Ford Hit With Class Action Over Defective Explorers

Ford Motor Company was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that several models of the Explorer have a defect which causes exhaust to enter the inside of the vehicle. Plaintiff Angela Dixon of Florida filed the Explorer class action lawsuit in… Read More »


FDCPA Lawsuit Filed Against CheckRedi

A Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) lawsuit was filed by a New York resident against debt collection agency CheckRedi of Kentucky LLC. The FDCPA lawsuit alleges that the debt collection agency participated in unlawful debt collection practices by using misleading and... Read More »


Union Carbide Can\'t Avoid Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuit

  In mid-September, Union Carbide Corp. could not dodge an asbestos lung cancer lawsuit filed in federal court by a Maryland man who alleges his wife died of asbestos lung cancer, which she allegedly contracted from asbestos fibers stuck to his work... Read More »


GM Lost Value Lawsuits Filed on Behalf of 30M Consumers

Two General Motors class action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of 30 million GM consumers accusing the automaker of lying about the safety of its vehicles both before and after GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The consolidated GM recall lawsuits allege that... Read More »


False Advertising Lawsuit Hits The Gap in California

Gap Inc., owners of Old Navy and Banana Republic brands, is being accused of deceptive advertising of sales items, and plaintiff Misbah Etman is filing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit against the company. She claims its advertisements for items in store... Read More »


Ghirardelli White Chocolate Class Action Settlement

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it misled consumers into believing some of its products contained white chocolate and that it falsely advertised some of its products as “all natural.” The Ghirardelli class action lawsuit alleged... Read More »


LCD Price-Fixing Settlement Checks to Be Mailed Next Week

Class Members who filed claims for the LCD price-fixing settlement may finally receive checks in the mail as early as next week. According to the LCD price-fixing settlement website, the claims audit and verification process has been completed and the court was… Read More »


Kohl’s Hit with Another Disability Access Class Action Lawsuit

On Oct. 21, Kohl’s Corp. was hit with a disability access class action lawsuit filed by The Equal Rights Center (ERC) alleging the retailer’s narrow aisles and tall checkout counters prevent consumers who are wheelchair bound from shopping at Kohl’s department stores… Read More »


AmeriGas Agrees to Price-Gouging Class Action Settlement

Homeowners in Michigan who faced rising propane bills during the 2013-2014 winter, one of the worst in the state’s history, may benefit if they are current or former AmeriGas customers, following the company’s recent price-gouging class action settlement with the state’s attorney… Read More »


Dreamfields Pasta $8M Settlement Receives Final Approval

A New Jersey federal judge has granted final approval to a class action settlement against Dakota Growers Pasta Company Inc., makers of Dreamfields pasta, alleging that its claims made about the pasta’s glycemic index are false representations. Plaintiffs Joseph Mirakay, Louis Messina,… Read More »


Tailgate Crack Defect Found in Ford Lincoln Aviator Vehicles

Several tailgate crack lawsuits have been filed against Ford Motor Co. over the past few months, alleging Lincoln Aviator vehicles were prone to crack across the tailgate or experience rear window shattering due to a known vehicle defect. According to several consumer... Read More »


Bankers Group Asks FCC to Exempt Banks from TCPA Law

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received a petition from the American Bankers Association (ABA) on Oct. 14 to do away with telemarketing restrictions that the associated banks feel pose “unreasonable and excessive risks” to these institutions. The banks claim that they are... Read More »