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LawsuitLogosPics_unum_iStock_disablity claim deniedIf you paid for disability insurance benefits from Unum, UnumProvident, or one of the following subsidiary companies or companies for which Unum handles claims, and had your claim unfairly denied or terminated, you may have a case to seek compensation from a Unum claim denial lawsuit or Unum class action lawsuit.

A Unum lawyer who specializes in these types of cases can provide a free consultation about your case if you were denied payments for having a valid disability from one of the following companies:

• Unum Group
• UnumProvident
• Unum Life Insurance Company of America
• New England Life Insurance Company
• John Hancock Financial
• John Hancock Insurance Company
• Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
• Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company
• Provident Life & Casualty Insurance Company
• Paul Revere Life Insurance Company (Paul Revere Life)
• Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company (Colonial)
• Colonial Life Insurance Company
• Genex
• Duncanson & Holt
• MetLife (Metropolitan Life)
• New England Life and Equitable Insurance
• Equitable Life Insurance Company

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Unum Disability Insurance Overview

Unum, the largest disability insurance company in the country, has been accused of unfairly denying and/or terminating hundreds of thousands of legitimate insurance claims to boost its profits. In addition to a multi-state investigation into Unum (formerly known as UnumProvident) and thousands of Unum claim denial lawsuits, a Unum/UnumProvident Class Action Lawsuit Investigation has been launched to actively research all claims of Unum benefit denials.

If your claim was unfairly denied or terminated, a Unum lawsuit or Unum class action lawsuit may be the only way to recover your losses and receive the insurance money you deserve.

Unum Disability Insurance Lawsuit Information

Nearly 40 percent of the disability insurance policies in the U.S. are handled by Unum/UnumProvident, providing disability insurance to as many as 17 million Americans. UnumProvident has abused its power, however, by systematically denying disability insurance claims filed by thousands of policyholders to line its pockets – a corporate strategy first documented by the television program 60 Minutes in 2002. According to Unum employees interviewed for the 60 Minutes program, Unum sets a claim-denial quota each month, and rewards claims adjusters who meet the goal by denying injured people the benefits they paid for!

The program also interviewed a physician who claimed he was fired by Unum after refusing to cooperate in helping the company deny benefits to injured people. Since then, several former UnumProvident in-house physicians have testified that they were told to review medical records for disability claims and falsely state that a policyholder was not disabled so that UnumProvident could deny disability benefits, regardless of the true condition of the insured.

Unum’s systematic claim-denial polices have led to over 3,000 lawsuits filed by the federal government, state regulators, and private Unum attorneys representing policyholders victimized by Unum/UnumProvident. Many of the Plaintiffs in these Unum lawsuits have successfully settled, winning hundreds of thousands – and sometimes millions – of dollars in compensation for their Unum disability claim denial.

One such Plaintiff filed a UnumProvident claim denial lawsuit against the company over unpaid disability benefits dating back to 1996. After years of legal battles, the Plaintiff – a former urology surgeon who could no longer work due to ankle pain that prevented him from standing for long periods – won nearly $1.5 million after a jury found Unum unfairly denied his claim for disability insurance benefits. Another Plaintiff featured in the 2002 60 Minutes program, a former eye surgeon, was awarded a $36 million Unum lawsuit settlement after a jury found the company unfairly refused to pay him for being unable to work after developing Parkinson’s disease.

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