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Walgreens Wage & Labor Class Action Lawsuit

By Mike Holter


WalgreensA labor class action lawsuit has been filed against Walgreen Co., alleging the pharmacy chain violated California labor laws by routinely requiring its employees to undergo off-the-clock security inspections without being paid for their time.

According to the class action lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court, Walgreens requires its employees “to clock out of their time-keeping system and proceed to the front of the store in order to wait for and submit to a loss prevention inspection or ‘bag check’ by a member of [Walgreens’] management team.”

The wage and hour class action lawsuit claims these security checks often adds 10 minutes or more to employees’ workdays, for which they are not paid for.

The Plaintiffs’ attorney said these inspections “are clearly done for the benefit of the employer,” and therefore the time it takes to complete them should be compensable under law.
“Employers who fail to pay for time worked during these loss-prevention inspections are failing to pay all wages due to their employees, including overtime wages,” he added.

The case is Hodach, et al. v. Walgreen Co., Case No. 34-2012-00123954, Sacramento County Superior Court of California.


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Updated June 12th, 2012


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  • Raymond December 30, 2012

    I noticed that this lawsuit covers only the violations pertaining to the security checks around the stores. Are there any other lawsuit pertaining to off the clock violations such as people in a certain area being required to have on safety shoes before reporting to the shift meeting, which starts at the begining of the shift?
    Would like to know what attorney is handling that store case.

  • Betty A steward July 8, 2013

    Is this still open? If so, how do I get in on it?

  • Curtis November 21, 2013

    Is it still open how do I get in on it I worked there for seven years left recently still going on especially after closing of store

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