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PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement  
By Sarah Pierce

PNC BankAdd PNC Bank to the growing list of banks settling class action lawsuits over unfair overdraft fees.


PNC Bank agreed to a $12 million class action lawsuit settlement to settle claims it misled customers about their account balance, concealed its overdraft policies and reordered electronic debit transactions from the highest dollar amount to the lowest dollar amount in order to “deplete the customer’s available funds as quickly as possible while maximizing the number of overdraft fees collected.”


Under the terms of the proposed $12 million overdraft fee class action settlement, Washington customers of National City Bank, which merged into PNC in 2009, who held an account during the class period and incurred at least one overdraft fee associated with at least one National City debit card transaction that was not previously reversed, refunded or returned to them by the bank are eligible to join the class and receive settlement benefits.


If the proposed class action settlement is approved, class members in Washington will receive $36 for each eligible overdraft charge incurred during any two calendar months between July 1, 2004 and August 15, 2010.


No settlement notice or administrator website is available yet for the National City PNC Bank Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, but we will be sure to notify you when they become available.


UPDATE: The Settlement Administrator website for the National City, PNC Bank Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement is up. Click here to read more about how to file a claim to receive your cash benefits.


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Updated February 22nd, 2010


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  • Anonymous March 2, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement

  • Anonymous March 8, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    What about PNC users in areas other than Washington???

  • Anonymous April 3, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    Thank God, I just wish there was more than 12 million dollars because Lord knows they took almost that much just from me by juggling the transactions and taking the big ones first. It was theft and forgery to the highest degree and I only wish someobdy would go to prison for it.

  • Anonymous June 1, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement

  • Anonymous June 15, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement

  • Anonymous June 22, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    This settlement is not fair to the bank customer. In the last two years they have been reversing my checks I’d check my balance late in the day and next morning there would be a check ahead of the others, I had accounts I could have covered it with (not linked) but the system was designed so you couldn’t catch it. So why is the settlement limited to two months that’s quite a lot of money out of my pocket they get to unjustly keep.

  • Anonymous July 5, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    :'( they stole my money and i am a single parent,my husband passed away in 2007 and when i confronted them they said there was nothing they could do!!! this is a dang shame i want someone to go to jail like any other crook!!! they are bank robbers as well!!!!

  • Anonymous July 9, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    so did this go threw yet? when r we supose to be seeing some money anyone know?

  • Anonymous July 12, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    I would like to no were to go to file a cliam

  • Anonymous July 15, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement

    thats the link to file a claim, but does anyone know when we will get paid?

  • Anonymous July 18, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    Dana: The settlement hasn’t gone thru yet and even when it does it’s going to take a long while before you see anything from it, it can be a year or more in some cases. I can’t wait, I know I have a whole lot of money coming off this one! They illegally took funds out of my account and then started charging overdraft fees on top of overdraft fees and wouldn’t let me close the account. I just let them sit and spin at that point and they must have charged 100 overdraft fees over a 2-3 month period. Oh well not my concern and now I may get a whole lot of money out of them for their stupidity! yay!

  • Anonymous July 18, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    I withdrew 20$ that I thought I had- a check had not cleared I guess that should have. After the initial 35$ fee it was 8$ each day. I argued with the bank and told them I was not paying the 8$ a day- took forever to close the account and I remember saying they should be sued! I don’t care what I get from them but I am happy they are learning that ethics count!

  • Anonymous August 4, 2011

    PNC, National City Bank Overdraft Fee Settlement
    my account was .06 cents short they charged me $39.00 overdraft fee.

  • Anonymous September 5, 2011

    when are we going to hear about our money, it is OUR MONEY,
    I’m on Social Security, I need It.Also need my credit cleared, they said they reported it to them.It was their fault.

  • Anonymous September 10, 2011

    So it said that we would receave up to 3 times of what they overdrafted us… My friend said he did a class action with a bank one time and he was so mad… He said that he got a check for 17 dollars…. What do you think we will really get???? And they also said that if we check the box where they will pick the two months where the bank took the most money from us. I did pick the one that they would find the months that they hit me with the most overdraft fee’s for me… I hope that they get the right ones cuz i did my home work and i should be getting at the least $1,500.00 back. and if like they say it could be up to 3 times of what we paid. i would possably be getting $4,500.00 back???? Does anyone really think we will even really get are money???? So there telling us that if there is 12,000,000.00 people that we would only get $1.00 each?????? This bank has realy put me in a hugh bine a few times…

  • Anonymous September 16, 2011

    Any update on this would be great, at least a letters stating when or an about when or we will be getting this?

  • Anonymous September 24, 2011

    Has anyone heard anything? I sent the company an email and they said I would not receive any further am I suppose to know if I am getting anything, when and how?

  • Anonymous October 12, 2011

    The experience I had with National City bank was horrible, I was told by a National City bank representive that I would be okay and have no overdraft fees. However, the representive told be a lied. I had to borrow money from my 401 K because the fees were over $1,000. plus give National City a full pay check.I had accumulated so many overdraft fees that I had to close my account.. I had to borrow from friends until I received my next paycheck. National City deserve to be punished for the damage they cause for many people.

  • Anonymous October 24, 2011

    Me and my husband had a account and we had to close it to because of overdraft fees. I had direct deposit and the company I worked for payroll was threw them and I lived and worked,banked in the same town.National City is not the only bank that rob’s you there is a class action law suit against Trans Ohio and we banked with them for 20 years! Another bank robber is US Bank we had our pension invested with them and lost big time they tell you they can make your money grow well were did the $10,000 we lost go?And the IRS doen’t give you credit for the money you loss. But they tax you twice for taking any of it.I say keep your money in your pocket ! At least you will know where it is and if you loss it you can take the blame.

  • Anonymous October 24, 2011

    I just got my letter from my lawyer TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit isn’t going to be paid for another 12-months and you know we won’t be getting interst on that money either! They should have to pay interst on the money they owe us then maybe they would pay us quicker Ha-Ha!

  • Anonymous October 26, 2011

    I am a part of the suit against Nat’t City but the only people who will get rich off this is the the firm of attorneys who are handling this. From what I understand you get 36.00 for 2 transactions and “up to” 3 times that amount. The up to means could get or not get. The most anyone should look for is 72.00 ..

  • Anonymous November 1, 2011

    It is interesting that the big bank wanted money so badly that it resorted to shifty ways of getting it from it’s customers. Now the customers just want what is fair, but shifty ways still standing in the way.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2011

    It always seemed like they held transactions until our acct was low.Some transactions were 2-3 wks past (not checks either) then all of a sudden an overdraft.When confronted bank manager,she laughed.

  • Anonymous November 11, 2011

    I actually called the law firm handling this case last month and I was told that they were just waiting on the courts final decision and that there were no appeals pending…funny thing is that I got a e mail today after sending them one to ask if there’s been any changes and NOW there’s a appeal pending..I could be wrong but something seems fishy to me.

  • Anonymous November 13, 2011

    We are still waiting to hear something back they clear out my whole account with overdrawn charges . We to this day still haven’t heard from them . Does anyone have a phone number so we can find out something . thanks

  • Anonymous November 14, 2011

    This Bank in Ormond Beach, Florida at Ormond by the Sea had welcomed me with open arms and the lady there said that she use to work for Bank of America and was familiar with the way they operated. Well she was so familiar with B of A and found them doing the same tactics of stealing money from me and many other customers. I ended up one day owing them 1600.00 and when they had my auto deposit for my V.A. benefits, they took full advantage of charging me and never once was I contacted about this. What crooks and wonder how can the courts work for them allowing only a small percentage to be refunded. Why is there no jail time for them. What is WRONG with our judicial system or are they part of the problem.

  • Anonymous November 15, 2011

    (202) 973-0900

  • Anonymous November 15, 2011

    As part of the $12 million National City class action settlement, National City will pay class members $36 for each eligible Overdraft Fee they incurred during the class period. However, if the number of people filing claims is small enough, you may be able to receive up to three times this amount! Payouts will begin 3/2012 at the earliest.

  • Anonymous November 21, 2011

    when are the settlements comin?

  • Anonymous November 22, 2011

    Eight months later and they are still reordering electronic debit transactions from the highest dollar amount to the lowest dollar amount in order to “deplete the customer’s available funds as quickly as possible while maximizing the number of overdraft fees collected.”. That debit card purchase in mcdonalds could cost you $144

  • Anonymous December 15, 2011

    Questions? 1-866-960-5706 i called. Lady said final hearing will be over 12/30/11 as long as there are no appeals… Should expect our checks by Spring 2012.

  • Anonymous December 29, 2011

    I was charged overdraft fees in excess of $450 … and was charged more after I deposited $500 cash … National City held the cash deposit, charged overdraft fees and said, even though I deposited cash, all deposits were held for 5 days prior to being available. Unfortunately I have received zero notification about anything … yet.

    I am guessing I will receive nothing, at this point …

  • Anonymous January 10, 2012

    I was charged over $600 a month for over 2 years. Everytime I sat in the office of a manager, I was told I paid National City over $7000 in 2 years. I’m a single mom and I gave National City $3500 a year to bank there…. Nice!

  • Anonymous January 14, 2012

    National City Bank, were “Crooks”simply put. I appreciate the class action suit, but $12m is not nearly enough to put a dent in what the took from us. The attorneys have to be paid right?

  • Anonymous January 25, 2012

    Website ( now says there is an appeal and it will be most likely 2013 when payments go out. They shouldn’t pay the lawyers since the only got $12M and the WellsFargo Overdraft lawsuit got $203 Million. They are all crooks!

  • Anonymous January 27, 2012

    I called today and the settlement has been appealed soooooo can’t say when we will get our money. what they did was at midnight take out any checks I wrote, etc THEN they’d make my deposit, so I started out in the hole and then my deposit would cover all the fees. They owe me a boat load of money and I want it back! The only bigger shysters in this world are health insurance companies

  • Anonymous January 30, 2012

    Unfortunately, someone has made an appeal on this case. It will be another year before it is settled. I hope the man who appealed this sleeps well at night.

  • Anonymous February 14, 2012

    Can we find out the name of this scum bag that has held this up? I want my money. Its unforgivable that someone would appeal this, at this point in time.

  • Anonymous February 14, 2012

    Don’t expect to receive all of your money back. We just won in a class action suit against Fifth Third Bank and we filed our claim as having over $400 in overdraft fees over a 45 day period. We were also told that we could get as much as 3x that amount back. We just got a letter the other day and guess what we are supposed to be expecting to receive? Between $60 and $90! What?! But I guess it’s better than nothing at all.

  • Anonymous February 17, 2012

    Beware of Huntington Bank also. When you view your account online, it is not accurate. Online banking said I was overdrawn by $48. They give you 24 hrs to get a positive balance before charging fees, so went to bank next day and deposited $100. Should have been $52.00 to the good, but started rec’g notices that I was overdrawn. Went to bank and was told online banking is not what they see in the bank. $48 overdraft is now $597.00. Sounds good $100 to open acct. 24 hrs to make overdraft good with no fees, but beware..they are also a rip off. Why would my view online of my account, be different from theirs? Just another scam! I plan to start a class action suit, so if you had bad experience, please post.

  • Anonymous March 13, 2012

    PNC bank was absolutely horrendous when we had them. hundreds of dollars a month for their fees. We switched to a credit union over a year ago and I could not be happier!

  • Anonymous April 7, 2012

    Maybe just maybe an appeal was in order! I want paid as well but lets face it, we are not going to get much after the lawyers skim their 4 million. Maybe the appeal will actually increase the amount of $$ that we eventually get? Just a thought….

  • Anonymous April 19, 2012

    Has anyone received there money from the settlement yet?Just wondering what kind of money there paying out?what ever we get will never be enough for the pain and suffering the put us through!!!!! I HATE PNC THEY ARE ALL CROOKS TRYING TO SCAM PEOPLE OF THERE HARD EARNED MONEY! I HOPE THEY GO UNDER SOMEDAY!

  • Anonymous May 5, 2012

    Been quiet here, anyone get their check yet?

  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    When will we know if we will be getting some money from the settlement. I filled out the paper work but I have not heard anything.

  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    still waiting to hear about the settlement.wonder how long it will take to get money.

  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    it may not be much. but it was mine and i would like to get to get it soon.

  • Anonymous May 16, 2012

    Has anyone received their money yet? Just called and was told we should be paid my May 23rd. Should be interesting…

  • Anonymous May 21, 2012

    Someone had posted they received $32 and when I called they said the checks will not be sent out until May 23rd. The website says they will be sent by May 23rd. No consistent information.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    PNC is still doing this .

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    My check is for $24.95

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    I was told May 23rd 2012
    Still pending I quess.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2012

    $10.82 some bs

  • Anonymous May 29, 2012


  • Anonymous May 29, 2012

    Got mine it was $35.50. Should have been 10 X’s that. Said in the letter that more had claimed then was expected. Bet the lawyers got what they were expecting.

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    Mine was $39.00 my daughters was $56.00 wonder how they decided who got what??

  • Anonymous May 30, 2012

    i gotmy check for 113.61on may 29 better than nothing

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    so i called last friday and they said my check was mailed on may 23. it is now may 31 and i am STILL waiting to receive it. They had my correct mailing address in their system so it should have been here by now, I would think. Is anyone else still waiting or is it just me?

  • Anonymous June 1, 2012

    I received a whole 39.50 after they charged me close to 300.00 after I closed my account and they reopened it to let a debit card bounce. I still haven’t paid it. Does anyone know how I could get rid of this without paying?

  • Anonymous June 21, 2012

    i got a letter the other day and it said that i had 3 overdrafts $92.85 which made my balance $-1,226.30 so does this mean i will get a check or not anyone know

  • Anonymous June 27, 2012

    I am wondering if this message board includes West Virginia? I have not received a check yet but they say we will get them in July. I hope mine is more than a measly $40.

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    Did anyone else see the notice that now PNC is going to have to pay PNC Reaches $90M Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement. The website is :…&utm_source=YMLP&utm_term=PNCBank+Overdraft+Fee+Class+A…

    Does this mean we could receive more money?

  • Anonymous July 4, 2012

    i need the number to call

  • Charles R. Webb February 24, 2013

    National City misrepresented themselves along with many other financial institutions at that time period.

  • fern March 28, 2013


  • Joan May 16, 2013

    When I opened an account at PNC in Sept of 2007 I also opened a joint count for each of my three children, in Oct of 2007 I was missing close to $8,000.00. We went to the bank manager and told her that this account had been compromised and her solution was to open up another account, but she linked the accounts and end result was that money was being sifted from one account to the other. Funds were being stolen. They never did make it right they told us that they would take care of everything and straighten it out not to worry. well at least 150,000.00 was stolen between unauthorized transaction and other fees I was just outrageous. All along they just kept reassuring us that they would take care of it and not to worry. We ended up having 7 accounts opened at once that were linked. They fired the manager and told us that we needed to take our claim to the police we never got any money back.

  • bob May 16, 2013

    We had a secured loan taken out with PNC for $8600.00 which we were trying to reestablish our credit so the money was held in an account to pay for this loan, PNC held $17,000.00 in collateral until the loan was paid off. The way it was set up was that they were suppose to take the payments out automatically each month. Well PNC would call every month for the payments , and to inform us that we would be charged late fees and penalties. I would tell PNC every month that the money was there in the account, We finally got tired of this after the third month and paid off the loan. they kept the $17,000.00 collateral. CAUSE THATS HOW THEY ROLL! do not trust PNC

  • Roger greg Thompson November 11, 2013

    I would like very much to be reimburst.AS soon as possibel.

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