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SSDI Backlog Exacerbates Unum Disability Issues

By John Curran


Social Security AdministrationThe government’s Social Security Disability Insurance does not fully replace Unum disability insurance benefits, but problems at the Social Security Administration can cause real problems for those who are unable to continue working to provide for themselves and their families. In spite of complaints from legislators about the costs of the disability program, it is actually helping fewer people than it should.

A recent report demonstrates that the backlog of claims for Social Security Disability benefits from the government is continuing to mount. In fact, just like UnumProvident claim denial specialists, it is rare for an applicant to the Social Security Disability Insurance program to have their benefits approved the first time around, and the process can last for a few years. At the bare minimum, the SSA reports that it takes about one year, with more than 800,000 requests pending at any one time.

This causes problems for those who were expecting the government benefits to add to their Unum disability insurance. While the government pays out only a little more than $12,000 per year and it does not have to pay as much for those who already receive private benefits, that money still helps those who are unable to find work. At a time when the government is looking for cuts in all social services problems, its disability insurance program should not be at the top of the list.

The Medicare and Social Security programs should actually be fully funded, except that they are line items on the total federal income, rather than actual separate allocations with their own protections. At a time when UnumProvident claim denial specialists are working even harder than those at the SSA to limit the number of successful claims, this has become exceedingly problematic.

It does not help matters that disability insurance lawsuit attorneys in both situations do not have jury trials available to them as a legal option. Rather, they must convince a single judge that the company or the government got it wrong and their client should get benefits.

That makes getting competent legal representation critical for those who have been denied the first time around. Get a free consultation with a disability insurance lawsuit attorney at the Unum/UnumProvident Disability Insurance Claim Denial Class Action Lawsuit Investigation. Experience in the field is critical due to the unique nature of the process of disputing disability insurance companies claim denials, so get started now.


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Updated March 6th, 2013


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