Bank of America TCPA settlement

Bank of America has agreed to settle several class action lawsuits that accuse the bank of using automated dialing systems to send phone calls and text messages to consumers in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). If you received a non-emergency mortgage or credit card default servicing call or text on your cell phone from Bank of America through the use of an automated telephone dialing system and/or a prerecorded voice, you could be eligible for payment from this class action settlement.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Bank of America TCPA settlement include all individuals who:

  1. Received one or more non-emergency, default servicing telephone calls from Bank of America regarding a Bank of America Residential Mortgage Loan Account to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice between Aug. 30, 2007 and Jan. 31, 2013 (Mortgage Calls); or
  2. Received one or more non-emergency, default servicing telephone calls from Bank of America regarding a Bank of America Credit Card Account to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice between May 16, 2007 and Jan. 31, 2013 (Credit Card Calls); or
  3. Received one or more non-emergency, default servicing text messages from Bank of America regarding a Bank of America Credit Card Account to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice between Feb. 22, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010 (Credit Card Texts).

Individuals may be members of more than one group. Those who received both a Mortgage Call and a Credit Card Call or Text may file two claims. Those persons who also received a Credit Card Call may make only one claim for either a Credit Card Call or Credit Card Text.

Potential Award

$20 – $40. The final cash payment amount will depend on the total number of valid and timely claims filed by all Class Members.

Proof of Purchase

Cell phone number at which you received one or more non-emergency mortgage or credit card default servicing calls using an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial prerecorded voice (“Automatic Calls”) or one or more non-emergency default servicing text messages (“Automatic Texts”) without your prior express consent.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Rose v. Bank of America Corp., Case No. 11-cv-02390-EJD, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California; Duke v. Bank of America Corp., Case No. 5:12-cv-04009, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California; Ramirez v. Bank of America NA, Case No. 11-cv-02008, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California; Johnson v. Bank of America NA, Case No. 11-cv-3040-LAB, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California; Makin v. Bank of America NA, Case No. 12-cv-1662-LAB, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California; and Bradshaw v. Bank of America Corp., Case No. 13-cv-0431-LAB-RBB, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Case Summary

The Bank of America TCPA settlement will resolve several class action lawsuits (Rose v. Bank of America Corp., among others) that allege Bank of America violated the TCPA by using an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial prerecorded voice to call or text cell phones without the express consent of the recipients.

Bank of America has denied the allegations, but agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to avoid the expense and uncertainty of trial. Under the terms of the class action settlement, Bank of America has agreed to provide more than $32 million to pay any and all claims from individuals who received certain types of automated calls and texts about credit card or residential mortgage loan accounts.

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Bank of America TCPA Settlement
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 3410
Portland, OR 97208-3410

Class Counsel










Defense Counsel


Federal law prohibits companies from contacting consumers on their cell phone without prior express consent. If you received an unsolicited text message or cell phone call, you may be eligible to take legal action. Learn more at the Text Message Spam, Cell Phone Call TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation.

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  • Lavon Terri Rogers January 21, 2014

    The bank is taking to much money out of my account.
    I need my money back.

  • Ray Shelton February 11, 2014

    US Bank board of directors and SN Servicing has violated The OCC consent order and we know they along with their attorney Lawrence Bernard out of Jacksonville Fl have knowingly submitted forged document to a federal court. Its time for law enforcement to do their job and arrest these people. Join us if you also know of others who worked for them and know of crimes like these or you were a victim of forgery. Call me at 352 274 8467. Join our televised documentary exposing these board of directors and their policy’s. Ray Shelton

  • KAY IN MISSOURI June 16, 2014

    any updates yet?

  • nate August 5, 2014

    Any udpates as of 8/6/14, haven’t heard anything, when will checks be disbursed.

  • kay October 1, 2014


  • jennell October 6, 2014

    hey kay. you come on here and ask UPDATES. does your dumb ass know how to read? do you see any updates? is everyone at your service? do you weigh over 300#? are you in a trailer? father unknown?

    • kay October 10, 2014

      To jennell this is my first time on this site ,Iwas checking for my elderly client,I dont know you .so you to stop being so rude to other people,and get a life and grow -up.

  • Justin October 19, 2014

    We have received close to $20,000 from here in the last 3 years (my wife and I as one household and my parents as another are included in that figure) and I want to share my honest Information about the process, how much money you can actually receive, the rules to follow and relative expected time periods of payments for the people who are new to this site or like myself read the mostly spam comments for the 1st time and want to know how it really works:

    Anyone can file as many various class action claims as they want, of course swearing under Perjury that all the information is to be true and correct. You do not want to exaggerate the amount of items purchased where proof isn’t required but truthfully the various claims administrators never take the time to look into it. If they do look into it and find you are lying or filling out say 10 claims from your household for every single claim, they will, after a while put your name on a list of people to verify and I guess, based on the comments, refuse payment of future claims. As to the legality of that process, I have no idea. Something along the lines of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I have never had it happen to me and I fill out every claim I am eligible for and always get paid. I read the comments on here where people say they are blacklisted, but its unlikely if you don’t over exaggerate every single claim and abuse the gift of the free money tree this site plants in your backyard. I have found where you can claim say, a maximum of 8 products purchased and you only claim 6, you may get more money in the check than someone who claimed the maximum.

    GCG, Garden Claims Group is by far the most professional and biggest and best settlement admin company out there as they were given the responsibility with paying back the Bernie Madoff victims as well as the $180 million in DOJ seized money from the Full Tilt Poker ponzi scheme. It took 3 years but they wired every penny to me that was stolen from Full Tilt Poker. They even gave me free legal advice on how to claim the 2014 payment on my taxes even though the money was seized in 2011. They certainly did not have to do that. Almost all of the settlement companies tend to send out the checks within the allotted time allowed after the settlement is approved, usually within 90 days. Some are better than others, some just never respond to when they’ll send them out, even though the settlements have been approved and require the checks to be dispersed in a set allotted time period. Not much you can do as a consumer and a member of the class action lawsuit, other than to contact the settlement administrators which can be a tedious process on the phone, often leading to a road of nowhere and no person. This doesn’t happen often but don’t be surprised if you experience this frustration.

    Read the fine print, where it says “Only 1 claim per household allowed”, because you will know not to waste your time filing one claim per each member of your household, as they will only process the 1st one received from that address. Why they waste the money on stamps sending out rejection letters only further proves how much money these admin companies make doing their jobs paying out class action settlements. Most administrators make sure they pay out every penny out of the settlement so they can get paid quicker on the back end for finishing their job.

    We have received close to $20,000 in the last 3 years in checks as a family, including my parents who live in the same state and file their own settlements, following all the rules and thanks to me, have made money from settlements they had no clue they were entitled to until I sent them a link to this website. Almost all of the products we legitimately did purchase and were entitled to the settlements having received the notification postcards in the mail, and some we became aware of thanks to this site! We just were not aware of this website pointing them all out until I received a postcard in the mail about a Citizens Bank Overdraft settlement.

    If it weren’t for this website I would’t have all the extra money to spoil my 2 year old and afford the ridiculous overpriced health insurance, food, gas, electric bills and clothes this societal inflation has hurt all of us with lately.

    I want to truly give thanks to the people at this site who do the work to make it so easy for someone like me to find the claims and easily fill them out. I have extensive computer knowledge and I develop code for the internet and work as an IT consultant, but for most people who find this site, they should have no problem with the layout and the format to the settlements.

    I have never asked them how they profit off of all their hard work or the large amount of traffic they receive but they certainly deserve it! (They have earned every penny they make off the Google Ad-sense links and advertisements they may or may be paid for )

    I tell a ton of people about the settlements but they are either naive or too lazy to fill out the claim forms. I couldn’t believe that I got all those checks from the Sketchers shoes that were crap or the huge checks from all those unwanted and annoying and harassing calls to my cell phone that drove me nuts and with the sketchers and other products I saved receipts forgot back more than I paid for them to begin with because I saved my receipts, which I am starting to do because all these settlements pay back way more if you actually have a proof of purchase, although none of them require it basically.

    All the TCPA unwanted call settlements pay great, and who hasn’t gotten calls from all of these annoying companies and banks misusing our personal information on a monthly if not weekly or daily basis! When you ask them to please stop calling and they continue, you need to write it down at the very least if not report it through the right channels. I believe there is a link somewhere on here, which I have yet to click on and fill it out so an attorney can read it, I really should. Just start keeping a log of who calls and when, then maybe you can start your own TCPA call violation suit. I am a 31 year old married dad and I have a huge list of them and I am ready soon.

    As far as the settlements that you can not file a claim online, there is a reason for it. A lot of people will not take the time to fill one out if you can not do it electronically. Sometimes you have to print out the forms via Adobe PDF and fill them out and mail them in. Invest in a cheap printer, a spool of white paper and some forever stamps, its worth it! The 3 Papa John’s $50 checks paid for my printer and 40 stamps alone!
    Thanks !

    Nobody paid me or asked me to write this recommendation. It’s just the honest truth. Anyone with any suggestions or questions or anyone who has a more effective way to keeping records and finding out about these lawsuits is more than welcome to email me directly at happyandmarrieddad@gmail,com


  • Justin November 13, 2014

    Hey Jennell could you please stop sending me naked photos of you? You must have a mirror in your house. You must also see that you are fat, nasty, and hairy. My god it must smell like a gorilla cage down there. Please stop. Is that your husband with the collar and ball shoved in his mouth? He blind?

  • Big D November 17, 2014

    Hello folks,

    Any anyone heard of any updates to this settlement? Thanks.

  • Jim Tyler January 2, 2015

    Yo! Yo! Where my money at?

  • lala January 21, 2015

    i want my money too….

  • Big D March 2, 2015

    Hi there. Anyone have any news on the settlement? Thanks

    • Annoying March 6, 2015

      Big D sir, you are very annoying. you are on many different settlements asking. updates? news? sir if someone had news they would post it. it does not require you to ask for it like they will post it because you asked. please stop it.

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