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Miss. Widow Sues Pharma Giants for Husband’s Xarelto Death

Missouri widow Dixie S. is suing Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the defendants' product caused the death of her husband. Dixie claims that as a direct result of using Xarelto,... Read More »

Invokana Type 2 Diabetes Associated with Ketoacidosis

Product liability attorneys are  looking for potential plaintiffs to bring Invokana lawsuits. Invokana attorneys are looking for plaintiffs who suffered serious adverse side effects due to taking the drug. Potential serious side effects include ketoacidosis... Read More »

Vaginal Mesh Complications Lawsuit Filed Over Injuries

A vaginal mesh complications lawsuit was filed against Johnson & Johnson and  subsidiary Ethicon Inc. by a Kentucky woman who alleges she suffered debilitating side effects. Plaintiff Rebecca F. was suffering from a common condition... Read More »

Plaintiffs Agree To Consolidate Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuits

A group of plaintiffs who have filed baby powder lawsuits after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer have requested to consolidate their lawsuits as part of a multi-county litigation (MCL) in the New Jersey Supreme Court.... Read More »

Pradaxa Blood Thinner May Be Too Risky for Kidney Patients

Physicians have issued new warnings about using Pradaxa and other new generation anticoagulants on patients with kidney problems. According to new guidelines published in the Journal of American Medical Association, medical professionals studying atrial fibrillation... Read More »


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