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BMW range extender class action lawsuit

BMW Class Action Lawsuit Filed over i3 REx Range Extenders

Another potential class action lawsuit was filed against BMW of North America by a leading auto defect law firm alleging faults in its i3 REx model. Lead plaintiffs allege in their complaint that defects in BMW’s… Read More »

hobby lobby misleading coupon class action lawsuit

Hobby Lobby Class Action Claims Coupons are Misleading

A proposed class action lawsuit alleges that the art and craft retailer Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., which has over 600 locations in 35 states, misleads consumers with its coupons. The complaint states that customers who use… Read More »


Pradaxa and GI Bleeding

Pradaxa, a popular blood thinner medication, has been linked with life-threatening side effects including gastrointestinal bleeding. Pradaxa Background Pradaxa (generic name dabigatran) is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, and was approved by the U.S. Food… Read More »

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Could Dilantin Rash Be SJS Syndrome?

Did you develop a strange rash after taking the anti-seizure medication Dilantin?  As with many medications, a mild rash or other allergic reaction may be a common side effect. But those who have developed a… Read More »

Roscoe's Class Action Lawsuit

Roscoe’s Chicken Sued For Discrimination, Violation of California Break Laws

The operators of several Roscoe’s Chicken restaurants (Amusement Foods Inc. and Shoreline Foods Inc.) have been hit with allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination and violating California break laws. The Southern California institution was founded in… Read More »