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i-Cool for Menopause False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The manufacturer of the hot flash relief pills i-Cool for Menopause have agreed to offer Class Members a full refund of the product to settle a class action lawsuit that accused the company of false… Read More »

quinolone antibiotics

Zithromax: Death Risk May Increase with Drugs That Cause Liver Damage and SJS

It seems just like an ordinary thing — you have what you perceive to be a bacterial infection of some sort requiring antibiotics, you go to your doctor who prescribes Zithromax as the antibiotic and… Read More »


$7.5M Settlement Reached in Magazine Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

On Friday, a federal judge in Michigan granted preliminary approval of a settlement in the amount of $7.5 million that would resolve allegations that the magazine publisher Meredith Corp. violated Michigan’s Video Rental Privacy Act… Read More »

Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with an overdraft concept. Blue sky background.

New Regulations on the Way for Credit Union Overdraft Fees

Confusion over overdraft fees is nothing new. But it can mean big revenue for credit unions willing to exploit it. Overdraft protection is a service provided by credit unions that addresses transactions that would overdraw… Read More »

Arm  Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant

Arm & Hammer ‘Natural’ Deodorant Class Action Settlement Checks Mailed

Arm & Hammer Essentials “Natural” Deodorant consumers are reporting that they have started receiving checks in the mail from a class action lawsuit settlement that accused the deodorant manufacturer of labeling, advertising and marketing the… Read More »


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