Who’s Affected

cellphone violation lawsuitThe following companies are being investigated for potentially sending unsolicited text messages to consumers. If you were contacted by one of these companies, you may have a case to file a TCPA class action lawsuit and recover hundreds or even thousands of dollars in compensation. Important: Do NOT delete your caller ID record or text messages. You will need these messages and phone records as proof that a company illegally contacted you in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.


  • Wells Fargo
  • Chase Bank
  • U.S. Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • PNC Mortgage
  • PNC Auto Loan
  • PNC Visa
  • And Others


  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill
  • Roy’s
  • Chilis
  • Olive Garden
  • IHOP
  • Hooters

Debt Collection Agencies

  • NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
  • Professional Finance Company, Inc.
  • Providence Dane
  • Rapid Recovery Solution

Text Message Spam and Unwanted Calls Overview

Everyone hates telemarketers and debt collectors, but did you know it’s against the law for a company to contact you on your cell phone without your permission? Did PNC bank or another company call you?

It’s also against the law for companies to record your phone call without warning you first. A federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits companies from secretly recording phone calls or from contacting people on their mobile phones by using an “automatic telephone dialing system” or using “an artificial or prerecorded voice” without their prior express consent. Some courts have even applied the TCPA to unsolicited text messages, or “text spam.”

Unwanted text messages are being sent to thousands of consumers across the country by companies of all types, including restaurants, banks and debt collection agencies. Violating the TCPA is a serious matter and can carry a $500 fine per violation. Cell phone subscribers that can prove the TCPA violation was intentional can sue for up to $1,500each time a company unlawfully contacted them.

Millions of dollars in TCPA class action lawsuit settlements have been awarded to consumers over the past few years, and the number of companies facing TCPA class action lawsuits continues to grow. It’s alleged that large banks and financial institutions like PNC bank are calling people on their mobile phones without permission.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Violations

The most common type of TCPA violation involves companies attempting to collect debt from consumers. These unsolicited cell phone calls can come from the company themselves or from debt collection companies working on their behalf. Several class action lawsuits have been spearheaded by individuals who didn’t even owe debt or never held an account with the company harassing them. Even if you do owe a debt, however, it is against the law for these companies to contact you on your cell phone using a robo-dialing system or artificial/prerecorded voice without your prior express consent. It is also against the law for these companies to record your phone conversation without first providing a warning that the call will be recorded.

Another common type of TCPA violation is text spam. Thousands of unsolicited text message advertisements have been sent over the years to consumers who either didn’t sign up to receive them or opted out of receiving future texts. Not only is text spam annoying, it can also cost the victim money as most wireless carriers charge for SMS and text messages.

Filing a TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

Don’t be a victim of cell phone harassment. You may have a case to file a TCPA class action lawsuit and recover a significant settlement for your injuries and a permanent injunction against the company unlawfully contacting you.

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