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Xerox Call Center Worker Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

By Kimberly Mirando


XeroxXerox and its affiliates LiveBridge and Affiliated Computer Services make call center employees work off-the-clock and stiff them out of overtime pay, a federal class action lawsuit claims.

The Xerox overtime class action lawsuit was filed by Tiffany Hall, who was hired by Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in September 2011 as a Customer Care Assistant.

Hall claims in the class action lawsuit that ACS required her and other call center workers to perform unpaid work off-the-clock before and after their scheduled shifts. Hall says ACS failed to pay her for all hours she worked, including overtime hours, and failed to pay the wages owed to her when she was terminated earlier this month.

Hall is bringing the class action lawsuit on behalf of a proposed class of all current and former employees of Xerox Corporation; LiveBridge, Inc.; Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., and/or Affiliated Computer Services, LLC who have worked at any of the Defendants’ call centers in the State of Washington as Customer Care Assistants, Customer Care Reps, Customer Service Reps, Customer Service Associates, or in other similar positions between April 24, 2008 and the date of final disposition.

Hall is asking for compensatory and exemplary damages for four counts of failure to pay overtime, failure to pay wages owed at termination, willful refusal to pay wages, and violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act.

A copy of the Xerox Call Center Worker Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

The case is Tiffany Hill v. Xerox Corporation, et al., Case No. 11-cv-01959-RAJ, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington.


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Updated April 26th, 2012


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  • susan February 11, 2015

    I worked for them for 4 yrs 2 months. They forced me to quit or they would fire me. never let me use PTO i lost 38 hrs when i left there and payed me only abc time (per minute wage while on call) for thanks giving and if i was to leave early when they allowed agents to go on the holiday we would forfeit out holiday pay of which we weren’t compensated for any way. Forced to set call backs to customers and then call customers back before or after your shift, not paid for outbound calls when calling customers back. hour long lunches were cut to 30 min with no notification and over time added to end of shift same day with out notice. Supervisors wont take sup calls and make agents stay on the phone with angry customers that are verbally abusive and let the agents fail surveys which affects the rate of pay. That place is horrible. I am traumtized from working there and never want to work in a call center again.

  • Janie March 18, 2015

    I worked there in 2011. It was so unorganized. I want to be apart of this case because I often felt like my money didn’t add up. How do we do that?

  • SUSAN MARTINEZ May 19, 2015

  • Dawn August 4, 2015

    I worked for first ACS and then for Xerox when they bought out ACS for 4 yrs 7 months. It all went down hill when Xerox took charged, they put us on an ABC plan which to me only said we are going to screw you out what little money you earn already. I didn’t sign up to go from earning $10 an hr and/or $15 on overtime to $9.55 at the lowest earned pay when your QA scores sucked for 1 week and you have a bunch of non English speaking people who QA your calls. If you start questioning their practices then they start making your life a living hell to either push you out or make you quick. They finally fired me cause I wasn’t going without a fight and they were going to pay me my unemployment too. They are too stupid to understand that they are violating the law and CEO Ursula Burns should be a shame of herself to let this kind of abuse take place in this company, shes an embarrassment to women and minorities!!!

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