than August 26, 2011 either by submitting it online at or mailing it to the Settlement Administrator. (Claim forms can be found here.)


For detailed information on how to file a valid claim form and receive your share of the National City Bank Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, go to our Open Lawsuit Settlements section.


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Updated April 4th, 2011


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  • Anonymous April 6, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    PNC is still resequencing, charging NSFs for “pending’ transactions, etc. NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!

  • Anonymous April 12, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    submitted information

  • Anonymous April 13, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    That’s because they earn more from this practice than they pay out in settlements. National city pulled this re-sequencing crap on me once years ago and managed to steal an entire 2 week check from me in od fees. These crooks should be locked up.. but the corporate structure holds no one liable except the corporation itself. Face it.. 12 mil to a major corp is chump change.

  • Anonymous April 13, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    This is so disgusting. They pulled shit on me constantly during the short time I banked with them. Needless to say I switched and am thrilled with my new credit union.

  • Anonymous April 16, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    Closed out all my accounts except direct deposit vacation fund. Found out they left a savings account open 40 dollars a week direct deposit o.d. fee each time took over 1000 dollars and they say i still owe 192. maybe I,ll be able to take a vacation after all!! Not gonna get my hopes up! With a credit union now. Im done with banks!!!

  • Anonymous April 18, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    Yeah these clowns have taken whole paychecks from me too… if bills were coming out on friday and I got paid Friday they would say that debits must come first and charge me for overdrafts even though my direct deposit was in the bank first thing in the morning. I’ll be lucky though if I get paid $1 out of this.

  • Anonymous April 18, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    And now the day I get my settlement notice in the mail, their website is down. How convenient.

  • Anonymous April 19, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    closed my account three years ago due to the re-sequencing of charges. funny, haven’t had an over-draft charge since that time. these folks are thieves. i actually have proof of the re-sequencing–wonder if that can get me a little bit more in restitution! i documented the resequencing of charges in my account!

  • Anonymous April 21, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    These thieves have taken somewhere around $800 from me for overdraft charges. I have opened another account at a different bank and hope that they don’t practice the same thievery.

  • Anonymous May 2, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I had this resequencing issue with National City and I never received a settlement information letter. What do I need to do to submit my claim?

  • Anonymous May 3, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    [quote][/quote]I also have documentation of them stealing money from my business and personal accounts. I want to see how this plays out, they always had an excuse to why they were charging these fees with no reasonalble explanation.

  • Anonymous May 10, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I am not part of this lawsuit but I had a problem with overdraft fees this Jan/Feb 2011. I had auto deposit setup on my checking account when I opened it in order to receive their special rewards but was not informed that the auto deposit was a condition of the account, only a condition of the special offer. I stopped the direct deposit and my account balance was zero. They then charged a $10 fee. That was followed by a $10 direct deposit credit that I had never seen before on my statements. In fact, when I asked PNC Bank about the direct deposit credit they said it should appear on every statement but that is not true.Those 2 items were then followed by ongoing $10 fees nearly everyday. They have since closed the account and now they are sending me a collection notice for $148 or so. I wish I was part of this suit but would like to start a new class action again PNC Bank. I will never bank with them again as their practices are very deceptive.

  • Anonymous May 12, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I dont no whats going on? but some how i
    during the switch of the two componies i had two acounts and both of them ended p with late fees .dont ask me how i accured them .but now i have at least a 1.000.00 in bad credit on my report from late fees .

  • Anonymous May 23, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    @Fed up: If you are opted out you will only get a OD fee for a Check/ACH or a Reoccurring debit card purchase. Perhaps you are one of the people who are opted in because “I don’t want to be embarrassed if my card is declined”. Which is a fancy way of saying “I don’t want people to know I am spending more money than I have.” As for writing a check or ach, that’s a written contract with you and your merchant. Perhaps they should take you up on check fraud every time you write a check when there isn’t enough in your account to cover it(Know that a direct deposit is coming in). Playing the float game is check fraud plain and simple. And as for Pending charges. Did you or did you not spend that money? Again, the float game. If banking is hard perhaps you should just take out cash and once you run out you stop spending?

  • Anonymous May 23, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    @LISA OD fees happen because you fuck up your spending. All banks charge a fee when you bounce a payment or they have to cover you when you are short. Do you keep a check register? Perhaps writing down all of your purchases and keeping a running total will help you not spend money you don’t have.

  • Anonymous May 26, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I also had an incredible amount of overdraft fees. I was a college student at the time and I remember depositing multiple $400 paychecks only to find out my account wad overgrown and I no longer had rent money. The people I worked with had no sympathy or understanding for what I wad going through. Truly a heartless corporation, and the saddest part is even if they pay out they probably won’t say sorry. All I want is for them to admit that they were @ssholes….

  • Anonymous June 6, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I am part of this settlement. I was wondering when it will be paid out? Does anyone know?

  • Anonymous June 9, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I had a checking acnt with them and direct deposit. My old bank I could set the dates (online banking) for paymnts to come out after the direct deposit.
    NatCity took out the largest payment before the deposit hit. This made debit card uses hit before.
    They TOLD ME “This is how the bank makes money on ‘free’ checking accounts” IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.
    I went back to my old bank and have never looked back. They also told me my mortgage check (the biggest payment) could not be paid “electronically” BULL$HIT.

    Nevik and LISA OD– YOU WORK FOR PNC, morons.

  • Anonymous June 12, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    Why only $12 Million? Why doesn’t the total amount of the claim cover the total damages. It’s great these crooks are being sued but in terms of punishment AND JUSTICE this might as well be a paper cut. I’m sure the amount they robbed customers of totals in the hundreds of millions.

  • Anonymous June 23, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I honestly think National City has probably recieved at least $500 from me in overdraft funds and most of them were ridiculous. Back in 2009 my whole tax return went to getting my national city account back on track. I hope my claim will work out even though I lost the thing I got in the mail for it so I had to just file an online claim with no postcard or reference number.

  • Anonymous June 26, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    If your direct deposit is shown in your account when you look online and the deposit is listed as part of your “available balance”: then it should not be considered “floating” a check to pay a bill on that day. The bank says the money is there, but they used to run the debits first just to charge you OD fees before they let the direct deposit be credited to your account. It ticks me off to see people write that it’s “floating checks and fraudulent.” If the bank shows the deposit as part of your available balance, then they have the money and that money should cover whatever comes in that day, plain and simple!

  • Anonymous July 4, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I lost the postcard telling me how to get into this suit. Anyone know how I’d get in?

  • Anonymous July 13, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    I like some of the rest of you had them take my entire check due to this dishonet practice, They told me that my direct deposit had not posted and by automatic withdraws hit my account before my deposit.
    you are right that 12 million is nothing but at least they did something to them

  • Anonymous July 22, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

    Copy and paste for the form. It’s due by August 25, 2011.

    I had TCF bank originally when I was young. Moved to midamerica bank (a local bank), which was bought by national city then that was bought by PNC. I rarely if ever had an overdraft fee from any of them EXCEPT PNC. I called them out on the customer service line for resequencing checks and they said “we can’t do that it’s illegal”. I have moved everything over to Chase Bank a year ago and what do you know. No more overdraft fees again. Don’t have to be [b]CSI: Overdraft Fee[/b] to figure this one out. I love everything about Chase and the way the online banking is designed. Don’t walk away from PNC if you still bank there RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  • Anonymous July 29, 2011

    National City Bank (PNC) Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement
    went into the PNC bank to complain about the way they were sequencing debits and accused the manager theat they were practicing voodoo accounting and i knew what they were up to. i cussed and screamed all the way out of the bank and told them their day was coming… it is, you assholes at PNC….here it is!

  • Anonymous August 11, 2011

    PNC is STILL pulling this crap!! Happened to me again this week!

  • Anonymous August 16, 2011

    my granddaughter opened an account linked to a savings ;since I was her guardian the account was also in my name; they charged $15.00 every time she took money out of savings. I went to the bank where they removed all the fees and closed the account. GUESS WHAT? they sent it to a COLLECTON AGENCY. I refused to pay. they left me alone, but have damaged my credit rating big time!!! My credit card interest and payments have gone through the roof!! may have to file chapter 11

  • Anonymous August 16, 2011

    PNC bank IS ABSOLUTELY still pulling this re-sequencing SCAM. I deposited $1200.00 into that bank yest for them to charge me one $36 dollar fee THE SAME DAY ! Maybe I should go to HUNTINGTON bank where deposits mean something…. just sayin.

  • Anonymous August 20, 2011

    The number to call is 1-866-5706 to reach them if you lost your card

  • Anonymous August 31, 2011

    National City took a whole month of pay cbecks for fees and I think that they should be made to pay all of that back and PNC is doing the same thing and I am going to change banks I am not work my but off to make a bank a profit and me not have enough to pay my bills because of them

  • Anonymous August 31, 2011

    when the hell do we get paid for this????????????

  • Anonymous September 3, 2011

    When do I get my check. The 26th has come and gone with no update on the official claims site.

  • Anonymous September 12, 2011

    Does anyone have an update on when to expect the settlement checks? I accused them of this scam back in 2007, because they would debit the larger amounts first, not chronologically. Freaking Ponzi Scammers. Where’s our checks?

  • Anonymous September 15, 2011

    Umm… Where is this so called check at? I like how we all keep posting things but none of us are getting any answers…

  • Anonymous September 18, 2011

    see As they have filed an objection at the Fairness Hearing. Per his reply to me via their FB page, when I asked him what happened at the Fairness Hearing, i.e., approved the settlement or what – he said

    The court has requested additional briefing due September, so we can’t expect a ruling before then.

    so we are in a sit and spin mode at this time

  • Anonymous September 19, 2011

    Is there a way to complain about the appointed counsel to the judge? The website was last updated in March. We’re all going to get around $5 each, and the attorneys are walking away with millions. Scam upon scam, here.

  • Anonymous September 20, 2011

    I had money in my account and they charged me overdraft fees. It has now been sent to collections. I switched banks and I am very pleased with my new bank.

  • Anonymous September 29, 2011

    With $3,000,000 going to the attorneys, and a significant number of us who were victimized by National City, I don’t see where we’ll get much of anything. I got the line of crap that they were looking out for me by backing out small debits to ensure that my rent or vehicle was paid. Instead of one overdraft fee, they got several.

  • Anonymous September 30, 2011

    thank you for the update. i too was wondering the status of this case. so very glad that center for class action fairness stepped up to the plate on behalf of us folks. i suspect that they will prevail. i read their brief and it’s solid, in my opinion. i just wish there was some type of criminal charges that could be filed against those no-good thiefs!!!

  • Anonymous October 5, 2011

    I mailed in the form, have heard nothing!! Inthe meantime, PNC continued the practice- I live on SSDI–Tohave half your month’s income grabbedbecause the bank did not POST the deposit IMMEDIATELY- really stinks– Yeah, I am in Collections now because of their screwups– thank Heavens they cannot garnish SSDI

  • Anonymous October 6, 2011

    The most you”ll get is $35.00, Lawyers loves these kind of cases, their the ones who get’s the big pay out

  • Anonymous October 8, 2011

    Anyone who is still paying fees… you do know that the new banking law allows you to opt out of overdraft protection! Do it… it will be the best thing you ever did. What will happen if your account runs out of money? Well you won’t be able to use your debit card till you put money back in. The difference now is no fees.

    Simply carry around another form of payment.

    ….and dangit… where is my check from this lawsuit as well? I am owed hundreds. I hated this bank with passion. Almost worse than Fifth/Third,

  • Anonymous October 10, 2011

    People, If you think your going to receive all the money you lost, your wrong, wrong, wrong, all you’ll receive is anywhere betweent $5.00 to $35.00. Stop thinking this will be a big pay out for you, youre building yourself up for a big let down

  • Anonymous October 11, 2011

    what i read is youll recieve $36 for up to 10 late fees over 2 month period if u had that many

  • Anonymous October 14, 2011

    As it is, the lawyers and other legal people are getting 3,000,000 of the 12,000,000. The leaves 9,000,000. If only 250,000 people filed claims the maximum any one person could get is $36.00. Do the math people. You know there were more than 250,000 people that were charged overdraft fees in the 6 years that this covered. You will be lucky to get one single overdraft fee reimbursed to you.

  • Anonymous October 18, 2011

    just called 800 # and spoke to rep judge as not granted final approval yet. Rep dont know when we will receive money.

  • Anonymous October 20, 2011

    PNC is still a total rip off! They, to this very day, sequence multiple payments in order to get the most overdraft fees possible. Here’s a good one! I was charged an overdraft fee of $36 for an $81 water bill and $36 for the $1.80 processing fee. I elected overdraft protection, so I said nothing about the fees. They then reversed out the $81 and the $1.80 saying there wasn’t enough money in my account…which I knew…took the money back from the water company, but did not give me back the $72 in overdraft fees. Their banking establishment is horrible. As soon as I am able to switch banks, I plan to do so. I look for a class-action to get underway against PNC individually in the very near future.

  • Anonymous October 20, 2011

    i owned a small business and these crooks did this with my business account, taking thousands of dollars over time. i complained about the resequencing also, yrs ago and was told they don’t do this. i knew they did but had no money to hire attny as they were taking it all. eventually forced to close my business after 3 yrs as they got me in such a jam, i couldn’t find my way out and ran out of funds for the business. i wish this suit included business accounts also and i don’t understand why it doesn’t? anyone have a clue?

  • Anonymous October 24, 2011

    so when do the settlement payments get paid out!!!

  • Anonymous October 25, 2011

    will they ever pay is the question…..

  • Anonymous October 30, 2011

    I need my $1,800.00 dollars. Im sick of waiting. Are they ever going to update this action. Im waiting

  • Anonymous November 1, 2011

    start your own class action for “business”””

  • Anonymous November 1, 2011

    I called the law offices, they had all of my information. They said it will take a while yet, because the case is not completely settled? I bet if someone else calls, they get a different answer. . .?

  • Anonymous November 5, 2011

    What is the phone number to yhe law offices?

  • Anonymous November 10, 2011

    Timothy, if your thinking that you’ll get 1,800 back your wrong, and if any of you think you’ll recieve what you lost your wrong, the most anyone will get from this lawsuit is $35.00 each. This is a class action lawsuit not a one person lawsuit. Many of you came into this with the wrong ideal thinking you’ll recover what you lost. So when you do receive your check don’t get upset because it’s not going to be for what you think.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2011

    @Mike – I’m not being critical of your comment made on Nov. 10th; I would like to know if you base your expectation on actual legal fact. Again, I’m not being critical of your comment! I was not going to expect a full recovery of the overcharges, but I just don’t want to see National City walk away unscathed. I still believe a criminal lawsuit should be brought against these thieves!!!!

  • Anonymous November 12, 2011

    Tim; The only ones who make out on these types of lawsuits are the lawyers, we as the consumers get the left overs. And yes I was involved in another one just like this and all I received was 79.00. The fact is we may receive 5.00 to 100.00 depending on how many people they have to pay. I do agree National City were truely thieves. A class action lawsuit isn’t just one person, it could be hundreds of thousands people in this lawsuit.

  • Anonymous November 16, 2011

    still getting slammed with od’s with PNC. I believe there is some truth to ALL the banks being the same, although I have to believe that PNC is worse than others and there is definitely some truth to this resequencing claims against them. I’ve witnessed it first hand MANY, MANY, MANY times. just getting slammed with 8 OD’s in the past 24 hours, $288!, even with a deposit made yesterday at 11:50am, they still managed to slam me with 4 more this morning that are still in a pending status, sitting on an account that now has $3500 available as i type! called to ask for forgiveness on 4 of 8 of the charges, nope, nothing they can do for me “sorry, we tried but the “system” won’t let us do it”, bs, there’s an override for everything. no sympathy. THANKS FOR CARING PNC! All things considered with deposits.

  • Anonymous November 18, 2011

    i would still like to receive monies whether it $1 or $100’s…Cmon they didn’t wait to take the monies for overdrafts, why i got to wait to get paid. Doesn’t fell good when the rabbit got the gun, huh National City/PNC?

  • Anonymous November 24, 2011

    We are lucky if we have $100 to last us the rest of the week after pnc gets done with us. Husbands check get direct deposited and they will say it wasn’t in there at that time. BS cause I can go over at 11:30 and withdrawl $50.00 and the atm will give it to me. A bunch of crooks.

  • Anonymous November 25, 2011

    I’m done banking with them. FirstMerit is a much better bank and i suggest everyone switch from PNC to another bank. Just because they have a different name doesn’t mean they aren’t still up to their same old antics. But regardless how much money it is I’d still like to get a check. Does anyone know where I can find the status of the lawsuit?

  • Anonymous November 26, 2011

    Does anybody know if the settlement is actually going to happen? I put in my information as soon as I could, but I have heard nothing since.

  • Anonymous November 29, 2011

    I called the number for the law suit, I was told hopefully December. And also it would be more than $36 you would be getting…depends on each persons fees and charges.

  • Anonymous November 30, 2011

    What is the phone number for the law suit?

  • Anonymous November 30, 2011

    i just called and she said they haven’t heard anything since july and don’t know when the payments will be sent out the number is 1-866-960-5706

  • Anonymous December 1, 2011

    Yeah I called and she said to call back end of December b/c they have to give them time to appeal, they have till the end of dec so if there is no other issues and no holds the money will be released and sent out middle of Jan. (so she said) So i guess it sits there collecting interest??? Ill be calling back end of dec and update what I find out…

  • Anonymous December 4, 2011

    i filed for this case this pertained to me when i was 17 mother was signed under the account with me and they ended up overdrafting me by like 800 dollars and never was ever able to finish paying them off still am flagged by 80 dollars of it under the check systems and for some reason when they sent me the form i filled it out and never heard back from them i completed the form with the account number i had and havent gotten an email or heard squat what the heck is going on i know i qualify

  • Anonymous December 4, 2011

    I was told about two months ago it could take 5 to 10 years to get payment but I think I was talking to someone overseas!

  • Anonymous December 5, 2011

    It has all been a joke.
    We are never going to get our money back!

  • Anonymous December 7, 2011

    According to the Web Site updated on Dec.01 2011 Payments should be around Spring of 2012. If there were no more Appeals which would result in a much more longer time period.

  • Anonymous December 7, 2011

    I’m not clear why there would be an appeal. They settled on the dollar amount (12 million) without a trial. It was settled out of court, which is why so many people were upset about the attorneys getting 25%. I thought I read somewhere that there was some kind of legal action being taken on behalf of the respondents to see if that could be reduced, due to the lack of actual work they had to do. National City continues to haunt me- I cannot get an account ANYWHERE because they have reported to Cheksystems that I still owe them money (fees- imagine that!)

  • Anonymous December 8, 2011

    Payments won’t be made until the spring of 2012


  • Anonymous December 8, 2011

    I called this week too. They will not release the number of claimants, and they have not yet done the legwork for how many actual overdraft fees there are for each claimant. I would think this would all be done already, so that they know John Smith is entitled to X number of fees reimbursed for August and Y for October ~ or whatever the case may be for each of us. It’s ridiculous to keep holding up these payments.

  • Anonymous December 15, 2011

    Questions? 1-866-960-5706 i called. Lady said final hearing will be over 12/30/11 as long as there are no appeals… Should expect our checks by Spring 2012.

  • Anonymous December 22, 2011

    Got a check in the mail for $350 today!

  • Anonymous December 22, 2011

    We have a broken court system in this country.

  • Anonymous December 29, 2011

    Ok…I’ll bite. Are you serious or messing with us Bill? My heart can’t take the suspense…lol. Is it the real deal?

  • Anonymous December 31, 2011

    Id like to take a bite too, pics!? Anything? Did this really happen?

  • Anonymous December 31, 2011

    In regards to the comment made by “Bill” dated Dec. 22, 2011. Since “Bill” claims to have received $350 in the mail on Dec. 22, 2011, I would find this statement to be false, since the court granted an appeal period to expire on December 31, 2011. No payments of any kind can legally be made prior to the expiration of the appeal period. Nice thought tho Bill….wish it were true!!!!

  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    was just wondering when the settlement payments will be sent out?i cant find anywhere where it tells you.can someone please comment me and let me know.

  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    To Pete and whoever might need to know this. When you get paid on Friday, just for future knowledge (it’s this way at all banks and credit unions), the bank CANNOT legally use those Friday funds to pay for previous transactions. Thursday night at 10pm all your transactions for that day that have been put into “pending”, including deposits for that day, get sent to “posting”. We first post ALL credits and then deduct & post ALL debits. Your Friday check is not in the Thursday batch that was sent to posting. Friday morning at 7AM begins your Friday pending transactions and this would include your Friday paycheck. I hope this makes sense and will help you and others avoid any further Overdraft fees. Just remember banks are bound to a contract with your employer and are given a specific day to make your check available to you. If your company tells the bank to make this available to you on Friday then the bank CANNOT use it to pay for items authorized before Friday.
    Happy New Year!!!!


  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    To Ed M and whoever might need to know this. The pay out for the National City settlement is set for Spring 2012.

  • Anonymous January 5, 2012

    Today, Jan. 5, 2012, was the final day for any party to file an appeal against the latest order of Judge Bates. Any body know if any one filed an appeal? If not, then payments may commence this Spring 2012. Really wish and hope that some one who did not participate in this settlement files criminal charges against this corrupt/thievery bank. And people wonder why folks like Occupy Wall Street protest. Here’s a perfect example!!!

  • Anonymous January 16, 2012

    website now reads:

    “One individual has notified the Court that they are appealing the Court’s Judgment and related Memorandum Opinion granting final approval to the settlement.

    Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, claims will not be paid until and unless the last appeal has been dismissed in its entirety, or the Judgment has been affirmed in its entirety by the court of last resort to which such appeal may be taken, and such dismissal or affirmation is no longer subject to further appeal or review.

    Accordingly, no claims will be paid to Class Members until and unless this appeal is resolved […] it will likely be over a year before the Court of Appeals decides the appeal.”

    Looks like someone has filed an appeal and “likely be over a year” before anything is settled. This looks like it has been pushed back yet again, and we are screwed, yet again. Anyone expecting any sort of happy surprise from this settlement should lower their expectations, greatly. This is more unfortunate red tape.

  • Anonymous January 16, 2012

    it does not make legal sense that “one individual” has filed an appeal to an action that is based on a “CLASS ACTION” basis. I am far from an attorney, but singularly and individually we the class action folks couldn’t act in an independent manner. and national city has already agreed on the settlement amount. I do not believe “an individual” has filed an appeal. I am beginning to believe that this whole thing is nothing but a hoax. Unless the actual name of the appellant is published along with the description of the appeal taken, I doubt this class action suit actually exists. A very cruel hoax.

  • Anonymous January 19, 2012

    If you read the judge’s final statement, it gives the total amount to be paid(~8.47 million) to the ~190k people who filed a claim. It comes out to about $45.00 or 1.25 overdraft fees. I feel bad for those of you (and myself) that were robbed for years by this bank.

    To the poster that indicated that no bank makes your funds available to pay for pending transactions, you are wrong. I belong to a credit union. My direct deposit goes into my account at midnight on Friday. My pending transactions from Thursday post at that same time. Deposited funds become available immediately and prior to any debits on the account. What’s more, any deposit becomes available immediately (unlike PNC and other banks) and they do not hold it for 1-3 days to collect more overdraft fees. Banks CAN choose to be customer oriented. Unfortunately, most of them leave the lube in the vault when they stick it to you.

  • Anonymous January 26, 2012

    Go figure it was close to paying out the settlements and now all the sudden some idiot decided they wanted to appeal,probably there way of delaying the inevitable.PNC banks should be punished the maximum by law for these crooked practices and put out of business!!! crooks rot in hell!!!!

  • Anonymous February 15, 2012

    Actually per Justia docket search there are 2 appeals
    Ramona Trombley, et al v. National City Bank, et al
    Filed: January 11, 2012 as 12-7001
    Defendant – Appellees: National City Bank and John Does 1-50
    Movant – Appellant: Robert Matos
    Plaintiff – Appellees: Ramona Trombley, Brian Wells and Jeff Doehner, Individually and on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated
    Ramona Trombley, et al v. National City Bank, et al
    Filed: December 15, 2011 as 11-7149
    Defendant – Appellees: National City Bank and John Does 1-50
    Interested Party – Appellant: Sam P. Cannata
    Plaintiff – Appellees: Ramona Trombley, Brian Wells and Jeff Doehner, Individually and on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated

  • Anonymous February 15, 2012

    I had found somewhere on the internet – the Judge’s decision after the first appeal. This “Sam P Cannata” was a no-show for the hearing, but did file his appeal before the 12-31-11 deadline.

    I can’t remember if the other guy was at the hearing or what he appealed on the first time, but his 2nd appeal is after the 12-31-11 deadline.

    Hopefully the Judge will affirm his prior decision made in early December as 1) Cannata was a no show for the hearing and 2) Matos filed after the deadline.

  • Anonymous February 22, 2012

    If you paid overdraft fees to National City (including accounts transferred to PNC), you could receive a payment from a legal settlement.

    UPDATED ON FEBRUARY 14, 2012 On February 14, 2012, Judge John D. Bates granted final approval to the settlement (the Memorandum Opinion and the Final Judgment can be viewed here).

    All appeals of the Court’s Judgment have now been voluntarily dismissed. Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, the settlement will become effective on February 23, 2012 and the Administrator can now move forward with the processing of claims. It is currently expected that payments will be mailed to eligible claimants by May 23, 2012.

    Please continue to check this website for updates.

    The Settlement offers payments to eligible people who paid Overdraft Fees on a National City deposit account between July 1, 2004 and August 15, 2010, whether or not such fees were charged before or after National City was merged into PNC, where the overdraft fees resulted from you using your bank card.

  • Anonymous March 12, 2012

    National city/pnc returned direct deposit tax refunds to the IRS using all kinds of excuses even went so far as to say it was the wrong routing #. How did they even get it at all, duh. charged me overdrafts after saying it was there(tax return some over 8700.00) and then returning it. Last time they said I marked checking with savings acct. # once again returned, they have no brains.

  • Anonymous April 8, 2012

    I have the bank statement in my hand right now showing 8 overdraft charges. I almost died when I checked my account balance and found this insanity.
    These crooks OWE me. I have the paperwork if anyone from the law office needs to see it.

  • Anonymous May 3, 2012

    Has anyone got any sort of check from this?

    They told us before May 23rd, they must be really pushing this deadline.

  • Anonymous May 4, 2012

    I received a letter in the mail sent out on March 26, 2012. The letter said they received my claim but they have no info on my account. and I needed to send in documents by April 16, 2012. I received the letter April 10th, 2012. I found the documents that I needed and sent them by mail because they for which I don’t understand don’t have a fax machine. My question is why didn’t the law firm send out this earlier for people they didn’t have doc’s on so we could get them in on time since this is the longest on record class action settlement. Is this law firm for real?????

  • Anonymous May 7, 2012

    Direct deposits from an employer as a rule are received by the bank on a Wednesday or Thursday. As per your employer your funds r to be made available to u by Friday. Y does not only PNC but also Wells Fargo not make funds available. If u check your balance with these banks on payday u get two different balances. funds that u have and funds available as of the date u check your balance. This is how they get away with overdraft fees. Wise up people. Either work with your employer and let them know what they r doing or join a credit union. We didnt have to bail out any credit unions. I did. Havent had an overdraft fee in 3 yrs.

  • Anonymous May 10, 2012

    So I called today and the LIAR who answered the phone said they were sending checks out on May 23rd. I asked if she could tell me how much I could expect and she said “No, we are still waiting to see how many claimants there are!” Ummm, NO, claimants had to join the suit prior to August 2011 so you know EXACTLY how many there are. You have had over 8 months to determine who is in and how many overdrafts each person can be reimbursed for…this should be basic math – the amount of the settlement minus fees divided by number of overdrafts eligible…HELLO????? Why is the leg work not done? Because they are sucking every dime out of the money that they can while we wait for what was ours to begin with…..UGH!!!!!

  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    I do not believe they will be mailed out on the 23rd..I called in february and they told me March 23rd…

  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    did anyone get paid yet if so how much

  • Anonymous May 12, 2012

    What site are you all getting this information from? I would like to track it also.

  • Anonymous May 13, 2012

    Look at this…. I’ve deposited a $700.00 check on 05/01/12; the next day the check cleared as it should. Now on the 4th the bank “reversed” the deposit saying that the check was bad! 3 business days after the check was deposited? Common! I confronted the local banker and he said due to the great relationship “we” have they “clear” the check, yeah right, they never did anything good for me!

  • Anonymous May 13, 2012

    “””””Cash Deposit” as “pending deposits?!” WTF!!!!!!! Yesterday, Friday, 05/11/12 I called the branch saying that my account would be negative since customer paid with an American Express card, that takes from 2 to 4 business days to clear (not as promised by PNC merchant services to clear the next day of course). He said he would pay my $417 check; I told him I already had over $1,000.00 on credit cards ran on that day, which will clear only on Monday. Just look at my account and the check was returned. SO WHERE THE HELL IS THE ‘GREAT’ RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE? I told him I didn’t mind in paying the $36.00 fee but “please” pay the check.


  • Anonymous May 14, 2012

    I’m hoping to get some of my money back from this settlement as well. My account was closed with a negative amount of over $500 and it was all due to them choosing to take out debits before my direct deposits coming thru. Actually my money was in there but they ould tell me they had to do it that way. I dont expect anything from this lawsuit although it would be nice but i also would like my name cleared and it off my credit because i never paid the negative balance and wont either due to it not being my fault. Now i cant even join my husbands bank account until the national city one is paid off.

  • Anonymous May 14, 2012

    Here is the official site, where I got the May 23rd date…there is a number to call if you don’t mind being fed a bunch of BS….

  • Anonymous May 14, 2012

    Watch out for this settlement everyone!
    They are not giving us $36 per overdraft as stated.
    And, they have no idea how many overdrafts I will be paid for and no idea how much per overdraft I will get paid. They never have a supervisor to talk to and no appeal info for us to pursue, because we are obviously being left out of our right to reimbursement!

  • Anonymous May 18, 2012

    Id like to know if the case is over that was held on May 10,2012? If so, when will we be receiving any information??

  • Anonymous May 18, 2012


  • Anonymous May 18, 2012

    WOW REALLY?????

  • Anonymous May 18, 2012

    They robbed my husband and I a couple of times. I swear, if I get back $34 dollars, I am going to be very angry. They owe us hundreds !!!!!

  • Anonymous May 18, 2012

    It’s just NOT right if the lawyers and others handling the details get paid big bucks. It was National City customers who were cheated.

  • Anonymous May 18, 2012

    Its definately true that theres too many of us to get back what we been robbed of….HOWEVER, out of all the people tht I’ve asked…..Have they banked with NC / did they file for the class action suit?….only about 1/10 even knew about it and missed the bus so I HOPE those of us who did file get more than a dinky $36 when robbed of several HUNDREDS. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    May 23rd is this COMING WEDNESDAY

    I say we all call them this week, on Monday, and verify that we will be getting our checks postmarked on that date.

    Or we give make a class action suit of our own against them. If we get pennies on the dollar, I am going to want an explanation of where all of this money went.

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    1-866-960-5706 or

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    I called earlier this week. Spoke to a very nice man. Said settlement payments will be out by the 23rd. There was a computer glitch or something that slowed it down. Pulled my info up and said I am on the list for payments. So if not here by June 1st, calling back.

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    This is probably a stupid question, but any chance that gentleman was able to give you your amount? If so, was it reasonable in your opinion?

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    By May 23rd is not on my 23rd.I would love to know how many claims were made.Hope my claim did’t get “lost”in the mail.

  • Anonymous May 20, 2012

    That is suppose to read -by May 23 is not on May 23.

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    This was in the Judge’s memorandum from 12-2011:
    Plaintiffs assert that notice was sent to 2.4 million class members and as of September 1, 2011 approximately 187,679 timely and verified claims have been received.

    Further on it says:
    class counsel estimate that approximately $8,407,000 will be distributed to claimants pursuant to the revised settlement

    That’s roughly only $45 per person who filed a claim. :-(

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    Anyone receive their check yet?

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    They told me I would only recievied 32 dollars :( I was expecting like 3,000 bucks with all of my overdrafts :(

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    There is no way the Bank would every come out on the short end of the stick. The name of the game is profit. Billions were stolen…a few million were sent back to the workers. Let them eat cake. Have a nice day. (Should this be a surprise?)

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    So I just called and was told that I am in the system and that a check will be mailed on the 23rd but she couldn’t tell me the amount.

  • Anonymous May 22, 2012

    $30? I was 20 years old and just trying to start out when I got hit with all these fees and not only did I lose my place but I’m still paying for it after what it did to my credit. Thats America for you I guess :( Not like I expected much but common now.

  • Anonymous May 22, 2012

    I called back again talked to someone else because I felt that 32 was just wrong. They said that they couldn’t give me an amount now although at this point I am not sure :/ They said that it was going out on wed. though

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I don’t think some of you realize the lawfirm has no control over the amount you will receive. So calling them and being nasty just makes you look ungrateful and idiotic. The court and judge decided how much money goes to the public. The law firm simply distributes it.
    I also see a lot of complaining that you used your debit card knowing good and well that you didn’t have any money in your account. So, really it was your own fault.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I just called and my check did mail out today for $89.98. I did lose way more than that, but at least its more than 32$$ lol

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    to Patrick, you understand how resquencing works right? they would take withdarawls prior to posting deposits JUST so people would go negative and they could grab that over draft fee, then because they grabbed numerous fees folks ended up further behind, sure there were plenty that floated checks, but there are a whole lot more that did not, I kept my check book to a penny and within one month had 800$ removed from my accoutn based upon their posting tactics, It took me well over 3 months of scrimping and saving and biting the bullet on these stupid fees to get back on track, i lost nearly 2k from my checking after going 15 years with never so much as getting within 50 bucks of going negative

    oh and I am still awaiting my meager refund as well

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I just called the toll free number and they sent out my check today and the amount that I am receiving is $68.38. I lost more than that, but I am grateful for what I am getting.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I just called and I received $133.17. Seems to be higher than some of the others. They stated 7 – 10 business days.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    What number are you calling. I called a number this morning and they said yes I was getting check but could not tell me how much.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    Called 1-866-960-5706 – Very nice rep, gave name, address, and phone number and she told me that I should get a check by Saturday, or Tuesday because of the holiday weekend (how convenient for them)… and I asked the million dollar question, how much and she told me $80. While I am very happy that this isn’t $32, it is still absolute bullshit, and I have paid much more then that in Overdraft charges. A small victory, but not at all what I expected. I was expecting at least $200. Congrats to “Trys” for getting a halfway decent amount.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    Well they have an interesting way to divide up payments – I believe my claim was for about $400 and I just called and they are mailing all payments today and then they said I would get $18.00 back. WOW – $18.00 I don’t know how they came up with that but I wouldn’t have even bothered calling for that small of amount. I am hoping maybe her computer said $118 or 88 or something and I heard $18 – because that seems very small…..anyway – good luck to everyone. I guess even $18 is better than 0.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    @Patrick, you must work for the law firm. Unless you had a National City account then sit. the. fuck. down. You don’t know anyone elses situation about their account – and this lawsuit wouldn’t even have existed (better yet, ruled in our favor) if National City wasn’t making illegal charges to people’s account.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I just called the number posted above by Xavier. The representative said I would be getting a check, mailed out today, but that she did not have access to amount information.
    I am wondering why the inconsistency in giving out this information when we are calling the same number?

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    I too just called the number that Xavier posted and the rep was able to confirm that a check was mailed out today for me for a whole $39.39. I like many lost way more than that to National City.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    What about PNC?!?! The bank who bought National City!!! Why would you invest in a business that cheated 2.4 million people & made billions?!?! If you have PNC, drop them!!! We are all pissed about this & now know we are not gonna be satisfied! But we can take action against PNC, for giving those crooks jobs!!! The PNC CEO makes 16 milliOn a year!!! 16!!! They paid this 12M settlement…. They are just as responsible in my opinion!!! I’m dropping them & immagin the impact of 2.4 million people dropping PNC!!! Anyone else as angry as me & want to send a message to the establishment?????

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    I also called the number today and the guy told me that the checks went out today and that he could not tell me how much it was for.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    My Check was mailed $42.30, wait for it, but to the wrong address. I didn’t even give them the address they mailed it to. So now I have to wait 3 business days so they can see what to do when checks are mailed to the wrong address.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    I just called the number that you guys posted above…my check was mailed yesterday and I am receiving 132$…obviously I’m sure all of us lost much much more than that..I know I did. But I am very happy with the amount, looking at it thats a hundred dollars I haven’t had in 5 years! Happy Memorial day weekend everyone!

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    Wow! I feel so ripped off! I was charged nearly $400+ from National City. I am only getting $10.65! I am pissed. I should sue these damn Lawyers!

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    Xavier, I am also part of this lawsuit. I was a customer who was also careless with my account. I don’t blame the bank for my overdraft. But I do blame them for the outrageous fees. I am just glad to get SOMETHING back. I don’t blame other people for my mistakes.

  • Anonymous May 25, 2012

    No wonder the lawyers handling the case wont answer the phone or return calls.
    I had to talk to the vice president of this 3rd party that distributes the checks, ya gotta go to the top people.
    BEAVERTON, OR 97005




  • Anonymous May 25, 2012

    TO: ANN the names of the attorneys you described sounds lke the people we are at war with. Below you can file a complaint with the bar about this case.

  • Anonymous May 25, 2012

    Where do I find the info to send the complaint to the bar?

  • Anonymous May 25, 2012

    You should pay close attention to a letter that resembles junk mail. You wouldn’t want to pitch your settlement.

  • Anonymous May 26, 2012

    Yes I would also be interested in filing a complaint with the bar. Clearly if these lawyers were interested in anything but their own pockets they wouldnt have settled so goddamn quickly. And to be honest its not even about the money. I would rather see the bank suffer for what they have been doing then to collect anything.

  • Anonymous May 26, 2012

    And when you say “we” Liz, who is “we”?

  • Anonymous May 27, 2012

    To Ann,
    Check this out! I seen this news clip of this guy in PA who banks at Wells Fargo. The bank mistakenly deposited $69,000 into his account, and the account holder spent the money, when the bank found the mistake the guy turned his self in, now he has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property. Here National City took money from account holders, knew what they were doing, know one was fired (just a change in bank names). Now we got crook attorneys that settle the case where we get back $3.60 of the $36.00 that was taken and these attorneys have the most of OUR money. I know that there will be someone that will say this guy that spent $67,000 from the Wells Fargo case, that its different, but I have to say that its not different. We treat these banks like the IRS. Give me the info to go after these crook attorneys.

  • Anonymous May 27, 2012

    @ Charles:

    Saw the same story and had the same thoughts. LOL

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    “The amount of valid claims received exceeds the amount in the Net Settlement Fund. Therefore, all claims have received a proportional distribution based on the final numbers, as contemplated under the Settlement Agreement.” $74.55. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    Its our goverment that lets Atts. and banks get in bed together so that we get nothing. My overdrafts were more than $900.00 and i get $3.55. Please, I LIKE TO BE KISS FRIST !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    Just got my check today for $184.61. I’m happy with that. I knew I’d never get my thousands back. I thought I’d get nothing because in April I got a letter stating they couldn’t find my account info. I called 3 times and they said even if I sent proof of my old account, there was no guarantee they would approve my claim. I mailed my proof on the last day it had to be postmarked by, and drove 20 miles to a post office that was open late so it could be postmarked. I thought maybe I’d get $50. It’s not right that we were essentially robbed of lots more money, but hey it’s $184.61 I can really use.

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    Just got my Settlement check and it kills me that I had thousands of dollars in overdrafts in the 3 years I banked with them and I got $3.55 of it back. If I had chosen not to use a bank based on my experience with them it would cost me $3 to cash the damn check. I will deposit it in my account and buy myself a soda on the bank that bought their vacation homes on people like me.

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    Is there any way to figure what we should have gotten had the attorneys not taken the lion’s share of this farce of a settlement? I got taken for thousands and get back less than $50. Really? Can justice really be had anymore?

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    $45.16 back. I lost way more than that but at least it was something.

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    $85.21… Its something I guess but it will never make up for me going hungry and dodging my landlord for 2 weeks because they took me for my entire paycheck in fees.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    Received a very large check for $17.61 today. Glad to know the 3 people who started the suit, and the attorneys were the ones who made out. Seems like they’re paying claims with a bingo ball mixer, “Jane doe….spin…$3.67….John smith…spin…$132.43.” I gave up my right to sue these bastards for $17?! What the hell.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    I received my check yesterday 5/29/12 for $35.50.. I lost more as well, but its something I guess..Its funny how the checks said “For Deposit Only.”

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    I received my check yesterday for $234.31. I know I had a couple of months where I had quite a few overdrafts.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    I will be closing my PNC account. $28 dollars from this lawsuit is an outrage after having hundreds stolen out of our account.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    Once again we the little people get fucked in the ass bend over… I dont understand why some people receivd more money then others…. It makes no sense to me I thought that everone involved with get an equal amount but I guess I was wrong…. All the banks are looking for new ways to hit us with fees and I dont think there is much that we can do… This is like thew I.R.S. it as created back in the second ww so our man and women fighting would have proper equipment to fight againest the enemy and when the war was over the I.R.S. stayed… What kind of shit is that. It is times like this that I’m ashamed of being a american getting fucked by our goverment…

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    Your are a lucky guy or girl… You have received the most money from the post that hae been posted… Play the lotery you just might win.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    Received my check today for $110.06. I, like everyone, lost way more than that but I after reading the other amounts it appears I got one of the larger checks. I think I may go fill up my car and buy my family some groceries with my winfall. Oh, and try not to think about all of the money that I actually lost.

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    I participated in the class action and received a mere $35.50 and when I showed up in the bank I got the cold shoulder and a friendly letter in the mail that PNC hereby closed my account at their will! I believe that this is retaliation for participating in the lawsuit.
    I have been a member of PNC, National City, Keystone Bank and Punxsutawney National bank for over 40 years. These banks are the predecessors to PNC Bank. I was really taken to the laundry with overdraft fees by as much as $250.00 per day. This all started to happen when National City knew they were doomed and Bankruptcy was imminent.
    Can I take legal action against them?

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    They closed your account? I’m still at PNC – I went through the drive-thru and deposited my money. I had no issues. It appears as though from your bank names that you are located in PA. Since PNC is located in Pittsburgh that could be the reason. It appears as though I received one of the greater amounts – which only means that I had a tremendous amount of overdrafts. I know that it’s not any consolation to anyone, but maybe we need to start being a little bit more careful in how we manage our accounts. I know that since the new law regarding asking account holders whether or not they wanted overdraft coverage – I haven’t overdrawn my account but once – and only for $1.48. I know we’d all like to think it was the always the bank’s fault – but maybe revising our thinking just a little bit might enable us to manage our accounts a little bit better.

    This small amount helped me as I just lost my job last week – so no lottery tickets for me this time.

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    Patrick, I think you’re on to something. :)

  • Anonymous June 7, 2012

    They didn’t close your account because of this settlement. They don’t have a list of participants. They closed your account for gross misusage of your account. They have the right to refuse customers based on bad banking habits.

  • Anonymous June 15, 2012

    I know this is over but I just received my check of $14.35 I paid $10.00 dollars to get it because they sent it to the wrong address. Here is my question? how did they split the amount up where some people received more and some chump change??? I am sending this check back to the attorneys because they seem to me they need it more than I. What a rackeet!!!

  • Anonymous June 20, 2012

    I still am a customer at City National in WV. I just received a letter saying that I had 1 overdraft of $30.95 that would be forgiven and my current balance is $-347.49. Well guess what? I have never had a negative balance of more than $50.00 and my current balance is not negative. I will be going in to the bank tomorrow, if they pretend to know nothing, I will seek legal representation.

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    does any one know about this “”PNC Reaches $90M Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement” ?” I got the news letter for top class actions and seen this. I didn’t see where u can make a claim or if it goes by the first one for National City

  • Anonymous July 16, 2012

    There are people on here stating that even though they did not receive what they should have they are happy to have gotten something.. Me, I say BULLS*IT…The people that did this cost my family and I a lot more than just the money, because of this I couldn’t pay rent, buy grocery or pay any bills for over 3 months- we lost our house had to move in with family and I had no choice other than to quit my job since I worked for a company that made direct deposit mandatory-and that’s the biggest crock of all…my paycheck went into the bank, I would check my balance and it reflected the deposit every time but , whenever I would use my card BANG! Overdraft…of course the people at the bank would say they didn’t know why it was happening… To top it off for some strange reason the bank never did send me my checks so I wouldn’t have to use the card.I should have received over 4000 but got 45.00…and no lubricant to go with it…I have to agree with some of the others, I can’t really say that I’m surprised since this seems to be the natural state of things in this country anymore.

  • Anonymous November 13, 2012

    They are still charging my acct with over drafts. I make a deposit on Monday. Make a transaction on Tuesday. They charge me over drafts. Wth? They are recouping there 12 million settlement very quickly.

  • Anonymous November 18, 2012

    still haven’t rec’d my check. do what i did and forget the banks! get an american express debit card, no fees, at walmart. $5.00 one time set up fee. that’s it!

  • Anonymous December 5, 2012

    Sounds like Most people have received some compensation for trusting a company that clearly took advantage of us all. My husband and I are still waiting……..I’m afraid we never will receive anything. Unfortunatly we are one of the many families that live paycheck to paycheck. And when over 1/2 of a paycheck is taken for fees that were wrongfully charged, more and more problems trickle down. Such as checks not going thru and getting yet ANOTHER charge from individual establishments and so on. The cycle was never ending. So the piddely amount that some of you received I know doesn’t even slightly cover all the fees that we’ve all dishonestly been charged. And I’m still waiting………..!!!

  • Angie February 19, 2013

    PNC received thousands from me in over drafts fees. When I questioned it, they did nothing wrong. I know they changed dates so they could charge me more over drafts fees. That is very unfair and they should be made to pay it all back. I was just notified about this today by mail -postcard 2-19-3013. Good Luck to everyone in the same situation. Good people have good things happen. We want our money back

  • Mike February 20, 2013

    PNC has gotten thousands from me as well, but that was 3-4 years ago and I closed my account then. Will my claim be rejected if I have no account statements anymore? If so, can PNC produce the statements from closed accounts?

  • Geraldine Makins February 26, 2013

    PNC is streel doing the same thing to me. Take overdraft from me.

  • Geraldine Makins February 26, 2013

    Time for a New way to Stop Them.

  • Judith March 22, 2013

    Out of the over 400.00 I was supposed to get back – I received a whole $3,89. This is not okay by any means , so we participate in a class action and this is what ‘we’ get!

  • Tamra April 8, 2013

    I am being charged NSF fees on pending transactions.
    Some pending transactions never hit my account but PNC managers are claiming there is a hold on the funds therefore there is an overdraft, even though they never distribute the money. This can not be legal???

  • Donna Perna September 28, 2013

    pnc has taken thousands of dollars from me from 2003 until now. If I have pending transaction and squeak the through not to mention the daily charges

  • Doralee Smith October 30, 2013

    I want my money asap. They want their money now. Please put a fire underneath their asses.

  • Robin Cissell April 18, 2014

    I would like to know , how is a $13.44 check going to pay me back for all the money they have taken and are Still taking .I get paid on a Thursday and they pend my paycheck until Monday and have made a lot of my stuff over Draft and they send me a check for $13.44 when every charge was over $34 and I can’t even remember the charges when it was National City.I think it’s time for me and my whole family to change banks.I work too hard for them to take my money from me and always has some kind of excuse for it.

  • Gloria July 21, 2015

    PNC is still charging overdraft fees to their benefit. I just had 3 overdraft charges to my account today. I deposited money Saturday, and it posted on 7/20/2015. That is what is saying on my account. When I called customer service to find out why I had these charges when It is not showing that I am in the red at all! She claimed that it was my mortgage payment that caused the overdraft and that my deposit didnt post until today. I had the money in the account for my mortgage payment and my cable bill. She saying that after the other withdraws it caused my account to go over. It;s not true. I even printed out my account info to show that I am not in the red at all and that I had the money in there to cover my bills. So, how do I file a complaint with PNC. This is unfair. I want to get rid of this account in the worst way. Please help!!

  • jamie December 8, 2015

    That is so funny. You MUST work there because you sound just exactly like the a#@holes at the local branch. I was a caseworker at the time this was going on (maybe it still is- wouldn’t doubt it) for individuals who had just gained total guardianship for themselves, usually for the first time in their lives. We liked to help them with finances and always offered, but often times they wanted to feel the pride of handling everything on their own- and they were legally free to do so at that point. Countless times I ended up at your bank with clients who had to call for me for help because they had lost their entire paychecks to your bank. It was NOT always that the person did not have the money in their account to cover the money they spent. It was you a#@holes paying out all the bills they had due on payday 5 minutes BEFORE you deposited their paychecks, KNOWING the money was on its way. THEN, you paid the largest bill first (TO HELP, one of you explained, because the largest bills are usually the most important, like a mortgage…BS- you were just making sure you got the highest number of overdrafts possible). That way the bank wiped out any money left in the account only minutes before payday, so that there was nothing left in the account to cover the 5 other, smaller bills coming out on payday. It was always the same, the bills got taken out at 12:01 a.m., and the paycheck got deposited at 12:05. Seriously, you should have held out for a better job so you could keep your morality. Don’t kid yourself. And as far as those who do have a hard time balancing their checkbooks or those who are having an extremely hard time financially- those are the poor people who may spend money on milk or diapers- hoping to get paid before the transaction goes through- those are the people big banks want to f#$@ over just to make themselves richer? You take advantage of the people who cant feed their children when you play these pending, holding, rearranging games and steal their entire paycheck that they worked 40 hours for. Special place in h#ll for you. I had to try to explain to these people that they were NOT failures, that it was not their fault that you took the bills out before their paycheck arrived. But, it was a great lesson for them to learn that there is always someone out there willing to scam them out of their money. You really never felt guilty? Especially when a single mom came into your branch crying because you’d stolen her entire paycheck just because she made the mistake of forgetting that she stopped at the store a couple times a week ago and didn’t write it down. Because your bank held those charges for 7 or 8 days, hoping she didn’t write them down, and didn’t remember them, so you could wait until she had only $1.00 left in her account to purposely throw those charges in as a little surprise to her a week after the transaction. But do you care that you’ve charged her $600 for covering her 3 transactions at $1.25 each. Nope, your condescending to her, and you make her feel like she is a loser for not balancing her checkbook, or a criminal making fraudulent purchases. Do you REALLY have to double your OD charges every 3 days or every 5 days when obviously the person cant afford to even pay the initial OD until they get paid again. YOU are pathetic. So don’t get all high and mighty putting down the people who may be less fortunate, or even less intelligent than you are.

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