Werner Easy Access Attic Ladder Class Action Settlement

Werner Co. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit involving allegations that it made and marketed steel attic ladders with defective parts. If you currently own a steel “Easy Access Attic Ladder” in model numbers S2208 and S2210, Marks 1, 2, 3 or 4, you may be eligible to receive a new Werner wood or aluminum attic ladder from the class action settlement.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Werner attic ladder class action settlement include all individuals or entities in the United States who currently own a Werner Model S2208 or S2210 steel attic ladder designated as Marks 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Potential Award

Free Werner wood or aluminum attic ladder

Proof of Purchase

Required. You must submit a receipt or other proof of purchase showing you purchased a Werner S2208 or S2210 attic ladder with a date of purchase between September 2003 and September 2005; OR the label affixed to the inside portion of the wooden door of my Werner S2208 or S2210 attic ladder. The label must show “Mk 1,” “Mk 2,” “Mk 3,” or “Mk 4” immediately below “S2208” or “S2210.”

Werner attic ladder label

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Lloyd Clemans, et al. v. New Werner Co., et al., Case No. 3:12-cv-05186, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington

Case Summary

If approved, the Werner attic ladder settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit (Clemans v. New Werner Co.) that alleges Werner made and marketed a steel “Easy Access Attic Ladder” with defective zinc hinges that are prone to breaking and shearing while the ladders are being used.

Werner has denied the allegations but agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to avoid the expense and risk of trial.

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Clemans v. New Werner Co. Settlement Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants
P.O. Box 43171
Providence, RI 02940-3171

Class Counsel

Frank L. Watson III, Esq.
William F. Burns, Esq.

Paul C. Peel, Esq.

Kim D. Stephens, Esq.
Mary B. Reiten

Steward D. Matthews Esq.

Defense Counsel

Fred Burnside

Christopher M. Murphy

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  • Karin Fialka November 23, 2013

    attic ladder hinge missing, called manufacturer and was told this part is not being made, item discontinued. I was told they would send me a gift card to home depot to replace the discontinued unfixable ladder, I never received an email or any monetary reimbursement. Attic ladder was purchased and installed by home improvement contractor to my home during remodel in 2005-2006

  • Ellen February 1, 2014

    A few years ago, . I called Werner and was told it was installed wrong, so all these years I was thinking that it was installed wrong, come to find out , it was defective…

  • Ab February 4, 2014

    I received the replacement ladder from Werner
    I am disappointed that the replacement is a wooden ladder while I originally paid extra for a aluminum ladder
    Their excuse is that that is what they agreed upon
    So now not only once but twice Werner gets away cheap
    I will never buy anything werner again

    • Verlon Jones February 23, 2014

      I also received the replacement ladder which is wood 250lb capacity. The steel ladder which
      broke was a 300lb capacity. From what I understand about the settlement was the replacement would be wood or aluminum . Werner has a 300lb capacity aluminum attic
      ladder which should have been sent to replace defective S2210 ladder. Bad business

    • barry March 27, 2014

      Yep i got the wood ladder too. I replaced my wooden ladder in 05 with a metal one and didn’t want the wood one. we need the extra capacity. Guess i have a new wooden ladder to sell.
      Anyone need a wood attic ladder??

  • glen cunningham February 26, 2014


  • John February 26, 2014

    I finally received my replacement ladder after waiting many months after claim. I was very disappointed when I received a wood ladder rated at 250lbs. to replace my 300lb. alum. ladder. This new ladder is worthless to me. At 230lbs I can’t haul anything up the ladder without risk of failure. I’m not impressed with the settlement & Werner ladders.

  • Mike McWilliams March 1, 2014

    I also received a wooden ladder replacement. I would like to have it replaced with the 300lb aluminum ladder that I paid for originally.

  • Robert March 1, 2014

    same thing here. got a replacement that is rated for less weight, that the one I had installed and that had broke. I had requested the aluminum back in January. and yes the KCC website said either wood or aluminum. just like the Werner company, KCC screwed the pooch. maybe each side had lawyers involved. they sure didn’t have engineers involved.

  • Charles March 3, 2014

    3/3/14 10:15 A.M. Called Greenville, PA. Like others, my 300 Lb ladder was replaced with a 250 Lb wood ladder. As I weigh 266Lb this wood one is useless to me. Greenville person said they would check and let me know. I would send the wood one back,” at my cost.” Time will tell. In the settlement it states that if a 250 Lb is not sufficient to let them know and a steel 300 Lb would be sent. Time will tell. This wood ladder is only good for fire wood right now. Either way I am to call the settlement number and let them know how I was treated in regard to this issue.

    • kenneth April 29, 2014

      Was anyone successful in getting their wooden replacement ladder exchanged to the later with 300 lb weight limit?

  • Tammy May 29, 2014

    Also originally purchased aluminum for extra 50 lb weight capacity and received replacement wood with lower capacity!!!!! Cannot locate original claim info. Any luck anybody?

  • Tammy May 29, 2014

    Also originally purchased aluminum for extra 50 lb weight capacity and received replacement wood with lower capacity!!!!! Cannot locate original claim info. Any luck anybody?

  • David July 17, 2014

    My steel ladder broke last month. I emailed Werner and was not even given the courtesy of a reply. After researching the product on line and discovering how cheaply the hinges were made I called the toll free number on my ladder and was told the deadline was past so I was SOL. They “graciously” offered a $50 Home Depot gift certificate for the purchase of another Werner product. I refused their token offer and they upped it to a whopping $100.00 for purchase of another Werner ladder. I have no use for another Werner product so I again refused their offer. To cry “its the other guys fault” is a cowardly way to deny responsibility. I will be purchasing a ladder from a different manufacturer. I am also going to inform anyone who sells Werner branded ladders what an irresponsible company they are displaying in their stores.

  • Paul October 27, 2014

    I purchased two of these ladders when I moved to my new home back in 2005. One broke within a year. I contacted werner and received no response. Months later tried the web site to see if replacment hinges were available. I used a step ladder to get me to the second section of the ladder. A few months later the second ladder broke, then a few months later the first ladder broke again at the second hinge section. Tried several times to contact werner and was ignored. Now I am about to sell my house and have no choice but to fix or replace them both. I just found out about the class action, but all the web sites are now down and phone number is disconnected. Does anybody have any other contact info?

  • Ron January 1, 2015

    Can anyone help me . I got the replacement wooden ladder but I am still not happy, it is not the same ladder I purchased.

  • Daniel S. Douma April 26, 2015

    I had also purchased the 300 lb. rated WernerS2210 ladder which actually broke as I was coming down out of my attic. I was very lucky I was able to hang on the side rail and didn’t fall to the ground. I was so disappointed with the 250 lb. capacity wood replacement ladder that I put it back in the box and purchased a larger 300 lb. capacity ladder at the local hardware store for $215.00. I would have thought Werner would at least match the load capacity rating of the ladders they were replacing in the lawsuit. In my opinion they did not honor or back their product and left us with a cheap replacement. I am very disapointed in the Werner Co. and will look elsewhere to purchase similar products in the future.

  • Dave June 16, 2015

    I just bought a house that has a Werner S2210 MK2 attic ladder installed. It was nailed shut by previous owner with no indication as to why. I just pulled the nails out and the ladder will not close all the way, got about a 1/2 inch gap around the front. Looked on internet to see how to fix, and found this site. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Bert Simpson January 12, 2016

    Just found out about this while searching for replacement hinges for my ladder. Would have been upset about getting the wood replacement as well but even worse. I found out too late to get anything.

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