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Doctors Were Not Warned Invokana Induced Heart Attack, Lawsuit States

A couple has filed a lawsuit against Janssen pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson as well as Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. alleging the companies’ drug Invokana induced heart attack, ketoacidosis and other physical conditions…. Read More


Eliquis Bleeding Problems

Eliquis, a popular blood thinner medication, may lead to a variety of severe or even fatal Eliquis bleeding problems, according to a growing number of injured plaintiffs. What is Eliquis? Eliquis (generic name apixaban) is… Read More

Essure Study

FDA Issues Approval for Essure Study Plan

The FDA has recently signed off on Bayer’s proposed plan for its updated post-market surveillance study to take a closer look at its permanent birth control device, Essure. The Essure study was mandated by the… Read More

Xarelto bleeding lawsuit

Siblings Files Xarelto Death Lawsuit on Behalf of Late Mother

Two California siblings  have filed a Xarelto death lawsuit after losing their mother, alleging her use of Xarelto led to serious internal bleeding and eventual death. The siblings, Linda D. and Steven P., filed this… Read More

align probiotics

Align Probiotics Do Not Improve Digestive Health, Consumers Say

At some point in their lives, most Americans will have some concerns about their digestive health. Sparking our concerns about digestive health may be things like experiencing a change in our digestive health habits following the use… Read More