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SJS Can Take Zithromax Patients By Surprise

Patients taking a routine course of antibiotics are not likely expecting to develop a serious skin side effect. But when Zithromax treatment leads to Stevens Johnson syndrome, the effects can be severe, and sometimes permanent.... Read More »

Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Lawsuit

Pradaxa Lawsuit Filed Over Uncontrollable Bleeding

An Alabama couple has filed a Pradaxa bleeding lawsuit against Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., alleging the wife suffered severe uncontrollable bleeding requiring immediate medical attention after taking the company’s popular anticoagulant. Plaintiffs Mary and James B.... Read More »


Lipitor Diabetes Lawsuit Filed by Florida Woman

A Lipitor diabetes lawsuit alleges that a Florida woman, who began taking Lipitor in 2004, developed type-2 diabetes in 2010, which she blames on the popular cholesterol drug. Among other allegations, Plaintiff Annette J. accuses... Read More »

Zoloft depression

Cymbalta Lawsuit Alleges Severe Withdrawal Side Effects

Experts expect the legal momentum to continue as injured patients keep filing Cymbalta withdrawal lawsuits against Eli Lilly & Co. In December 2014, a group of plaintiffs from different areas of the country filed a Cymbalta withdrawal... Read More »

GranuFlo Cardiac Arrest Lawsuit

Man Sues Cook Medical for IVC Filter Complications

A North Carolina man has is suing Cook Medical Inc. for allegedly causing him to suffer major injuries, after having their inferior vena cave (IVC) filter device implanted. Plaintiff Ronaldo S. has filed this IVC filter... Read More »


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