A class action settlement has been reached, resolving allegations that FitFlop Footwear was deceptively advertised as providing health benefits that they did not allegedly deliver. If you purchased eligible FitFlop Footwear in the United States between Jan. 1, 2007 and Jan. 8, 2014, you may be entitled to receive between $25 and $100 from the FitFlop class action settlement.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members include anyone who purchased eligible FitFlop Footwear in the United States from Jan. 1, 2007 to Jan. 8, 2014. Eligible FitFlop Footwear includes all FitFlop-branded footwear with Microwobbleboard technology. A full list of eligible FitFlop Footwear can be found at the FitFlop settlement website.

Potential Award

$25 – $100. The amount of the cash payment you may be entitled to under the proposed FitFlop class action settlement depends on the number and type of eligible FitFlop Footwear that you purchased during the settlement period. If you purchased FitFlop Footwear in Category 1, you are entitled to receive an initial amount of $25 and a maximum of $60, depending on the amount purchased. If you purchased FitFlop Footwear in Category 2, you are entitled to receive an initial amount of $40 and a maximum of $100, depending on the amount purchased.

Proof of Purchase

If you request an award for two or fewer pairs of eligible FitFlop Footwear, no Proof of Purchase is necessary. However, if you request an award for more than two pairs of eligible FitFlop Footwear, you must provide Proof of Purchase for each pair.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Rosales v. FitFlop USA LLC, Case No. 3:11-cv-973-W-KSC, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Case Summary

The FitFlop Footwear settlement resolves a class action lawsuit claiming that FitFlop USA LLC, FitFlop Limited, Brand Slam Ltd. and Marcia Dyann Kilgore engaged in deceptive conduct by advertising that FitFlop Footwear could provide a variety of health and fitness benefits. Under the terms of the FitFlop class action settlement, the defendants agree to provide a settlement fund of $5.3 million to resolve the claims.

The defendants have denied the allegations but agreed to a class action settlement that was preliminarily approved on Dec. 19, 2013.

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Rosales v. FitFlop USA LLC
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35109
Seattle, WA 98124-5109
Phone: (800) 203-8691
Fax: (206) 876-5201

Class Counsel



Defense Counsel


UPDATE 1: An objection to the FitFlop class action settlement, which received final approval on April 28, 2014, has been overruled. However, the court order has been appealed. Distribution of the settlement benefits cannot commence until all appeals have been resolved in favor of the class action settlement.

UPDATE 2: Payments for the FitFlop class action settlement were mailed to eligible Class Members the first week of February 2015. Average settlement checks were valued at $73.25, according to Top Class Actions viewers. Congrats to everyone who got PAID!

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  • nancy March 24, 2014

    Your online claim form is not opening. Error message pops up.

  • Linda Arnold June 24, 2014

    I already made an online claim. Do I need to apply again?

  • Hi Linda June 24, 2014

    When you did submitted your claim it should of said claim form confirmation and given you a claim form number. As long as you remember seeing that your good to go. If you dont remember email them at this address I had forgotten if i filed, i emailed them told them my name and address that i thought i would of included and they got back to me in a day and confirmed my submission. Hope it helps hun.

  • jennell June 29, 2014

    the claim process was over on the 27th. there was an objection filed but it was overruled. From here since the people don’t want a trial Im hoping that the claims will be processed soon something like 90 days

    • james September 23, 2014

      The typical time it takes to resolve an appeal of this nature is 1-3 yrs. Do not expect payment for at least this long. Once they appeal the current court order, 2 more appeals are available to them

  • Pam June 30, 2014

    Thanks for the update!

    • jennell July 1, 2014

      you’re welcome

  • jennell July 6, 2014

    wondering!!! LOL

  • jennell July 7, 2014

    any word yet?

  • NO!!!NO!!!NO!!!!NO!!!NOOO July 7, 2014

    The claim form deadline just ended…calm the F down

    • I like Jennell July 8, 2014

      You leave her alone, i like her!!!!!!!!

  • Kim D July 9, 2014


  • Kate July 10, 2014

    Kim D you must be mistaken, the checks aren’t out yet. I emailed the claims admin and here’s the response I received:

    “The Court approved the Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing. However, the Court order has been appealed and Settlement distribution cannot commence until after all appeals have been resolved in favor of the Settlement. We do not know how long it will take to resolve the appeal. If you have any further questions, please let us know, or you may visit for more information.”

    Hope this helps!

  • Howard July 10, 2014

    Checks are out ? How much are they for ?

  • QT from CALI July 10, 2014

    No, checks aren’t out yet! Appeals have been filed

  • jennell July 11, 2014

    spoke to the administrator today was told that there weren’t any appeals filed

  • santas little helper July 11, 2014

    santa doesn’t like liars, I wonder who is being bad and good

  • Top Class Actions July 15, 2014

    UPDATE: An objection to the FitFlop class action settlement, which received final approval on April 28, 2014, has been overruled. However, the court order has been appealed. Distribution of the settlement benefits cannot commence until all appeals have been resolved in favor of the class action settlement.

  • jennell July 15, 2014

    Well the proof is in the pudding just have to wait.

    • Robert Harris July 15, 2014


      • jennell July 16, 2014


        • I like Jennell July 16, 2014

          Ignore them Jennell…i like you and think you contribute alot.

  • SANDY July 19, 2014


    • SANDY July 19, 2014


  • L money July 20, 2014

    Still wait on my check hv anyone got 1 yet

  • Sandy Knocc it off July 20, 2014

    SANDY nobody brought you nothing to your fake cook out lmaooo

  • Sandy July 21, 2014

    LOL….Just trying to make light of everything

    • Hot for Sandy July 22, 2014

      I thought it was funny Sandy =) keep it up….L money what part of “However, the court order has been appealed. Distribution of the settlement benefits cannot commence until all appeals have been resolved in favor of the class action settlement” DONT YOU GET!!!!!!!

  • big jake August 19, 2014


  • the bob August 22, 2014

    they have medicine for that you can buy at walgreens

  • Hot like me September 8, 2014

    Has the appeal been resolved when are the checks coming just waiting and waiting

    • Whats wrong with you September 11, 2014

      Get ready to keep waiting. Probably going to sit in the system for awhile

  • September 16, 2014

    well yall just let me know when they come in

  • jennell September 25, 2014

    the waiting game has arrived Yeah it Jennell again this is my post and this should be before Christmas Maybe Santa will arrive on time!!

    • Hot for Jennell September 26, 2014

      OMG finally your back on…..aren’t these all waiting games while the lawyers get to add to there bill total. I agree maybe around Christmas, but I think for around Valentines Day we get checks.

  • Kim September 30, 2014

    Any updates ?

    • OMG Kim October 1, 2014

      Still in appeals….probably be early next year before you have a chance to see any money.

  • maria October 6, 2014

    What is the usual time frame on the appeals?

  • maria October 6, 2014

    Has anyone that purchased more than 2 pairs gotten any notice that their proof of purchase was received?

    • Cynthia November 7, 2014

      Nope. Just you.

  • Pam W. December 3, 2014

    I’m with you Jennell, Santa will arrive on time with our checks in the mail.

  • jennell December 20, 2014

    Do we have a distribution date or a resolution on the appeal.. Should be around March Or April before we see any money 2015

  • james January 6, 2015

    Is there any new news about when they start paying claims? Ive contacted the administrator but he/she refuses to respond.

  • john January 9, 2015

    These claims can take from 6 months to a year to payout & whenever the claims administrators feel like paying out, its really just a waiting game. With appeals sometimes longer. But its coming up on about a year, so hopefully soon!

  • Patricia January 16, 2015

    Is there any new updates?

  • Max January 22, 2015

    The case was appealed to the 9th Circuit, but the appeal was dismissed in October because the plaintiffs didn’t pay their court fees:

    “Filed order (Deputy Clerk: DEV) Dismissing case for failure to prosecute (Cir. Rule 42-1) Pursuant to Circuit Rule 42-1, this appeal is dismissed for failure to pay fees., This order served on the district court shall constitute the mandate of this court. [9282265] (DEV) [Entered: 10/20/2014 10:22 AM]”

    So it should be any time now.

    • sean January 29, 2015

      Please quitclying Max. Its not . helping anyone. The appeal has not been dismissed. There is no documentaion of such, and the xxx defense attorney office comfirmed that the appeal has not been dismissed.

      • Max January 31, 2015

        Here’s the PACER output. I guess the 9th Circuit docket is lying also. You should contact the administrator or the plaintiff attorney BTW, not the defense.

        Court of Appeals Docket #: 14-55880
        Docketed: 05/29/2014
        Termed: 10/20/2014
        Nature of Suit: 3890 Other Statutory Actions
        Charlice Arnold, et al v. FitFlop USA, LLC
        Appeal From: U.S. District Court for Southern California, San Diego
        Fee Status: Due
        Case Type Information:
        1) civil
        2) private
        3) null
        Originating Court Information:
        District: 0974-3 : 3:11-cv-00973-W-KSC
        Court Reporter: Frank Joseph Rangus, Official Court Reporter
        Trial Judge: Thomas J. Whelan, Senior District Judge
        Date Filed: 05/04/2011
        Date Order/Judgment: 04/28/2014
        Date Order/Judgment EOD: 04/28/2014
        Date NOA Filed: 05/27/2014
        Date Rec’d COA: 05/28/2014

        05/29/2014 1 DOCKETED CAUSE AND ENTERED APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL AND PRO SE APPELLANT. SEND MQ: No. The schedule is set as follows: Transcript ordered by 06/26/2014. Transcript due 07/28/2014. Appellant Michael Narkin opening brief due 09/04/2014. Appellees Charlice Arnold and FitFlop USA, LLC answering brief due 10/06/2014. Appellant’s optional reply brief is due 14 days after service of the answering brief. [9112485] (RT) [Entered: 05/29/2014 11:23 AM]

        05/29/2014 2 Filed Appellant Michael Narkin motion to proceed In Forma Pauperis. Deficiencies: None. Served on 05/20/2014. [9112497] (RT) [Entered: 05/29/2014 11:27 AM]

        07/03/2014 3 Received copy of District Court order filed on 07/03/2014 ORDER denying [123] motion to proceed in forma pauperis on appeal. [9158884] (RL) [Entered: 07/07/2014 04:20 PM]

        08/04/2014 4 Received Appellant Michael Narkin addendum to motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis. Served on 08/02/2014 [9192989] (RL) [Entered: 08/04/2014 03:45 PM]

        09/24/2014 5 Filed order (RICHARD R. CLIFTON and JACQUELINE H. NGUYEN) Appellant’s motion to proceed in forma pauperis is denied because we find that appellant is not indigent. Accordingly, within 21 days after the date of this order, appellant shall pay $505.00 to the district court as the docketing and filing fees for this appeal and file proof of payment with this court. Otherwise, the appeal will be dismissed by the Clerk for failure to prosecute, regardless of further filings. See 9th Cir. R. 42-1. If appellant pays the fees, the opening brief will be due November 10, 2014; the answering brief will be due December 10, 2014; and the optional reply brief will be due within 14 days after service of the answering brief. [9252684] (SM) [Entered: 09/24/2014 03:08 PM]

        10/20/2014 6 Filed order (Deputy Clerk: DEV) Dismissing case for failure to prosecute (Cir. Rule 42-1) Pursuant to Circuit Rule 42-1, this appeal is dismissed for failure to pay fees., This order served on the district court shall constitute the mandate of this court. [9282265] (DEV) [Entered: 10/20/2014 10:22 AM]

  • MAXIE PRIEST January 23, 2015

    Thanks Max, any amount stated as yet ?

    • Max January 23, 2015

      No idea. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  • jason January 28, 2015

    If the appeal was indeed denied, then they are held to the orgininal stipulated agreement, which states they must begin to pay claims within 10 days and complete payment of all claims within 30 days.

  • Colleen January 28, 2015

    I selected direct deposit instead of a paper check, and in my checking account history I show a pending deposit from this lawsuit scheduled for tomorrow. It doesn’t say how much, but somethings coming tomorrow.

    • Colleen January 29, 2015

      Sorry I jumped the gun a little. The prenotification in my checking was for 2 days out, so it will be in on Friday.

  • settlement January 29, 2015

    Hope this is true,someone should post the moment they recieve a check.

  • thomas January 29, 2015

    I contacted the settlement administrator, and they said the appeal was NOT dismissed, and that no payments are being made at this time. Im not sure why people are on here lying about pending deposits or appeals being dismissed, but those claims are untrue. When in doubt contact the Claims Administrator

    • Colleen January 29, 2015

      I am sorry that you think I am lying, but I assure you that I am not. I was just trying to give information to everyone. In the prenotification in my checking account it says “Rosales Action”, so since that is the person named in the lawsuit, I assume that is what the deposit is for. I will update when it shows up, with the amount. I am not trying to start false rumors, or get people excited with a lie, and I am sorry Thomas if I did something wrong by posting this information. After I update about deposit, I will not post ever again, because I was just trying to help, and I feel like I am being attacked.

  • Nicole January 29, 2015

    I also had a pending deposit of $0.00 to my account. It stated Rosales also. Nothing was deposited. Not sure if they were doing a test run to see if account was good. I saw it pending on Wednesday but no money posted.

    • Colleen January 29, 2015

      Thank you for that comment Nicole, I never thought of that, but that makes a lot of sense. I’m sure you’re right.

  • sharp301 January 30, 2015

    Hey, anyone received any deposits or checks as of Jan, 30th 2014 which is

  • Aaron January 30, 2015

    No, no deposits or checks. the case is still being appealed

  • Jennell January 31, 2015

    thanks for the update I’m sure the envelope or deposit on Monday good luck to you and all us who filed a timely and valid claim

  • Sammy February 2, 2015

    ANY DAY NOW…..

  • Tonya February 2, 2015

    Important Update: If you submitted an Eligible Claim, settlement payments, which were calculated pursuant to Section IV.C.3 of the Stipulation of Settlement, were distributed on or before February 9, 2015. Please deposit or cash your check promptly, as all checks are stale within 90 days of being issued. If you have any questions about your payment, please contact the Settlement Administrator in writing at Rosales v. FitFlop USA, LLC, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35109, Seattle, WA 98124-5109.

  • Max February 2, 2015

    No, the case is still being appealed! You, Max, the administrator, the 9th circuit docket, Colleen, and Nicole are all liars! 😉

    • Jim February 3, 2015

      check the official website. checks will be sent out on or before Monday the 9th

  • Joy February 3, 2015

    DD…Today 370.00

  • sharp301 February 3, 2015

    JOY: you must had receipts.. lol

  • Joy February 3, 2015

    I did and I am in Washington

  • Dawn February 3, 2015

    We should be getting something soon cause my account has an extra $60.00 dollars but not available for withdraws..

    • wendy April 9, 2015

      I filed a claim and never received a check, my friend filed on also and did not receive her check. We live in Las Vegas. Did anyone else have this problem. I was really looking forward to this check. Any body I can ask about it ?

  • Brian February 3, 2015

    heads up people the money is coming direct deposit for $100.00 Seattle Wa

  • MAXIE PRIEST February 3, 2015

    any checks out there yet ? How much is the amount for no proof

  • Linda February 3, 2015

    80.00 direct deposit today

  • Kathy February 3, 2015

    direct deposit today check your accounts

  • Harry February 3, 2015

    25.00 direct deposit

  • Kevin February 3, 2015

    200.00 receipt in WA

  • Melissa February 3, 2015

    80.00 from fitflop

  • Sharon February 3, 2015

    Direct deposit from Fitflop 60.00 got gas money now

  • Jackie February 3, 2015

    75.00 today

  • Michael February 3, 2015

    Got a deposit for 150.00

  • carol February 3, 2015

    75.00 today

  • Josh B February 3, 2015

    100.00 From Fitflop Thanks TCA

  • ben c February 3, 2015

    Anyone outside of WA get a check or direct deposit?
    SIgned up for Direct Deposit, but in California and so far nothing

  • Gina February 3, 2015

    200.00 proof fitflop washington today

  • Megan February 3, 2015

    Got a deposit 80.00 Washington

  • Cindy February 3, 2015

    $100.00 thank you tca

  • Jenifer February 3, 2015

    300.00 I had proof people deposit was there in the am today……..

  • Tiffany February 3, 2015

    $150 THANK YOU

  • Paul February 3, 2015

    I think they hitting locals first but I do have a pending on my account so maybe tomorrow..

  • Kendra February 3, 2015

    300.00 today

  • Alexis February 3, 2015

    100.00 Today

  • Sandra February 3, 2015

    75.00 direct deposit today in WA

  • Zion February 3, 2015

    45.00 TODAY

  • Jennell February 3, 2015

    nothing here in California yet I requested a paper check maybe in the mail this week

  • sharp301 February 3, 2015

    Jennell: It will come later, like mine will (hope).lol I think Washington got their checks and deposits today.

    Cross those fingers, (smiling…)

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA February 3, 2015


  • derp February 4, 2015

    $73.25 today in Florida :)

    • Jennell February 4, 2015

      was it a paper published

    • MAXIE PRIEST February 4, 2015

      Check or DD Derp ?

  • Carla February 4, 2015

    Paper Check in WA 80.00

  • Johnny February 4, 2015

    DD I am in WI

  • Kelly S February 4, 2015

    Check today Ohio

  • Benny February 4, 2015

    Check $100.00

  • evelyn waybright February 4, 2015

    got my check today 02/05/12 59.51

  • Marcy February 4, 2015

    Anyone from California get a check or direct depost?

  • evelyn waybright February 4, 2015

    got my check today 02/05/12 for 59.51

  • Marcy February 4, 2015

    Anyone in California get a check or direct deposit

    • Jennell February 4, 2015

      still waiting

  • John February 4, 2015

    Anybody from NJ get a check yet? What day are the checks dated?

    • evelyn February 5, 2015

      I’m in NJ, I selected direct deposit and have not received payment.

  • hey Jennell in Cali February 5, 2015

    Received my check in cali today….only for $45 though

  • R.S. February 5, 2015

    Got a check today for $73.25, thanks!

  • kc February 5, 2015

    check in CA today $59.51 with no proof

  • stl6 February 5, 2015

    $73 paper check arrived in MO today–Thanks TCA

  • Christina Hixson February 5, 2015

    Got a check today in Paradise Cali for $73.25..Praise the LORD!!!1

    • linda February 5, 2015

      75.23 today LA.

  • kaylee February 5, 2015

    Not a thing. Oregon

  • Lynn February 5, 2015

    Nothing in Texas

  • May February 5, 2015


  • John February 5, 2015

    Yay, I did receive my check today 73.25 dated 2/2/15 in NJ!

  • Karen February 5, 2015

    Got my $59.51 check today in Philly, PA! Thanks Top Class Actions!

  • sharp301 February 5, 2015

    Received my check today $73.25 .. yippie, from north Carolina.

  • Davina February 5, 2015

    $73.25 in GA.

  • Tammy February 5, 2015

    Did anyone in New York get a check yet?

  • cella13 February 5, 2015

    Check for $72.23 received in McKinney, Tx. Thanks to topclassactions!

  • Vida February 5, 2015

    Nothing in Chicago!

  • dana February 5, 2015

    got mine today $73.25 fl

  • Kim February 5, 2015

    Same here-nothing in Chicago.

  • Colleen February 6, 2015

    Yesterday in ny my daughter got a 73.25 check. My mom got 53. I did not get maybe today I guess it depends on ur ny mailman

  • Kat February 6, 2015

    $73.25 Austin Texas

  • Drew February 6, 2015

    Check arrived in Chicago today. $73.25

  • Lynn February 6, 2015

    $59.51 by USPS, Houston, TX,

  • Seejay February 6, 2015

    Got my check for $73.25 today

  • Top Class Actions February 6, 2015

    UPDATE: Payments for the FitFlop class action settlement were mailed to eligible Class Members the first week of February 2015. Average settlement checks were valued at $73.25, according to Top Class Actions viewers. Congrats to everyone who got PAID!

  • patricia February 6, 2015

    recieved a check today 45.78 in ny

  • patricia February 6, 2015

    recieved a check today 45.78 new york

  • Tom February 6, 2015

    $59 in Cal.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA February 6, 2015


  • John Connor February 6, 2015

    $73.25 check came in today in California.


    • QT from CALI February 9, 2015

      What part of Calu? Nothing for me in Los Angeles yet

  • Charilynn Cone February 7, 2015

    so are they only sending to people who got proof? I bought 3 pairs but threw out my receipt. and the waiting goes on.

    • evelyn February 7, 2015

      I’m also waiting. I didn’t produce any receipts. I opted for direct deposit.

    • Charilynn Cone February 7, 2015

      i also asked for direct deposit! just wondering if they are sending out to people who have receipts first?

  • Tyson February 7, 2015

    I forgot If I filed this out but I searched my history on my Mac and I Indeed had a page saying thank you so I know I filled this claim out. I have not received anything and I live In Washington. I asked for check not direct deposit If that matters. Tried emailing them a few times but no luck. Is there any official way to check If you are receiving a settlement? Thanks.

  • stufferdude February 7, 2015

    Check yesterday for 73.25

  • sherry February 7, 2015

    Does anyone know what the breakdown of these totals being claimed are-I mean per pair of shoes, in each of the two classes? just curious, since it sounds like a lot of us are claiming multiple pairs.

  • Charilynn Cone February 8, 2015

    well still havent received anything, did direst deposit! I hope they dont run out of refunds before I get mine- but I think they are giving only to those that have receipts!
    I bought 4 pairs and now I just wait.
    Wish there was a way to find out when the rest of us that are waiting are going to receive our refunds!

  • Tim February 8, 2015

    got $73.25 in cali

  • ngodwin February 8, 2015

    I received an email a few days ago it reads like this “If you submitted an eligible claim, settlement payments were calculated pursuant to Section IV C.3 of the stipulation of the settlement on or before Feb 9th, 2014. If you requested direct deposit, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your award. If you have any questions, please let us know or you may visit for more information.

  • Tonya February 8, 2015

    I contacted GCG and they told me that they don’t have a claim on file for me! GCG is a joke, if they have paid a prior settlement to you in the past they will flag your name in future settlements and exclude you. I even submitted a copy of my receipt for 1 pair.

  • Lisa Burton February 9, 2015

    I received my check on Friday for $73.25!

  • Deb February 9, 2015

    Check $73.25 in Illinois on 02/06/2015.

  • Charilynn Cone February 9, 2015

    received my check for $73.25 in Zion, IL

  • Colleen February 9, 2015

    I received a pre notification in my checking account on Jan 28th about a refund from this lawsuit, but as of yet, I have not received any deposit from them. I have called the administrators several times, and all they say is wait until the end of the week to see if it shows up.It’s almost like they think the pre-notification was the deposit, and they tell me it takes a while for the deposit to show up. From all the posts, it seems like most everyone has gotten their checks or deposits, so I really don’t expect for the money to show up, unless they actually initiate a deposit, like I told them. I was just curious if anyone else out there has experienced the same problem with them, and if so, have they gotten anywhere with them trying to solve it.

    • Nicole February 9, 2015

      I got the same pre-notification deposit but have not received anything as of yet.

      • Colleen February 9, 2015

        I am glad that you replied Nicole because I was wondering if the same thing happened to you.I just got an email from the lawsuit administrators and they told me the deposits are in the process of being made, and it should be this week. We’ll see.

  • Deb February 9, 2015

    received a letter saying your receipt are not acceptable from payless shoe. We need receipt from Department store .Your claim was approved earlier is not valid.. I think Garden City Group is a major discriminator and scam out there. They choose who they want to allow settlement .If they have your name on black list and or address they will reject you everything you file. They have rejected me and my mother in another city for last 30 plus settlement in last 3 years we filed with dublin Ohio or seattle washington. Garden city Group is a major abuser of these settlements. STAY AWAY.

  • evelyn February 9, 2015

    I received a response from the GCG group to my email today. They indicated that direct deposits will be completed this week. So, there is still hope:)

    • Evelyn February 10, 2015

      I’m replying to my own post to provide an update. Checked my account this morning and was happy to see a deposit of $73.25!

  • Deb February 10, 2015

    Called them last night. Response as usual.we will check review and get back to you. When they do they tell us why they can not approve.So far in 3 years more than 20 of our claims me and mom in diff states have been black listed so whatever we file, needs receipt claims, dont need any receipt, securities fraud with broker statements and trade confirmations and anything just reject no answer and no news just they look at our name and home address and omit anything we file . Who can you complain. 10 pages of proofs with notary and they still reject or throw away our claims. This institution is butchering innocent american people. Bottom line here more than 100000 people with no receipt getting checks of 73.25 but we will not because GCG throws away our claims.

  • Chelsea February 10, 2015

    Got 59 dollar paper check in Michigan today

  • nate February 10, 2015

    My deposit came in today for $73.25 and my sisters check $43.75

  • Colleen February 10, 2015

    Received the direct deposit for $73.25 today.

  • Pete February 10, 2015

    Received a check for $73.25 last week.

  • Aktive February 11, 2015

    My gf got a check yesterday for $73.25 in Cali
    Im still waiting though

  • MRom February 11, 2015

    I inquired about the settlement checks this week, below is what I received. Even though I bought more than 2 I only claimed 2, because I don’t usually keep receipts. Any advice on who to complain. I asked why am I being singled out, and letting them know that per their settlement terms no receipt was required.

    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your email. Per the terms of the Settlement, GCG has taken steps to prevent abuse in the claims process. As such, before your claim can be approved, GCG requires documentation to substantiate your claim.


  • Joy from Ohio February 11, 2015

    I contacted the settlement administrator and direct deposits are still being distributed.

  • Aktive February 11, 2015

    Update: I just received mine today. A check for $73.25 Valentine’s day on TCA.

  • Colleen February 12, 2015

    I got my yesterday in my 73.25 hopefully my sister will get hers todcy

  • lisa February 14, 2015

    i havent recieved a deposit to my debit card either im just wondering if we are going to get burned for our money

  • anna February 15, 2015

    I was told mine was approved and sent out Feb 2. I still havent recieved it. They told me wait a little if dont come they will issue a new one. If not here by Tuesday, I guess Ill have to get them to issue a new one. anyone else having this issue

    • Susan March 6, 2015

      Yes, We had a very bad snow storm during the time it was sent out. They said they will issue me another check in 30 days

  • deon February 15, 2015

    @ anna yes they told me that twice first direct deposit dont go through now they saying a check by feb 2

  • lori February 24, 2015

    Just contacted administrator and my claim is still there but has not been approved nor denied. They said to check back at end of week. Sounds like they are going to deny or ask for receipts. Wish they had asked for them sooner.

  • cant belive this s... February 25, 2015

    they denied me talk to them yesterday say send in proof I guess am on the black list

  • Justme March 14, 2015

    I guess better late than never, got my check today – $73.25

  • wendy April 9, 2015

    I qualified for two pairs of Fit Flops without receipts, it is April 8th and I not received anything, no check not notification, nothing. My friend who qualified also had not received any either. We both live in Las Vegas, NV. This is the first time this has happened. I do not file claims that I do not qualify for. I could have taken pictures of my Fit Flops, I have 4 pairs right now. I would just like to know what happened.

  • david conklin jr April 11, 2015

    still not check..what happened to my claim?

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