Top Class Actions, LLC is the leading source of class action lawsuit news in the world. TCA connects consumers to class action settlements and publishes breaking news on new class action lawsuits, product liability lawsuits and mass tort updates as they’re filed. Our goal is to help consumers find, submit claims for, and receive compensation for every class action settlement they qualify to participate in. We also help consumers connect with attorneys who can help them seek remedies for grievances involving consumer products, drugs, medical devices, employment issues, and more.



Scott Hardy President & CEO

Scott Hardy formed Top Class Actions in 2008 because he saw a need to fill the void in the endless search for class action lawsuit news on the Internet. The average consumer will find countless trash sites, place holders and confusing legal websites when searching for class action lawsuits and class action lawsuit settlements. Once you stumble upon a website dedicated to such information, the navigation can be tedious at best or completely bewildering at worst. Top Class Actions fixed that and continues to report on the latest class action news as it breaks. Scott continues to transform the world of class action lawsuit settlement notification and class action lawsuit advertising by implementing new and innovative ways to connect consumers to class action settlements and attorneys who can provide the legal help they need.


Sarah Mirando Editor in Chief/VP Operations

Sarah Mirando joined Top Class Actions in 2010 as a legal news writer. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a journalism degree and served as editor of several print and online publications. Sarah’s journalistic experience and content strategy helped boost Top Class Actions to the next level. She now manages the operations and continues to write and edit articles for the site.


Anne Bucher Managing Editor

Anne Bucher earned a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law, where she served as an editor for the Oregon Review of International Law. She found a niche writing online legal content for law firms, including web pages, blog posts and legal news articles. She has been writing for Top Class Actions since March 2013.


Courtney Coren Managing Editor

Courtney Coren joined Top Class Actions in March 2013 as a legal news writer. She graduated in 2005 from the University of California, Irvine, where she served as a newspaper reporter and editor. She also wrote for other publications and currently writes for a leading online news source, in addition to her work at Top Class Actions.


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