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Asbestos Discovered in New Mexico Public Services Building

Carpet installers working in an office suite in a building referred to as the PERA building in Santa Fe, New Mexico recently found that some of the carpet tiles that they were removing and replacing… Read More »

UnumLawsuitLogosPics_unum_iStock_disablity claim denied

Unum Lawsuit Seeks to Sort Out Claimant’s Multiple Disabilities

A man suffering from multiple and purportedly unrelated disabilities has filed an Unum lawsuit in hopes of getting his disability insurance benefits finally sorted out. Plaintiff Richard J. says he is a beneficiary of an… Read More »

Taxotere Hair Loos

Can Chemotherapy Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

Advocates for breast cancer awareness have recently made efforts to spread awareness of the side effects of a popular chemotherapy drug often used for breast cancer treatment. Popular chemotherapy drug Taxotere has been allegedly causing… Read More »

Xarelto bleeding lawsuit

Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuit: Drug Maker Liable for Wrongful Death

A new wrongful death Xarelto bleeding lawsuit alleges that the blood thinner is dangerous and should not be sold. The surviving spouse of a Florida man filed a Xarelto wrongful death lawsuit on May 5 on behalf of… Read More »


Essure Lawsuit Says Permanent Birth Control Led to Pregnancy, Complications

Bayer is facing another massive Essure lawsuit, filed collectively by over two dozen plaintiffs who allege they were harmed by the company’s permanent female sterilization device. This massive joint complaint claims that Bayer knowingly downplayed… Read More »