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xarelto accused of causing internal bleeding

Xarelto Side Effects Led to Bleeding and Death, Plaintiffs Say

Several plaintiffs have joined in a single lawsuit claiming that a better warning about Xarelto side effects could have saved them from dangerous internal bleeding. The plaintiffs, hailing from Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, generally allege… Read More »


Target Debit Card Overdraft Fee Problems

Credit and debit cards linked with specific stores are causing more and more problems, according to customers, including the Target debit card. The Target debit card is advertised at offering a 5 percent discount on… Read More »

Old Spice Swagger Burns

Old Spice Swagger Burns

Old Spice has been a popular deodorant brand for many years, so many users of the brand assume that there are not any side effects like burns or deodorant rash. A growing number of injured… Read More »

GM Fuel Economy Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over GM False Fuel Economy Ratings

A Florida man has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Detroit against General Motors over the automaker’s error on EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings for about 60,000 model-year-2016 SUV crossover vehicles. The Detroit automaker sent… Read More »

DePuy Hip Replacement

Failed Hip Replacement Surgery Prompts DePuy Lawsuit

DePuy Orthopaedics is facing a new lawsuit brought by a Minnesota couple who claim that hip replacement surgery led to severe and debilitating metal hip replacement problems. Plaintiffs Barbara and Mark F. filed the hip… Read More »