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Redbox Privacy Class Action Lawsuit
By Sarah Pierce

Redbox kioskA federal class action lawsuit claims Redbox Automated Retail keeps customers’ credit card information and “viewing history” for extended periods, in violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act.


According to the Redbox privacy class action lawsuit, Redbox maintains a digital record system that details the purchase and rental history of every DVD purchased or rented by its customers from any of its kiosks. Redbox also maintains records containing its customers’ billing addresses.


“As a result, Redbox maintains a veritable digital dossier of millions of consumers nationwide. These records contain not only customers’ credit card number and billing/contact information, but also a highly detailed account of the customer’s video programming viewing history,” the class action lawsuit says.


The Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) requires companies such as Redbox to “destroy personally identifiable information as soon as practicable, but no later than one year from the date the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.”


“However, in direct contravention of the protections afforded to consumers under the VPPA, Redbox maintains and stores its customers’ credit card number, billing and contact information, and most importantly, sensitive video programming viewing histories for an indefinite period of time,” the Redbox class action says.


The Redbox privacy violation class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons in the U.S. who rented or purchased a DVD from a Redbox kiosk wherein Redbox retained their personally identifiable information, including viewing history, for more than 90 days. It is seeking damages and injunctive and other equitable relief, including an order prohibiting Redbox from continuing this practice and requiring Redbox to destroy its customers’ personal information and video viewing histories that are no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.


A copy of the Redbox DVD Kiosk VPPA Class Action Lawsuit can be read here


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Updated March 15th, 2011


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    Redbox Privacy Class Action Lawsuit
    Where I find the Class Action lawsuit against the company for the telephone bill? I look on the page and could fine it

  • Anonymous February 7, 2012

    What do these 2 crusading lawyers get? Kudo’s or notoriety? Surely they can’t be out for justice for all, they’re lawyers.

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