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Chase ATM Fee Class Action Summary Notice

Award (how much your claim may be worth): $2.00 per withdrawal fee charged that they have on record (no limit to the amount of fees charged so if you made a significant number of withdrawals from a Chase ATM using a non-chase card you could get a nice check back)


Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Case(s): McKinnie v. JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., Case No. 07-CV-00774


Company(ies): JP Morgan Chase Bank  Chase Logo


Website Link to access the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and get YOUR Stake (GO HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE): Settlement Administrator Website


Address of Settlement Administrator to submit a claim form (NOT REQUIRED):


ATM Settlement Administrator
c/o Rust Consulting, Inc.
PO Box 1977
Faribault, MN 55021-6173


Phone Number to call for assistance: 1-877-657-9153


Details: In this class action lawsuit settlement Chase Bank is paying back some of those annoying ATM fees charged if you’re not a Chase Bank cardholder and used one of their ATMs between 8/9/05 and 9/10/06. This class action lawsuit settlement has a super easy claim process. All you have to do is go to the Settlement Administrator website, click on “Click Here to File a Claim”, and follow the instructions. You’ll have to submit your name and address (so they know where to send the class action lawsuit settlement check,) the bank name of the debit card used to withdraw from the ATM, the first four digits of the ATM card used, along with the last four digits. That’s it! If you had multiple debit cards, you can fill out the claim form multiple times. They’ll pay you out on one check. The class action lawsuit settlement administrator (Rust Consulting, Inc.) is using this information to verify that the card was used at a Chase Bank ATM and will pay you back as many times as it has record of the use. If you used an ATM five times, you should receive $10 back. If you used the Chase Bank ATM 20 times you’ll receive $40. Nice, right? And no need to kill a tree and send in the claim form via the mail. You can do it all online. Hooray!


Purchased From: Non-Chase Cardholders who were charged ATM Fees by Chase ATMs between August 9, 2005, and September 10, 2006


Claims Accepted Until (YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM BY THIS DATE!): 8/10/09




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Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount(s): $2,100,000 = $693,000 Attorney Fees/expenses + $150,000 Settlement Administrator/Notification Charges (ESTIMATE) + $1,256,000 Award to class members + $1,000 to lead Plaintiff


Settlement Administrator(s): Rust Consulting, Inc.


TCA Staff Tidbit: Chase ATM FeeThis class action lawsuit is a boon to all of us who were charged annoying ATM fees nationwide. I think we’ve all been in the need of cash and hadn’t had our own bank’s ATMs nearby and had to fork over the fee to use a Chase Bank ATM. In this class action lawsuit settlement only Chase is paying us back but hopefully we’ll see other banks follow suit.


Chase ATM UseThis class action lawsuit settlement also has a Cy Pres (portion of the proceeds go to charity) but in this case, only 35% of any leftover funds will go to the Cy Pres fund. Chase Bank will receive the other 65% back. Because that is the case we encourage you to submit your claim if you fit within the class. You’ll get a few bucks back, and every single one of us out there could use the extra cash.



We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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  • Anonymous September 12, 2011

    This was the most profitable class action I have ever been a part of. I received 3 separate $200 checks!

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